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Agustina Arenzana, Lorena Erman, Sol Delgado, Romina Acosta Montero (Art), & Alejandra González Cabot (Headmistress).  Aprenderes School, Tandil City, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

The project will be carried out by kids from first, second and third grade (primary school). They are between 6 and 9 years old. 'Aprenderes' is a formal school. It was founded in 2016, which is why there are only three grades in the school so far. It is an innovative institution for our context. Kids work with projects which end in final productions. The goal is to foster learning as an integrated process.

SDG info coming...



Miss Gray and Mr. Hull's Year 2. St Joachim’s Primary, Brisbane, Australia.

Hello from Brisbane, Australia! We are a class of 52 Year 2 students (7-8 year olds) from St Joachim’s Primary and our teacher’s names are Miss Gray and Mr Hull. Some of our favourite things to do are; play with Pokemon cards, have games of cricket and soccer, play musical instruments like guitar, piano and drums, and do drawing, colouring in and reading.

The longitude and latitude of our school are -27.522280, 153.058913 and on our side of the world it is currently the season of Spring, with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. We have a recycling program in our school and so, if our Monster used STEM, it would make our world a better place to live by working on Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 15 to help protect life on land by recycling and planting trees. The moving part will be its arms to work with us on this goal and to lend a helping hand!

Website:   --  (Ears)



Always looking for volunteers! - See their Monster Video

Our team is Scott Miles our founder, our Directors Milene, Kristine and Angela, and our volunteer project lead is Victoria. We operate a small school that provides free educational programs to the children of our community here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our school is in a community atop a mountain here in Copacabana called Tabajaras. We have created a teaching system that delivers an intensive comprehensive education program in our community  that we hope will create enthusiastic learners that excel in academics. Children that are hungry for future opportunities that will come from education and mentoring and of course hard work, dedication and commitment in the classroom. STEM is a big part of what we do. We are teaching for the future

Our Latitude is -22.9643 -- Longitude is -43.1897. The community is located atop a mountain surrounded by towering rock formations and tropical forest. Down below you will find world famous Copacabana, the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Tabajaras has one of the best locations in "Zona Sul" and is very fortunate to have some of the best views in Rio, and there is a always a delightful breeze that comes off of the sea and blows across the community.

We will be using trash we collect from the beach in Copacabana that washes ashore from around the world. "Get your head around that." The journey of trash and waste in our oceans. Our Sustainable Development Goals are #6 Clean Water & Sanitation and #14 Life Below Water.

Favela Facebook: 
-- Twitter: @projectfavela  -- Instagram - projectfavela




Mr. Roel Suasin -- Grade 3 Windsong Heights School - Airdrie, Alberta CANADA

Our class is very interested in joining this AWESOME project.  Today we looked over the requirements as a class and watched a few of the videos which made us all super pumped. Our class is fun and hard working.  We are the Windsong Wolves and want to work together to create a monster that represents us.  The cool thing about the Windsong Wolves is that we appreciate differences in our pack and our world.

Latitude – 51.2917 degrees N -- Longitude – 114.0144 degrees W

We would like our monster to help promote Quality Education for kids.  We understand that not every child in the world has the same rights to learn.  Our monster would use their powers to educate others about how important a child’s right to learn is to the growth and sustainability of our world.  We want everyone to respect everyone’s right to learn.

We plan to use google classroom to document our journey.  Link - Our class code is d2edwf .
In addition we created a skype account:   (Horns)      












My name is Colleen Shaw.  I teach Grade 3 at Windsong Heights School, in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. There are 25 terrific students in our class.  We have 13 girls and 12 boys.  We love art and learning about science. The sustainable development goal we would like to focus on is Clean Water and Sanitation which is goal #6.


Our longitude is 51.2917 degrees N, and latitude 114.0144 W.

Our high low temperature is in celsius is 30 degrees high and - 28 degrees low.  Our average temperature in the year is 28 degrees celsius.


If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math he or she would want to make our town (or world) a better place to live by working on clean water and sanitation.

