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Poems and Stories from Mrs. Richardson-Yeates' Class
Pinehurst Primary, Cape Town, South Africa

Wink-ex-tinct is Our Monster
by Nicole Wilcox, Grade 5c

He went by email to America.
There's not a lot of his kind left
They've been killed for murder and theft.
He's got bats on his horns, that're shaped like a buffalo;
His legs, all full of scars so he has to go slow.
His eyes are blood red and I'll tell you why-
He couldn't get to sleep, he was irritated by a fly.

His head is shaped in a star
And his nose reaches very far.
He's bats on his horns are called Mary and Lizzy-
They fly around all day, just to make him dizzy.
His toes watch me where ever I go-
Its freaky and he thinks I don't know!
But now he's trying to fly without any wings
Monsters like him are very stupid things!

by Anna-marie du Plooy

He is a very bad mannered monster. He came from
Zemby Zooty and he wore a Zon Zonk. He eats flies,
bugs and buggy kinds of things. He loves to work on the
E-Mail and likes to pick his nose! His toes can see
everything and he wears leather slacks, a tight leather
jacket and loves his cool sunglasses. He has to work on
his wool schork (school work). He likes to do ports
(sports). He loves playing eye-ball.
His favorite places are Mauritius and Montague.
He loves to roller blade.


by Angela Light

Wink-ex-tinkt as you might have guest,
Out of all the monsters was the very best!

His skin was green and blue,
It made you shiver when he looked at you.
That hair of his was red and orange flame,
It was this that gave him a lot of fame.
His horns were gold with bats on the end,
They had a very, very nasty bend.
His eyes were blood red,

And were stuck very firmly into his head.
His arms were covered with hanging skin,
Which badly needed a trim.
So that's our monster for you,
Don't forget he says " How do you do?"

Our Monster

Watch out!
I hear people shout.
Wink-ex-tinkt has just got out!
He was put in jail,
For eating up e-mail!
And for eating up human meat!
You should see his feet-
There are eyes on his toes,
And horns on his nose.
Oh help, he's after me..
He's freaky-he shouldn't be free!

Monster Talk
by Stephen Hulme

I was walking down the street one day
when a monster see, did I.
It said to me:
"You're well I see"
and then he waved goodbye.


by Amy Walker

Wink-Ex-Tinkt a funny fellow as you might have realized
he will give you quite a surprise when you win a prize.
He has a very funny belly-button inhabited by the most ghastly looking spiders
and they do a lot of cooking. It may be strange to say, but his favourite food is hay.
He has a booming sneeze, but his breath is just like a breeze.
His tail is long but he does not like to be wrong.
You won't believe what a sight he is when he is having a fight.

His knees are like jelly and he has enormous belly.
His stomach is blue and his friend's name Sue.
He was't very thin and his chances were't slim to join monsters inc.
He loves to scare and hates to share.
And thats the monster from end to end.
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Monster Want Ads by Mr. Smith's 4th Grade
Hannibal, Missouri

Monster Teacher Ready For You

My name is Blue Master and I am 300 years old. I am a tall blue boy monster. I have no kids. I am good at teaching and that's it. I have been a teacher for 8 years. The school I taught at before was Mark Twain. I charge $110.50 per hour. Someone should hire me because I am a good teacher. I will make kids work hard so they can have good grades. Call 555-1635. - Kyrell

Racer Wants a Job

I am Dozer and I am 26 feet tall. I am a boy. I'm good at racing track. My number is 8. I've raced cars and trucks for 10 years. I charge $500 per week. I always win in a race. My phone number is 444-14-54. Travis

Haunted House Wanted to Scare

I am Scarel the Scarer and I am 1,000,000 years old. I weigh 1,000,000,000 pounds. I am blue and I wear dresses all the time. My face is a hexagon shape. I have no toes with 400 fingers and 2 arms. I am good at scaring kids and I love to go on adventures. I worked at Monster Incorperated for my whole life. I'd like to work at a haunted house to see if it is any different than my old job. I charge $10 an hour. You should hire me because I am really good at scaring kids. To get a hold of me call 555-SCARE or e-mail me at - Molly

