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Which Sustainable Development Goals will your Monster work on?



Teachers: Milene Fernandes, Biance Santos Nunes, and Prado Lopez,  and the Students at Project Favela (Facebook) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Project Favela website -
Twitter: @projectfavela

From Milene: At Project Favela in Tabajaras we have 3 class shifts: morning, afternoon and late afternoon, with math, Portuguese, science, history, engineering, art, theater and music classes, all free for children interested in learning. Before the pandemic there were many foreign volunteers, now only Brazilians, in addition to Scott who is American. We have a group of +/- 20 more assiduous students, from 6 to 16 years old, eager to progress. The school established on the hill, facing the majestic Copacabana beach, has a breathtaking view, it is a tropical forest, it is next to their house and they can reach the project even alone. Community access is very steep, via passable slopes or stairs. On days of heavy rain, a lot of dirty water and mud flows down the stairs and slopes and we avoid opening the school to avoid health problems for the children. In this needy community, there are numerous children who attend official government schools on a part-time basis. Before or after school, many children are idle and unsupervised, or looking after younger siblings. The Favela Project is a shelter of light, love and respect available to children and is a source of pride for those who participate. The children who attend the project know that our space is for us to learn to talk, to respect each other and with respect and tranquility in the heart, and the head is open to learn more and evolve, that's what everyone wants, children especially are hungry for respect and love.


The Monster Challenge is perfect as a class topic for us. We want to make progress with the plans and I hope the rain stops this week to bring news from our students to Project Monster. 

We also want to include Female Empowerment in our goals!

(Passport) Monster Name: Teddy Dragon Mundo



 Ms. Scott, Ms. Sayani, Mrs. Shaw (one more class coming) third grades at Windsong Heights School, Airdrie, AB. Canada
51.2927 degrees N, 114.0134 degrees W
Annual High Temp. 8.1 degrees Celsius - Annual Low Temp. -0.41 degrees Celsius
Some interesting facts about Airdrie: We have 74,000 people who live here.
Every Christmas we have a Festival of Lights and on July 1st we have a big Canada Parade. 

Our sustainable development Goal is: #15 Life on Land. Our monster is going to hold up a sign reminding people to look after the Earth. Finally, our moving part is going to be the hands on our monster. 


Shannon Neale & Kate Lawless: Kindergarten. Queen Elizabeth School. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are a combined class of 56 kindergarten children from Calgary, Alberta.

Our sustainable goal will be good health and well being.




Heather Sigurdsen (1st/2nd grade), Mrs.Miskowski (3rd grade), Mrs. Irving (2nd grade), Mrs. Verstraete (1st grade), and Mrs. Welsh 3rd/th grade. Glenbrook School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Our school community engages in active hands-on learning and are excited to participate in another year of working with schools from around the world to build a Global Monster.

Our City Unique Features: 
Latitude - 51.023569 degrees N and longitude - 114.154953 degrees W
National Hockey League - Calgary Flames 
The Calgary tower lights up at night 
Home to the 1988 Winter Olympics
Canadian Football League - CFL - Calgary Stampeders 
Calgary is located near the Rocky Mountains activities to do in the Rocky Mountains (climbing, hiking, fishing, camping, backpacking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, biking, and sledding)
Weather Patterns: Sunniest city in Canada (2405 hours of sun every year)
Calgary is known for having something called Chinooks during the Winter which is a warm, moist wind from the Pacific Ocean 










Suzanne Roach. Grades 3-4-5. Il Ciliegio, Orcenico Superiore di Zoppola, PN Italy. Our monster supports and defends all living Life on Land! Our school takes care in its choice of food - cooking local, sustainable and organic products (no meat or fish).
What does our monster do to protect life on land?
Our monster helps animals in difficulty and gives food to sad people.
For a better world, the monster picks up garbage and teaches humans to love nature, takes care
by not eating animals, and never makes wars with others. It only loves others. The end.
According to me, this monster is a type of super hero who combats criminals and isnt a bad
monster. It protects people.
It protests to protect animals and humans.
It grows vegetables and fights against the mafia.
It destroys fears from children and destroys evil monsters.
It gives money to the poor.
It helps people and stops wars.
It saves animals and nature and doesnt pollute. It doesnt capture animals and gives a good life
to all!
It helps people from the entire world to do the right thing and prays for the war in the Ukraine and
other bad things to end.

