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Which Sustainable Development Goals will your Monster work on?




  Milene Fernandes - she is starting Casa Amarela SCC a new education project with students in Bahia, Brazil.  Children from Bahia dream of traveling and want to know their passport. Students want to develop knowledge about the Monster Project, racism, the environment, hunger, disease and thirst.

@casaamarelascc is our instagram.

Teacher Milene says: I hope everyone here is well and eternally motivated to guarantee the necessary human rights in every part of this planet, so beautiful. Gratitude to be in this group and back. The experience with everyone here was very important for us and especially for me it was very educational, it was motivating to teach and present the SDGs, in addition to building a fun monster and it was really also very challenging to communicate with other languages ​​and make people understand here in my country the word sustainability. 





Ms. Maggie Day Grade 3/4. North River Elementary School . Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education 
North River, Nova Scotia Canada - AND -

Mr.Lambert’s Grade Four class. Our school is named North River Elementary and is located in North River, NS Canada. The coordinates of our school are 45.3995° N, 63.2632° W. -7°C is our average low temperature and 23 °C is our average high temperature.

There are 27 students in our class and one teacher. We are a very energetic class, who likes to have fun. Our teacher is very tall and he is a boy who likes to play sports. We think he is the best. We are looking forward to building our monster and trying to make it taller than our teacher. 



Shannon Neale & Kate Lawless: Kindergarten. Queen Elizabeth School. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are a combined class of 56 kindergarten children from Calgary, Alberta.
51.0447° N, 114.0719° W
High temp is around 33 Celsius Low is around -40 Celsius
We use Google meet. We will send a photo at the end of the week 
We will be writing a collaborative description between the 3 classes

Our sustainable focus is reducing waste in our snack packs and to use our compost bin more effectively.




We are Mrs. Lakhanpal's grade 3 class from Brampton, Ontario. Here, the temperatures can be extremely warm and humid during our summer months of July-August -temperature approaching 40ºC, whereas winter temperatures can go up to -40ºC. Our latitude and longitudes are as follow: 43.7315° N, 79.7624° W. 

Our sustainable development goal is to bring a garbage free lunch as much as possible and reuse, recycle, reduce at school and at home. Our students come from various backgrounds and can speak up to 3-4 languages.

Mouth & Lips)



Mrs. Miskowski (3rd), Mrs. Sigurdsen (2nd), Ms. Weinkauf (2nd/3rd), Mrs. Barber (1st) & Mrs. Cudmore (1st/2nd) Glenbrook School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Our City Unique Features: 
Latitude - 51.023569 degrees N and longitude - 114.154953 degrees W
National Hockey Team - Calgary Flames
The city Calgary Tower lights up at night 
Winter Olympics in 1988
CFL (Canadian Football League) - Calgary Stampeders 
Near the Rocky Mountains – activities you do in Rocky Mountains (climbing, hiking, fishing, camping, backpacking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, biking, and sledding to name a few).
Weather Patterns: Sunniest city in Canada (2405 hours of sun every year). We also have Chinooks, which is a warm, moist wind from the Pacific Ocean






Suzanne Roach. Grades 3-4-5. Il Ciliegio Cherry Tree School, in Orcenico Superiore di Zoppola, PN 
45°57'59"N 12°48'51"E - 37 m s.l.m.
High temp 29°C -- Low temp 0°C
SDG 1 No Poverty - so all can access food, shelter, education, work and health care, and
SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production. 

Ear - SDG 1; The monster hears children asking for help to support families in need.
Tongue - SDG 12; The monster prefers to eat locally grown and produced seasonal food.

We have a parent group, that organizes orders and distribution of local biological products (less waste and transport costs) to people within our school organization.
The school receives a % of earnings, and a higher % when sold out of the organization.

(Tongue) (Ears & Earrings)



Joanna Delestowisz's 7th grade. Szkola Podstawowa in Sroda Wielkopolskiej, Poland.

Latitude: 52.226490 longitude: 17.279040
Name: Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 z Oddziałamj Integracyjnymi w Środzie Wielkopolskiej
Average high temperatures: 18, -- Average low temperatures: 3,1
We choose:  Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health and Well-being 

I’ll send the photo next week, some of my students are on students’ exchange this week.