Colleen Shaw Twitter: @colleen_shaw --- (Horns)


Lindsey Wlasuk Grade 3 Windsong Heights School - Airdrie, Alberta CANADA
Lat/Long: 51.0486° N, 114.0708° W
High Low temperatures: Winter High: 0 Celsius low -13 Celsius Summer: H:24 Celsius low 10 Celsius  

Details about our class: Our class is a very multicultural classroom, we come from a small town near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are all between the ages of 7-9 years old. Our class has 18 boys and 7 girls and we are a really active bunch! They love to create and build so this will be the perfect project

Sustainability goal: Goal 2 - Zero Hunger!!! Have a wonderful day

Twitter Miss_Wlasuk -- (Horns)


Ms. L. Diessel, Grade 6/7 - St. Charles Catholic School, located in Bradford, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates: 44.0935ºN, 79.5656ºW
Average Temperature: High ranges from 0ºC - 25ºC, Low ranges from -10ºC - -14ºC

We are a grade 6/7 class of 26 students, and are learning in a portable classroom located at the back of the main school. Our students are settlers in Canada, or descendants of settlers. Our families come from places such as England, Scotland, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador, Guyana, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, and more. We are a very multicultural classroom! Our school is located about 1/2 km north of the Holland Marsh, which is the central region for growing vegetable for the whole of Canada. While in Bradford itself, farmland is being quickly bought out by developers for housing, the farmland in the Holland Marsh is protected, and falls within the Ontario Greenbelt Region. We are a small of just over 200 students, however, because of the development, our school will be torn down, and a newer, larger St. Charles will be built directly behind our property to incorporate students moving into ever expanding subdivisions. Our climate is fairly moderate (hot and humid summers, cold and snowy winters), although we do have occasional tornadoes, and experienced huge flooding in the Marsh region during Hurricane Hazel, a killer hurricane that hit the Greater Toronto Area in 1954.

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM), it would make our town a better
place to live by ensuring our community includes sustainable growth, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. We
want to protect as much farmland as possible. We want to ensure that new infrastructure doesn’t bring more
pollution. We want industry to bring employment while manufacturing things that are high quality, necessary, and
are made from recycled materials. New neighbourhoods must include places for quality outdoor recreation. -- (Nose)



Shannon Lee's 5/6 grades. Pierson School. Pierson, Manitoba, Canada.

Our Monster would be self motivated to want all oceans, rivers, bays etc, to be clean and free of pollution. He would be created in such a way that his body would not only be able to collect this garbage, our monster would have the ability to break it down. He/ She would not be alone they are part of a large family of monsters with the same ability. 43 monsters with ability to cover 1 mile of ocean in 2 minutes.

These monsters are solar powered so they do not use any resources to keep their energy up. When they come up north to Canada and other cold regions they have the ability to use stored energy in ice.

(Driver License)





Kamal Preet, 6th grade. DPS School, Bangladore, India.

We'd be delighted to be a part of this wonderful project. Details are as follows: (attached class photo)

Latitude/Longitude: 12.9716° N/77.5946° E - High/Low temperatures: 34°C/16°C.

Details about our class: Based on general class consensus: Favorite food: Pizza, Favorite color: Blue, Favorite animal: Koala, and Favorite subjects: Science & PT. Our Class quote is WE before ME.


Sustainable Development Goal: SDG#12


If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), it would make our town a better place to live by: ensuring our community includes SDG #12 Sustainable Consumption & Production. It will raise awareness #SDGwarriors on the amount of single use plastics in our daily life & help students in the school to consume responsibly & live sustain-ably by choosing local & natural goods. As plastics are non-biodegradable, disposing them off is a tricky affair -

If they are thrown into landfills, they'd cause land pollution.
If they are burnt, the fumes emitted causes air pollution.
Many of them end up choking water bodies & causing irreparable damage to aquatic life.
Hence our monster also handles SDG #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG #14: Life Below Water & SDG #15: Life on Land.

This is the first time we are participating & we are very excited to start building our monster. We'd love to connect with you! 
Let's meet on Skype: kamal.collaborates or follow us on Twitter: @dpskamal or @SDGwarrior




Suzanne Roach, Grades 1st/2nd/3rd. L’Albero della Scuola [The Cherry Tree School] Pordenone, ITALY. Latitude: 46 -- Longitude: 12.7 - Ave High temp: 28°C / 83°F - Ave Low temp: 0°C / 32°F

Here are the photos from our first lesson (1st, 2nd, 3rd grades). We traced a body and labeled parts, read "Where the Wild Things Are" and made monster masks for our photos.

The school is a non-profit parental project supporting and inspired by the following approaches or systems of knowledge: (1) Living Wisdom - Education for life; (2) Montessori method; and (3) Natural Ethics and principles referring to the ancient teachings of Dharma and Yogananda. Details of classes: Mother Tongue English Language Laboratories incorporating concepts of: CLIL, STE(A)M, USGBC and. GCP

Sustainable Development Goals Focus is #2 Zero Hunger. End Hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

Based upon the school’s founding principles and community involvement, we will imagine and describe what and how our Monsters feed themselves and share with others. If our Monster uses Science and Math, it will make our town a better place to live by creating incredible recipes from items grown at our school to share with our community. -- (Tongue)



Unfortunately, this group could not continue with the project - hope to see them next year!