Doctor Job Wanted

I am Boogieman and I am 30 feet tall. I have sharp toes and I can fly. I'm good at basketball and running. I was a doctor at the monster hospital. I charge $100 per hour. You should hire me because I was a doctor for 5 years. You can contact me by calling this number 672-0611. - Aaron

Jobs Cleaning Houses Wanted

I am Abrakadabra and I am 1,000 years old. I am red, I am magic, I am a nice monster, and I am a flying monster. I am 7 feet tall. I have cleaned houses in Texas, Kansas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Ohio. I have cleaned houses for 100 years. I charge $1000 per week. I would love to clean your house. Call 217-224-5000. - Shelby

Boat Sailor Job Wanted

I am Mr. Mean Green Fighting Mashine. I am 9,999 years old and I weigh 1, 999 pounds. I'm good at taking the whole Missouri River as my hot tub because I am so fat. I have swam people across the oceans. I charge $900 per week. You should hire me because I have worked 9 years acting like a boat. Call 6619-2496. - Chelsea

Job Wanted as a Soldier

My name is Bull and I am 29 years old, 9 feet tall, and I wear cute gloves. I have a face like a preditor. I always wear camoflage and army boots. I'm all muscle and bone. I'm a male and I weigh 10 pounds. I'm good at driving a tank. I've had 7 years experience as a soldier and charge $100 per hour. You should hire me because I'm perfect at driving a tank. Call 736-9748 grave yard road. - Scott

Race Car Driver Needs Work and Food

I am Dozzer. Age 189, male, 1,556 pounds. My face is like a bulldog. I have a collar with spikes on it. My phone number is 555-5555. I am good at racing and cooking. I can cook and drive at the same time. I charge $400 a week. You should hire me because I will be nice to people who want my autograph. - Glen

Scaring Kids Job Wanted

I am Outlaw Star. I am 14,000,000,000 years old and 200,000 feet tall. I weigh 88,000,000 pounds. I am very big and none of my clothes will fit me. I am very good at scaring little kids. I've been doing it for 80,000 years. I just got done scaring a 5 year old kid. He wet his pants. I charge $20 a week. Hire me because I have been doing it for 14,000,000,000 years. My phone number is 121212121. - Matt

Singer Needs to Sing!

I am Blue Monster and I am 150 years old and I am a female 10 feet tall and I weigh 20 pounds. I have a spider coming out of my belly button and I am blue. I am good at singing and playing card games. I charge $20.25 per hour. You should hire me because I would be a good worker and people would really really love me. Just call this number 555-5566. - Kylee

Lawyer Will Get You Out of Jail

My name is Anna Lee. I am 31 I'm 7 feet tall with spikes coming out my belly button and 4 hands on each arm. I'm good at being a lawyer. I worked at being a lawyer for 6 years. I was a lawyer for a really long time. I will charge $90 per hour. I have been experienced and I love to help people with their house. Call 221-9106. - Aushalique

Race Car Driver Needs Work

I am Green Booger and I am 35 years old. I am 20 feet tall and red. I have spikes with blood on the tips. I weigh 50 pounds. I have six arms. I am good at race driving. I raced in Texas, Canada, Hannibal, and Arkansas. I charge $100 a week. I am a good race car driver and I can cook at the same time. Call 555-2301. - Ryan

Mechanic Needs Work

Call me Grave Yard. I am 30 years old on November 18, 2002. I am 5 feet 11 inches and a boy. I am good at mechanics. I did mechanic work for 10 years. I charge $10 an hour. I can fix everything on your car. Call 1-800-246 - Justin

Race Car Driver Needs to Drive

I am Jimmy and I am 19 years old. I am a boy and I am a hundred pounds and I am 25 feet tall. I am good at race cars and I like all kinds of cars. I have been driving race cars every where. I charge $400 per week. Hire me because I have 5 years experience and I will haul the car for you. My phone number is 231-63401. - Bucky

