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Which Sustainable Development Goals will your Monster work on?


High Five, English for Life (after school program). Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina. High Five, English for Life is a new informal institution in which we teach English to kids from different schools. We only have Levels 1 and 2 so far as we have just started with the institute. Kids are from 6 to 10 years old, and the teachers are: Sol Delgado (Level 2), Agustina Arenzana and Eliana Aristegui (both of us teaching Level 1). For many of our students, this is their first contact with English, so they are really excited about learning a new language!

Our city is located 180 metres (590 ft) above sea level and its coordinates are 37°19′08″S 59°08′05″W. According to the 2010 census (INDEC), Tandil had a population of 116,916. The total area of Tandil is 4,935 km2. Tandil's climate is mild and humid with an average temperature of 13.8 °C (56.8 °F) and 888.6 millimetres (34.98 in) of precipitation annually. Mornings are often cold in autumn, winter and spring, and generally fresh in the summer. 

Our monster will have Moving Ears. Regarding Sustainable Development Goals, it will be related to goals 11 (sustainable cities and communities), 12 (responsible consumption and production), 13 (climate action), 15 (Life on land) and 17 (partnership for the goals). We are going to work together to build our monster with recycled materials while we reflect upon the impact of our lifestyle on our environment. 


(finger nails)



Sarah Gray's year 2. St. Joachim's Catholic Primary School. Brisbane, Australia.
We are so looking forward to being a part of the Monster Project this year. Last year we saw our teachers do it with their previous class and we loved the monster they made! We are in Year 2 this year and now it is our turn to participate in the Project. We are a class of 50, 7-8 year-olds and we are currently enjoying a warm Spring in Brisbane, Australia with average daily temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius.


If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) it would make our town a better place to live by working on Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Good Health and Wellbeing. Our monster will have bendy, movable legs to promote active school travel to reduce the number of cars around school which helps keep people safe on the roads and promotes healthy bodies by keeping us moving on our legs. 

 School web - http://www.stjoachimscps.qld.  (Nose)



Scott Miles, Project Favela/Tabajaras. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hey everybody from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!
We are team Project Favela.
Our monster just like last year will be made completely of trash we collect in our community and the beach.
It will be a colossal creature that will bring love, peace, respect, and understanding.

Project Favela on Facebook - (Belly Button)



Hello from Collen Shaw in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. I hope you are doing well. Last year three, grade three teachers from Windsong Heights participated in the Global Monster Project. This year we have four grade three classes that will be participating. Alberta is one of the Western provinces in Canada. The city of Airdrie has a population of 70,000 people. Windsong Heights School serves a diverse student population from K-8. We just started our school year on September 3rd, so we are just getting to know one another. We love to draw and read. 

The latitude/longitude of Airdrie is 51.2927° N, 114.0134° W. Airdrie reaches a high of 24° Celcius during the months of July and August. Our average low temperature is -13° Celcius although it can feel much colder than this with the wind chill.

Our Sustainable Development Goal Focus for this year is Goal Number Four - Quality Education. Being a lifelong learner is so important because the world is constantly changing and having a quality education will help you to understand the world and make wise choices.  Our monster would have the ability to read books out loud to children so they could hear great stories. It would also hand out free books. Our monster would make learning fun by filling the classroom with laughter! 
I will be posting pictures of our progress on Twitter using  @colleen_shaw and Instagram at colleen_shaw.


Hello from Alicia Sage's 3rd grade at Windsong Heights School in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Our class monster’s Sustainable Development Focus is Life Below Water. As a class, we decided that our monster will keep marine life safe and he will gather the garbage thrown in the ocean, and reuse it to build homes for sea creatures.
Moving part: Legs

Windsong Heights School -
Twitter account we will be using is @Miss_ASage.  (Eyes)


Hello from Crystal Scott's 3rd grade at Windsong Heights School in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. We just started our school year on September 3rd, so we are just getting to know one another. We love to read, color and solve math problems. 

