The Woodlands Project
May 10 - May 15 
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Mr. Humble from St. Oswald's CE Primary in Burneside, Cumbria, UK visited our classroom to work on the Woodlands Project. This science project focused on the major trees of Missouri: oaks, maples, dogwoods, sycamores, and various evergreens. Mr. Humble wanted to compare our native trees to those in England where his students have been busy studying tree science.  

The Missouri Department of Conservation was most helpful in the project, loaning us a large bin full of tree specimens, tools, books, posters, maps, videos and related tree science activities. In addition we used many great Internet sites and integrated it all into a week of intensive hands-on Learning Centers, presentations by Mr. Humble, and then culminated the project with an all-day hike to Fall Creek to study trees and leaves in nature. See Mr. Humble's Woodland Wiki.


Photos -- Studies in the Classroom

Photos -- Studies in the World

A Woodland scene painted by St. Oswald's Students

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