Singer Loves to Sing

I'm Snakey. I'm 900 years old and I'm a girl monster. I'm pink and I'm a hundred feet tall. I also have snakes in my hair. I'm really good at playing like I'm a soldier and really good at singing. I have been a teacher for 5 years, soldier 2 years, lawyer 3 years, vetanearean 4 years, doctor 7 years. I charge $100 an hour. Call 221-7651. Thank you! - Kaiteland

Race Car Driver Needs Work

I am Jack and I am 23 years old with a face like a boll dog. I am good at race car driving. I raced at Texes and Kentucky. I charge $10 a week. I look good and I write good and I can drive good.
Call 221-401008. - Levi

Baby Sitting-Eating Kids Job Wanted

I am Mrs. Greenstein Big Machine. I am 26 and have big eyes and snake hair and I am five feet tall. I am a girl monster and I way 20 pounds. I am good at bungy jumping. I have been a stunt girl and I have fallen out of a airplane and fallen on a house. I charge $500 an hour because it is fun to get peoples money. Hire me because people would be smart to hire a monster becasue I will get hungry and eat the kids if the parents get tired of them. Call the monster at 1-800-5556.

Teacher Needs New Class

Please help. Send me a new class soon. All of my kids have turned into monsters and it is hard to teach them. I will pay $1 per kid for kids who will listen and do their homework and not fly around the room and breathe fire. Call 1-800-Eugene-Field. Ask for Mr. Smith.

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The Monster Named Blue Boy
by Mrs. Steinbach's 1st grade in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Once upon a time, there was a monster named Blue Boy. He could run very fast. He could jump very high. Because of his really long tail and his fingers, he could even fly. One day, Blue Boy was hungry so he decided to go running to hunt for food. While he was running, he saw his favorite food, tigers. He captured the tigers with a net, and brought them home to cook them. But, the tigers didn't want to be cooked for dinner. So, the tigers pretended to be dead. Blue Boy started getting the pot ready to cook them. He started calling his friends to invite them for dinner. Blue Boy was calling his friends, one of the tigers got his claws and cut the net. And then the tigers ran away. When Blue Boy discovered that the tigers were missing, he got really mad.

When Blue Boy's friends got to his house, they got mad because the dinner wasn't even there. So his friends went back to their house and got their food and brought it to Blue Boy's house. Blue Boy flew to where the tigers were and captured them all over again. The tigers were so heavy, that he had to jump back home, instead of flying. Then they all had a party, and they got happy again.

The next day, Blue Boy found a place that had flying lessons for monsters. He signed up so that his flying would be less wiggly and so that he could fly AND carry tigers at the same time. The End

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MONSTERS by Mrs. Felty's Kindergarten
Park Village Elementary, San Antonio, TX
Based on
Meanies By Joy Cowley

Where do monsters sleep?
Monsters sleep under the bed.
Monsters sleep under the bed.
Monsters sleep under the bed.
That's where monsters sleep.

Where do monsters wash?
Monsters wash in the toilet.
Monsters wash in the toilet.
Monsters wash in the toilet.
That's where monsters wash.


What do monsters drink?
Monsters drink yucky, fish water.
Monsters drink yucky, fish water.
Monsters drink yucky, fish water.
That's what monsters drink.


What do monsters eat?
Monsters eat banana peels.
Monsters eat banana peels.
Monsters eat banana peels.
That's what monsters eat.


What do monsters drive?
Monsters drive fast scooters.
Monsters drive fast scooters.
Monsters drive fast scooters.
That's what monsters drive.


What do monsters do?
Monsters scare the little kids.
Monsters scare the little kids.
Monsters scare the little kids.
That's what monsters do.


Who wants to be a monster?
Who wants to be a monster?
Who wants to be a monster?
None of us!

Little Blue Spotted Hood by Ms Hargrove's 3rd Graders
Park Village Elementary, San Antonio, Texas

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Little Blue Spotted Hood. He was called this, because he wore a dark, midnight blue wizard's cloak. He was 15 years old. He was a powerful warlock. A warlock is a boy that has magical powers. One morning while eating their toad soup, his mother told Little Blue Spotted Hood that his Gramps was ill. The boy had not seen his grandfather in a decade. He wanted to take Gramps a magic potion that included bat wings, extra snake venom, slugs, and a drop of sparkling rain. He rode on his broom to his grandfather's haunted castle.