Our Sustainable Development Goal Focus for this year is Goal Number Four - Quality Education. Being a lifelong learner is so important because the world is constantly changing and having a quality education will help you to understand the world and make wise choices. Our monster would make learning fun by filling the classroom with laughter!
Windsong Heights School -
Pictures of our progress will be posted on Twitter  @clscott23 (Eyes)


Hello, we are Mrs. Dougherty's grade 3 class from Windsong Heights School in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. We are a K-8 school in our third year of operation, and we already have almost 1000 students! Our latitude is 51.2927ºN and the longitude is 114.0134ºW. Our warmest months are July and August with an average temperature of about 23ºC, and the coldest months are December - February with an average temperature of about -13ºC. Airdrie is not very humid, but the wind chill can make it feel much colder in the winter!

We are kind and helpful. We love to have fun and be silly, but know how to work hard too.We are excited to be a part of this project!

Our Sustainable Development Goal is Good Health and Well being. Moving Part: Head
I am on twitter: @sallydoughert11 (Eyes)


Kathy Ross Grade 2. Bankhead Elementary. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Longitude and Latitude: 49.8880 N, 119.4960 W
High and Low Temp in Celsius: 28 to -4

If our monster used STEM, he or she would make our city (or world) a better place to live by working on Sustainable Development Goal: Goal #6 Clean Water and Sanitation. Explanation of what our monster would do: Our monster would develop ways to clean water to ensure that all people have access to clean water to drink. The students decided that the monster would use its horn to pick up garbage while swimming in the water. It would also have an invention that would allow it to filter or clean the water to remove any particles, bacteria or diseases that would make people sick. They are thinking it would be part of the skateboard or attached to it.

Moving part: Hand.


Twitter: @RossKmross (Legs)


Heather Sigurdson, Grade 2 at Terrace Road School, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There are 24 fun, spirited students in our class. We have 12 girls and 12 boys. We enjoy learning and being challenged with our learning. The sustainable development goal we would like to focus on is # 3 - Good Health and Well-Being.

Our City Unique Features: Latitude - 51.0447 degrees N and longitude - 114.0719 degrees W
National Hockey Team - Calgary Flames
The Calgary tower lights up at night; Winter Olympics 1988; CFL - Calgary Stampeders 
Near the Rocky Mountains – activities you do in Rocky Mountains (climbing, hiking, fishing, camping, backpacking, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, biking and sledding).
Weather Patterns: Sunniest city in Canada (2300 hours of sun every year).
Chinook (warm, moist wind from the Pacific Ocean)

Our monster will use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics (STEAM) to help us understand how “Good Health and Well-Being” impacts our global community and how we can make our community a better place to live.  (Skateboard)


Casey Irving's grades 3 and 4 from Queen Elizabeth Elementary. We live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our latitude and longitude are N 57 degrees 03’22.34 W114 degrees 06.06.36 and our temperatures range from -30 to +30 degrees Celsius.  Our SDG is to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss (15). Our monster shouldn’t eat meat, it will live in the Amazon and have water powers to help put out fires. 


We are a great class and always works together. We are part of the PACK! Our moving part will be the mouth. Thank you!  From Ms. Irving’s Class  (Mouth)


Kim Godman's grades 3 and 4 from Queen Elizabeth Elementary. We live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Same description as Casey Irving's from the same school.
Sustainable Development Goal: Life on Land. 


Darryl Wensley's Grade 3-4 class. Queen Elizabeth Elementary. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Longitude/latitude: 51.0447 N.11.0719 W - High/Low Temperatures: 32C/-35C 

Sustainable Development Goal: Life Below Water 

Description: Our monster will have claws to pick up the big pieces of garbage that haven’t dissolved yet and it would have a vacuum to suck up the decomposed waste. It will have a vacuum but a vacuum that also picks up toxic waste. It will raise awareness for not polluting and getting trash in the ocean. It will have a speaking voice to tell people to not throw garbage in any water. In its mouth, the garbage goes in and comes out on the opposite side as water, as it has a filter. The monster has a mini submarine engine for transportation. The moving part will be the claws to pick up garbage. (Mouth)


Lana Kerr's grades 3 and 4 from Queen Elizabeth Elementary. We live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



Mitch Harris' 4/5 class at St. Charles School in Bradford, Ontario, Canada.
We are working with our class teacher, Ms. Partland, and our Learning Commons teacher, Mr. Harris, to complete our project.