(Feet) (Cup of Tea)


Ms. Joanna Jarocewicz and Mr. Stefan Mruk, grades 4 and 5 of Szkola Podstawowa in Kleszczele, Poland.
Our latitude/longitude: 52.57, 23.32
Average high and low temperatures (last 12 months): 80/19 F
Our school is situated in the very east of Poland and European Union. We are happy to enjoy the closeness of the oldest medieval forest in Europe which is now a National Park. Lots of green meadows and forests ensure incredible fresh air. We choose 15th Sustainable Development Goal as our unique area is threatened with uncontrolled deforestation.

Stefan & Joanna
Primary School Kleszczele, Poland





Melinda Baden's multi-grade 5-6 class in Lake Asbury Elementary School located in Green Cove Springs, Florida.  Our school mascot is Rams. We are a class of 15 students, 1 teacher (Ms. Baden), and 2 assistants (Mrs. Clarida & Mrs. Stravato). We like working on Chrome Books and learning about math and social studies. We are really EXCITED about building our monster and having him in our classroom.

We are located at 30.052914 degrees latitude and -81.81629 degrees longitude. The temperature here can get into the high 90’s and sometimes can go into the 20’s (though that doesn’t happen very often).

If our class MONSTER used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he would make our town a better place to live by working on Sustainable Development Goal #2 (Zero Hunger). He would plant a garden using a variety of fruits and vegetables. As the crops came in, he would distribute them to the various food kitchens/pantries and homeless camps so that no one would have to go to bed hungry and would have the opportunity to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our monster will have moving arms and hands so that he can work in his garden.




Kendra Miller, Felicia Barnick - K-5 gifted teachers at Matt Elementary in Cumming, GA. 
Matt is located at 34.2903° N, 84.2044° W and we are about 46 miles north of Atlanta GA.
Avg. Low 34 F High 88 F.

Our sustainable focus is on good health and well being as we are a mindfulness school and part of our daily morning meetings. If our Monster uses mindfulness, he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by working on good health and well being.





Ms. Nichols & Mrs Latz (Art) and Ms. Buss. The fourth graders at St. Raymond School in Joliet, Illinois

This year our monster is a Teacher. Our Sustainable Development goal is #4 Quality Education. He would like to make opportunities available to everyone equally and to continue lifelong learning.
We are located in Joliet, IL-41.5250 degrees N, 88.0817 degrees W. We are located 35 miles SW of Chicago. Our average climate high is 84 and low is 17. 




Anna Hechler: grade 6. Western Junior High. Kinderhook, Illinois.
Latitude/Longitude: 39N 91W

In iLab, we make fun projects that teach us to work together, collaborate, and have fun building while solving problems.

(Horns) (Toes & Toenails)





Brenna LeBert's 5th grade. Our Lady Queen of Heaven School, Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

Latitude/longitude: 30.2266° N, 93.2174° W
High/low temperatures L: 30 deg F. H.109 deg F.
We are a Catholic School that loves to
support our community. Every year our fifth graders plant a garden to share vegetables with our Retirement Community neighbors next door.


(Belly Button)




Dave Morrill's group at the Phoenix School. Salem, Massachusetts.
About Us: We are a K-8 private school consisting of 28 students (4 dogs are also a part of our community) who work collaboratively throughout the school day.
Team name: CheesybeezyMonster  -- Longitude / Latitude: 42.5197° N, 70.8955° W

Low Temp Average: 22 degrees fahrenheit
High Temp Average:81 degrees fahrenheit

Sustainability Goal #2: Clean Water


Our Monster: Makes food out of compost / pollution. Eats dead tree leaves and make vegetables. Clones itself and teleports to different countries around the world, providing them with an infinite food supply.



Ashley Bonsee's fourth grade class at Veteran's Elementary in Hannibal, MO, which is located at 39.7 degrees N and 91.3 degrees West. The average temperature here is a high of 86 degrees F and a low of 38 degrees F. We have 16 students in our class, 9 boys and 7 girls. We have had the same teacher two years in a row! We love hands-on projects, science, and having fun! We are very excited to complete the monster project and meet people from other schools. 