(Nose and Nose Ring)



Motolani-Alex --  Ferncove School, in Lagos, Nigeria in Africa. Our School Community loves to engage in active Learning and collaborating with various Schools on a Global Monster Project is a great Learning experience for our Year 1,2 and 3.

Our City Unique Features:
- Latitude- 6.5244 degrees N and Longitude-3.3792 degree E
-With a total population of over 20 million, Lagos covers a Geographical area of 3,577
- A busy port city built on a series of Island and surrounding land on the West Coast of Africa
- a lively art culture depicted by street carnivals, 14 theatres, over 50 cinema and museums. Lagos is well known for festive parties locally referred to as Owambe. 

Our Sustainable goal is #17 PARTNERSHIP FOR THE GOALS 

Our monster will use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics ( STEAM) to help us understand how we can protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystem, manage forest, combat desertification and halt land degradations.



Joanna Delestowisz's 6th grade. Szkola Podstawowa in Sroda Wielkopolskiej, Poland.
We choose hands and fingers
Latitude: 52.226490 longitude: 17.279040
Name: Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 z Oddziałamj Integracyjnymi w Środzie Wielkopolskiej
Average high temperatures: 18,6
Average low temperatures: 3,1
We choose: 

Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health and Well-being

hands and fingers)



We are grade 5 students from Kansk, Russia. We study at our school called Lyceum 1. Our teacher is Ms. Lyudmila Golubeva.

It is cold here in winter sometimes about -40C and a lot of snow. In summer the temperature is+ 25 to + 28C. Our Latitude -5612'27'' N -- Longitude - 9542'12'' E.

We are concerned that our forests are being cut down at an alarming rate. Deforestation is a problem because forests are a vitally important part of the planet for many species and people. Forests improve soil and water quality, and foster biodiversity. Our aim is to plant trees. This way we will contribute to a better world and together we fight climate change.


Our skype shemishpere -- Teacher Email
Maps - Google Map Location of Lyceum 1 --- STREET VIEW




Tatjana Stefanac (English), Vojislav Krstic (Art) -- Hi from Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Primary School in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia!   We area 67-year old public primary school for students aged 7-15. Our school is situated in a town that used to be one of the capitals of the Roman Empire and it was called Sirmium back then. There are 50 pupils in our 2 classes, 5th graders (Age 11).
Sremska Mitrovica can be found at 193715.48 E Latitude : 445846.19 N Longitude.


The sustainable development goal we would like to focus on is Cleaner Water and Sanitation
which is goal #6.

If our monster used Science, Math and Art, he or she would teach all the humans how to make
clean water available to everyone  My students said: We need 4 short arms to keep the device for water cleaning tight to the body, not to spill any.   





Susan Jackson's 3rd grade, Williams Magnet School, Little Rock, AR, USA. We are 3rd graders that are pulled from our classroom to see Mrs. Jackson for GT. There are 11 GT students in our class. We are really excited about building our monster!

34.7445 N, 92.2880 W -- Our highest temperature this year was 103 F and the lowest temperature this year was 17F
Facebook page - WMS Jackson's Soarin' GT Eagles 

Meet James. He is working on getting rid of hunger in all communities and needs our help! James moving parts are his arms. When he flies over communities that are in need of food, he opens his arms and drops food boxes in front of the people in need dwellings. The food packages are coming from the food drive that Williams Magnet School is holding this fall for the neighborhood food bank. He uses STEM in ridding the world of hunger because he has to figure out how to pack the food boxes to make sure that they are not too big or heavy for him to carry. He also has to design the boxes so that they dont break open when they land on the ground. James will help fight COVID-19 as he flies over all communities by spraying disinfectant to kill the COVID-19 germs.