Latitude: 44.111832 Longitude: -79.568123
Record Temp Low of -35.5 degrees Celsius. Record Temp High of 36 degrees Celsius

Our monster would use STEM to work towards the Sustainable Development Goal of Climate Action.


Social Media Accounts – Twitter @MitchHarris84 -- Instagram – miss.p.elementary  - (Toes/Toenails)




Kamal Preet, Grade 6. DPS School. Bangalore, India.
Latitude/Longitude: 12.9716° N/77.5946° E
High/Low temperatures: 34°C/16°C

Happy Dasara! (our Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil)
Our monster will have moving hands, so that it can prepare the yummy dishes from the different countries & share it with everybody to ensure SDG#2 Zero Hunger, SDG#3 Good Health-Well being & also SDG#12 Responsible Consumption-Production. The monster will concentrate on the science of nutrition & healthy living.

Details about our class based on general class consensus:
Favorite food: Pizza - Favorite color: Blue - Favorite animal: Lion - Favorite subject: Science
Class quote: Be the Change


Skype: kamal.collaborates -- Twitter: @dpskamal -- (Cookbook) 



Suzanne Roach, Grades 3 & 4. Ciliegio (Cherry Tree non-profit Association; Pordenone, ITALY. 

5.97, 12.66 -- 23°, 3° C

Sustainable Goals 3 & 12


We create locally sourced hand made monster tooth brushes using tree branches and herbs like salvia and mint from our school garden. We encourage brushing after every meal - 3x / day. We keep toothbrushes at school - it's part of our hygiene program.

Tomorrow the third grade will work on the toothbrush design and we will vote. The name of the toothbrush is Cute & Gross.




Sara Stoolman Doerfler,6th grade, English Language Arts, Yangon International School, Yangon, Myanmar -- Lat/Long: 17 degrees North/ 96 degree East

May-October monsoon season:
-mostly rainy and humid-average rainfall: ~15 inches-average temperatures: 87degrees Fahrenheit
November- February- winter: -sunny and temperate temperatures -average temperatures: 70 degrees-88 degrees Fahrenheit - February-April- summer:-sunny, humid, hot-average temperatures: 81 degrees- 100 degrees Fahrenheit

1. STEAM will help with Poverty in Yangon!
2. Our monster help the Sustainable Development Goal of Poverty by: EDUCATION!!!! 
-help buy educational apparatus
- help by providing new clothes and bedding
-Educate them on healthy food choices
-providing clean water
-For the wealthy-they need to observe the problem and change the way they act.
-Provide them opportunities to get jobs (training on the job)


Moving Part?

Timezone: GMT+6:30 - 
-Skype: Seriously13- email: (Tail)



Stefan Mruk, Joanna Jarocewicz, Grade 6. Szkola Podstawowa w Kleszczelach. Kleszczele, Poland

Latitude/longitude: 52.57 / 23.32
Temperatures high/low: 98F/-1F (last year's)

Sustainable Development Goal[13] Climate Action.

This year our school is the founder of an eTwinning international climate project "We Are with Greta for the Climate". The link: Schools from Poland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and France will complete some activities concerning climate changes and follow/support Greta Thunberg in her fight for awareness of progressing irreversible changes in a global climate. Our class monster is going to guard Polish Bialowieza National Park, the Europe's oldest primeval forest which is threatened by progressive felling supported by the state.

Moving Part: Head

Website: -- Skype: Stefan Mruk  (Neck)


We are grade 2 students from Kansk, Russia. We study at our school called Lyceum 1. Our teacher is Ms. Golubeva. It is cold here in winter – sometimes about -40C and a lot of snow. In summer the temperature is + 25 to + 28C. Our Latitude -56°12'27'' N -- Longitude - 95°42'12'' E.
Maps - Google Map Location of Lyceum 1 --- STREET VIEW

STEM: We are concerned that our forests are being cut down at an alarming rate. We think our Monster will have moving arms and plant trees and flowers to make the world a better place.

Our skype – shemishpere
Our Blog - - Teacher Email –
(Nose Ring)


Branislava Blajvaz, Dragana Tepavac and Tatjana Stefanac

Tatjana Stefanac's class at Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Primary School. Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia.

