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Which Sustainable Development Goals will your Monster work on?





Scott Miles, Project Favela/Tabajaras. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  (Surfboard)



Kim Small's year 5/6.Watt Public School. Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.




Kathy Ross Grade 2. Bankhead Elementary. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada











Suzanne Roach with Grades: 3 - 4 - 5.: Il Ciliegio, Orcenico Superiore di Zoppola, PN Italy
4557'59"N 1248'51"E 37 m s.l.m.
High temp 29C - Low temp 0C
We are going to give our best shot! We had to move our school, so these weeks have been a bit chaotic.
School started this week. More info coming...

If our Monster.......SDG 4 Quality Education.
Our monster will use Montessori educational principles and techniques to fight the COVID19 virus by:

(Ears, Teeth, Tail)




Piotr Leśniewski and 6b, Maria Konopnicka Primary School, Krzeczyn Wielki, Poland









South Korea
















 Sara Stoolman Doerfler, Colorado Springs, CO





Melinda Baden, LAE TEACHER, PRE-KDG ESE, Green Cove Springs, Florida
Hi, we are Ms. Badens PreK class from Lake Asbury Elementary School located in Green
Cove Springs, Florida.




 The fourth graders at St. Raymond School in Joliet, Illinois would like to participate in the monster project again this year. Most of our students are in person learning and they are excited about participating in this project. 

Teachers: Homeroom: Mrs. Amy Bialko - Art Teacher: Mrs. Karen Latz

Latitude and Longitude for Joliet 41.5250 North, 88.0817W
climate average high temperature 84 degrees and average low is 17 degrees

4th grade is excited to participate! This year we have 19 full 5 days a week in person learners, 6 hybrid students, and 5 full remote students. This is a challenging year, but we are working to make it a great one!
This year we would like to focus on the Sustainable Development goal of Quality of Education. I think this is a topic that will hit home with our nation and students as we learn differently than we have in the past, and it is a reminder to us that not everyone even has the opportunities we have to learn. Our monster can help bring quality education to areas in need and help educate our nation on the covid virus to keep us healthy and safe in future. 













Lori Towle, Fiddlehead School. Gray, Maine.








New Hampshire





New Mexico


Theresa Rodriguez & Jenna Peacock -- Grade Level : K-5 students
San Antonito STEM Magnet,  Sandia Park, New Mexico, USA
Latitude & Longitude : 35.1711 N, 106.3402 W
Temperature : Yearly average high temperature of 63F and average low of 39.3F

We live in the woods surrounding our school, which is a cool place to be. Our elevation is about 6900 feet above sea-level. Learning about the plants and animals who share our woods is important to us. This Global STEM Monster project fits right in with our other research learning about ecosystems. We are excited to have a Monster help us with our work.

SDG Focus: ?????  Moving Part : ???? .
Our Monster would help the world & fight COVID-19 by : ????

Twitter : @SAESSTEM
Website : San Antonito STEM Magnet 2020 Global Monster






New York 

Mrs. Heidi Kazulak STEAM/enrichment teacher grades 1-3. Lewiston Porter Primary Education Center located in Youngstown NY, USA we are right on the border of Canada and can see it easily across the Niagara River or across Lake Ontario. 43.2 latitude and -79.04 latitude. Our average temperature in the summer months is 82 degrees F lows are 62 degrees F. In the winter months our average high temperature is 43 degrees F and low is 18 degrees F. 
Twitter handle @hkazulak 

Our monster will focus on sustainable goals 3 Good Health and Well being and 4 Quality education.


Our monster would be able to provide our town with a WIFI hotspot so everyone has good access to the internet so that they can all complete their school assignments. Our monster will also have a sprayer attached to it so it can spray disinfectant to help control the spread of the corona virus in our town.






Jenni Heartway Blue Mountain School, Floyd Virginia, USA - Our teachers are April, Jenni, Lore, Mollie, and Tammie. We also have an online teacher, Shelly, who has participated in the Global Monster Project before.    Hello! We are Blue Mountain School in Floyd,Virgina in the United States of America. We are a Forest Elementary with twenty kindergarten through seventh grade students. 

The latitude of Floyd is 36.911620 and the longitude is -80.317470. Our website is and we share information and photos through our Facebook and Instagram accounts (Blue Mountain School and @bluemountainschoolforest). 

We are excited to be part of the Global Monster Project this year, and have chosen to focus on the Sustainable Development Goals of Reducing Inequalities, Climate Action and Life Below Water. Our Monster will have lasers and a filter that fight Covid 19, clean the air and water and eliminate inequalities. 
We are designing the mouth and that will also be our moving part. 























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