Sustainable Development Goal -- Zero Hunger. The kids want to host a food drive to donate to a local food bank! 





 Lake Asbury Elementary School located in Green Cove Springs, Florida
Unfortunately, Melinda's class was unable to complete the project this year but we'll see her group back again next year for sure!!


Elizabeth Stevens' Gifted Resource group. Shiloh Point Elementary, Forsyth County Schools, Georgia. Mrs. Stevens 5th grade gifted resource class is located in Cumming, Georgia which is about 40 miles from the state capital of Atlanta, Georgia.  

Location: 34.1435 N, 84.1762 W
Average Temperature in October is a high of 72 degree F and low of 49 degree F

Our monster will focus on the sustainable goal of Zero Hunger




Ms. Nichols & Mrs Latz (Art). The fourth graders at St. Raymond School in Joliet, Illinois would like to participate in the monster project again this year. All of our students are in person learning and they are excited about participating in this project. This year we have 15 total 4th grade students. We are working to make it a great year!

Latitude and Longitude for Joliet
41.5250 North, 88.0817W
Climate average high temperature 84 degrees and average low is 17 degrees.

                                                                         This year we would like to focus on the Sustainable Development goal of Good Health and Well Being. I think this is a topic that will hit home with our nation and students as we work hard to stay healthy and make safe choices to keep us healthy during these challenging times. It is also important for us to take care of ourselves (self care) and recognize what we need in order to feel safe and healthy. Also with a focus on keeping our minds safe and healthy too! 

 (Smart Phone)                     



 Meagan Mojica's 3rd grade class at Indian Knoll School in West Chicago, Illinois
Our global focus is going to be Climate Action..


(Toes & Toenails)


 Anna Hechler: grade 6.  Athletic Director K-12 Instructional Technology Coach. Western Junior High. Kinderhook, Illinois.
Latitude and Longitude- 39.7023 N, 91.1532 W 

SDGs -                                                   



Ms. Combs & Ms. Cortesi's 1st grades. Acero Brighton Park School. Chicago, Illinois.
Latitude/longitude: 41.81337954704337, -87.69329091182982
*The majority of our students are bilingual and speak multiple languages at school and at home. Language is our super power!

We are focusing on clean water and sanitation.





Brenna LeBert's 5th grade. Our Lady Queen of Heaven School, Lake Charles, LA. 

SDG - Good Health and Well-being through our community garden we create each year. 

(Belly Button)




Dave Morrill's K-4 group at the Phoenix School. Salem, Massachusetts.
We develop caring, self confident, inquisitive, competent individuals responsive to a changing, complex world. We believe a personalized education supports a love of learning and provides academic growth without boundaries. Our K-8 immersive partnership experience cultivates leadership and problem-solving skills, while our project-based learning spanning all subjects gives students the opportunity to think deeply on topics of interest.

Sustainable Development Goals: 13, 14, 15

What the monster does: Breath in greenhouse gasses and produce oxygen. Has water to stop forest fires. Collects trash as he travels. Has seeds and plants new trees. Protects endangered animals. Stops fish from eating pollution and stops over fishing.

(Head) Monster name: Cheezeburger Phoenix


New Hampshire

We are Mr. Ferguson's fourth-grade students from Lafayette Regional School in Franconia, New Hampshire, which is nestled at the foothills of the White Mountains. All 12 of our students love to build, play, share, learn, and much more. There are 7 boys and 5 girls, including the teachers youngest son. This class is a group of fabulous, funny fourth graders who love to learn and explore. Outside of school, we spend much of our time hiking, playing soccer, laughing, and much more. Above all else, we include each other and express kindness towards all. We would love to reach out and meet other classes. 