Monster name : ASTROPATCHER 2
UN Goals : Climate Action & Quality Education

It will use the phone’s apps to deal with the outer space problems, trying to fix the ozone layer. 
It will communicate to the ISS crew via Chat room app, for guidance and help. All filmed on the camera with checking the progress on To Do List. Vlog Save the Planet for education purposes. We Tune for lovely music and sounds from space. Along the way, we will learn about the space so that all the kids at our school can be more informed about the global warming and environmental issues. Moving Part?

                                                               (Smart Phone)


South Korea

Ms. Jessica Charvat, Grade 4. Korea International School Jeju. Jeju-do, South Korea

Hi! We are 4th graders from KISJ. We are not in the same class and we are volunteers from 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D. We are not all from Jeju. We are from Jeju, Seoul, Gimpo, Incheon, Suwon, and Busan. Our teacher is from America. Our nationalities are Korean. We like to make monsters, eat, sleep, sing, draw, make things, swim, make origami, and read. We don’t like poop and other disgusting things. We will try our best to make the monster awesome! Bye!

We just had Typhoon Lingling come through so we're enjoying some residual rainy weather over here.
Latitude: 33.289147° North - Longitude: 126.283983° East
The warmest month is August and the highest high temperature is (29.8°C). The coldest month with the lowest average low temperature is January (3.2°C).

Our monster is going to be a Haenyo since we live in Jeju. Haenyo fish sustainably. She will focus on the Sustainable Development Goal of Life below the water. She will eat plastic and turn it into fish food. She will also work in our school Cre8 Space to design something that will catch plastic in the ocean and clean it up. Moving Part?

Twitter: @SmileyRat12 -- (Passport)





Greetings from Ms. Hanson’s 6th grade classes at Pulaski Heights Middle School in Little Rock, Arkansas (USA)! Little Rock, Arkansas is the state capitol of our state, located in the south central United States at 34.75° N, 92.29° W. Our climate is mostly hot and humid. The average annual temperature is 69° F, with summer temperatures over 90° F and temperatures slightly above freezing in the winter. It rarely snows here, but we do have tornadoes.

Arkansas is known as the home of Wal-Mart and Bill Clinton. Known as the “Natural State,” Arkansas enjoys mountains, lakes, forests, caverns, and the only source of natural diamonds in North America. Our farmers are the top producers of rice, as well as other crops.

Our monster would make the world a better place by focusing on quality education and gender equality. The monster’s t-shirt features an equal sign for gender equality and it holds a book for education. It’s hands move to turn the pages of the book to educate everyone, boys and girls, and to tell stories that promote gender equality.

Faye Hanson - (Arms)


Susan Jackson's GT class. Hey! We are 3rd graders from Williams Traditional Studies Magnet School in Little Rock, Arkansas in the USA. Little Rock is the capitol city of Arkansas and there are almost 198,000 people that live here! It is hot and humid in Little Rock a lot of the year. Temperatures in the summer can be over 90° F. It doesn’t get too cold here, sometimes around 32˚F, and we don’t get much snow. We do get tornadoes though! Little Rock is in the middle of Arkansas and Arkansas is in the south central part of the United States at 34.75˚N, 92.29˚W.

Arkansas is called the “Natural State.” There are 2,340 lakes in Arkansas and lots of rivers and streams. We like to visit mountains, lakes, forests, and caverns. Arkansas is the only source of natural diamonds in North America! Some people call us the “Diamond State” and our state gem is a diamond. Our farmers are the top producers of rice, as well as other crops. Sam Walton started WalMart stores here in Arkansas and Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas before he became the President of the United States! Little Rock is also where Little Rock Central High School is. Central High School is famous because it is where desegregation of the schools happened in 1957 and was in the news when the governor said the African American students couldn’t go to school with the white students. 

Our monster wants to focus on life below water. We want our monster to help keep our lakes, rivers, and streams clean for everybody to enjoy! Our monster’s toes will wiggle to help clean the pollution from the water.

(Right Knee)


Helena Curtis & Jannet Odom. 2nd grade. Hello Monster Project teachers and students!! We are two classes made up of 24 students and 23 students in second grade from Majestic Way Elementary School in the city of San Jose in California, the U.S.A, coordinates = 37.3382° N, 121.8863°. Our temperatures range from a cooler 42°F to a hot 95°F. 


