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Teacher: Agustina Arenzana --Grade level: Preparatory (students are 5-8 years old)
Tandil, Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Green Hills School of English: ; Facebook: Green Hills School -- Latitude: -37.3167 -- Longitude: -59.15

Climate: Tandil's climate is mild and humid, with an average temperature of 13.8 C (56.8 F) and 888.6 millimetres (34.98 in) of precipitation annually. Mornings are often cold in autumn, winter and spring, and generally fresh in summer. Fog and frosts are very common in autumn and winter. Minimum temperatures below −5 C (23 F) have been recorded in winter months. Rainfall occurs throughout the year but more frequently in summer. Snow and heat waves are not very common.

We will create a highlander monster that will protect the mountains in Tandil from those who try to exploit them. The excessive exploitation of these natural resources is destroying the wonderful landscapes in our city. Our monster will watch the mountains all day long, and it will have wheels to move around and check that they are safe. (Feet)



We are a class of 27 Year 2 students (7-8 year olds) from St Joachims Primary and our teachers name is Miss Gray. There are about 330 students in our whole school from Prep to Year 6. We are located in the suburb of Holland Park West in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and our area is described as a leafy suburb because of lots of big trees that line the streets. 
The longitude and latitude are -27.522280, 153.058913 and currently, it is the season of Spring with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. Some of our favourite things to do are; play with Pokemon cards and Beyblades, have games of cricket and soccer, play musical instruments like guitar, piano and drums, and do drawing, colouring in and reading. We are really excited about participating in the Monster Project and cant wait to see everyones final product!

Even though we are lucky to have a lot of trees and beautiful gardens in our school, ours is an inner-suburban city very close to the city centre. 2 million people live in the wider Brisbane area and we could always do with more trees and greenery to help with the pollution and make our city a more beautiful place. The moving part of our monster will be his legs so he can walk around planting trees and caring for the environment

St Joachim's Catholic Primary School -   (Horns)



Our project is based in Rocinha, the largest favela in Latin America. Here in Rocinha, we run an after school program that provides kids a way to get off the streets and better themselves. At our project we teach a range of classes with a focus on English and STEM. 

Our current onsite coordinators here at Project Favela are Lily Harrington and myself, Anna Balch. However, Chris Hubbard and Valentin Partsch are in charge of our Fazedores (Engineering) class at the moment where we will be working on the monster. 

Here is a Google maps link to our location: 

As for how our Monster would make our community a better place, we are in the middle of a conflict between the police and traficantes here in our favela. Our monster will create a force field around the good citizens of Rocinha in order to keep us all safe. 

Favela Facebook page: 
(Right Knee)



Here we are - overlooking the valley that includes the important agricultural lands called the Holland Marsh, a valley that was flooded by Hurricane Hazel in 1954 (a very, very unusual environmental happening!). Read about it here: 

Lisa Diessel, Grade 1/2 (mostly grade 2; St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic School
Bradford, Ontario, Canada.

44.12 North, 79.62 West, 267 meters elevation
Temperatures: Average high 29 degrees Celcius, low -6 degrees Celcius

We are about a one hour drive north of the Great Lake Ontario, and the large City of Toronto. Our school is located in Bradford, Ontario, Canada, and is made up of 222 students from Kindergarten up to Grade 8. We are the smallest school in our town, which is made up of 35,325 people, mostly of European descent. Were happy that our community is becoming increasingly multicultural, with students who have family backgrounds from all over the world including South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Bradford is a suburban town, and most of our parents drive to other larger towns or cities to work. Our town is surrounded by farmland, including the Holland Marsh, a primary vegetable region of Canada. Every summer we celebrate our farming roots during our Carrotfest. 

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our world a better place to live in by flying around, picking up garbage thats on the ground, and teaching people to use packaging and containers that can be washed, recycled, or composted. Our monster knows that people need to use STEM to come up with good ways to make our environment cleaner and better for everyone.
We have a twitter address, @diesselclass, but honestly, its not really used.



We are interested in joining the Monster Project, this would be our 3rd time in the program and we love it! We are from Queen Elizabeth School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. QEE is a K-6 school located near downtown Calgary with a population of 1.2 million people. Our students come from all walks of life and are familiar with the concept of STEAM. Each Thursday our school participates in STEAM challenges and activities.  Our weather ranges from 30 to +30 degrees. You can find us at 51.048 degrees North and 114.0708 degrees West. There are 4 grade 3/4 classes, and the magnificent teachers are Ms. Irving, Mrs. Godman, Ms. Ney, Mrs. Killeen and Mr. Wensley. Blog:

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM): Our Monster will encourage and help people to build things such:
* A chemical that cars can run on so they dont create pollution
* The roof on our local community center
* A teleportation device to help students get to school faster
* A machine that helps pick up garbage around our community
Which part of your Monster is mechanically alive?
Our monsters legs and arms will move to help it get around.