Avg July temp is 78 degrees F Avg Jan temp is 10 degrees F
Coordinates 44.2272 N, 71.7479 W

website:  -- email: 



New York 

new photo coming

Mrs Fontanarosas and Mrs Kazulaks 4th grade. Lewiston Porter Intermediate Education Center. Youngstown, NY We are located at  43.2473 N,longitude 79.0500 W latitude. We enjoy 4 seasons and today, September 22, is the first day of fall. In the summer our temperatures can climb between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and in the winter they can get as low as 12 degrees Fahrenheit. We are right on the border of Canada and 2 Great Lakes are very near by; Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

Our students have decided that our monster will be helping with SDG #10, reduced inequalities. Hope is our monster and it will go around the world and educate people about the importance of reducing inequalities within and among countries.



North Carolina

Ms. McIntyre's 4th grade at Queens Creek Elementary in Swansboro, North Carolina. (my teacher website)
Location: 3441′36″N 777′38″W (34.693327, -77.127327).

Fun Facts: We have the Mullet Festival which is the old festival in the state. 
Known as the Friendliest City by the Sea.

Our Monster wants to help with Hunger. 
It's name is Ratatouille and his global mission is to solve world hunger. Ratatouille does this by taking food that is rotten and/or spoiling and uses his monster eye abilities to transform the food back into fresh food so everyone can eat it. This will result in no food ever going to waste.

(Driver's License)




Kendra Sowards' 1st Grade - Hi from Depp Elementary! We are first graders in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, OH. We are creative and love to draw and make things for ourselves and others. We like making new friends, playing games together and learning new things. We are a class family and we care about each other. We are TRAILBLAZERS!
Mrs. Sowards' website - Twitter: @MrsSowards627

Location: 40.068300 Latitude -83.244150 Longitude
Temperatures: High - 84 degrees Fahrenheit -- Low - 22 degrees Fahrenheit

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-Being & Quality Education

(Left & Right Elbow)



Ms. Lindsey Danhoff's 3rdgrade, Abraham Depp Elementary School, Plain City, Ohio

40.068300 Latitude -83.244150 Longitude
Temperatures: High - 84 degrees Fahrenheit -- Low - 22 degrees Fahrenheit 

The SDG our class thinks will help make the world a better place is ...???
Twitter: @LindseyDanhoff                                                        

(Cup of Tea)


Hi from Depp Elementary! We are first graders in Mrs. Simmons Class in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, OH. We are excited for this project! Our Monster part is the Toothbrush!

Location: 40.068300 Latitude -83.244150 Longitude ---Temperatures: High - 84 degrees Fahrenheit
Low - 22 degrees Fahrenheit

Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-Being & Quality Education


Brainstorming the toothbrush!(Toothbrush)


Mrs. Wilde, Mrs. Darling, Mrs. McCoy & Mrs. Caudill - 31 kids in two 2nd Grades at Buckeye Central Elementary, New Washington, Ohio, USA, 
New Washington is located at 4057′41″N 8251′20″W , 
Our average high temp is 83 F and average low temp is about 30 F.

School website:

We live in a rural/country area, involved with sports and the fair (cloverbuds), Buckeye Central's local community, New Washington, is credited with the birthplace of the baby chick industry (look up Michael Uhl). If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by working on industry, innovation, and infrastructure. In our community, we need industry to keep people here and working!


