The Gallery of Monsters -- 2018 
We will evaluate and Elect our Top monster at the end of the project.
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Voting Timeline: Nov 4: Deadline to submit monsters -- Nov 5: Ballot will be posted on Facebook and on the web site --- Nov 8: All ballots submitted. 

Voting Results Friday Nov 9 Published on the Monster project site & Facebook. Remember, each student will have ONE vote and we cannot vote for our own monsters. The ballot will be posted here as a Word doc that you can download.


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Mrs. Laporte's Classes  

Schulte Elementary Schoo
Sturdevant, WI (Left Knee)

Rainbow Books
Collen Shaw 3rd grade 

 Windsong Heights
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada  (Horns)

Dr. Nightmare
Lindsey Wlasuk 3rd grade 

 Windsong Heights
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada  (Horns)

Fire&Ice, Lightening & Shadow Spider Monster
Suzanne Roach Gr. 1-2-3 

  L'Albero della Scuola
Pordenone, Italy  (Tongue)

Schoenherr/Raup 3rd grades 

  River Trail School
Gurnee, Illinois  (Hair)

Mr. & Mrs. OceanClean
Morgan, Moore & McGowen 1-3-4

  Three Oaks Elementary
Virginia Beach, VA  (Surfboard)

Mr. McGilly Filtrich
Kristi Ardinger 3rd/4th grade 

  Countryside Elementary
Edina, MN  (Favorite Book)
Dennison & Barboni 5th grades 

  Solvay Central School District
Lakeland, NY (Smartphone)
John Trashozauras
Jarzebak/Derych's class 

  Nowy Sacz School
Nowy Sacz, Poland  (Fingernails)
Big Sammy
Lauren Whitson 2nd grade 

  Valdese Elementary
Valdese, NC  (Pet Snake Lil Sammy)
Helena Curtis 2nd grade 

  Majestic Way Elementary
San Jose, CA  (Cookbook)
Dr. Paraprosdokian
Kamal Preet 6th grade 

  DPS School
Bangalore, India  (Cup of Tea)
Jeff Ocean
Lori Towle's Class 

  Odyssey Day School
Wakefield, MA  (Nose Ring)
Mr. Floppy
Lyudmila Golubeva's 5th grade 

  Lyceum 1 School
Kansk, Russia (Belt)
J.R. Dope
Colaizzi & Schurbon 4th/5th  

  Wilmore Davis Elementary
Wheatridge, CO  (Belly Button)
Mr. Beverly-Mom
Mojica & Ladilas 5 grade 

  St. Barnabas School
Chicago, IL  (Hands/Fingers)
Monstro Monster
Mrs. Moody's K-5 students

  Mission View Elementary
Wenatchee, WA  (Earrings)
Gray & Hull grade 2 

  St. Joaquin's Primary
Brisbane, Australia  (Ears)
So-and-So McGlitter Pig
Melissa Superty 5th grade 

  Wilmore Davis Elementary
Wheatridge, CO  (Belly Button)

Charlie Greench
Arenzana, Erman, Delgado
Montero & Cabot
Aprenderes School, Tandil City, 
Buenos Aires, Argentina  (Skateboard)

Stefanac, Blajvaz & Bogosavljavic 

  Jovanic Zmaj Primary
Sremska Mitrovisa, Serbia  (Necklace)
Betty STEM
Dana Hoff's Class 

  Meadow View Middle School
Sparta, WI  (Cane)
L'il Pomegranate
Lisa Diessel's 6/7 

  St. Charles Catholic School
Bradford, Ontario, Canada (Nose)
His Rambunctious Highness, 
Sir Royal Rotten Rick

Lee & Gray grade 5/6 

  Pierson School
Pierson, Manitoba, Canada
  (Driver License)
Frank Catcheese Jeff
Shelly Sherman 2/3/4 

  Blue Mountain School
Floyd, VA  (Body)
Charity Guyot 5th grade 

  Wilmore Davis Elementary
Wheatridge, CO  (Belly Button)
Mr. Pignose Spikeydactyl
Tina Fink's 5th grade 

  Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Lake Charles, LA  (Xbox)
Yangon Gender Equalizer
Sara Stoolman's 6th grade 

  Yangon International School
Yangon, Myanmar  (Toothbrush)
Ms. Hechler's Innovation Lab 

  Western CUSD 12
Kinderhook, IL  (Eyes)
Giganticorous Billy Bob Taco
Mr. Ferguson's 4th grade 

  Lafayette Regional School
Franconia, NH  (Wings)
Trashy the Terror
Monster from the Sea

Scott Miles' Multiage Learners 

  Project Favela
Tabajara, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Passport) See the Video
Mrs. Yates of Planet 
Hipogriff Pablo

Faye Hanson's 6th grade 

  Pulaski Height Middle School
Little Rock, AR  (Tail)
Durv the Great
Magoline Middleton's 5th grade 

  Bluffs Grade School
Bluffs, IL  (Right Elbow)
Michelle Huseman's 4th grade 

  Eugene Field School
Hannibal, MO  (Left Elbow)
Combs & Krupa 1st/3rd grade 

  Northside Catholic Academy
Chicago, IL  (Head)
Katherine Mangum's 5th grade 

  St. Catherine's School
Richmond, VA  (Pet Bat)
Skull Trooper
Jacoby, Bialko, Latz, & Byrd 4th grade 

  St. Raymond School
Joliet, IL  (Teeth)
Michael Middleton's 6th grades 

  Centralia Jr. High
Centralia, IL  (Legs)
Mariushka the Bubble

Tokarczuk, Szymanowska, Mazurczak 

  Janusz Kusocinski No. 71
Poznan, Poland  (Eyebrows)
Entries Below this line were not received in time to be on the Ballot - you may write these in with your votes.
Deadly Water Cleaner
Kazulak & Hedemann 1st/2nd grades 

  Lewiston-Porter Primary Center
Youngstown, NY  (Arms)
Levesque & Dodson's class 

  The Phoenix School
Salem, MA  (Toes-Toenails)
Kristian Englert, Librarian 

Bellevue Elementary
Syracuse, NY  (Mouth)
Mr. Sergio Macho, Jr.
Roel Suasin 3rd grade 

   Windsong Heights
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada  (Horns)

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