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Which Sustainable Development Goals will your Monster work on?



Lauren Knoke, Grade 2/3 (Tail)

Jami Kilty, Grade 2/3 (Drone)

Sandra Bakich, Grade 2/3 (Hair)

Glenbrook School, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our school community engages in active learning and what better way to do that then to work with other schools globally to build a Global Monster.
Our City Unique Features: 
-Latitude - 51.023569 degrees N and longitude - 114.154953 degrees W
-National Hockey Team- Calgary Flames 
-The Calgary tower lights up at night 
-Winter Olympics in 1988· CFL (Canadian Football League)
-Calgary Stampeders 
-Near the Rocky Mountains – activities you do in Rocky Mountains (climbing, hiking, fishing, camping, backpacking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, biking, and sledding).· Weather Patterns: Sunniest city in Canada (2405 hours of sun every year). We also have Chinooks, a warm, moist wind from the Pacific Ocean. 

Our sustainable health goal is #3 - Good Health and Well-Being.

Our monster will use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics (STEAM) to help us understand how “Good Health and Well-Being” impacts our global community and how we can make our community a better place to live. 


Mikaela McNab's grade 3 from Herons Crossing School in Alberta Canada
Herons Crossing School in Airdrie, AB – 51.2927° N, 114.0134° W

Average high temperature is 74 degrees Fahrenheit and average low temperature is below 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fun facts about Airdrie:
- Airdrie was first established as a railroad village
- Airdrie is named after Airdrie, Scotland
- Airdrie is the highest elevated city in Canada


*Our sustainability goal we will be targeting is goal #2 ZERO HUNGER.​ 

Our monster is going to develop a system that provides nutritious foods to those in need. 
(Belly Button)


Maggie Day's grade 3 at Herons Crossing School in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.
– 51.2927° N, 114.0134° W
Average high temperature is 74 degrees Fahrenheit and average low temperature is below 36 degrees Fahrenheit.
Fun facts about Airdrie:
Airdrie was first established as a railroad village
Airdrie is named after Airdrie, Scotland
Airdrie is the highest elevated city in Canada

*Our sustainability goal we will be targeting is goal #14 Life Below Water.​ Students will learn about how to sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems from pollution, as well as very briefly looking at how acidification affects oceans. (Favorite Book)


Alicia Nickel's grade 3 at Herons Crossing School in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.
– 51.2927° N, 114.0134° W
Average high temperature is 74 degrees Fahrenheit and average low temperature is below 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

-At Christmas we have a huge outdoor light festival called Airdrie Festival of Lights
-The name "Airdrie" means "The King's Height.”
-A unique feature of Airdrie is that its elevation makes it the highest city in Canada.
-We have canals that run through Airdrie and they contain pike fish.
Sustainability Goal 14: Our monster is going to protect and help underwater sea animals in the ocean from the dangerous substances and litter that harms them. (Necklace)




3rd (Feet)

4th (Toes & Toenails)

5th  (Hands & Fingers)

Suzanne Roach. Grades 3-4-5. Il Ciliegio, Orcenico Superiore di Zoppola, PN Italy

The vote results came in for our SDG goal:

16 - Peace and Justice, Strong Institutions



Ferncove School year 1 and 2  in Lagos, Nigeria. Our School Community loves to engage in active Learning and collaborating with various Schools on a Global Monster Project is a great Learning experience for our Year 1,2 and 3.

Our City Unique Features:
- Latitude- 6.5244 degrees N and Longitude-3.3792 degree E
-With a total population of over 20 million, Lagos covers a Geographical area of 3,577 sq. km.
- A busy port city built on a series of Island and surrounding land on the West Coast of Africa
- a lively art culture depicted by street carnivals, 14 theatres, over 50 cinema and museums. Lagos is well known for festive parties locally referred to as Owambe

Our Sustainable goal is #6 CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION
Our monster will use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics (STEAM) to help us understand how Clean water and Proper Sanitation impacts a large Social community like ours and how we can make our community a better place to live.