When Little Blue Spotted Hood was almost at the castle, he decided to walk the rest of the way. While he was walking, a mysterious wolf stopped him and asked him if he had a long way to go. Little Blue Spotted Hood said, "Not very far. I am going to bring this magic potion to my sick Gramps."

The wolf smiled a wicked grin and said, "Did you remember the pumpkin seeds?"

Little Blue Spotted Hood said, "What for?"

The wolf paused for a minute and then answered, "Why it is to make your Gramps young again."

Little Blue Spotted Hood said, "I forgot so I will need to go to the secret pumpkin patch to get some."

The wolf really needed that magic potion, because he had been sick for many decades. He decided he would trick this Gramps into giving up all that wonderful potion. He went to the castle pretending to be Little Blue Spotted Hood. The monster at the castle, who was Gramps' bodyguard because he had stolen something from Gramps and was sorry, answered the door. The wolf, pretending to be Little Blue Spotted Hood, told the monster that he was here to visit his poor sick Gramps.

The monster looked down at Little Blue Spotted Hood's feet and said,

"What big, hairy feet you have."

"I am practicing my wolf spell and I got a little hairy," the wolf replied.

"Well, what big ears you have," the monster responded.

"I was practicing my bat spell to hear Gramps better," the wolf said.

"What huge eyes you have," said the monster.

"All the better to see my Gramps," the wolf said.

All of a sudden, the real Little Blue Spotted Hood showed up. The wolf ran past the monster and found Gramps and held him hostage. The wolf said, "I'll get that magic potion yet!"

The monster realized that the first Little Blue Spotted Hood was the greedy wolf. He ran to protect Gramps. The wolf threatened to gobble up Gramps if he did not get the magic potion. The monster threw himself on top of Gramps not caring if the wolf got him instead. With Gramps safe, Little Blue Spotted Hood cast a spell and turned the wolf into a hideous monster. At the same time, the Gramps monster turned back into a human man. He had realized that it was better to help someone than to hurt them. He would never be greedy like the old wolf again. They lived happily ever after with their new monster bodyguard.


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Stories from Mrs. Floth's 2nd graders
Omaha, Nebraska

Once upon a time there lived a monster named Mean Green Star Machine.

It liked to eat it's buggers, it's old skin, banana peels, toe nail skum

and fungus. One night after school he became alive and jumped off the

wall! He go into the teacher's and student teacher's desks. He got

into the student's tote trays and took off al the books on the book

shelves. Guess what he was looking for? FOOD!! He could have just

went into the lounge. He ate the student's glue and paper. At night he

sleeps on the dinosaur chair.

Once upon a time there was a monster named Golden Eagle. He lived in a

school. When the students left for the day, he came off the wall and

broke the tables in half. He went to jail for eating a student. He

broke out of jail and ate our teacher's Mrs. Floth and Mrs. Taylor. He

has very very very very very long fingers. He has a long long long tail.

There was a monster named Golden Eagle. I wonder what he does when we

leave the room. He probably goes stomping around the room. He's got a

long nose and his teeth are rotten. He's got five feet fingers so he

can reach all over the room. His has eyes on his feet so if he lost his

basketall he knows where it is easily. When he needs to sneeze you

better run away because he sneezes ten feet.

blue buggers come out with the sneeze!! Yuk!!

When we go home our monster comes alive. He walks off the wall. He

stands on our tables and wrecks our tote trays. He like to eat pancakes

and banana skins. He has a star head. He is all kinds of colors, like

blue, red, green, yellow and purple.


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Ten Stories from Mrs. Denbigh's class
in St. Petersburg, Florida

The Monster Story
By: Aniqa

I am a big gigantic monster. I am different colors. I am red, blue, white, pink, black, violet, green, yellow, orange, gray and brown. I scare bad people and dangerous stuff. My body is covered with slime. I like to swim in the swamp . I like to play monster attack. Sometimes I read a book when I am bored. I am good at breaking everything. I have a spiky tooth at the top to eat stuff. I scare lot of people. I am the best monster.


There are More and More Monsters
By: Allie P.