We are very excited to make our monster and see the rest of the Monsters all over the world! :)
Our monster wants to make the world a better place to live by working on three Sustainable Development Goals: zero hunger, good health and well-being, and responsible consumption and production. We are hoping to make our school a better place by working towards improving our cafeteria so our monster is checking to see if we are not wasting food at school, and recycling our plastics and papers. We hope our monster helps us to keep our cafeteria a safe, clean, and non wasteful place. 
Moving Part: One arm will be a waving arm.

We do not currently have a classroom website, but we do have a school website: We also have a school Twitter account:
(Driver's License)



Melinda Baden, LAE TEACHER, PRE-KDG ESE, Green Cove Springs, Florida

Hi, we are Ms. Baden’s PreK class from Lake Asbury Elementary School located in Green
Cove Springs, Florida.
Our school mascot is Rams. We are a small class of 4 students, 1
teacher (Ms. Baden), and 2 assistants (Mrs. Stravato and Ms. Williams). We are very
active and love to do hands on activities. We are really EXCITED about building our
monster and having him in our classroom.

We are located at 30.052914 degrees latitude and -81.81629 degrees longitude. The
temperature here can get into the high 90’s and sometimes can go into the 20’s (though
that doesn’t happen very often).

If our class MONSTER used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he would
make our town a better place to live by working on Sustainable Development Goal #2 (Zero
. He would plant a garden using a variety of fruits and vegetables. As the crops
came in, he would distribute them to the various food kitchens/pantries and homeless
camps so that no one would have to go to bed hungry and would have the opportunity to eat
fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our monster’s moving parts are his hands so that he can work in his garden.

(Pet Bat)




Mr. Middleton. We are a 6th grade class at the Centralia Jr. High located in Centralia, Illinois. Latitude 38°31′31″, Longitude N 89°7′57″W. We are located in the south-central part of southern Illinois. We are approximately 60 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri. I have 130 6th grade students.
Here is a look at the type of temperature average we have in Centralia.

Annual high temperature: 65.2°F - Annual low temperature: 43.3°F
Average temperature: 54.25°F - Average annual precipitation - rainfall: 43.85 inches

As a group we have a great number of activities we like to do. A number of us love music, and not just listening to music. A number of are in our school band, and just this week a large number of us has joined the school chorus. We like to play sports as we are involved in football, soccer, baseball, softball. Out of school we like to watch Netflix and play video games. Most of us like school, but I wish they would serve better food.

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by working on Goal 2 Ending Hunger. We have a large percent of people in Centralia who fall into the poverty level. That leads to a great number of children, even some CJHS students who don’t get enough food to be healthy. We would like to throw in a little of Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth. We would hope our monster would be able to help bring in more jobs into our city. We have lost several large employers that has left way too many people without jobs. Students understand that with more jobs more of our children would have the chance to not go hungry. We would like to see our monster have big strong moveable arms and hands that can help build the factories for jobs, and at the same time help build community gardens to help our food pantries have enough food to hand out to those in need.


Mike Middleton, National Geographic Certified Teacher. Email- Skype-mrgeocjhs


 Mrs. Amy Bialko's 4th grade, Cathedral of St. Raymond School. Joliet, Il. 

Joliet is located: Latitude: 41.534767 Longitude:-88.100028
Our temperature highs and lows are: High avg: 83.4 degrees in July and avg low: 16 degerees in January. 

A little bit about us. We are a Catholic school with just under 400 students total. Our current 4th grade class has a total of 32 students. We are departmentalized so we have a homeroom teacher who teaches us two subjects, (math and science), and two other teachers who teach us two subjects each. So, we get to move a lot during the day. We get to attend Mass each week with our school and once a month we have a special day called faith buddies. This year our buddies are all of the preschoolers! We have a tough job of setting good examples and high expectations for our little buddies!

As a sustainable goal focus we would focus on life on land. If it was possible for our monster to help make our land clean and thriving for all living organisms here on Earth. Example: the ability to recycle ANYTHING! or the ability to do powerful clean sweeps across the Earth to rid pollution, or other harmful things to our environment.  Moving part: Belly Button.


