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The Scary Monster by Rochelle 11/22/04

One windy night there was a monster named Flamester Boy. He was a dad but now he does not have a family. Then one night he went walking down by the river and there standing tall was Big Daddy. Big Daddy was Flamester Boy's worst enemy ever since they were 2. When Flamester Boy saw Big Daddy, he gave out a big thundering flame. When Big Daddy saw this he came running toward Flamester Boy and knocked Flamester Boy on the ground. When Flamester Boy got up of the gound one of Flamester Boy 's 3 heads said, "you better run!" But Big Daddy did not run so Flamester Boy picked up Big Daddy and threw him into the water and no one saw Big Daddy again.

Four years later Flamester Boy nd Big Daddy met up and they became friends and then Flamester Boy's mom woke him up and Flamester Boy then at that moment knew it was all a dream because Big Daddy and him were always friends. Then that night in Texas where Flamester Boy was born, Flamester Boy heard a sound at the front door and his mom opened up the door and it was Big Daddy because Flamester Boy's mom said he could stay all night. So Flamester Boy and Big Daddy had so much fun that night. Thats the end of my story.


The Little Monster by Jake

What was that noise? Ahhhhhhhhhh, a monster, oh it is just a little breeze coming through the creepy squeecky window. Suddenly... there really was a 1 foot tall little monster named Flamester Boy creeping into my room. I saw it move in the corner of my eye. Then I started getting scared. But by the second the little monster grew 1 foot taller. Then suddenly... It was 8 feet tall. He hid under my bed when I got up. I went to school but he still followed. At school the power suddenly shut off and it was creepishley dark. Then he creeped into our class room and found all the children. Then he finally ran out of the room, but when the lights came back on a kid named Jeremy was gone!

The next day Jeremy was still gone... Then we heard a scream in the principal's office but in the office all there was, was Jeremy lying on the floor, not moving.


A Dark, Dark Night by CJ

Before I get to the good stuff, I want to ask you a quick and simple question. It is do you want to hear a story about a three headed monster with flaming eyelashes? If you say yes, its not my falt if you get gosse bumps and start crying.

As I was lying in my bed it was really, really, dark and you could see shadows appear on the walls of my room from the windows. But then I started to hear a cracking noise. My bed was right by the window and I was getting scared. Suddenly one of the shadows were moving a little bit more differently than the other shadows from the trees. Then I heard a mighty roar coming through the window, but when I looked at the window there was goo and blood dripping from the window. I started to think about all of those stories about a big three headed beast that was 8 feet tall and everyone called him flamester boy. Suddenly, I heard whispers. I could hear two voices, but I could actually hear three. I knew it was Flamester Boy!

Then my window opened. My eyes got as wide as they could get. I called for my mom and dad but when they got to my room they could see that I was gone. My next door neighbors light's cut on. Then my friend Brogan jumped out the window onto the vine ladder and ran to the rescue. He ran so fast, yes he did, but Flamester Boy still had me by my neck out running Brogan. His hands were hot, really his whole body was. He had a lot of flames on his body. Brogan chased him to the bridge over the water. It was 100 years old and it was extremely weak. The monster ran to the deepest part of the river. I told him to get off me, but he would not get off me. Then he held me up over the water. Then Brogan threw a big brick at his side. I plopled on the bridge whith a painful belly flop. Flamester Boy staggered and fell into the river. He cried help but we told him that's what he deserved. Then we walked home.



Once there was a scary scary monster and his name was Flamster Boy. He was a big big monster and he sneaked into my room into my closet and it was time for me to get up to go to school. I went to my closet and opend it and out popped a big large monster. I screamed for my mom and dad but they wouldn't come so I ran. He started to talk to me and he had 3 heads and he was saying to me, "I want you , I want you!" I was saying I want to go back home. Then he finally left and I was going home I had to walk by a big haunted house. Many people went in and never came out. When I got home I said ,"mom and dad a monster was running after me." I was going to go to bed but then I heard something in front of my door in the hall way . All of a sudden something opened my door. I said, "I'm scared. " I finally went to sleep in my nice smooth wiggly bed.