Our Sustainable Development Goal is 2: To end hunger, achieve food security, and improve nutrition. We think being healthy is important and if people are not getting proper nutrition they can't lead a healthy life. 






New Hampshire

We are Mr. Ferguson's fourth-grade students from Lafayette Regional School in Franconia, New Hampshire, which is nestled at the foothills of the White Mountains.  All 12 of our students love to build, play, share, learn, and much more. There are 9 boys and 3 girls. This class is a group of fabulous, energetic fourth graders who love to learn and explore. Outside of school, we spend much of our time skiing/snowboarding, playing soccer, laughing, and much more. Above all else, we want to express kindness towards all. This year, having a monster with moving eyes that can track people as they walk by it would be cool. We would love to reach out and meet other classes. 

Avg July temp is 78 degrees F Avg Jan temp is 10 degrees F
Coordinates 44.2272° N, 71.7479° W

website:  -- email: 
Sustainable Goals: Life Below the Ocean & Life on Land




New Mexico 

Midge Nichelason/Lydia Dallas: grades 4 and 5 Gifted/Talent Pool Program School. Carlos Rey Elementary School. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Longitude/Latitude 35.0844 N, 106.6604 W HIGH/LOW Temperatures 27°F to 93°F WAY HOTTER THIS SUMMER!  Carlos Rey is a nice and fun school. It helps us learn a lot and to improve on math, reading and other subjects. We think it is a TOPS school which means we have a longer school year and day. We have a leadership council of students which gives out food to families in need. Last year we helped with a local animal shelter. We are: RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and SAFE!

Our Global ELEMENTAL Monster will be designed to control all of the elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. This means it can help in MANY areas of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It will be the ultimate technological machine designed by the best thinkers and inventors around the world!
Water - it could purify water, create ice in polar areas to sustain habitats, Rain could be directed to areas affected by fires, to irrigate arid areas into usable farmland. Earth - controlling the weather so there is no drought, control earthquakes and prevent other natural disasters, growing trees for more oxygen. Air - to control wind to not spread fire and to get rid of pollution and smoke. Fire - to manage forests (along with water). Our Elemental Monster would be available to all people in all countries! Our only concern is that no one tries to take it over to make money and control other countries. If we can create such a monster, hopefully we could take care of the human side through the United Nations or some other global cooperative group.
School web site: 



Mrs. Peacock's & Mrs. Rodriguez's K-5 Gifted Education classes (43 students) - San Antonito STEM Magnet Elementary School - Sandia Park, New Mexico, USA
School web:  -- X account: @SASMSTEM

Latitude: 35.170510N Longitude: 106.341150W -- Temperature: 15°F Lows - 86°F Highs
San Antonito STEM Magnet is located about 20 miles east of Albuquerque, NM, in the eastern foothills of the Manzano Mountains. We are a neighborhood magnet school where there is a strong sense of community. We are able to bring in many businesses and community members to work with students through Project Based Learning. The small, rural school enables our teachers and staff to create connections with our learners and their families. We have 3 large outdoor learning spaces, school gardens, composting area, trails, wooded areas, large playground, an observatory and telescopes, a Roadrunner Lab (makerspace) for exploration and creation, and a DigiLab (technology class). Our motto is: Wonder ~ Explore ~ Contribute. Together we make our world better. With that motto in mind, our Global STEM Monster will help people grow and obtain the food and nutrition they need.
(Pet Bat)                                                        






Mrs. Darling (2nd grade)/Mrs. Wilde (2nd grade)/Mrs. Caudill (STEM), 2nd grade.  Buckeye Central Elementary, New Washington, Ohio, USA. Paired with Mrs. Kantzer, 6th grade Buckeye Central Middle School.
Longitude/Latitude: 40.9623 degrees North/ 82.8544 degrees West, high temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit and low temperature is 22 degrees Fahrenheit

Mrs. Darling’s class has very kind friends and classmates. We have 13 students in our class with 7 girls and 6 boys. Mrs. Wilde’s second grade class is a nice, friendly class to have around. They get to enjoy a new seat every day in their classroom. This class enjoys playing Quizlet to learn their vocabulary words for the week. They also really like to complete their Mad Minutes math facts every day and are working towards a Mad Minute party! This class has 14 students with 9 boys and 5 girls. We are a good school for kids because we have good rules, a good principal, wonderful teachers, and helping staff. 