Skype: cathedralofstraymond - (Feet)


Ms. Hechler, 6th grade (Innovation Lab) and Ms. Hilligoss 6th grade (Social Studies class) Western CUSD 12, Kinderhook, Illinois. Our Classes 
In iLab, we get to use our creative side and create what we can. iLab lets us innovate and have fun. In social studies, we learn about the world around us, and what happened in the past, so we do not repeat history.

Latitude: 39.7023° N, Longitude: 91.1532°, 
We are next to the Mississippi River, Temperatures in the summer can range from upper 80s-105 degree Fahrenheit with high humidity. In the winter, our temperatures range from 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 30s. We see all different kinds of weather.

Student 1: Good Health and Well Being is no more cancers, and everyone can be healthy. Our monster would lick water or lick animals and make them all better. His tongue will lick the land, and grass will grow berries. All of the animals would have excellent health. He also can lick the water and make it clean all around the world. He will help out all of the land and water. He would make everyone healthy. If our Monster helped Good Health and Well Being everyone would be happy and healthy. I hope my Monster can make a good change.

Student 2: Every time the monster high fives someone who is sick, it heals them. When the monster smiles at someone, they lose their depression. When the monster pats someone on the back, it cures their cancer. When the monster gives you a fist pump, it cures your disease. When the monster compliments you, he cures your broken bones.


Moving Part: Arms. --  --  Western Wildcats (Facebook) -- (Tongue)



Tina Fink, 5th grade Our Lady Queen of Heaven School, Lake Charles, Louisiana
30.21 N. Lat and 93.21 W. Long, avg high /low temps: 98 degrees (summer) to 42 degrees (winter).
Our sustainable development goals are #3 Good Health and Well Being. We chose this b/c we’ll be planting a fall garden and plan to deliver the food to the residence at the local nursing home. Our second goal is #14 Life Below Water b/c we’re concerned about all the trash that ends up in the oceans and is killing marine life. We can help by practicing the 3 R’s. Moving Part: A Hand and possibly the Skateboard.

(Pet Snake)




Lori Towle's Multi-age group. Hill View Montessori Charter Public School. Haverhill, Massachusetts.
Latitude and Longitude of Hill View Montessori Charter Public School: 
Latitude: 42.76564 Longitude: -71.12032

.If our monster used STEM, he or she would make our world a better place to live by working on Sustainable Development Goal: Life Below Water (14) and Clean Water & Sanitation (6). The monster will help with Life Below Water by using its radar to suck plastics out of the ocean. The monster will help with Clean Water & Sanitation by teleporting to areas without clean water and re-using the plastics from the oceans to make clean water supplies. 

Facebook: Hill View Montessori Charter Public School  -  Website:

Lori Towle, Consultant for Classroom & School Transformation
Doctoral Student, Educational Leadership & Instructional Design
Education Reimagined Learning Lab Member -- 
(Hands & Fingers)


Mrs. Ardinger’s Class 4th Grade. Concord Elementary School. Edina, Minnesota

44°53'46.1"N 93°20'45.8"W
Our average temperature in January is 17 degrees (although it’s not uncommon to reach -20)
Our average temperature in July is 76 degrees but we can reach in the low 100s.

Here is what you should know about our class/school:
· We have six elementary schools in our town,
· Our school has grades Kindergarten through 5th 
· Our school mascot is a cougar
· Our food drive collects about 6,000 lbs of food each year.
· We have a book fair every fall and a carnival every spring.
· Our classroom loves Unicorns!

If our monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math he would make our world a better place to live in by helping to end hunger. He can duplicate whatever he eats and he can move super-fast to help deliver the food. His ring can also recreate food to help deliver.


Class Website: 
Class Photo Album: 

Class Twitter: @ardsclass - My Twitter: @kriardinger - Seesaw: Ards Class 19-20
(School Website: )

(Pinky Ring)




Michelle Huseman's 4th grade. Welcome Monster Makers!! We are so excited to be involved in the Monster Project! Our class is one of two fourth grades' at Eugene Field Elementary in Hannibal, Missouri USA.
Hannibal is on the Mississippi River and is known as the boyhood home of Mark Twain. 
Mark Twain was the pen name of Samuel Clemens. Sam Clemens was the author of many famous books, including "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Life on the Mississippi."

Our Sustainable Development Goad is #2- Zero Hunger. We chose this because sometimes we have classmates that are hungry or don't get enough good food to eat.

