Monster Project Timeline - 2019

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Objectives: Global Awareness, Collaboration, Interpretation, Problem Solving, 
Decision Making, Hands-on Construction, Communication,
Map/Geography Skills, and Making New Friends!

We Complete all Monsters by Halloween!
Send in your description early so that other classes aren't waiting to finish their Monsters.

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Sign Up Before the Parts Run Out!

1. Getting Signed Up -  Sept 9-23 - Send Both A and B.
Introduce your class by sending an email with the following specific details: 
  • Teacher, grade level, school, city, country, latitude/longitude, high/low temperatures
  • Web site / Skype / or Twitter address or other online tools you might be using.
  • Photo of your class and the Teacher so we all know who is in the Monster Community.
    (if photos are a problem - kids can wear masks.)
  • Include any other details about your class written by a single student or by a  collaborative writing team
  • AND ... Sustainable Development Goals Focus - Complete the following idea when you send your intro:

    If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by working on which Sustainable Development Goal? Choose one or more from the chart below:

  •  Explain what your Monster would do to help with one or more SDGs in a few sentences. Be specific! Look at past projects to see how this has been done if you are curious. 
  • Your Monster must have at least ONE moving part - your choice. 

(B) Request the Monster part your class will design. It's best to have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice! You'll receive email to confirm the part you selected; the Teacher /School will appear in the descriptions chart on the main page. Note: When we have multiple classes in one school, we’ll share the part across the classrooms. We also have grade level sharing such as K- 4th working together.

                  Are Your Aware of Your Human Footprint? See National Geographic’s Human Footprint   

 Feeling creative? Share a video link with your SDG response!!


2. Describing Your Part & Monster Studies - Descriptions must be received by Sept 23
Important: when you describe your part, be sure to include shape, color, and size.
When your Monster part has been confirmed, brainstorm adjectives to describe it. Create a 12-15 word description of your monster part using those creepy adjectives we all love! Also keep in mind the lengths and widths that will fit in a classroom! Huge Monsters and 3D Monsters are always welcome!

-- IMPORTANT - when setting lengths and sizes, be realistic about what can fit in a room.

-- Remember:  ONLY 12-20 words may be used to describe your part - no more!

Optional - During this time, incorporate a few Monstery activities or literature. For example,  you might read aloud There's A Monster in My Closet by Mercer Mayer, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, the Lonely Lake Monster by Suzanne Selfors,  Monster Perimeter, Area, and Volume by David Adler, I Can Save the Earth by Alison Inches, a children's version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, or other suitable books appropriate for your grade level to get everyone in the mood for the project. Share your creative ideas with the community. 

                        This is a good opportunity to discuss the topic of DIVERSITY among people.


3. Build Your Monster  - Oct 1 through Oct 28:
Build your classroom monster using ONLY the descriptions as described in the chart. Send a photo and Monster name as soon as you can!

4. Send Your Monster Photo & NAME - No later than Oct 28, so Monsters will be ready for Halloween - Oct 31.
Brainstorm a name for your monster and email your magnificent photo to Later, we'll have a vote among all classes and post the name we agree that best matches the descriptions from the table, and we'll also make a graph of the results. All of our pictures will be posted on the project site so students can compare and contrast  the monsters for descriptive accuracy. We will VOTE for the Top Monster.

5. Optional - Creative Expression  -  Create Literature as a class or individually, about your monster. It could be a life story, a tall tale, poetry, haiku, a math riddle, or whatever your class creativity produces. Email your work to be posted on our Monster Media page or send your link. Videos? Dramas? Poems? Monster Math? Haiku? Diamantes? Songs? Recipes?

6. EXTRA: Activities: Communicate with teacher colleagues on our Facebook page. And during the project, Teachers can use FlipGrid (free for teachers), e-mail or Skype each other with reactions, questions, or suggestions. If you have a project-based lesson plan, or other activities you’re doing in class, please send for all to share. 

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