Mrs. Kim Small, grade 5 & 6, Utterson, Ontario, Canada. Latitude (45.216335) and Longitude:(-79.507119)
The range of the average monthly temperatures is a high of 29 degrees
Celsius and a low of 4.8 degrees Celsius. In Ontario we have four seasons (winter,
spring, summer and fall) Our winters are cold and snowy, our summers are
hot and in the fall we have colours everywhere.

We are small class of 18 students aged 9-12 years. We are just under 3 hours north of Toronto. We are lucky that our school is in a natural setting, with many animals. We have been fostering Monarch Caterpillars that were in danger due to human activity. We have rescued 37 so far and released 3. Watt PS is in the town of Utterson, just outside of Bracebridge, Ontario. We only have 87 students in our whole school K-8!

Our Monster will use STEM to remove plastic garbage in the worlds water systems by scooping it up and straining it with the tea cup. The sea garbage the Monster consumes is its only food source. The Monster never gets full because it has little robotic miners in its belly that further breakdown the plastic and convert it to energy. Our Monsters arm that holds the tea cup can pivot at the elbow (fulcrum) so it can
scoop, strain and and eat.

Twitter: KimberleySmall@playwithastick - Watt Public School website:
Google Maps: 
(Cup of Tea)



                                                                                                                                    Mr. Humble

Mr. Humble's Monster Makers - Hello from Class 4. We are 28 children from years 5 and 6 . Our school has 100 pupils (four classes from reception to year 6). We are 9, 10 and 11 year olds who are very keen to get going in this years Monster Project. This will be our tenth monster. We also like to play internet chess and if anyone would like a chess match against some keen English kids, please get in touch: jhumble@st-oswalds.cumbria.  

Burneside can be found in the English Lake District at Latitude - 54.3556 North, Longitude -2.7628 West 

You can find out more about us on our wiki (http://humbleclass. or our school website at

If our Monster used STEM it would help promote peace through friendly discussion. It would never boast or think it was better than anyone else. It would try and see other peoples point of view and it would help research Earth-friendly projects rather than ones which damage our planet.   (Body)



This is Sara's 10th Year in the Project!

Sara Stoolman Doerflers 6th Grade Language Arts, 2 sections with 22 students each at Yangon International School, Yangon, Myanmar -- 16 N, 96 E

  Weather/Climate: Highs: 40 C (104 F) -- Lows: 25 C (77 F) . November to February is cooler and dry. June to October is the monsoon season causing a lot of floods . March to May is the summer thus very hot and dry and humid.

6A and 6B description: Our English Language Arts classroom is not equally balanced, but it is perfect and awesome for those who come to this classroom in Yangon International School.  We come to ELA everyday for 90 minutes, but it's never boring!  It is a very fun class and laughter floats everywhere!  Yangon International School's mascot is the eagle.  We have around 550 students in our school, which is pre-school through 12th grade. 

Our Monster will use STEM to: have the ability to suck all of the flood waters out of Yangon and Myanmar then make the water clean so we can reuse the water for our everyday lives!


Links to help with belt:  Shwe Dagon Pagoda
Lethwei: -- Panthein Umbrella (Parasol): --
Mrs. Stoolman's training coach with belt - Photo - Myanmar Language



Joanna Waszkowska: grade 4 (10-11 years old), teach Polish language and literature. The name of class is "IVc" -- Primary School No. 38 in Sosnowiec, Poland.

GPS: 5017'30.4"N 1910'38.0"E (50.291789, 19.177225) -- High/low temperatures:  In summer the temperature is usually 20 degrees Celsius, but it happens, as this year, that it is higher than 30. Similarly winter - usually it is -5 degrees but there are big drops of temperature, up to -15 degrees.

Our school belongs to the schools team, and there are also children with different types of disabilities (mostly motorized ones, several people in each class). There are 25 students in our class and ten of them like STEM
We are a very active group of people. Many of us like to do the tinkering, but really every person has some hobby. It is a sport (soccer, horse riding, cycling, acrobatics, dancing), artistic passions (piano, singing, guitar), and even reading historical books and caring for animals. Of course we all like computer games.
Because only two of us do not live in the blockhouses, we often have lack the space to spend time together after school. Joint building of the robot will allow us to see how we work as a team.

