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Mr. Bono's Class - Japan

The Incident at Midnight by Mika Saryo

There were none in some school at midnight. Suddenly something started to move with a blast of wind. Cardboard boxes and trash in every classroom of the school were blown away in no time. Then they were being attracted toward the 6 grade classroom and built gradually. No one knew what was happening there.

The next day, a boy came into the classroom and he could hardly believe what he saw. It was no wonder since there was a monster made of cardboard boxes and trash in the center of the classroom. Bit by bit his classmates arrived on the scene. Some pupils were amazed to see the monster, and others could not speak with astonishment. The babble of voices became bigger and bigger. It was natural that their buss made the teacher in the next room angry. As soon as he came in, he was amazed to see the monster, too. After a while he recovered from his senses and went back his room without saying a word. They took lessons after all. However, bad news travels quickly. It fell into disrepute to be broken down. Though it took many hours to build the monster, it was dead in an instant. The monster made of cardboard boxes and trash never moved from birth until death. Why? I'll leave it to your imagination up ahead.

Ten years later. One midnight, a gathering storm came again…

Madam No. 61 by Miki Nomoto

------- What? I can hear something. I can hear a lot of kindly voices. Yes, I remember. I've just born. I can hear someone saying, "Won't you keep this forever?" I'm very happy to hear that.

But Madam No.61 didn't know that there was something rough for her.

The next day Madam No.61 was broken down, despite it had taken long time to be built. She came to the jumble and kept sleeping for decades without noticing the passage of time.

Scores of years later. All of a sudden the part of the jumble began to move. The monster was built in no time. It was Madam No.61. That's it!

"Why am I living here?" she said to herself. Madam No.61 didn't know where to go, but she kept walking. She knew that her body started to ruin and she didn't have much time left. She fell down after miles and miles walk.

Madam No.61 was only one life on this planet. She knew it well. However she kept walking forward without giving up.

----- I can hear something kindly. Yes, here is heaven!

Madam No. 61 by Hitomi Ogata

There was a huge shadow in the trash pile. It was Madam No.61. She had three ugly heads and a long tail. Her legs are made of cardboard boxes. Her teeth were dirty and she had lots of eyes. She was born at 12:01 in the morning.

"It's cold here. I wonder there is something good to stay." she said to herself. Then she saw a light far away. It was from the 6 grade classroom in Fuchinobe elementary school. When she got to the school, she saw a man working through the window. He was Mr. Bono. She was peeking at his classroom.

A flash light passed. There were children laughing. The children were building something hard. "That is me! But why am I there? I was born before. I was broken apart as if it was every which way." A flashlight come again. The teacher took in the monster and they looked at it. All of them seemed to be worried. But they became to be relieved before long.

"I can't wait for the next flash light! I really want to see the scene." Fump!! When she made a sound, Mr. Bono saw her. For a moment they all grew still. "Are you really coming back? How are you doing?", he said. And then, he told her all about what happened with her. She was born there, and died after being taken a picture. After that she disappeared without trace. But it was true that surely she had existed. A photograph proved that.

''Yes, that's why I am Madam No.61.''


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TEXAS Classes

Mrs. Felty's Kindergarten & Mrs. Bennett's 3rd Grade - Park Village Elementary - San Antonio, Texas

M onstrous
O range
N asty
S cary
T roublesome
E normous
R aggedy


The She-Monster Beneath My Bed

Once upon a time, there was a monster hiding beneath my bed. My leg was dangling on the side when she reached up with her four skinny spaghetti arms and ripped my foot off. What a scary sight she was! She had curly, pink hair in a bun, green slimy skin, one enormous eyeball, red lipstick, a black choker necklace, and a sparkly blue cinderella gown. I dragged myself to the phone and called the hospital. The doctor said to stitch it back on. Thin wire did the job just fine. I yelled out "Ow!" one hundred times, because it hurt so much! I called the police to report the monster. The detectives set a trap and captured her. Luckily, there was an opening at Monsterland, so she was able to go there to live. They fed her spaghetti and last I heard, she never ate people feet again.

Mrs. Magdos' 1st Grade - League City, Texas

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Mr. Smith's 4th Grade - Hannibal, Missouri


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Mrs. Dudding's 5th Grade - Hannibal, Missouri


Monster PowerPoint

Miss Huseman's 4th Grade - Hannibal, Missouri 

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Miss Garner's 5th Grade - Hannibal, Missouri 
Nasty Nork by Marissa

One day there was a monster named Nasty Nork. He had no friends and no one liked him. He went into the forest and got lost. He was really scared and called for help but did not get an answer. He was walking and saw a little house. He went to the door and he nocked and an ugly girl named Nasty Mickey opened the door and they fell in love. They did all kinds of things together. They played on the swing, the slide and everything. Norlk's mother came looking for him. When she saw the house she knew it was her old friend's house. She went inside and talked to her old friend. Nork's mother looked outside and saw them playing together. She told Nork he could come and see Mickey all of the time. On Monday Nork went to school and Mickey was one of the new students. They played every day at school and after school. And Nork had a friendnow and they lived happily ever after.

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NEW YORK Classes


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Mrs. Behe's 4th Grade -
McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania


Fred, the Ugly Monster, Saves the Day by Kylie Zittle

Once upon a time there was a very ugly monster in the village. He was very ugly because he had worms in his teeth, hair, and everywhere. He also had big ears. He was very smooth with great big hands. But he was the nicest monster ever. There was a very brave little boy and he asked the monster to be his friend. The monster agreed and they were friends forever. One night there was a dragon that came to the village. Everyone tried to stop him but no one could. So the monster thought he would try to rid the village of the dragon. His face scared the dragon away. Then the village loved the monster too!! The little boy was proud. Then the little boy, the monster, and the village were great friends.



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Mrs. Floth's 2nd Grade - Omaha, Nebraska


When we leave the classroom the Monster Spikey jumps off the wall. He runs around the room and yells. Then he goes to the lunchroom and sees the janitor. He scares the janitor and they both run away from each other. They run all over the building. Spikey decides to see if he can find the janitor. They find each other and Spikey wants to help. The janitor puts him to work. He cleans the tables and eats all the papers. The next day the students wonder what happened to their papers. They look at Spikey but he is back on the wall sleeping.

Our Monster likes to look at us from his place on the wall. He really wants to be a student in our room. He tries to learn his abc?s. He practices each night after we leave. The principal overheard him saying, ?abdemocyz? She decides she will help him but he gets very upset and chases the principal. The next day he was crying when Mrs. Floth came to the room. She helped him learn his abc?s. Now he listens to all our classroom activities. He is very quiet while we are at school. But I wonder what he does when we leave.


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Mrs. Tsairi's 4th grade, Hachoresh in Zichron Yokov

The Monster Story by Neta Bronfman, Grade 4

Once upon a time, on a dark windy night, a monster was born. Its name was "Eyeski". He had long nails and eyes all over his body.

Eyeski loved to eat kids!! He ate all the kids on the mountain. Then he went to the castle to eat the Prince. Eyeski took the Prince and the King ran after them to the ocean. Eyeski reached the ocean but a whale ate him up.

Suddenly, the whale spat out all the kids from its spout.

The children were safe and lived happily ever after.

The End  

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