On October 30, 2002 I was sleeping when I saw something peek out of my closet. I didn't know what it was. I opened my closet door and I screamed as loud as I could. I was embarrassed because I woke my whole family. Then they decided to go back to sleep. It a very, very, very, ugly monster. It had eighteen eyes four feet eight arms [four on each side]. Its body was shaped like a doughnut. It was of me so I wasn't that scared of it. I told the monster to come out. So the monster came out.

Right behind the monster was eight little baby monsters. They were peeping like chicks. But a little bit louder. We all stayed up very late. I made the baby monsters a bed. The monster slept with me in my bed. We stayed up so late that we all stayed up till 12:00 noon. Then it was night and another monster came out of my closet. But that monster was the cutest monster I had ever seen. It had flowers for eyes and a heart shaped body. This monster was going to in five days. I could tell they were going to be very, very, very cute. Now I thought monsters wouldn't be that scary any more. I thought I might need a bigger room for all the monsters in my closet and lots, lots and lots of there baby's. Then I saw the daddy's that went to both of the mommy's and all of the baby's. It was three years from now. All the babies had grown up but they were still cute to me. Then the mommies and daddies died it was sad.

But the good news was that the baby's had grown into mommy's and daddy's. They were going to have babies in two weeks. I bet they are going to be cuter. Now I still need a bigger room for all the rest of the babies. Then there were a little bit scarier monsters come out of the closet. That night I had the feeling that all of the monsters had gone out of my room. I checked every room. I had already found the mommies and daddies. I just needed to find the babies. Finally I found all of the babies in the kitchen. They were all rolling around on the floor. They were trying to play doctor. Since they weren't actually playing it. I had to teach them. It was very hard to teach them. I could tell that I would never get tired of any type of monster. That afternoon I went looking for all of my monster friends. I couldn't find them any were. I looked inside and outside. I looked in the best and worst hiding spaces. But I still couldn't find them. I went in my room slammed the door and cried as hard as I ever cried before. I said to myself I wish all of my monster friends were with me right now.

Somehow my wish came true. All of my monster friends were with me in my room. It's like a dream come true. That had never happened to me in my whole in tire life. Now I was happier then I had ever been. I wish my life could always be like this. Sometimes it might be a little bit scary or sad. Maybe all my wishes will come true. That would make me the happiest child in the whole in tire world. I would be the luckiest child in the whole in tire world! My monsters must know what I always say. I can't believe I met those magic monsters. I love my monsters so much.


The Blue Monster
By: Juan

Once upon a time there was a monster. His name was Jackie-Chan. One day Jackie-Chan went to a far away village, he saw a king who was making people poisoned. That made Jackie-Chan sad. So Jackie-Chan went and took the king to a forest, were poor people lived and Jackie-Chan left the king in the forest. Now the village was free. Soon Jackie-Chan went to his home. The next day Jackie-Chan went to the village to get breakfast, but there was a king burning the villager's houses. So Jackie-Chan took the other king to the forest, where the other king was. Soon Jackie-Chan went home. Then soon Jackie-Chan kept saving the village. Now Jackie-Chan got a girlfriend. Her name was Pam. She was a pink monster. Two years later Jackie-Chan got married with Pam and the village was safe.


The Boogie Man
By Julia

Once there was a boogie man that lived under Juan's bed. Little did Juan know he was in big TROUBLE? Then the story began. One cold dark October night Juan was quietly reading a book about a monster in his dinosaur bed. Then he heard a voice that said, ready or not here I come he, he, he. Juan stop reading and he said who, who is there the voice did not answer back. Juan was so scared that he could not move one muscle. Juan did not no what to do so he just said MOM. Mom came running up. What is it Juan, there is something under my bed. Mom said there is nothing under your bed. Juan said can I sleep with you? No said mom. Juan solely fell asleep.