(Favorite Book & Cookbook)



Mrs. Branscums fourth grade Gifted and Talented class at Oakdale Public School in Edmond, Oklahoma. Oakdale has 652 students in grades Pre-K through 8. Our school is located south of Lake Arcadia and Frontier City, a local theme park. 
Coordinates: 35.6528 N, 97.4781 W - Annual High: 102F - Annual Low: 3F
Hot Summers, Cold Winters - Located in the central time zone

Unique features of Edmond and Oklahoma:
- Edmonds population is 97,032 and the 5th largest city in Oklahoma
- Popular places to visit: Lake Arcadia, National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Round Barn, Pops (holds over 300 sodas!), Oklahoma City Art Museum
- State Bird: Scissortail Flycatcher 
- State Flower: Red Rose
- State Rock: Rose Rock 
- State Fruit: Strawberry
- State Colors: Green and White
- Known for cowboy culture, Blackberry capital of the world (McCloud), Route 66, 
- Edmond was named after Edmond Schuler Burdick, a traveling freight agent for the Achison, Topeka, and Sante Fe Railroad
- National Oklahoma Day is June 7th.
- Surrounded by oil wells and an important oil supplier
- NBA Team: Oklahoma City Thunder
- Jim Thorpe is from Oklahoma!
- Our state is shaped like a pot!

The Sustainable Development Goal our monster will be working on is climate action. 




Mandy Montoro's 4th grade. McNichols Plaza School. Scranton, Pennsylvania.Temperature : High 101 F Low -21 F
Interesting Facts : Our school was built in 1979 and is an
open concept environment with each grade level in pods and no walls! Scranton is known as a coal mine town 2 hours from NY City and 2 hours from Philly and was recently made famous by the tv show The Office. We are so excited to be joining this project and can't wait to start building our Monster!
SDG = #3 Good Health and Well Being - Our monster will focus on keeping us healthy and happy. Social Emotional Health as well as Physical health.  

(Mouth & Lips)


South Dakota

 Mrs. Pruitt & Mr. Dunavants 3rd/4th grade. South Park Elementary, Belle Fourche, South Dakota
Latitude: 44 40' 16.9428'' N -- Longitude: 103 51' 7.7328'' W
We are a
Customized learning multi-grade level class. We all get to work on our own level as long as we are making progress. Our 3rd and 4th grade classes consist of 18 girls and 20 boys. We have class jobs to help build community. One of our favorite times of day is Sacred Writing Time when we get to write about ANYTHING we want to for 10 whole minutes. We have a HUGE class library. Our whole school uses Quiet Coyote as our quiet sign. We are 1:1 Chromebooks and turn assignments in on Canvas. Our school has 4 specials that we go to: PE, STEAM, Music, and Library/Keyboarding. We go to two specials every day. Besides our CL classes, there are 4 other classes at each grade level in our school. Our district only has one elementary, one middle school, and one high school.

If our Monster used STEAM they would make our world a better place to live by working to end hunger. They would do this by using math data collection to figure out how many people in the world are hungry. Then our monster would use art to design a food distribution device that would be created using technology, engineering and science. Our monster would be able to distribute the devices around the world to provide hungry people everywhere food at all times.
Ears & Earrings



 Jo Gifford's 4th grade, The Branch School in Houston, TX - We are from The Branch School which is in Houston, Texas (29.79N, 95.57W). Our high temperature in August is 91, but with the humidity it feels way hotter! Our average high/low in January is 63/47.For the website, we​ have '' and we may also post pictures on Instagram 'the_branch_school'. 

Our Sustainable Development Goal is gender equality.

We are super excited to be a part of the Global Monster Project for the first time :)Best wishes,
Jo Gifford




Jacob Sisson and Abby Nicolo's Amber and Sapphire classes  (5-7 years) at Blue Mountain School in Floyd, Virginia.

coordinates 36.9272 N, 80.3107 W

Our school is comfortably nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia (USA). We pride ourselves as utilizing the beautiful forest that surrounds us in our outdoor education as well as give us a mindful space for our contemplative studies. 

Our students describe our school "Our school has three blue buildings that face a big green field and a humongous magical forest surrounds us."  We would love to help our community and world by helping to educate the importance of social emotional health. (#3 Good health and well being)

Our monster helps spread social emotional health information by being a monstrously popular media influencer.  (Pet Bat) Bat website - natural-heritage/karst-stbat  





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