Misión México is a refuge for abused, abandoned and neglected children from extreme poverty.





Sara Stoolman. Grade 6, Yangon International School (YIS), Yangon, Myanmar. This is Sara's 11th Year in the Project!

Gender Equality:
Our monster will focus on gender equality around the nations to focus on treating everyone equally and promoting a healthy self-concept by encouraging everyone to be free to be who they are and want to be! 

Skype account: Seriously13



Teachers: Agnieszka Tokarczuk(7c), Anna Szymanowska(6a) & Joanna Mazurczak(4c). 
Hello from JJanusz Kusociński Primary School no 71 in Poznań, Poland! We are a 60-year old public primary school for students aged 6-15. Our school is situated in the centre of one of Poland's greatest cities, a university, cultural and economic centre boasting a one thousand-year-old history. We take pride in our tradition of voluntary work and every year, our school becomes the local Collection-Centre for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the biggest, non-governmentalnon-profitcharity organisation in Poland that aims to support health care in Poland. And last May we talked live to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station!

Poznań can be found at Latitude 52.24N, Longitude 16.55E.  You can find us here.

We are going to make two monsters this year! Class 4c and 6a are going to make a monster that will take care of our good health and well-being. He will eat tons of garbage covering our world and process it into healthy food. While processing waste, he will absorb poisonous smog and transform it into clean mountain air. Our monster will grow with every ton of rubbish eaten.

The monster created by class 7c fights for gender equality. She will look through textbooks to ensure gender-neutral language. She will whizz through the streets of our cities and villages to make women more visible in street names and she will help and empower women to become presidents, scientists and engineers. She loves life under water and she is going to plant aquatic plants and form coral reefs. She will eat all the trash floating in our seas and oceans. She needs affordable and clean energy for all that hard work, so she will create and operate huge wind power plants and solar power stations. She will inhale fumes and exhale fresh air.

Website: Janusz Kusociński Primary School no 71 -- (Eyebrows)


Teachers Ms. Kinga Jarzębak & Ms. Ewelina Derych. Primary School in Nowy Sącz, Poland. Coordinates: 49.0935ºN, 79.5656ºW - Temperature ranges -20ºC ( in winter) to even 38ºC (in summer).

The Earth is planet ocean. Sea covers 70 % of its territory. This is where the life started. Every second breath we take comes from the ocean. Water gives as life and we depend on it, but now we are in a big danger. Many parts of the seas are dying. Scientists say, in 30 years in the ocean will be more rubbish than fish.

We are students from rather small school in Nowy Sącz, in Poland. We all love water and care about the health of our planet. Our monster will eat all trash from the ocean, especially will easily swallow this Great Pacific Garbage Patch and will have a special system to heal polluted water wherever appears. The moving part will be mouth.

We are looking forward to joining the Monster Community for the first time. So far our school is here:ącz



At last I am back to school ! My students look forward to Monster Project  again )))
We are grade 5 students from Kansk, Russia. We study at our school called Lyceum 1. Our teacher is Ms. Golubeva.
It is cold here in winter – sometimes about -40C and a lot of snow. In summer the temperature is+ 25 to + 28C. Our Latitude -56°12'27'' N -- Longitude - 95°42'12'' E.

 If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he would make our world a better place to live by Cleaning and Saving Water.

Our Blog - -- Teacher Email – -- (Belt)



This is our class - there are 6 girls and 2 boys! We are 11-12 years old and we learn English at Vector language school. Our teacher is Mrs. Anastasia ChinenovaWe live in a small town not far from the capital of Russia! It is called Zaprudnya. Our coordinates are 56.3339 degrees N 37.2540 degrees W. Our climate is mild - in winter it is usually cold but not so much, summers are sometimes hot, sometimes rainy. The temperature is 21-25 degrees C in summer and -10-15 degrees C in winter. 

Our Sustainable Development Goal that our monster would work toward by using STEM would be Life On Land . We live in a very beautiful place surrounded by forests and meadows where cranes live - graceful birds! Our monster will help to save our eco-park "Crane Land". It will watch the birds, feed them and guard. Also it will gather information about animals so that we could help them. -- Skype zefirka0688
(Right Knee)


The Three Musketeers

Dragana, Tatjana & Branislava 
( Math, English & Physics)


Teachers: Tatjana Stefanac, Branislava Blajvaz and Dragana Bogosavljavic Hi from Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj Primary School in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia! This is our first time participating in the Global Monster Project.