Our robo-monster, if it were to exist, would deal with rubbish to recycling. The moving eyes would blaze specific parts of the garbage that could be processed, but the NECKLACE would be most important part, because it would act as a rubbish radar detector. Then the robot would rub in his hand in special gloves and flatten it. Then the gears spin the garbage in the belly, shredding the garbage into pieces that fall into special pockets attached to the strap under the body. When the robot completes the entire collection of the waste, kick the ball joyfully or spin the torso. In our imagination, this Monster works at supermarkets and in residential garbage.

There will be several moving parts. Mandatory necklace. Intrusive eyes. Moving in hands (horizontally). Gears in the belly. Leg kicking the ball.
School website: -- (Necklace)



We are grade 6 students from Kansk, Russia. We study at our school called Lyceum 1. Our teacher is Ms. Golubeva. It is cold here in winter sometimes about -40C and a lot of snow. In summer the temperature is+ 25 to + 28C. Our Latitude -5612'27'' N -- Longitude - 9542'12'' E.

STEM: We are concerned that our forests are being cut down at an alarming rate. We think our Monster will have moving arms and plant trees and flowers to make the world a better place.

Our skype
Our Blog -
-- Teacher Email
Maps - Google Map Location of Lyceum 1 --- STREET VIEW
-- (Earrings)


Lusine Jhangiryans Monster Makers -- school # 18 from a small city of Achinsk, Russia
Coordinates- 56N, 90E . It occupies nearly 1,060 sq km. The population is over 100,000 people. Achinsk is located in Siberia. The climate in Siberia is severe. In winter the frost can reach 40 C. The nature is very beautiful even in winter when everything is white and shiny. Kids like to play outdoors even when it is very frosty. They ski and skate, sledge, play snowball and make a snowman.
Our school includes several levels from kindergarten to high school. It has a lot of clubs such as judo, art, dancing, singing, fashion, drama and other clubs. Students are friendly and caring, curious and creative. High school level students help teachers arrange competitions, contests, projects and other events.

We like working collaboratively with schools of the world. This is our second participation in the Monster Global project. 

If our Monster could make the world a better place to live in, our Monster would prevent international conflicts. He would also find foster parents for children and protect their rights. He would help the world to get rid of the aggression and evil. Then there would be no wars, terrorist attacks and crimes. He would also bring water to Africa and other places as much as possible. He would create a neurohelmet to control robots through it. The robots would collect all drugs and make fertilizers from them. Also our robot would eat garbage and make a rainbow from it  (genius idea). Monster's name: Rob Pavonine.

Email: --  skype lusinej3 - GOOGLE MAP VIEW - School    (fingernails)



We are grade 5 students (10-11years olds) from Nizhiy Ingash, Russia. Our teacher is Tatyana Gayduk. Our class is participating for the first time. 

In winter sometimes about -40C and snow. In summer the temperature +30C. 
Our Latitude: 56 11'37''Nor. -- Longitude: 96 31'10''Eas.

Our Monster will use the smart phone. We want to warn the world about global catastrophes





Mrs. Duygu Ergens grade 4  (9 years old) at Gulsehri Primary School in Kırsehir. Kırsehir is a small city near Cappadocia in Turkey. There are a lot of beautiful fairy chimneys in Cappadocia. We like drawing pictures and playing games in our spare time. We are very excited about participating this project. This is the first time we have involved in a global project. We are sure that we will have a lot of fun while creating our monster. 

Our monster will have moving eyes to catch the criminals and protect people from accidents. If our monster used STEM it would help animals and he would help people who face the natural disasters. He would stop terror attacks. Our monster will bring peace for everyone. 

Latitude 39.14, Longitude 34.16 -- (Eyes)




Faye Hanson, 5th grade, College Station Elementary - Little Rock, Arkansas. We live in Little Rock, the state capitol of Arkansas. It is home to the Clinton Presidential Library and Heifer Project International. Little Rock is also known for Central High School, a US National Historic site, where nine African American students integrated the school, which had been for white students only. There are several good books and movies about it.

Little Rock is located at 34.75N and 92.29W. We have a temperate climate and it rarely snows. Sometimes we have ice storms in the winter. It is mostly hot and very humid. We get more rain than most people realize and there are a lot of hills even though we are close to the river. Our coldest months are January and February, when the temperatures are an average of 30F. In the summer it gets up to 100F with high humidity. 

Our school is located near the airport and near to the Arkansas River. It is a neighborhood school with under 150 students ages 4-11 (pre-Kindergarten to 5th grade). We have special classes including Art, Music and P.E. We also have orchestra and classes for gifted students. The 17 students in our class are smart, funny and nice. We like to play basketball and football at recess. We also like to play video games and listen to music.