When it was morning Juan's eyes where slowly opening up it was still dark he could not see anything he was still scared about yesterday night. He did hear a voice again it was the same voice he heard last night. Juan felt chains where tied around his arms and leg's. The voice said… YOU ARE DINNER. He new it was the boogie man but Juan still did not no where he was but he new he was in big trouble. Then all of a sudden Juan saw a white cat in the window. The cat was white as a snowflake it looked like if it was standing on the moon. The cat looked at Juan and the white cat dashed away. Then all of a sudden Juan broke free and the sun began to rise. The boogie man could not stand the light the boogie man turn into dust and flew away. SHHHHH… Juan was back in his bed Juan felt like if he was dreaming. Juan did not know if he was dreaming or if it was real. Juan fell back asleep and he dreamed that he met the mysterious white cat. But you could still hear the voice of the boogie man under your bed. Ready or not here I come he, he, he.


The Haunted House
By: Krystyna

Once upon a time there was a haunted house near a river. On Halloween it is really, really haunted so a little boy went inside. He was so scared he went home and called his mommy. Then a little girl went inside and she saw monster it had hairy eye balls and twenty stomach eye balls. The girl looked more and she saw pumpkins, skeletons, vampires, and zombies, and ghost. The zombies had eyes out, shirts ripped, two toes one on each foot and chins falling then Halloween past every thing was back to normal. When all those things come out like that they disappear for ever. They say every Halloween night these monsters come out so be careful they might get you.


The Haunted House.
By Eric

Once upon a time this houses a paired in the middle of eye. One day I went in the house it was spooky then I went up stair's it was cob web's and spider's and cockroaches and it was creaky window's and then I saw the ghost said boo.'' Then I got so shock and then I started to cry. Then stop crying and he made million's of him. But I didn't know which one was him. Then I walked right through one of them and I was so brave to do that stuff and it felt like I didn't feel nothing then I went to my grandma's house and she also had cracking windows and rocking chair with spider web's and it look's discos ting. Then I went up stairs to see what she doing. She was looking out the window looking her beautiful garden. Then a dog ran on her flowers.


The Monster Problem
By Janae

Once a monster was in my drawers. Everyday when I have to get dress. I do not went to. But my Dad will say get dress. But a monster was in my closet and a monster was under my bed and it was about to come out. It have a tenfoot till the coler of the till is blue and the horns. But whet I went to sleep the monster's come out and they took away my puppy. The next morning I would not get out of bed. Because the monster are out. The monster said Boo,Boo,Boo. Mom and Dad said stop yelling and I said ok Dad. The monster are in my drawer and my closet and under my bad and they are scarry and slimy and green till and the horns and twenty heads and arm and no tongue and a long neck and the is ten foot. But I was mad but not to mad. I had to get the monster out of my house. But it was raed. I get my mom and dad and Ryan and Charzard and Shelby and Jana had knifes and some sows. I told my mom and dad and Ryan and Shelby and Charzard. But the monster turned Chezard into a baby.  Blaud sped out. We saved the monster!!!!!


The Scary Monster
By: Jenna

One night a monster was crawling with no hair or arms on his own feet and legs . The monster had eyes on his feet. He takes peoples heads off and feet .He lives in every closet. He steels children. Beware off this monster beware. Oooooooo! Oooooo! Beware. One night time a child wasn't being careful in her closet and stole her. He cooked her up for dinner and ate her whole body for dinner. It tastes bloody. He carries eyeballs wherever he goes. The monster likes to scare children where ever he goes. Do you like monsters? I do. I rally love monster so much! Monster is not really real. They are pretend. Some people think that monster real. And some people think that they are pretending. I love monsters so much.


There was a Monster under My Bed
By: Olivia

Once upon a time there was a monster under my bed. I could tell because my bed was high and fury. At night he sneaks out and I can fell my bed getting lower. And sometimes he sneaks in my brother's room and he would complain about it. I can tell he is a fury monster and fat. And one day and night I was half way off my bed because my monster was on my bed. And in the morning I was on the floor. And in the day time he would wonder around the house. And when I was at school and when I come home what do you know he's in my mom's and dad's room. And in the morning my mom was only on the bed. And one day I made a trap I left the door's open and tied a rope to a big big big bucket out went the monster and down came the bucket plop? I caught him I yelled I caught him. And now he's going To somebody else's house. And I hope he doesn't come back. I love monsters.


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