We are a 60-year old public primary school for students aged 7-15. Our school is situated in a town that used to be one of the capitals of the Roman Empire and it was called Sirmium back then. There are 17 pupils in our class.

Sremska Mitrovica can be found at Longitude: 19°37'15.48"E  ,Latitude : 44°58'46.19"N
You can find us at

The sustainable development goal we would like to focus on is Climate Action which is goal #13.
If our monster used Science, Math and Coding, he or she would seal all the holes in our Ozone Layer, creating a web of happiness and smiles and taking care of the Global Warming. 

Tatjana wrote: I would like to join your project.  A teacher friend from Poland informed me about it. We would be thrilled to participate. (Necklace)





Faye Hanson's grade 6. Pulaski Heights Middle School, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

   Little Rock has a temperate climate. It is hot and humid in the summer months, with temperatures above 90º F. In the winter we rarely have snow because temperatures don’t go below freezing very often. When they do, we are more likely to have ice storms. In the springtime tornadoes and strong thunderstorms are common. Arkansas is the only place in North America where diamonds can be found. At Crater of Diamonds State Park, visitors can dig for diamonds and other minerals and keep whatever they find.  Arkansas is the Natural State and it is the home of many beautiful lakes, mountains and rivers. It is also the home of the WalMart company.

Our school is 110 years old. There are about 600 students in 6th through 8th grade. Our class is for students who do well academically, but we also participate in several competitive sports including dance, rock climbing, football, basketball, and martial arts.


Our monster fights for Quality Education. Too many kids in the world don’t get to go to school and have the kind of education we have. In some places schools are far away or too expensive. Sometimes it’s too dangerous for students to go to school because of war. Sometimes certain kids are kept from going to school because of their heritage or gender. Sometimes children have to work to help their families survive and are unable to get an education. Our monster will have moving hands to teach children and welcome them in to a world of learning.

Location: 34.7465° N, 92.2896° W
website: -- (Tail)



Cookbook -  Helena Curtis' 2nd grade. Majestic Way Elementary, San Jose, California. 

Hello Monster Project teachers and students!! We are a class of 24 students in second grade from Majestic Way Elementary School in the city of San Jose in California, the U.S.A, coordinates = 37.3382° N, 121.8863°. Our temperatures range from a cooler 42°F to a hot 95°F.  We do not currently have classroom website, but we do have a school website: . Hopefully we will have a classroom website soon! We are very excited to make our monster and see the rest of the Monsters all over the world! :)

Our monster wants to make the world a better place to live by working on zero hunger and good health and well-being!! Our monster is getting ready for our traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving in November. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for but also a time to give back to our community. Our monster hopes to give back by providing lots of food to people who need it in our community!! 





We are Ms. Superty’s fantastic 4th/5th grade class from Wilmore Davis Elementary. Our class is participating along with the three other Wilmore Davis classes. Our school is located in Wheat Ridge, CO.  

Our coordinates are 39.7734 degrees N and 105.0859 degrees W. Wheat Ridge is a western suburb of the state’s capital city of Denver.  Did you know that Denver is called the Mile High City?  That is because it has an altitude of 5,280 feet (or 1 mile) above sea level.  Our altitude in Wheat Ridge is only slightly higher at 5,459 feet.  In Wheat Ridge, we experience all four seasons. We typically have more than 300 blue sky days which is more than other cities known for sunshine, such as Miami Beach, FL, and San Diego, CA.  Our climate, however, is pretty dry.  On average, we get 18-19 in of precipitation per year.  Most of this is during winter and spring.  Our summers can get really dry and hot.  As a result, there are often wildfires in the surrounding areas and mountains. People in Colorado tend to love the outdoors.  We have 24 parks, 274 acres of open space, and 4 lakes.  Some favorite outdoor activities include skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, camping, and mountain biking.  In Colorado we have several famous sports teams.  These include the Denver Broncos (football), The Colorado Rockies (baseball), the Denver Nuggets (basketball), and the Colorado Avalanche (hockey).  

Our monster’s sustainable development goal is Clean Water and Sanitation. We realize that many people around the world struggle with access to clean water, which causes a lot of disease and even death.  It is our hope that our monster can fight this problem and come up with some solutions.

 We are excited to build our monster and meet other monster classes from around the world!  If you would like to connect with us, please email Ms. Superty at msuperty@ We also look forward to sharing our ideas on the Monster Flip Grid.   --  (Belly Button)



Charity Guyot’s 4th/5th Grade . Wilmore-Davis Elementary, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA.