Our monster has special powers. The monster is a peace maker. It can make violence stop by melting weapons and stopping violence. It makes people who are sad and lonely feel better. It uses powerful words and the strength of its voice. Its movement is reaching out a helping hand. School web: -- (Pet Bat)




We are Ms. Pilver's 4th grade at Center School from Willington, Connecticut. The coordinates of our school are 41.872948 N, -72.262661 W. We experience all four seasons here in Connecticut, and temperatures can range anywhere from -15 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Right now we are experiencing a warm summer like autumn and the leaves are changing into beautiful colors. 

We are a class of 18 students with a variety of interests. We like to go on hikes, write, play outside, play soccer, read , swim, help the community, play football and hockey, do gymnastics, go shopping, play basketball, play instruments in the band, and do arts and crafts. 

Our non flammable monster will make the world a better place by extinguishing forest fires. It will use its wings to fly superfast to the forest fires. Its moveable parts will be its fire extinguisher hands that carry tanks of water. It will also fight terrorists by spreading water on them that turns them into nice people and cleans up their act. 

Class Wiki: 








 Hi we are Ms. Badens PreK/Kindergarten class from Lake Asbury Elementary School located in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Our school mascot is Rams. We are a small class of 6 students, 1 teacher (Ms. Baden), and 3 assistants (Mrs. Stravato, Ms. Williams, and Mrs. Brown). We are very active and love to do hands on activities. We are really EXCITED about building our Monster, Irma, and having her in our classroom.

We are located at 30.052914 degrees latitude and -81.81629 degrees longitude. The temperature here can get into the high 90s and sometimes can go into the 20s (though that doesnt happen very often).

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) she would make our world a better place to live by creating an app that could connect survivors of natural disasters to instant resources in their communities. Irmas fingers would be her one moving part.
  (Belly Button)




Lisa Newton Ed.S. - Gifted Program Teacher - Harbins Elementary School, Dacula, Georgia

We are a group of 4th grade gifted students and are focused on building our creative and critical thinking skills. We meet together each week for 2.5 hours. There are 34 of us divided into two classes. Our school is in a rural community of north Georgia near the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs! We have over 1200 students from kindergarten to 5th
grade. Our school uses technology each day as a learning tool and integrates STEM throughout our day. We are located 45 minutes north of Atlanta, GA. 

We have just had our first tropical storm in our history with Irma and we are using our monster to help us find solutions to some of the issues that came with the storm.

Latitude 33.9875 degrees -- N and 83.8919 degrees W
School website: 




Cathedral of St. Raymond, Joliet, IL (Mrs. Jacoby -4th grade) Also helping out with the the Monster Project is Mrs. Latz (Art), Mrs. Byrd (Technology).

Students Collaborative Writing Monster Project
The Cathedral of St. Raymond is a Catholic school grades Pre-K through 8th grade in Joliet, Illinois, which is approximately 50 miles from Chicago.  

Latitude and Longitude of our school in Joliet, Illinois, USA.  41.5N, 84.14W
Hi/Lo temperatures: Low 17, High 85 -- Website:

 There are 26 students.  We recycle to make sure we do our part to help the environment.  We help others out by doing service projects.  Our school motto is RISE - Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence.  We take pride in living out these.  We use our talents in and out of school to help those in need.  

       If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by creating a system to make sure we all have clean drinking water.  This is especially important after seeing the devastation in Texas and now Florida.  Even though we aren't directly affected, many have family members in this area and want to do what we can to help.  Our school recently had a book fair.  Students were able to buy books or donate money for books to be bought and sent to schools affected by the hurricanes.  Our Monster would be a part of the relief efforts in helping clean up and providing people with the necessary means for survival.   (Toes/Toenails)


We are a 6th grade class at the Centralia Jr. High located in Centralia, Illinois. Latitude 3831′31″, Longitude N 897′57″W. We are located in the south-central part of southern Illinois. We are approximately 60 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri. Our school includes grades 5 thru 8 and has 519 students in attendance.

We want STEM education to create students who are, innovators, problem solvers, inventors. Students who are on their way to becoming self-reliant, and logical thinkers. We would like our monster to help to get rid to pollution that is damaging our countrys land. We also hope our monster will be able to build factories that will provide jobs for all the families in our community that need the work to support their families.  

Mike Middleton, National Geographic Certified Teacher --Email-     
Skype- mrgeocjhs -- (Tail)



Ms. Anna Hechler, 6th grade (Innovation Lab), Western Community Unit School District 12, Kinderhook, IL. Hello, my 6th grade innovation classes would like to participate in the monster projects this year. We have three sections of 6th graders- We will be working collaboratively to complete this project.