The Bad Dream by Brogan

Crack! W"hat was that?" "I don't know." "Go check !" "No you! " "How about we both go?" "Ok, "Said the 8th grader. Aaaaaaaaahhh! Screamed a girl. They checked. There he was 8 feet tall and 3,498 pounds. He was Flamester boy! Thunder crackled! They tried to get away but they couldn't.They screamed , they even tried to play dead. It wouldn't work. The next day they could not be found. No one ever saw them again. 200 year later. More and more kids disapeared every night . Then adults started to disapeare. Then a boy woke up and it was all a night mare. Then he walked to school and at school on the wall was the paper Flamester boy.


Monster by Kylie

While Mr.Smiths 4th grade class was working peacefuly, a whirling scary wind came through the window. It was practicly screaming. We were all scared and Boom a giant 8 foot tall monster was there. It had a lot of hair and eyes also lots of thunder was going on and then every thing was still and quiet. The monster wore an old stinky t-shirt that spelled F-L-A-M-E-S-T-E-R- B-O-Y. We all ran and the monster snuck behind us so we ran into the janitor's closet. Then 75 eyes blinked at them. Aaahhhhhhhh!!! We locked him in after we got out he busted out and ate the teacher's desk. I thought he was going to eat me. I turned around and he grew another head so he had 2 heads. Oh no Run!!! We ran down the stairs like maniacs and told the principal. She looked at him and he grew another head so he ended up with 3 heads ,2 feet with 3 toes each, and 3 arms.


The Missing boy by : Jangela 11-22-04

Once apon a time a little boy name Lewis was playing with his toy and he heard a scream so he went down stairs to the kitchen. Lewis felt scared when he saw the monster eating the food in the refridgerator. Lewis had looked at his neck and he saw a name tag. It said Flamester Boy . He looked like an ant but he was more hairy than an ant . The next day when his mom woke up to check on Lewis , he wasn't there . 20 years later she had found a scale from Flamester Boy. So Lewis was never found .So each person that lives in that house with kid's might be eaten by Flamester Boy . So be careful where you live.


Monster Writing by Michelle

Flamester boy is our monster's name. Everything was absolutely still. Nothing happend for 1 whole hour. The next morning, Mr.Smith walked into the room... He was starting to do his work, then all the sudden a really loud boom was heard all over town!!! Every person in Hannibal looked out of their windows. Then a monster named Flamsterboy was in the road he was 8 feet tall and 5 feet wide. He was born in a 100 foot building!!!!! He went down the stairs, then he creeped in to the road. People drove by in their cars. The people in their cars looked at him. The look the people gave him was dirty. He looked at the people like he was going to let out a big roar!!! Then the people started speeding.


Monster in the Alley by Shelton

One year ago there was a monster named Flamester Boy. It started when a boy was walking down the sidewalk at 12:00 p.m. He looked in the alley and then he tipitoed down the alley. Then all otfa sudden the wind got faster and faster then colored paper was blowing everywhere and it was going in a circle and it was stacking up. Then when the wind slowed down there was a 8 feet tall monster. Then the boy ran home and put the blanket over his head. Then he felt a bite! The next morning his mom came in and he wasn't there.

Then many years later his mom figured the piece of paper she found must of been a paper monster that the boy made last year.


Roooooooour!!! by Bradley

What was that? All the kids said. They looked around very very slowly!! When they looked out in hall they saw somting hairey, bloodey, scabey, slimy, and smiley and he was eating fire on a stick. He ran down the stairs and got in the 18 feet stove and when he came out he was really really red and had 3 heads and he said he was named Flamster Boy. He used to live on the equator but the people told him to go away so he moved to Hannibal, Missouri and then he ate Mr Smith and all the other teachers.

He ran all over and soon the police arrived. Then the monster picked up a radiator and threw it at the car and it blew up and got the car on fire and when the police went behind the car for safety the car blew up. Then he picked up the all the kids and the girls said gross and the boys said cool. He tiptoed to the 3rd floor and puked out all the teachers out of the window.

Then we played with all the fun stuff in every room and when the teachers come in to give us detentions, the monster ate them and puked them out the window.