Latitude is 39 degrees North, Longitude 105 degrees West - Temperatures can range from below 0 to above 100 degrees. Our school goes up to fifth grade. We like to do fun activities with the other grades in our school.

Our monster will help the Life Underwater by stopping people put trash and plastic in the oceans. Our monster will also live under water and help the fish, whales, and sea turtles so they don’t go near the trash or plastic and try to eat it. Our monster will also look for other things like metal and food that life underwater cannot eat.
The website of our school is (Belly Button)


Hello from Wheat Ridge, CO! We are Mrs. Colaizzi and Ms. Schurbon’s 4th/5th grade
classrooms at Wilmore Davis Elementary School with 22 students in our class. Our school goes from preschool all the way to 5th grade. Our school’s name came from two families who owned and farmed carnations on the land and then donated the land for a school. Wheat Ridge was the number one producer of carnations for many years. Our school works hard to show kindness to one another, and part of that is shown through the names of the hallways; including Persistence Parkway, Empathy Ave and Flexibility Freeway. Every morning we meet as a class to talk about how we are feeling, what our day is going to look like and to share other important information. We love to read as a class. We are ecstatic to be taking part in the monster project this year.

Our sustainability goals are Goal 2, 3 and 6. We want to create a monster that will travel the world to filter and distribute purified water where it is needed most. Because the monster is already doing this, we also want to give out healthy food and to help sick children. Our monster will be able to give shots and medicine to people who need it most.






  • Teacher: Ms. Combs and Mrs. Krupa -- Grade level: First grade/Third grade
  • School: Northside Catholic Academy --  Chicago, USA
  • Longitude/Latitude: 41.9966048,-87.6649528
  • Web site:   

  • Sustainable Development Goals Focus: 
    If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by working on Responsible Consumption and Production.
    Our monster will practice mindfulness when using consumables such as single use plastic. It will also be thoughtful when using paper good such as paper towels and only use what is needed.  (Head) 


     We are the third grade team at River Trail School.  River Trail School is located in Gurnee, IL in the United States. Our teacher’s names are Mrs. Schoenherr and Mrs. Raupp. We have been with our same teachers since second grade. Everyone in our class has iPads. There are more girls than boys in our class. We are a unique team. We love to tell jokes and riddles. We have a wild imagination but we also work hard! We always find a way to have fun, no matter what!

(Latitude: N 42°, 22’10.635” Longitude: W 87° 54’19.1594). The average September low temperature is 52°F and the average high temperature for the month is 80°F. Our community is a suburb of Chicago. Gurnee is close to one of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan. In the summertime, we enjoy visiting Lake Michigan to go swimming, boating, or playing in the sand. We are lucky because our town has a big amusement park called Six Flags and it has a huge shopping mall, Gurnee Mills. Gurnee has many parks to play in. When we are not in school, many of the kids in our grade enjoy swimming and playing soccer.

Our monster will bring Clean Water to communities. Our monster will clean water. He will drink dirty water through his throat or tummy. Then the water will be separated into clean and dirty water.  The bad stuff will come out of his ears. When his horn on his head turns, the clean water will flow out of it for people to use. 

  Website: Skype: Julie.Schoenherr1 -- (Hair)


Mrs. Jacoby and Mrs. Bialko 4th grades. Also helping out with the the Monster Project is Mrs. Latz (Art), Mrs. Byrd (Technology).  The Cathedral of St. Raymond is a Catholic school grades Pre-K through 8 th grade in Joliet, Illinois, USA which is approximately 50 miles from Chicago.

Latitude and Longitude of our school in Joliet, IL: 41.5°N, 84.14°W
Hi/Lo temperatures: Low 17°, High 85°

There are 45 students between the 2 fourth grade classes.  We recycle to make sure we do our part to help the environment. We help others out by doing service projects. Our school motto is RISE - Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence. We take pride in living out these. We use our talents in and out of school to help those in need.

If our Monster used STEM he or she would make our town or world a better place to live by working on the Sustainable Development Goal of Poverty. As a Catholic School we work hard on service projects to help those in need. We have participated in Feeding My Starving Children which is non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food to people in developing nations. Founded in 1987, it has reached out to more than 70 countries. We have conducted our own canned food drive to help those in need. Our Monster would help with moveable wings to be able to get food faster to those in need.

As we learned at Feed My Starving Children, everyone’s role was important in packaging. Our Monster would help make the production faster so more boxes can be sent out.