To help with this problem our community has started a program called, "Super Supper." This is a balanced meal that's delivered to our school at the end of the day, for our students to eat before they go home.
Our monster will have a movable arm and hand to help with putting together the "Super Suppers" each day. 

(Left Knee)



New Hampshire

We are Mr. Ferguson's fourth grade from Lafayette Regional School in Franconia, New Hampshire which is nestled at the foothills of the White Mountains. All 15 of our students, love to build, play, share, learn and much more. There are eleven boys and 4 strong girls who keeps everybody inline. This class is a group of fabulous funny fourth graders who love to learn. Recently, we have collaborated together on several experiments with energy. Above all else, we include each other and express kindness towards all.

Latitude - 44N Longitude - 71W --- Avg Hi and Lo 81F / 13 F
Moving Part?


Our Focus for the Sustained Goals is #14 Life Below Water (Body)



New Mexico

Theresa Rodriguez & Jenna Peacock, 2nd grade. San Antonito STEM Magnet, Sandia Park, New Mexico.

Lat & Long: 35.1711° N, 106.3402° W
High & Low Temps: Yearly average high temperature of 63 °F and average low of 39.3 °F

Not everybody was here when we took our photo. We live in the woods surrounding our school, which is a cool place to be. Learning about the plants and animals who share our woods is important to us. We are doing a Project-Based Learning activity called Bear Aware. So, this STEM Monster project fits right in with our other research learning about ecosystems. We are excited to have a Monster help us with our work. SDG Focus: Goal 15-Life on Land. What our Monster would do: If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by helping us sustain and manage the forest that we live in so we have a healthy mountain ecosystem. Moving part: Arms.

Website: - Skype: - Twitter: @SAESSTEM


Midge Nichelason, grade 4/5 Gifted/Talent Pool. Carlos Rey Elementary School. Albuquerque, New Mexico. This sounds like a wonderfully creative thinking and teamwork opportunity! Here is the information you requested.

Longitude/Latitude 35.0844 N, 106.6604 W HIGH/LOW Temperatures 27°F to 93°F

Albuquerque is where the International Balloon Fiesta is held each year. We live in a very dry desert. Our school mascot is the coyote. In gifted/talent pool we learn more about creativity, math, and science. Our Sustainable Development Goal is health. Our monster would eat germs, viruses and disease to keep them from spreading. The body would recycle the disease and send out joy in return. 

School web: --  -- (Wings)


New York 

Heidi Kazulak, 3rd grade. Lewiston Porter Primary Education Center, Youngstown, New York. Here are photos of my class. I have 2 groups of third graders.

Our community is 43.24 degrees longitude and 79.05 Latitude.
Our summers are warm and our winters are freezing. We have mild temperatures for fall and spring. Our average high in September is 76 degrees and our average low in September is 53 degrees. 
Our coldest month is January: average high temperature is 32 degrees and average low is 18 degrees.

The SDG we chose is #2 Zero Hunger. If our monster used Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Our monster would make the world a better place by planting crops and distributing food to all people who need it. Moving Part - ?

Our Twitter handle is @heidikazulak and we are a STEAM lab class. Hi Terry. Thanks again for doing students love it and they learn so much!   (Ears)








North Carolina

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Hello! We are Mrs. Baker's, Ms. Davis’s and Mrs. Rollin’s 2nd grade classes at Icard Elementary School in Icard, North Carolina, United States. Our latitude and longitude are: 35.7274° N, 81.4706° W. The high temperatures around here are usually in the 90's but because of humidity, it feels much hotter! The low temperatures around here are usually in the teens and twenties. But it has been colder than that before. We have 16 students in each of our classes. Our school has over 250 students. We are really excited to participate in this project and getting to know more about our other monster makers! 


Our Sustainable Development Goal is no poverty. Our monster would solve poverty by using his big tail and robotic construction tools to build houses for people. He would need help building houses, so he would hire people to help. He will also give out food and blankets to the people who needed them. He would help create jobs building houses, making food, making blankets and collecting trash. He might have a blanket cannon on his shoulder. Moving part: Arm.