Curriculum: Blended Cambridge International Curriculum and local National curriculum.
Reasons for joining: Collaborating with children from diverse backgrounds in a fun activity will provide many learning opportunities in geography and social-emotional development while enriching our Curriculum.

Regards  from Motolani Alex-Oni and Oyinlola Gaius -- (Ears and Earrings)



Teachers: Tatjana Stefanac (English), Vojislav Krstic (Art) 
Hi from Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Primary School in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia! You can find us at .
  We are a 65-year old public primary school for students aged 7-15. Our school is situated in a town that used to be one of the capitals of the Roman Empire and it was called Sirmium back then. 
There are 32 pupils in our 2 classes, 5th graders (Age 11). Sremska Mitrovica can be found at Longitude: 19°37'15.48"E ,Latitude : 44°58'46.19"N
The sustainable development goal we would like to focus on is Responsible Consumption and Production which is goal #12.
If our monster used Science, Math and Art, he or she would teach all the humans how to reuse things around us to make a cleaner world and a greener planet. (Arms)





 Faye Hanson & Mattie Baker , 4-6 grade. Our Lady of Holy Souls School, Little Rock, AR.
The Holy Souls Monster Squad is made up of students ages 5-12. We love our school, especially our school garden, which has chickens.

Little Rock is located in central Arkansas in the south central United States at 34 N latitude and 92 W longitude. Our climate is temperate; we rarely have snow and it is often hot and humid.
Little Rock is the capitol city of our state. Arkansas is famous for its natural beauty, so it is called the Natural State. We have many beautiful forests, rivers, lakes and two different mountain ranges. Outdoor activities like camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing, and hunting are very popular. Arkansas has the only diamond deposit in North America at one of our state parks. If you find a diamond there, you can keep it! 

Our monster is dedicated to keeping the oceans and waterways clean and protecting water animals and fish. It can hug endangered species with its wings to protect them. (Wings)



Hi, we are Ms. Baden’s Multi-grades class from Lake Asbury Elementary School located in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Our school mascot is Rams. We are a small class of 12 students, 1 teacher (Ms. Baden), and 2 assistants (Ms. Mossie and Mrs. Clarida). We love to do science projects and activities 

We are located at 30.052914 degrees latitude and -81.81629 degrees longitude. The temperature here can get into the high 90’s and sometimes can go into the 20’s (though that doesn’t happen very often).

If our class MONSTER used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he would make our town a better place to live by working on
Sustainable Development Goal #6 (Clean Water and Sanitation). 

Our Monster will go to the local beaches and clean up any trash he finds He will educate beach goers on the importance of taking their trash home with them and not leaving it on the beach. (Body)


Elizabeth Stevens, Gifted Program Teacher. 4th grade. Shiloh Point Elementary, Forsyth County Schools, Georgia. 
Location: 34.1435° N, 84.1762° W
Weather for October: 52.8 degrees Fahrenheit for a low and 72.9 degrees Fahrenheit for a high 
School web:
Mrs. Stevens’ 4th grade gifted resource class is in Cumming, Georgia which is about 40 miles from the state capital of Atlanta, Georgia. Our monster will focus on the sustainable goal of Life Below Water.
This is our first time participating in the Global Monster Project.  (Horns)




Mrs. Bialko, Mrs. Esquivel & Mrs. Latz, 4th grade of Cathedral of St. Raymond School. Joliet, IL. Latitude and Longitude for Joliet -- 41.5250 North, 88.0817W

climate average high temperature 84 degrees and average low is 17 degrees

4th grade is excited to participate again! This year we have 44 total 4th grade students. Each homeroom has 22 students. This is another challenging year, but we are working to make it a great one!
This year we would like to focus on the Sustainable Development goal of Good Health and Well Being


I think this is a topic that will hit home with our nation and students as we work hard to stay healthy and make safe choices to keep us healthy during these challenging times. It is also important for us to take care of ourselves (self care) and recognize what we need in order to feel safe and healthy. Also with a focus on keeping our minds safe and healthy too! (Mouth & Lips)                                


Ms. Combs & Ms. Cortesi - 2 first grade classes from Acero Brighton Park School in Chicago, IL USA. 