Website: Skype: Rockets CSRN Twitter: @kathleenbyrd66 --  (Teeth)


We are a 6th grade class at the Centralia Jr. High located in Centralia, Illinois. Latitude 38°31′31″, Longitude N 89°7′57″W. We are located in the south-central part of southern Illinois. We are approximately 60 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri. Our school includes grades 6 thru 8 and has 412 students in attendance. I have six classes that will be helping to create and build our monster this year.

We would like our monster to help to get rid of hunger around the world We also hope our monster will be able to help find ways not only for farmers of the world, but citizens around the world find ways to create more food and find a way to stop wasting so much food.   


Mike MiddletonNational Geographic Certified Teacher  Skype- mrgeocjhs


Teachers: Jackie Ladislas and Meagan Mojica at St. Barnabas in Chicago, IL, USA. Students are in 5th grade Science and Social Studies (Same students in both classes).

Latitude:  41.717490 -- Longitude: -87.669030

Our Monster would focus on Gender Equality and Life Underwater if it were to help the environment. We cannot wait to begin!

Teacher website:  (Still a bit of a work in progress) -- (Hands & Fingers)


Ms. Hechler's 6th grades (Innovation Lab), Western CUSD 12, Kinderhook, IL.  

Latitude: 39.7023° N, Longitude: 91.1532°, We are next to the Mississippi River, Temperatures in the summer can range from upper 80s-105 degree Fahrenheit with high humidity. In the winter, our temperatures range from 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 30s. We see all different kinds of weather. 

"In our innovation class, we do projects that include art, writing, and other things that can show creativity. We also do things that focus on helping problems around the world."  ~ Olivia  "We also do fun projects and activities. We never give up and always try." ~Alex  

Our Monster would help with Zero Hunger and Quality education: Our monster would help with education in the world. "It would help give kids a chance to learn and grow. The monster would also help bring children books so they can learn and go to college. He will also provide the proper books the teachers need to teach."~ Rachel

"Our Monster is going to help No Poverty by rebuilding houses for the people that live on the streets. Our Monster will give the poor people a house, so they don't have to live on the streets."~ Dawson.


Anna Hechler - K-12 Instructional Technology Coach - High School & Junior High Volleyball Coach
High School Student Council
Web: - Western Wildcats - 
Tripline Monster Schools Map -- Twitter - @hechIT28 -- (Eyes)


Magoline Middleton, 5th Grade, Bluffs Grade School, Bluffs, Illinois.
39.7520° N, 90.5351° W 
High 103 degrees F, Low 45 degrees F 

Our Monster will help farmers find more ways to help protect plants from pests and find new ways to protect crops while also helping the environment. My students think their SDG would be End Hunger for more sustainable farming.

Currently working on getting a Skype - will send that information in when its up and running  (Left Elbow)


Meagan's class was unable to continue with the project - we'll see them next year!

Meagan Pennington's 5th grade. New Berlin Elementary. New Berlin, IL 
Our class: We are an artistic and energetic group of 5th graders from Central Illinois. We love sports, crafts, music and gaming. Our class has 11 boys and 6 girls for a total of 16 students! Our school is in a small town that is full of farmland. We mostly farm soy beans and corn in this area, but some people have livestock such as pigs and cows as well. Due to our background in agriculture, our Sustainable Goal is Zero Hunger

  School web: -- (Drone)



Tina Fink's 5th Grades. Our Lady Queen of Heaven School, Lake Charles, LA
30.22 N. Lat, 93.21 W. Long.,  Temps: hi=100, low=80 in summer.   email:
We chose to describe the X-Box.  We will try to work with our Pre-K classes too.

Our monster chooses to focus on Zero Hunger in the world and Life Below Water to make our world a better place to live AND Responsible Production and Consumption because this applies to the three R's!





Lori Towle’s mixed grades class. Odyssey Day School. Wakefield, Massachusetts.

We have two rooms for our class, with three couches and various chairs/tables for comfortable seating.  Our school has ages infant through age 14, and we are located in Wakefield, MA, which is 16 miles from Boston.  Our school is small, and we have a nice community.  We learn in nature every other Friday.  Our latitude is 42.5039 N and longitude is 72.0723 W. 


Our monster would use STEAM to save the world by removing pollution from the ocean by digesting plastic which turns into Legos which forms homes for refugees.

(Nose Ring)


Leslie Levesque and Mistral Dodson's K-5 multiage classroom. The Phoenix School. Salem, Massachusetts.

The latitude of Salem, MA, USA is 42.519539, and the longitude is -70.896713
low to high average temperatures: 23 degrees F - 82 degrees F

(Toes and Toenails)




Kristy Ardinger, Grades 3 and 4, Countryside Elementary School , Edina, Minnesota, United States.


