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        Mr. Humble: Teacher,
 Poet, Explorer, Super hero

Hello from Class 4. There are 25 children in Mr Humbles class at St. Oswald's Primary. Our school has 80 pupils.  We are 9, 10 and 11 year olds who are very keen to get going in this years Monster Project. This will be our ninth monster. We also like to play internet chess and if anyone would like a chess match, please get in touch:

Burneside can be found at Latitude - 54.3556 N, Longitude -2.7628 W - Google Map Street View in England
You can find out more about us on our wiki ( or our school website is at -- Class Twitter: @stoswaldsschool



This is our teacher, Ms. Jessica.  Mosquitoes bite her a lot.

Jessica Charvat - Grade level: 2, 3, and 4 
American Pacific International School Primary. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Latitude/longitude: 18.7061 degrees North, 98.9817 degrees East 
High/low temperatures: 36.1 degrees Celsius (April), 13.7 degrees Celsius (January) 
Skype: Library APISP find with 

Hello, sawasdee, ni hao, and bonjour! We live in Thailand but some of us are from China, Luxembourg, Pakistan, and America. We are joining the Global Monster Project as an After School Activity. At our school we have a lot of celebrations. Next month we will celebrate Loy Krathong. What do you celebrate

If our monster could use science or technology to make the world a better place she would use science to create a special seed that will grow trees fast. She would plant more trees for oxygen and homes for animals. 

Her fourth grade class is starting a Unit of Inquiry about cultures, belief systems and government - it would be great to connect with classes around the world during this time. 

Twitter: @APISP_ChiangMai 
Instagram:apisp -- Vine: apis 



My husband is a MS/HS Math teacher. Our sons are 2.5 (Tate)  and 15 months (Maisen)! Both made in Myanmar but born in Bangkok, Thailand!  

Yangon International School - 6th grade ELA - Yangon, Myanmar 
Sara Doerfler is joining the Global Monster Project for the 9th year in a row. Sara's 6th Grade ELA classes are made up of 22 students at an international school in Yangon, Myanmar. 

Monster changes the world:

Our Myanmar reusable trash monster will have xray vision to spot land mines in Southeast Asia. He(she) will eat them then poop out rare plants and herbs that can be used to cure some of the world's diseases.
His smell kills mosquitos thus preventing Zika, Malaria, and Dengue Fever.

Skype: Seriously13
  -- School web: Yangon International School 



Lusine's Video interview on Global Projects

We are school # 18 from a small city of Achinsk, Russia. Coordinates-
56N, 90E .  It occupies nearly 1,060 sq km. The population is over 100,000 people. Achinsk is located in Siberia. The climate in Siberia is severe. In winter the frost can reach 40 C. The nature is very beautiful even in winter when everything is white and shiny. Kids like to play outdoors even when it is very frosty. They ski and skate, sledge, play snowball and make a snowman.

 Our school includes several levels from kindergarten to high school. It has a lot of clubs such as judo, art, dancing, singing, fashion, drama and other clubs. Students are friendly and caring, curious and creative. High school level students help teachers arrange competitions, contests, projects and other events.

We are grade 3 and would like to participate in Monster Project to find new friends and make an amazing monster collaboratively. English is not our mother tongue but we are not afraid of difficulties. Our English teacher Lusine Jhangiryan and high school students will support us and help us to deal with difficulties.

If our Monster could make the world a better place to live in, he would use STEM and:

-Design new green parks with ponds and merry-go-round for kids.
-Start new factories to produce toys and books for orphans
-Find  cure for diseases so that all children in the world never fall ill
-Discover robots to collect trash and recycle it
-Discover robots to help disabled and elderly people
-Build new sports grounds and swimming pools instead of factories and plants  

Lusine Jhangiryan -- Email: --  skype lusinej3 - GOOGLE MAP VIEW - School



Click for larger Skype Photo

Larisa Tarasevich - Hello to all participants of the project! We are 6th grade students from Russia. We live in a country surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes. We are global participants because we have been taking part in Global projects since the 2nd grade! Our school is secondary grade 1-11. Happy to be the part of the Monster project -2016!

Larisa Tarasevich - Abanskaya School, Aban, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia.
Лариса Тарасевич --

Skype Us!  tlv20091 
Twitter -  @laraseagull
Class web:  -- School: http://абан-школа 

We also have a global project you can join called Doves for Peace and here is the Facebook page:  


We are grade 5 students from Kansk, Russia. We study at our school called Lyceum 1. Our teacher is Ms. Golubeva. It is cold here in winter sometimes about -40C and a lot of snow. In summer the temperature is 
+ 25 to + 28C. Our Latitude -5612'27'' N -- Longitude - 9542'12'' E. 

STEM: We think our Monster will help us to use reusable trash to save our environment.
Our skype shemishpere
Our Blog - 
Teacher Email  --
Maps - Google Map Location of Lyceum 1 --- STREET VIEW



Dasha Kireyeva

Hi! I'd like to tell about myself and my grade 5 pupils. We are from Secondary school #2 Nizhniy Ingash, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia. My name is Dasha Kireyeva. I am a teacher of Russian and English at school. I like my job very much. Since my childhood I dreamt to teach children. I like to learn. I have been studying all my life. I've worked as: an engineer, philologist, nurse.