Latitude/longitude: 41.81337954704337, -87.69329091182982
High/low temps: Chicago sees temps as low as -30 and as high as 100 degrees. We are a pretty extreme city but we average between 20 and 80 degrees throughout the year. 
*The majority of our students are bilingual and speak multiple languages at school and at home. Language is our super power! 

*Our monster will have a focus on Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education: Our monster will fight against Covid-19 by advocating for a quality education whether in-person or remote, we are always learning!
*Our moving part will be the eyes so we can learn no matter where we are.   (Teeth)


Ms. Mojica and Mrs. Bolivar.  We teach 3rd grade at Indian Knoll School, in West Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Latitude is 41.88 and Longitude is -88.17.

A student in our class wrote: "I love 3rd grade. We are nice and have fun learning. We are excited to build a monster." The monster parts we request are the: tongue, eyes, or eyebrows. We are celebrating Peace Day at our school so we would like our monster to focus on SDG number 16, Peace and Justice.

Again, I am very excited to be part of The Monster Project again! (Tongue)



Brenna Lebert, 5th grade. Our Lady Queen of Heaven school, Lake Charles, LA. 

Our Lady Queen of Heaven School, Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States. Our school community engages in active learning, where we strive to include our faith in everything. We are excited to participate in a sustainable project!

Our City Unique Features: 
-Latitude – 30.2266 degrees N and longitude – 93.2174 degrees W
-Lake Charles was hit by two major hurricanes during 2020. We came together as a community and are working hard to bring everything back to normal.
-Lake Charles is a major port for resources in our community and the country.  
Our sustainable health goal is #3 - Good Health and Well-Being.




New Hampshire

We are Mr. Ferguson's fourth grade students from Lafayette Regional School in Franconia, New Hampshire which is nestled at the foothills of the White Mountains. All 19 of our students love to build, play, share, learn and much more. There are 7 boys and 12 girls with one set of identical twins. This class is a group of fabulous funny fourth graders who love to learn and explore. Outside of school we spend a lot of our time hiking, playing soccer, dirt biking and much more. Above all else, we include each other and express kindness towards all. We would love to reach out and meet other classes. This will be our tenth year building a monster. 

Avg July temp is 78 degrees F Avg Jan temp is 10 degrees F
Coordinates 44.2272° N, 71.7479° W

school website: 
email: -- (Head)


New Mexico

Midge Nichelason, Lydia Dallas, Cheryl Babcock, Elena Dolz. Grades 2-5 (Coyote Kids). Carlos Rey Elementary School. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Longitude/Latitude 35.0844 N, 106.6604 W
HIGH/LOW Temperatures 27°F to 93°F
Website / Skype / or Twitter . We also use class DOJO as a form of communication for the school and community. These are just some of the kids participating in the Global Monster project from Carlos Rey Coyotes Kids team!

Our monster can generate COVID vaccines. It helps eliminate hunger by training dogs to produce healthy food in a farm and factory. This factory does not pollute or affect the earth negatively. After the food is produced it is sent by drone all over the world. The drones drop food by parachute where it is needed most following the map that is on their drone. 

MOVING PARTS: Our moving part are two of our legs. They move up and down with string tied to the back.
(Drivers License)


New York 

Heidi Kazulak, 3rd grade. Lewiston Porter Intermediate Education Center. Youngstown, NY. We have two 3rd grade classes, A and B.  We are located in Youngstown NY at 43.24 degrees longitude and 79.05 degrees latitude. Our average annual high temperature is 81 degrees fahrenheit and our annual average low temperature is 17 degrees fahrenheit. We get about 141 days of some type of precipitation (rain or snow) . 