Latitude: 39.7023 N, Longitude: 91.1532, We are next to the Mississippi River, Temperatures in the summer can range from upper 80s-105 degree Fahrenheit with high humidity. In the winter, our temperatures range from -10 degrees Fahrenheit to 30s. We see all different kinds of weather.

We live in 5 small farming communities that make up our school district. The main crops we farm around here are corn and beans. In our school we have lots of technology, every student uses an iPad. Our innovation class is fun. We build things and imagine/think like engineers.

If our monster used STEM... He would use STEM to help kids learn how to build and make other monsters. He would be a genius in science and math, so he could help kids who are struggling. He would also teach kids about technology and how to be engineers. Then he would use his skills and build machines to help make the world a better place.    
School website:  
email:  (Left Knee)



Magoline Middleton's fifth grade, Bluffs Community Grade School, Bluffs, Illinois. We are located about an hour away from Springfield, IL in a very small rural farming area in a K-12 school that has roughly about 230 students in attendance. 

Latitude: 39.751990 -- Longitude: -90.535126

We would use our Monster to find a way to keep our school clean and help us find an environmentally friendly way to help keep our classrooms cooler during the warmer months since we do not have air conditioning in the building. 

skype: Magoline Middleton


Ms. Combs/ Mrs. Krupa 1st grade, (3rd grade assisting)  Northside Catholic Academy. Chicago, Illinois

Our monster is alive in his heart and he will spread a helping hand around the world with his kind heart." Our moving part will be the monster's joints; elbows and knees. 

Web site:  





Tina Fink and Ellen Martel grade 5, Our Lady Queen of Heaven School, Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. We make up 3 classes for a total of 73 students.
Coordinates: 30.226 N Lat, 93.217 W. Long, Temperatures: Hi 98, Low, 76 in summer. 

If our Monster used STEM to make the world a better place to live, he would......COMING LATER TODAY.

Teacher email:   -- (Favorite Book)




We are The Phoenix School. The monster project idea has intrigued us for the second straight year and we are happy to participate. We do many collaboration projects and this monster project would fit right into our arsenal of different types of projects. We are a small K - 8 school consisting of 23 kids in a one-room school in Salem, Massachusetts. Teachers: Betsye Sargent, Barbara McFall, Leslie Levesque, Mike Smith, Mistral Dodson

Lat./Long.: 42.5195 N, 70.8967 W
-- High/low temperatures: 22 F / 82 F

  If our Animal Saving Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) it would make our world a better place to live in by stopping poachers, protecting habitats, distributing cures, protecting and healing animals. Our monster would sense animal fear and movement, it would be able to rush it to care, measure vital signs, identify a safe habitat to return and compare DNA so it could return the animal to its family or species.

Kids think we should decide our moving part after we get to the building portion of the project.  If we have to decide ahead of time, they think it could be the fingers that move.

Website:  - Blog
Skype: betsye.sargent
- Twitter: @phoenixschool - Facebook:The Phoenix School, Salem, MA   -- (Mouth)


Lori Towle's class - Odyssey Day School, Wakefield, Massachusetts. The coordinates of our school: 42.5039 N, 71.0723 W. Our Monster Makers include nine students: Luke, PJ, Kele, Angie, Kaylee, Seth, Andrew, Mary, and Lex.

What our monster will do with STEM: 
Our monster's wings will flap the pollution out of the atmosphere. The toothbrush will scrub all of the pollution off streets. The X-box controller is a fidget spinner, which will grow to 1,000 times its size and remove pollution from cities. His nose ring will be used to translate what other people say so that the world could live more harmoniously and peacefully. Our monster 
will have liquid nitrogen coming out of the toothbrush that will freeze the polar icecaps. He will use Google maps to teleport to places experiencing poverty and natural disasters to bring supplies and clean water!

web:   (toothbrush)




We are a Continuous Progress team working on the monster this year. Kristy Ardinger is the contact person, but the team is Kristy Ardinger, Kristy Miller, Matt Lindsey, Angela Hruby and Nathan Monseth
Grades 1 5; Countryside Elementary School; Edina, Minnesota, United States.

Our monster can: Stop all natural disasters and not even get hurt. He would jump in them and they would stop. He could ask someone what weather they wanted.  If you said sunny, it would be sunny. If you wanted cloudy, it would be cloudy.

Latitude/Longitude:  44.896324, -93.369240
High/Low Temps:  average is 4 degrees for a low in winter and around 80 in summer
School Website:

Ardinger Class Website:
Twitter:  @ardsclass  (Arms)




Michelle Huseman's 4th grade.  This is my 16th year in the Monster Project. Welcome to the Monster Project from Eugene Field Elementary in Hannibal, MO.
My eighteen fourth graders are ready to get to work! We are very close to a park that is being replanted with native Missouri wildflowers. The purpose is to help revitalize a blighted area of our town. 