If our monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by working on…
GOOD HEALTH. We think this goal is important because not feeling good means you can’t have fun or work.



Mrs. Lisa Davis, 2nd Grade, Abraham Depp Elementary School, Plain City, Ohio.
There are 822 students in our school, 23 students in our 2nd grade class, and seven 2nd grade homerooms within our school. Our school focuses a lot on character development, being a leader and making good choices. We are excited to connect with other classrooms around the world! Plain City is located at 40.1076° N, 83.2674° W. On this fall day, it is 72 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Our choice for a sustainable development goal is increasing, or helping out with, recycling efforts in our school and community.



Lindsey Danhoff. Hello, from Plain City, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, OH. We are third-graders at Abraham Depp Elementary School within Dublin City Schools. Our school was named after Abraham Depp, an African American who blazed the trails for freedom for his family and other slaves. Therefore, our school mascot is called the Trailblazers. Trailblazers are brave, and caring, take ownership, and are always growing. We investigate our world, imagine other realities, find interconnectedness, and think about how we can influence others in positive ways to make our world a better place for everyone. Our class name is The Thriving Third Graders because our goal this year is to support each other so we can all thrive and be our best selves. Our monster will support Good Health & Well-being, Gender Equality, and Life Below Water in order to help our world near and far thrive. 

40.068300 Latitude -83.244150 Longitude
Temperatures: High - 84 degrees Fahrenheit -- Low - 22 degrees Fahrenheit 

(Driver's License))


Kendra Sowards, 1st Grade. Abraham Depp Elementary School. Plain City, Ohio.

Hi from Depp Elementary! We are kind first graders from Plain City, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. We love to read, write, play and learn together. We are creative, brave, smart and we are super excited to create with you. 

Location: 40.068300 Latitude -83.244150 Longitude
Temperatures: High - 84 degrees Fahrenheit
Low - 22 degrees Fahrenheit

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-Being & Quality Education

Brainstorming the Belt!








Mrs. Branscum’s fourth grade Gifted and Talented class at Oakdale Public School in Edmond, Oklahoma

(Hands & Fingers)



South Dakota

Mrs. Pruitt & Mr. Dunavant's 3rd/4th grade South Park Elementary, Belle Fourche, South Dakota, USA.
Latitude: 44° 40' 16.93" N -- Longitude: -103° 51' 7.74" W

We are the 3rd and 4th grade classes on a vertical team of 1st-4th. We are the only vertical team at our school. We have 41 students between the two classes. We live in the Geographic Center of the Nation in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, which has a population of about 6,000. Our campus is 1st through 4th grades with 5 of each grade level. We do not have school on Fridays and go to school from 8:00am-3:20pm

We enjoy things such as sports, building, games including video games, cards, and board games, learning new things, creating art, and academics. We live about an hour away from Mt. Rushmore and we are just at the north end of the Black Hills. We have 4 seasons. Fall is mild with temperatures ranging from 40*F to 70*F. Our leaves turn colors and fall off. Our first snow is usually at the end of October or early November. Winter is cold with temps ranging from -20*F to 40*F. We get snow quite often ranging from 1" to 24" at a time, but it usually melts within a few days. Spring is cool again much like fall. We have lots of baby animals born in our area in the spring. Our last snow of the year can come as late as mid May. Summers are mild until about August when it gets hot. Late spring and early summer is usually rainy and we get lots of hail. Hail can be tiny like pea gravel or big like baseballs. Our sustainable development goal is stopping world hunger.








 Jo Gifford's 4th/5th grades, The Branch School in Houston, Texas
We are a private school in Houston, TX. There are 9 students in 4th grade and 14 in 5th grade. 

The longitude and latitude of Houston  is: 29N 95W. The average high and low is from 47F to 95F, but this summer we had record number of days over 100F. -- Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

The SDG that our monster is focused on is Gender Equality.







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