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Kristy Ardinger created a Google Map Tour - See all of the locations of our Monster Makers! 

We will evaluate and Elect our Top monster at the end of the project.

Voting Timeline
1. Friday Nov 8 -- Ballot will be posted on this page & on the Monster Facebook page.
2. Thursday Nov 14 -  All Ballots must be returned via email to

Voting Rules
Each student may only vote for one monster AND it cannot be from that student's own classroom.

Ghostly McSpooky of Project Favela in Rio de Jainero was chosen this year!!


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One-Eye Pizza Guy
Mrs. Fink's Classes  

Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Lake Charles, LA  (Pet Snake)

Bubble Gum - the KISJ Friendly Monster
Jessica Charvat's 4th Grade   
  Korea International School, Jeju
  Jeju-do, South Korea

Larry McPizza
Kristi Ardinger 3rd/4th grade 

  Countryside Elementary
Edina, MN  (Pinky Ring)

Melinda Baden's Pre-K 

 Lake Asbury Elementary
Green Cove Springs, Florida  (Pet Bat)

Mr. Yummy
Kathy Ross 2nd grade 

 Bankhead Elementary
Kelowna, BC, Canada  (Legs)

Mrs. Juniper Rosie
Theresa Rodrigues/Jenna Peacock 
2nd-5th Special Ed/ Gifted 

 San Antonito STEM Magnet School
Sandia Park, New Mexico  (Horns)
Mr. Potato Head
Michael Middleton's 6th grades 

  Centralia Jr. High
Centralia, IL  (Head)
Darryl Wensley's 3/4 grade 

  Queen Elizabeth School
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (mouth)
Lana Kerr's 3/4 grade 

  Queen Elizabeth School
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (mouth)
Mike Wazowski
Dana Hoff's Class 

  Meadow View Middle School
Sparta, WI  (Eyebrows)
Hairy Godzilla Bizilla
Heather Sigurdson's 2nd grade 

  Terrace Road School
Calgary, Alberta, Canada,  (Skateboard)
Hungry Melvin
Helena Curtis/Jannet Odom grade 2

  Majestic Way Elementary
San Jose, CA  (Driver's License)
Kim Godman's 3/4 grade 

  Queen Elizabeth School
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (mouth)
Mr. Jimmy
Mitch Harris's 4th/5th grade 

  St. Charles School
Bradford, Ontario, Canada (Toes/Toenails)
KHeidi Kazulak's 3rd grade 

  Lewiston-Porter Primary Center
Youngstown, NY  (Ears)
Mr. Beast
Collen Shaw's 3rd grade 

 Windsong Heights
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada  (Eyes)
Alicia Sage's 3rd grade 

 Windsong Heights
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada  (Eyes)
Astropatcher 2
Stefanac, Blajvaz & Bogosavljavic 

  Jovanic Zmaj Primary
Sremska Mitrovisa, Serbia(smartphone)
Joe Mama  
Faye Hanson's 6th grade 

  Pulaski Heights Middle School
Little Rock, AR  (Arms)
Booga Booga Boss Master
Sarah Gray's year  2 

  St. Joachim's Catholic Primary
Brisbane, Australia  (Nose)
Crazy Man
Midge Nichealson's 4th/5th grade 

   Carlos Rey Elementary
Albuquerque,  New Mexico  (Wings)
Shelly Sherman's 2/3/4 

  Blue Mountain School
Floyd, VA  (Favorite Book)

Crystal Scott's 3rd grade 

 Windsong Heights
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada  (Eyes)

Little Big Pizza Monster 
Suzanne Roach Gr. 1-2-3 

 Ciliegio (Cherry Tree Nonprofit)
Pordenone, Italy  (Toothbrush)
Anna Hechler's Innovation Lab 

  Western CUSD 12
Kinderhook, IL  (Tongue)
Lori Towle's Class 

  Hill View Montessori School
Haverhill, MA  (Hands&Fingers)
Dark Master
Baker/ Davis/Rollins 2nd grades 

 Icard Elementary
Icard, North Carolina (Necklace)
Sally Dougherty's 3rd grade 

   Windsong Heights
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada  (Eyes)
Plastika Molar
Tracy McIntyre's 3rd grade 

  Queens Creek Elementary
Swansboro, NC  (Teeth)
Arenzana, Arisegui, Delgado
High 5 English for Life, Tandil City, 
Buenos Aires, Argentina  (Fingernails)
Tawthar (Villagers)
Sara Stoolman's 6th grade 

  Yangon International School
Yangon, Myanmar  (Tail)
Mr. Will U. Eat
Michelle Huseman's 4th grade 

  Eugene Field School
Hannibal, MO  (Left Knee)
Amy Bialko & Karen Latz 4th grade 

Cathedral of St. Raymond School
Joliet, IL  (Feet)
Ghostly McSpooky
Scott Miles/Anji Lau's Class 

  Project Favela
Tabajara, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
(Belly Button)
S. Mruk/J. Jarocewicz's grade 6 

  Szkola Podstawowa Kleszczelach
Kleszczele, Poland  (Neck)
Flying Saucer
Mr. Ferguson's 4th grade 

  Lafayette Regional School
Franconia, NH  (Body)
Casey Irving's 3/4 grade 

  Queen Elizabeth School
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (mouth)
Katherine Mangum's 5th grade 

  St. Catherine's School
Richmond, VA  (Hair)
Kamal Preet 6th grade 

  DPS School
Bangalore, India  (Cookbook)
Monsters Below came in after the Ballot was completed. You may write-in any of these names.
Peter Pollution
Susan Jackson's 3rd GT classes 

  Williams Magnet School
Little Rock, Arkansas  (Right Knee)

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