Stories from Miss Huseman's 4th Grade

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Goblin of Creation: A Biography
by Marisa 12/7/04

A long time ago there lived a mother monster named Miss Spiderness and a father monster named Big Daddy. On April 1st of 1974 their first creation was born, his name was Goblin of Creation. He was an only child. They wanted other creations but because of the war in Afghanistan, they only had Goblin.

One day his mother and father told him he would be going to the Afghanistan Grade School. There he had to learn to play monster ball and play against other schools. He had a pizza party every Friday because he was the smarter kid in his class. This was because of his three brains. One brain thought about Math, one thought about Science, and the other brain thought about Social Studies and Reading.

Now Goblin of Creation is 30 years old and is married to Madam. They have 170 children, 70 of them came from an orphanage. His favorite family members are Big Daddy, Miss Spiderness, Grandpa Blood, and Grandma Bat Ears. Along with all his family, he has several best friends. They are Thunder, Big P. and Spikey.



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