Mrs. Baker's Skype: christina.baker177 -- Our Twitter: Thrivingin3rdB  (Necklace)



Tracy McIntyre's 3rd grade classes. Queens Creek Elementary. Swansboro, North Carolina. Miss McIntyre, the STEM Teacher, will be participating in the Global Monster Project this year with her third grade classes. Classes average 25 students per class and there are 5 classes. Third grade is beginning their human body unit in science so this project can integrate well into this. 
Monster Name: Plastika Molar
Purpose: Sustainable Global Goals #6 and #14: Our monster will eat all the plastic in the ocean so that the sea animals do not get sick.


Our monster has a very important role in the environment. He uses his teeth to grind the plastic in the ocean for its food so it doesn't harm the sea animals. Our monster's main mission is to clean up the ocean and educate everyone on the importance of recycling

I only see the classes once a week and we had a week off from Hurricane Dorian coming into our area, so we got a little behind. We are near a big Marine Corps Base - Camp Lejeune. Approximately 40% of our students are military dependents. Our school's mascot is the alligator - we call ourselves the Gators. Moving Part: Tongue.








Shelly Sherman, 8-10 year olds, Blue Mountain School, Floyd Virginia, USA
Latitude and Longitude: N 36.9112 W80.3201
Average Temperatures: 83-25 F

We are the Rainbow Electrifying Fire Breathing Dragons. We are funny and we like to play. We have two pet rats named Cloudy and Nibbles. We like animals and we are currently studying spiders. At recess we get to run barefoot, walk in the woods and climb trees. We don't have grades, tests or homework. At our school we practice mindfulness and yoga.



Our monster would change the world by working on the sustainable development goals 12-15.
It would specifically eat plastic and turn it into a consumable product such as food or fuel. It would also turn the methane gas (farts) created by cows into clean energy. Moving Part? - (Favorite Book)


We are Katherine Mangum's 5th-grade homeroom. St. Catherine's School. Richmond, Virginia, United States. We are an all-girls school and have students from three years old to 12th grade. We have a great dance program and lots of great sports teams at our school. In our homeroom, we have 10 students. We are the only 5th-grade class in the basement. We like dancing on our lab tables, playing SET, and creating things.The girls have not decided what part will move. They wanted to see all the parts and create a design first.

89.7 F average high - 47.4 average low - Location: 37.5725° N, 77.5224° W

Frankensaint is helping us work on SDG #2 Zero Hunger. Frankensaint loves cricket chocolate chip cookies and is encouraging us to learn about crickets as a sustainable food source.  


Katherine Mangum - 5th Grade Physical Science Teacher - FLL Robotics Coach Skype – katherinesmangum
Past President, Virginia Children's Engineering Council  (Hair)









Kristian Englert, Library Media Specialist, South Shore PK-8. Seattle, Washington.

Latitude 47.524390 and Longitude -122.270709

We like to do typing and going on the computer. We like reading. Our favorite sports are basketball, football, soccer, frisbee, volleyball and tennis. We have an awesome playground and community center with a pool and water slide. We like the rain because we were born in it. We like video games, fortnite, roblox, call of duty, GTA5, Madden 20 and 2k20, mortal kombat, Minecraft and Hitman

Eats plastic, spits out reusable items such as bags, cups and straws and repairs any plastic item that has already been made. 

Moving part: arms/hands. (Earrings)



Helen Adams 3rd grade. Northview Elementary. Clarksburg, West Virginia,






Dana Hoff, Innovations STEM Academy Teacher, Meadowview Middle School, Sparta, Wisconsin.

Latitude/ Longitude: 43.9431° N, 90.8117° W
High/Low temperatures: High 56.4 Low 34.8

We attend Innovations STEM Academy (ISA). STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Our classrooms aren’t your typical classroom. We have a campfire room that has a couches and two tv screens. The Think Lab is one of our other classrooms. The walls are lined with computers which we use for our projects, researching and math class. In the center of the classroom our “desks” are mobile and swivel. They are called Node chairs. Innovations STEM Academy is not like just any school. ISA is more projects and challenged based learning. We have Chromebooks for learning and research. We often are out in the community for learning purposes. STEM students will be participating in a lot of statewide competitions. ISA prepares students to be global thinkers and prepares kids for future life.

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by working on providing zero hunger and improving life below water


Twitter: @InnovationsSTEMacademy

(Eyebrows) Moving Part TBD.



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