Our monster will have one arm that moves so it can help plant some of these seeds

If you'd like to ask us any questions about our hometown of Hannibal, Missouri USA please email to --
(right elbow)



New Hampshire

Mr. Ferguson's Grade 4th Grade -- Lafayette Regional School, Franconia, NH , United States 
latitude/longitude: 44 N, 71 W -- high/low temperatures:  Summer 70 F  Winter 7 F
We are so excited for monster time.  This will be our tenth anniversary of doing the monster. 

Our school is a small rural school nestled north of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The White Mountains serve as our students' playground in the summer and winter.  The winter is for skiing and the summer is for rock climbing, camping and hiking. We have 21 students this year which is a big class for our school. Students come from three towns Franconia, Sugar Hill and Easton, NH.  The combined population of the three towns is less than 1,500 with about 110 squares miles of space.

Website:  -- Skype:  Lafayette41  email:  (Head)



New York 

Mr. Englert's Library classes, Bellvue Elementary, Syracuse, New York.We are the Bellevue Bees of Syracuse City School District. 
Latitude and Longitude: 43.0307 N, 76.1732 W
Annual high temperature: 57.8F -- Annual low temperature: 40.1F

Collaborative writing, Our city is cool. It has lots to do. There are parks and our school is fun.
STEM: Our monster will solve traffic problems in the city by making it so that you can call the monster once a month to get you out of a traffic jam. The monster will lift you to the front of the traffic.

Mechanically alive: Hand for waving

Class website:  (Legs)




I'm Wendy Semsel, the teacher at the Churchill School taking over the Monster Project from Shannon Stringer. Our teachers are Amber, Gaby, Wendy, Alli, Carly, Larissa, and Dominika. Our school is called the Churchill School. Our school is in Manhattan, which is in New York, in the United States of America.  Our latitude and longitude is 40 45 and 73 58.  Our climate is cold in the winter, around 38 degrees F, and our summers are hot, around 80 degrees F.

We are eight and nine years old and in 4th grade. We like to play Minecraft, Legos, Pokemon, play with our pets, and playing tag at the park. We like playing sports like soccer, american football, and track. We have classes in art, music, science, technology, math, reading, and writing.  Our website is

  We have been studying hurricanes in science class and we were thinking that the monster could help with cleaning up after the hurricane mess. The monster could also be a doctor to help people if they need a doctor.  It might also prevent the damage a hurricane creates by sucking up all of the wind and pushing it at a wind turbine so it would produce electricity instead.  (Nose Ring)


Mrs. Heidi Kazulak NBCT.  We are an enrichment group of about 30 students.  Our school is Lewiston Porter Primary Education Center.  We are located in Youngstown, New York and our town borders Canada with the Niagara River running between us.  We are located at 79.0 Longitude and 43.26 Latitude.  We enjoy four seasons here in Youngstown, New York.  Our average yearly temperature is 80 degrees fahrenheit or 17.8 Celsius.  Our annual rainfall is 36.2 inches.  Our annual snowfall on average is about 78 inches.  

  The monster we create will help our community/world by eating trash. He will roll through the community cleaning up trash along the way.   He is unique because he will have a type of acid in his stomach that disintegrates the garbage so it does not take up space in a landfill.  He will also have 2 compartments in his stomach, like a cow, one for garbage and one recyclables. He will have 2 moving parts, his tongue will go in and out of his mouth and he will have wheels on his feet so he can move around the town.    We have not agreed on a name as of yet.  - 

Skype: Heyteach62 -- website:   (Tongue)


Mrs. Dennison's class is a 5th grade class. We are located in Lakeland, New York (United States) at Solvay Middle School. The school's latitude is 43.090345 and our longitude is -76.240483. During the Summer months June-July -August-part of September temperatures may climb to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter months it might occasionally be below zero, but as high as 40 or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring and Fall in between, are more temperate, with a high between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

We have decided that if we used STEM our monster could make the world a better place by helping our school learn more efficient ways to recycle products that may hurt the environment.
We also have decided to make our right elbow move.

Google Earth link to Solvay Middle School - (apple watch)




North Carolina

  Ms. Tkaczs 1st and 2nd grades. Wake Forest Charter Academy, Wake Forest NC. United States of America

Our favorite things to do are: play with dab, play on iPad and outside, play basketball, play mindcraft, eat icecream, and listen to music. We are very excited to build the monster and show our family and friends all that we did with our project.

  If our Monster used STEM The monster will invent a drone that can fly around and pick up trash and recyclables. The monster will help the police catch criminals, keep it clean, help build new buildings, and help people.