Average Summer Hi Temps: 83 degrees - Average Winter Low Temps: - 4 degrees

Google Location: trofANrPRhx

See photos of us working on the Monster here - 


SDG # 6. Our monster can suck in dirty and unsafe water through his feet and his mouth.  It then gets filtered through his stomach and comes out clean/safe water through his hands.  His hands will move so he can pour the clean water.  

Website: --Twitter:  @ardsclass - Skype:  kristy.ardinger@edinaschools. org
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Michelle Huseman's 4th grade. Eugene Field Elementary. Hannibal, Missouri.

#12 Responsible Consumption and Production and #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
We will build our monster from recycled items.
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New Hampshire

We are Mr. Ferguson's fourth grade from Lafayette Regional School in Franconia, New Hampshire which is nestled at the foothills of the White Mountains. All 12 of our students, love to build, play, share, learn and much more.  This class is very artistic and creative. Recently, we have collaborated together on building a foosball (table soccer) table. Above all else, we include each other and express kindness towards all.

Latitude - 44N Longitude - 71W --- Avg Hi and Lo 81F / 13 F



If our monster had super powers we would focus its power on Climate Control through clean energy and Gender Equality throughout the world. We chose these two traits because they are very important.   Climate control is important because it leads to clean energy which leads to a clean planet Earth. Gender equality is important because bottom line everybody should have the same rights no matter their gender or race.


Skype: lafayette41 -- (Wings)



New York 

Mrs. Kazulak &  Mrs. Hedemann, 1st and 2nd grades. Lewiston Porter Primary Education Center, Youngstown New York.

On the map you will find us at 43.247 degrees North Latitude and 79.050 degrees west Longitude.  We enjoy all 4 seasons here and it is currently Fall.  We live very close to Canada and Niagara Falls.  Our Monster will use STEAM to help communities with Sustainable development 
goal #6 Clean Water and Sanitation.



Mrs. Dennison & Mrs Barboni’s 5th grade. Solvay Central School District. Lakeland, New York.

Greetings, we are Mrs. Dennison and Mrs Barboni’s peppy fifth grade class. Our class is part of the magnificent Solvay Central School district and we are located in Lakeland, New York. We live on the edge of the radiant great lake of Ontario. We have wonderful seasons, where our temperature, will for some days, be in the 90’s degrees (Farenheit) in the summer and it will be in the -10 degrees (Farenheit) in the winter. The seasons of Fall and Spring are just pleasant. It’s really exciting to join the monster project this year. 

If our Monster used Science, Technology, and Math he or she would make our town and the world a better place to live by managing and protecting life in the ocean and nearby waterways from pollution.  (Smartphone)


Kristian Englert, Teacher/Librarian. Bellevue Elementary. Syracuse, New York.

Latitude and Longitude: 43.0307° N, 76.1732° W Annual high temperature: 57.8°F -- Annual low temperature: 40.1°F

Syracuse is great.  We have great beaches because it is hot in summer.  We like to play tag during recess and we love all of our Syracuse University teams such as basketball, football and soccer.  We like visiting our families that live nearby.  We like to play fortnite and NBA 2k19.

We have chosen option 16 for our SDG: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. Our monster will put people in alternative programs other than jail.  Develop rehabilitation programs that provide a safe place that builds their self-esteem.  -- (Mouth)





North Carolina






 Hi, from Mrs. Whitson's 2nd Grade class at Valdese Elementary School in Valdese, North Carolina. Valdese is 1150 ft elevation with an average summer high of 88 degrees and an average winter low of 28 degrees.  We have and average of 48 inches of rain per year but only about 4 inches of snow per year.  It is sunny here an average of 214 days a year. 

Our second grade class is part of a school that recently combined with another elementary school and became the largest elementary school in our county.  Our theme for this school year is #bettertogetherVES, all of the school's social media is being hashtagged with this.  

  Our Sustainable Development Goal that our monster would work toward by using STEM would be Responsible Consumption and Production in our community. Our monster would use knowledge of technology to create a social media groups that would bring people together to be #bettertogether and spread the word on the importance of recycling and using products that can be reused.  Our monster would encourage others to use reusable water bottles instead of plastic.  Our monster could also raise money to purchase water bottle fill stations for our schools and other public buildings instead of having drink machines with plastic bottles or cans. 
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Tracy McIntyre's 3rd grades. Queens Creek Elementary. Swansboro, North Carolina.