My A group wants our monster to help with SDG # 6 clean water and sanitation and my B group wants the monster to help with SDG #3 Good Health and Well being. Building begins today! 


[A-Pet Bat] [B-Smartphone] 


Lisa Gervasi - We are a 4th grade class at Main Street School in Irvington, New York, USA Latitude: 41.03908 Longitude: - 73.86638 Altitude: 88 meters. This is the first time being part of the global monster project and we are very excited to join. 

We would like to do the Tea Cup for the monster addressing the SDGs goal #13 Climate Action. We understand the impact that humans are having on the climate causing global warming which is impacting the living creatures in their environments. Urgent action must be taken.

Tea Cup


North Carolina

Mrs. Higginbotham's class had to drop out - hope to see them next year!

Mrs. Higginbotham, Media Specialist. Grade 4, Parkview Village Elementary, High Point, NC

35.9694° N, 79.9831° W

We are 44 fourth grade students strong. We have Panther Pride and we are Respectful, Outstanding, Accepting, and Responsible. We ROAR!!
If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) she would make our world a better place to live by working on SDG #3: Good Health and Well Being. 
We would use science and technology to create a vaccine for Malaria. This would greatly help developing countries that still suffer and die from this disease. We would also use science and technology to share information about not only the Covid vaccine, but other vaccines as well in developing countries where information is hard to come by and/or is false and based on fear. This would hopefully encourage more people to become vaccinated.



David Morrill, Grades K-5, Phoenix School. Salem, MA
Latitude- 42.520900 - Longitude- -70.910240
Temperatures: High- 79.9℉ -- Low- 18.2℉ -- Website: 

Sustainable Development Goals Focus: #13 Climate Action


My monster can help make my world a better place to live by…
1. Eat trash everywhere and can make reusable water bottles
2. Monster could detect trash in the water from land
3. Monster can breath underwater and help the coral
4. Monster gets its fuel from trash
5. If someone litters the monster will go over and scare the person and tell them to not litter
and would eat the trash
6. The monster is electrically charged, when the cars runs out of battery he charges them
7. Monster will plant fast growing tree seeds to help with deforestation
8. Monster will put out forest fires
9. The monster will stop people from cutting down forests
10. The monster can put fish in the water
11. The monster will inspect fish to make sure that they are the right size to keep for fishers. If the fish are too small, they need to be returned for breeding
12. Helps breed animals on the verge of extinction

My monster can help fight again against the COVID-19 virus by…
1. Use chemicals to kill or get rid of COVID from the planet
2. Sucks the COVID out of people
3. The monster can feel if a person has COVID by touching them
4. Hand sanitizer attached to its hands
5. Monster gives everyone the vaccine
6. The monster can multiply itself to help with COVID patients
7. Monster is loaded with masks and can give mask to people who don’t have one
8. The monster could have bandage dispensers to give to people who got the COVID shot

We are an incredibly unconventional school and independent environment for everyone who learns here. Every week at The Phoenix School, which is located in Salem, Massachusetts, we have different student partnerships of all ages, ranging from TK-8th grade. Partners allow us to simultaneously work together and strengthen our independence and develop our leadership skills. Every year, we try reaching out to as many people as possible around the world. In this way we can collaborate with various students on projects and learn about their culture, while concurrently teaching them about ours. The Early Act Club is a student organization where we get selected into committees and complete meaningful community service for the world, the city, and the school. Hands-on work is a dominant part of our Phoenix curriculum. We always try to branch away from the standard pen and paper, to advance our learning, and to cogitate more. Here at Phoenix, we believe that we are architects of our learning. (Nose and Nose Ring)





Mrs. Branscum. We are a fourth grade gifted and talented class at Oakdale Public School in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA.  Our coordinates are 44.9602° N, 92.9789° W and our temperatures range from a high of 94 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to a low of 29 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. 

Our monster would use STEM to make our world a better place by working on the Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger and gender equality.





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