Latitude/Longitude: 35.9799N, 78.5097W -- High/Low Temperatures: 83 and 56
Twitter: -- (Drone)



Hello! We are Mrs. Baker's 2nd grade class at Icard Elementary School in Icard, North Carolina, United States. Our latitude and longitude are: 35.7274 N, 81.4706. The high temperatures around here are usually in the 90's but because of humidity, it feels much hotter! The low temperatures around here are usually in the teens and twenties. But it has been colder than that before. We have 23 students in our class. Our school has over 300 students. We are really excited to participate in this project and getting to know more about our other monster makers! 

If our monster used STEM in our community it would help people and animals live together.
The body part that will be mechanically alive will be the hands.

Our Class Website: 

Mrs. Baker's Skype address: christina.baker177 
Our Class Twitter: Thrivingin3rdB



Miss McIntyre, the STEM Teacher, will be participating in the Global Monster Project this year with her third grade classes.   Her third grade classes average 18 students per class and there are 6 classes. They will each create a global monster and pick the one that they feel best represents the directions to represent our school in the final picture we send in for the vote among the schools/classes.  Third grade is beginning their human body unit in science so this project can integrate well into this. 

Our monsters name is TROIL and wants to help solve ocean pollution. It will eat all the garbage in the ocean and use its nostrils to suck up any oil spills.

Queens Creek Elementary is located in the coastal town of Swansboro, North Carolina, USA.  We are near a big Marine Corps Base - Camp Lejeune.  Approximately 40% of our students are military dependents.  Our school's mascot is the alligator - we call ourselves the Gators.  (Nose)



Hello, Schools!!! We are Mr. Berry and Mrs. Mangums homerooms. We go to St. Catherines School which is an all-girls school in Richmond, Virginia, United States. We are in 5th-grade, which is middle school at St. Catherines. We are the only 2 homerooms in the basement so we thought we would join together and do the monster project.

  Fun Facts About Us:
*We have over 1,000 people learning and working at St. Catherines.
*We have an indoor swimming pool and take lessons.
*We start taking dance in junior kindergarten.

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) she would make our school community a better place to live by helping with our carpool. She will help control carpool by slowing down drivers and directing traffic.

School: -- -- Skype name katherinesmangum
Lat and Long: 37.571357,-77.521411  --
Google Map Link


Three Oaks Elementary * Virginia Beach * Virginia * USA . We are 1st, 3rd, and 4th grade classes, including gifted and inclusion students.

Ms. Gowen 4th Grade - Twitter: @DeborahGowen1 - Website:
Mrs. Moore 3rd Grade
- Twitter:@staceyannemoore - Website:
Ms. Morgan 1st 
- Twitter: deb_morgan4 - Website:

Three Oaks Elementary: Latitude 36.7534 N  Longitude 76.0133 W
Temperatures: July Highest: 87 F/31 C -- January Lowest: 33 F/0 C
Our monster will
pick up plastic trash off the beaches throughout the World. This aligns with SDG's #14 Life Below Water and #15 Life on Land. Our moving part will be the forearm. (Ears)


Our teacher is Mrs. Kathryn Jefferson, Grade 2-5 STEAM Club, Fuqua School, Farmville, Prince Edward County, Virginia, Latitude 37.2927, Longitude -78.3876. We are located in the heart of Virginia. We have four seasons so the average high/low temperature vary from season to season. In the summer, the average high temperature is 85F. In the winter, the average high temperature is 52F and the average low is 28F.


Our group is our schools newest STEAM club. We are a small group of 2nd-5th graders. We meet on Fridays after school in the science lab. We are really excited about the Global Monster Project! We think we want to make the tail of our monster mechanically alive.


  If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place by recycling things into art exhibits. Since it has a mouth on the stomach, it will also filter the air to make it clean again.


Our school web address is  (hands-fingers)


Shelly Sherman, grade 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, Blue Mountain School, Floyd Virginia, USA

Longitude and Latitude 36.9112 N,  80.3201W, Temps. High 62. Low 38, 
Website:, Skyp: shellyfsherman, 

  We are the Black FireBreathing Pythons from Blue Mountain School, a private school in Floyd VA. We have a great community. Our class is 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. Our school is awesome! We spend many of our days barefoot outside in the woods learning. There are 16 kids in our class and two rats named Cloudy and Caramel. We eat healthy food and have almost no homework
  Monster Talk
Our monster would be president of the United States instead of Donald Trump. It would end capitalism by redistributing wealth among all of the people in our country. It would rid the world of air pollution and stop global warming by sucking up the bad air and releasing oxygen like plants do. It would fix the ozone layer so that we would be safe from the suns rays. It would come up with cures for allergies and fear. It would help all of humanity to not be frightened of snakes.