Flamester Boy by Jeremy

The name of our monster is FLAMESTER BOY. He was born in a house where a little boy lived named Jake. One night it was Halloween and Jake was trick or treating by his self. When he got home he was looking through his candy and SUDDENLY the monster jumped out. Jake wasn't scared at all. Then suddenly Jake said, "You have a disadvantage". Next day he noticed he was growing hair on his body. Jake got rotten teeth because he was eating a lot of candy. When it turned night time it was 1:00 in the morning, while the monster was in the graveyard. The monster was thinking of a plan to scare Jake. Suddenly he said,"ahhh". Maybe if I creep in his closet and at night time I could scare him when he reaches for his pajamas. Finally, it was morning again. Jake and his brother Josh were playing rubber band guns all day long. It turned dark. When Jake was reaching for his pajamas the monster roared and scared Jake. That's my story about FLAMESTER BOY.


One Spoooooooooooky Night! by Bridgette

One spooky night at about 1:00 in the morning at the old grave yard I heard a loud noise. I about jumped out of my skin. I went outside to check it out. It was so scary I got the shivers. I walked by the old barn. Then I got scared because the wind whistled.Then I heard big foot steps behind me. I saw a big scary,scaly, hairy monster. I tried to run some where but I forgot where I lived. But then I ran into the old spooky barn. The monster had a hard time getting in the barn because he was about 8 feet tall. The monster said his name was Flamester Boy. He said he lived in New York. He said he wanted to be my friend. But I said no. Can you belive it he had 3 heads? And all his heads talked at the same time. I asked him why he came all the way down here to Missouri. Then he creeped into the woods. But then I told him to come out because I told him I would be his friend. Then we all had a good year.



One cold night there was a blizzard in Arkansas. I was sitting on a 100 year old bridge chewing pop rocks. Then Flamester boy came out of nowhere and crept behind me and pushed me off the edge of the bridge and I fell into a waterfall 1500 feet in the air. Luckly I put a Calofornia king size bed under the waterfall and it broke my fall. I felt like I just died and came back alive. Then I looked up and he was gone. So I started to walk home but then I fell into a huge foot print and it was his. It took me a long time to get the top but I made it. I walked on into the sunset. Years later I saw him and he apologizied to me . He looked really crusty.


AHHHHHHH Monster by Niki

One spooky night there was a monster named Flamester Boy. He was just a kid and he was 4 foot 5. No one had ever seen him after he had read. Ten years later Shy saw a big ugly monster come out of the middle of the Mississippi River. Shy was so scared she could not move. Then the monster bit her!!!

The End


Monster in School by Steven

One morning at 1:00 I walked in my class and there was a large hairy monster in my class. He was sitting at my desk. He had 3 heads and he was reading 3 books at once. He was a boy. He was born in the ground in the graveyard. He was living there ten years ago. Now he lives in my school. If you are there he will eat you. He already ate 10 people. He ate my best friend. His name was Stevo. The monster`s name is Flamster Boy. You better bleave me. This is a real story. Next it might be you that gets eaten!



One night on Missouri Street there was a swamp. It was formed by rain, hail, snow, sleet,and thunder storms. At 10:00 there was a monster formed by the swamp. Everybody was sleep besides 2 kids. They were twins and they didn't go to sleep until 1:30 am. Their names were Jake & Jeremy. Jake was the oldest. Jeremy was the bizarre one in the family. So Jake, and Jeremy walked down stairs. They got their twin coats. About the time they got outside, the monster was on Division Street. They went back inside to wake up their parents. They got dressed and went down stairs and got their coats. While dad was warming up the car, they went into the basement. Then they got in the in the car and followed the monster. When they finally got to the monster they parked the car and got out. Mom had brought 250 poisonous pudding containers. So she climbed on Flamester Boy's back and opened the pudding and put it into Flamester's mouth. But it didn't work. So she put dirt and the spider in it. And the she gave it to him. As soon as she gave it to him 4 of his bones cracked because he tripped over a rock. They took the monster to the cemetary. And it's grave said R.I.P Flamester Boy.


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