Shelly Sherman, grade 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, Blue Mountain School, Floyd Virginia, USA

We are the Yellow Electric Weasels from Blue Mountain School, a private school, in Floyd VA. We have 12 students ages 8,9, and 10. We have 2 rats named Cloudy and Nibbles. Our teacher is Shelly. We like to read and write. We go into the woods every day to learn.  We hope to go on a lot of field trips this year. We like to take off our shoes when it is hot outside. We have a creativity lab in our classroom where we use real tools to build things and take things apart.

Longitude and Latitude 36.9112 N,  80.3201W, Temps. High 62. Low 38,  
Website:, Skype: shellyfsherman

This year our monster would like to put an end to pollution by:
·  stopping oil spills
·  stopping coal burning
·  recycling
·  picking up litter
·  making more solar panels
·  making bikes to give to people to ride instead of driving cars
·  using its giant vacuum arm to clean the water and air   --  (Body)


We are Katherine Mangum's 5th grade homeroom. St. Catherine's School. Richmond, Virginia,  United States. We are an all-girls school and have students from three years old to 12th grade. We have lots of great sports teams at our school. In our homeroom, we have 10 students. We like dancing on our lab tables, having fun, and creating things.


Sustainable Development Goal: Zero Hunger - Our monster wants to help end hunger by teaching kids how to grow their own microgreens. 
Skype  – katherinesmangum -- Lat and Long: 37.571357,-77.521411 -- Google Map Link

Katherine Mangum : Physical Science Teacher - FLL Robotics Coach - President, VA Children's Engineering Council

(Pet Bat)


Teachers Deb Morgan (1st grade), Deb Moore (3rd grade) & Stacey McGowen (4th grade).  Three Oaks Elementary. Virginia Beach, VA

Av, Temps: 68.9F and 52.3F -- Lat/Lon: 36.7534N - 76.0133W

Our school is located about 10 minutes from the Virginia Beach oceanfront on the Atlantic Ocean.


Our Global Monster will make the World a better place by cleaning the Oceans. (SDG 14 Life Below Water)

Watch their drone video of the whole school - 







Kathy Moody and the K-5 Students at Mission View Elementary in Wenatchee, Washington. Our school has 539 students who are in Kindergarten through 5th grade and we will be building our monster together.  Our STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) teacher is Ms. Moody. 

Here is a link to our website:  Mission View Elementary.

Wenatchee has a latitude of 47.4235 degrees north and a longitude of 120.3113 degrees west.  Our average temperatures range from 27-74 degrees Fahrenheit.  The hottest month is usually July with an average high of 89 degrees F and an average low of 60 degrees F.  The coldest month is typically January with an average high of 35 degrees F and an average low of 24 degrees F.   The highest recorded temperature was 109 degrees F and the lowest recorded temperature was -12 degrees F.  We receive an average of just over 9 inches of rain each year and an average of 16 inches of snow each year.

If our monster used Science Technology Engineering Art and Math (STEAM) he or she would make the world a better place to live by working on SD goal number 3, Good Health and Well Being We are excited to build our monster!





We are a TinkerLab after-school group composed 4th and 5th grade students ages 10 and 11. Our school is Schulte Elementary in Sturtevant Wisconsin, USA. We are part of the Racine Unified School District in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our teacher leader is Ms. LaPorte, the librarian. We see her every other week.

Our location is: Latitude: 42.694227, Longitude: -87.889306
Annual High temp - 92 Degrees Fahrenheit - Annual Low temp - 2 Degrees Fahrenheit  

This is our first time participating in the Global Monster Project. Our team working on our sustainable development goals had great ideas to end poverty and promote good health and well being, but the winning goal by a tight vote is Life under Water. One of our team members read about how noise pollution is affecting underwater creatures. For one thing, because of noise pollution, they can’t hear predators. Our Monster will make the world a better place by using its toes to filter noise from the waters.  Our moving part will be one set of toes. Our Monster’s name is Dalinda.

Our school website is: -- (Left Knee)



Mrs. Hoff, 6th grade, Innovation STEM Academy. Sparta, Wisconsin. 
We are 20 6th grader students who attend Innovations STEM Academy in Sparta, Wisconsin and our teacher is Mrs. Hoff. The latitude and longitude of Sparta, WI is 43.9441° N, 90.8129° W and the average temperature in the summer is a high of 83°F and low of 60°F and in the winter a low of 7°F and high of 26°F.

  Innovations STEM academy is a project-based Charter School and we run a very different/ flexible schedule.  Each class consists of students in multiple grades where the students are involved in different activities, we have more freedom, and use a lot of technology.  Overall, our school is super fun and we can be involved in multiple clubs.


Our STEM monster will work to make the world a better place to live in by eliminating poverty and improving life underwater.

Facebook is




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