(Pet Snake)


Sarah Weithman - Prices Fork Elementary, Blacksburg, VA - My 5th grade class is excited to join the monster project! Our school is located in the southwestern part of Virginia, with specific GPS coordinates at 37.21N 80.4867W. The annual high temperature is 63F, and the low is 40F. The annual precipitation here is 40.86 in, we have a 94% humidity, and our altitude is 2080. Blacksburg population is 45,038, and our schools population is around 480 students. We have 20 students in our class, 7 girls and 13 boys. Our school begins in August and ends for summer break in May. We have 180 days of school in the academic year, and we observe national holidays.

  Our elementary school is located by two large universities, which are Virginia Tech and Radford University. We have two student teachers from Radford University that help us throughout the day. We learn subject like math, science, social studies, and language arts. The students participate in specials which allow them to go to art, physical education, library, music, and guidance.

Our classroom is very fun, and we are all unique. Some of our favorite things to do are playing outside (basketball, baseball, football, and softball), reading, and playing on our electronics. The students are very involved in technology, so we use our smartboard a lot for instruction. We are very lucky to have Chromebooks for every student to use in class. They enjoy playing math games and typing stories.

  If our monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), he would make our world a better place to live by helping the environment, teaching kindness, and assisting others. He would pick up trash and transform it into biodegradable plastic, as well as using his strength to protect forests. He might also teach everyone manners and how to be kind to others. He would print money and distribute the wealth to families who need it. He would also help our teachers in the classroom to allow each student some one-on-one attention.

  Skype: sweithman_1   -- (Neck)




We are in Pioneer Elementary School. We are in 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 1st grade STEAM in Quincy, WA, USA. We are in Mrs. Jones's class.  We do coding, art, technology, science, engineering, math in STEAM. We use our brains to use technology with others.

Latitude & Latitude: 
47.2343 N, 119.8526 W - High Temperature: 61.8 - Low Temperature: 39.3

Our monster could use STEAM to make our town a better place by building more houses out of stone or concrete so they are safe from fires. If he sees sparks or a little smoke coming out of the ground, he would quickly put it out before a huge fire starts. He could become a fireproof firefighter with special hot water. He would be invincible because he is a monster. 

School Web:
Skype Address: farmtableteach
- Mrs. Jones's Twitter: @farmtableteach   (Xbox)



Mr. Martinez, Grade 6, Warden Middle School, Warden, Washington.
Latitude/longitude: 46.9697 North and 119.054 East - High/low temperatures: 88 degrees/25 degrees

There are twenty students in our class. There are thirteen girls and seven boys. We all have different personalities, but we all like to have fun and create things

If our monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and math (STEM) s/he would make our town (or world) a better place to live by being a body guard for those who feel sad, hurt, unprotected, insecure, and unsafe. Our monster would have eyes all around its head and ears that could hear to the next planet. It would listen for name calling, bullying, discrimination, sadness, and cries for help. It would teleport to these people and have the ability to see into their minds and know what they are feeling, which would allow it to help them feel better.
Which part of your monster is mechanically alive? Its arm will move.

Twitter @WMSMAKERSPACE -- (Pinky Ring)




Mrs. Wisneski & Mr. Sackett have two 6th grade classes in Catalyst Charter Middle School totaling 45 students.  Catalyst is a 6-8 PBL school with an emphasis on STEM/Global Collaboration located in Ripon, Wisconsin, USA.

Lat: 43 51' 7.254" -- Long: 88 50' 57.0546"
Skype: Stampcat2  
School Blog: 
School Website:
Looking forward to a great project and integration of STEM.  Would love to connect with other classrooms using Skype or Google Hangout! (HAIR)



Dana Hoff's class, Innovation STEM Academy, Sparta, Wisconsin. We are 20 6th grade students who attend Innovations STEM Academy in Sparta, Wisconsin and our teacher is Mrs. Hoff. The latitude and longitude of Sparta, WI is 43.9441 N, 90.8129 W and the average temperature in the summer is a high of 83F and low of 60F and in the winter a low of 7F and high of 26F.

Innovations STEM academy is a project-based Charter School and we run a very different/ flexible schedule.  Each class consists of students in multiple grades where the students are involved in different activities, we have more freedom, and use a lot of technology.  Overall, our school is super fun and we can be involved in multiple clubs. 

Our monster will show kindness to make the world a better place. It would open doors for people. It would help people when they have groceries or holding something. Its arm is mechanically alive so it can open doors.

Facebook is
Twitter is @innovationsSTEM
-- (suspenders)




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