I am working at the secondary school. Our school is small. It has 450 students. My pupils are very smart and curious. They like to play educational games and to be creative. All of my pupils are noisy and restless, so it's very hard to be quiet in class. I'm sure this project they really like, and we get a huge enjoyment out of. 
A few words about myself.  Im thirty. I was born in Lesosibirsk, but I do not presently live there. I live in Nigniy Ingash. In 2011 I was graduated Krasnoyarsk pedagogical university on the profession "teacher of Russian and literature". I am a filologist. I have been working as a teacher at the school for about 9 years.

Skype: haier123456742




Click us for HUGE photo

Vernica and Gabriela's 3rd Grade -- Colegio America - Lima, Peru

Primary children attend six to eleven years old approximately, which are grouped into six grades, from first to sixth. This is the stage of concrete operations, the timing of the statement of basic skills and training habits. Each section has a professor of Spanish and other English as well as teachers from other specialties such as Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Christian Formation. Apart from the classrooms to the different sections, it has other specially equipped classrooms for learning computer, reading, art, music and other activities. 
Our school motto is: "Enter to learn, go forth to serve".

What our Monster would do with STEM: 
We would used STEM to recycle paper and plastic bottles. Plant seeds and collect books to share them to other children. Create robots to clean our city. Write short stories to tell children how special they are. Sing songs to thank God for our live.

Colegio America Primary link - 

School address: Nicolas de Pierola 250 Bellavista Callao



Patricia Pereira's STEM after school class at Project Favela. Favela da Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

STEM: The monsters biggest challenge is helping residents find their own solutions to problems created by many people living in a small geographic location. 

This is the second year our class is participating in the Monster Project and our kids, ranging from 7 to 13 years old are excited to take part once again. This year our focus will be on how our monster can help with garbage collection and recycling efforts in the community.

National Geographic link about Project Favela and Monsters: 





Jennifer Verschoors Year 1 at St. Georges College North in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our two first grade classes are participating, for the first time, in an international project. We are all very excited to be part of this project because we are going to collaborate with different children from around the world.

We also want to learn how to collaborate, create and use ICT for learning during the project.

  Our Global Monster Project would use STEM to make our community a better place by:
  Cleaning up trash from a local outdoor space.
  Making streets safer.
-  Using more technology to reduce paper waste.

We are looking forward to learning more about you. -- Our Skype ID is jenverschoor.

To learn more about our school please check our website at



 Lisa Diessel's' 2nd grade: We live in a town of over 28,000 that includes not only an urban centre, but many farms. We grow lots of corn. We are on the north end of the Holland Marsh, Ontario's heartland for carrots, onions, celery, and other vegetables. We have a CarrotFest every summer. Our population was primarily made up of Portuguese, Italians, Scottish and Dutch, but more recently many different nationalities are moving in and making our population more diverse.

Our class has 19 students, and our school population is just over 200. We have children from junior kindergarten (3-4 years old) up to Grade 8 (13-14 years old). Our school sits in the middle of a large, grassy field, and includes some concrete pavement and two playgrounds with climbing equipment. Our school is in the middle of a residential area of single, brick houses. Our yard doesn't have many trees, but the streets are tree-lined. Many years ago, this whole area was forest.

We like to play Lego, Jenga, video games, Pokemon cards, dolls, and Ninja Turtles. We like to play with our pets. Some of us have pet dogs, and two of us have pet cats. We love sports and play: soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, skating, bowling, hide-and-seek, tag, swimming, and dance.

If our monster used STEAM, he would make our world a better place to live by making people less reliant on electricity and gas. He would design buildings that don't let the extreme cold or the hot sun in. He would design a car that could run on solar energy, and change its size to fit the number of passengers it needs to carry. He would use technology to write comic strips that teach people how to save energy and keep the world clean.

St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic School, Bradford, Ontario, Canada. - 44.1110 N, 79.5794 W

Click HERE for our temperature graph.

Lisa Diessel and Grade Two Students  --Twitter  @DiesselClass -
See us on Google Earth: 


Ms. Disher and Mrs. Sigurdson's Grade 2 Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Citadel Park School

How our Monster might use STEM to make our community / world a better place?
Our monster is different from all the other monsters being built through this project. We wanted to celebrate our similarities and differences as a community and with the use of technology our monster would like to help farmers grow food, plant trees to help create more oxygen for our world, pick up garbage and clean up our world and our community. Our monster will run on solar power electricity to move. By using this non-renewable resource our monster would like to take water from the ocean and filter the water so people from around the world will have water to drink. Our hope is that no one will ever be thirsty or hungry again

What we will learn from working with other children around the world is that we can build a community of monster builders, learn about different communities and cultures, food, if students wear uniforms at school, what their classrooms and houses look like, the different languages that are spoken and what students in other communities wear.

Interesting Facts:

  *   We are home to the Calgary Stampede.
  *   We have Calaway Park (amusement park).
  *   Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988.
  *   Calgary is a safe and peaceful city to live.
  *   We are home to Calgary Flames (NHL hockey team)
  *   We are home to the Calgary Stampeders (CFL football team)
  *   We are located in the foothills and a couple of hours from the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
  *   We are 51 degrees north and 114 degrees west
  *   We are fortunate to experience Chinook winds during the winter months
  *   Our season varies we can experience anywhere from 35C to 40C

We are two classes of grade 2s consisting of 41 students in total.  This is a new project for one of our teachers and we are looking forward to building our Monsters.


We are Mrs. Small's grade 5/6 class from Watt Public School! We are located at 2794, Hwy 141 Ullswater, Ontario, Canada, P0B 1M0 and are a small rural school of only 92 students!

  Latitude: 45.213214 -- Longitude: 45.213214

We live in an area known as Muskoka, which is about two hours north of Toronto. This area is sparsely populated, with many forests and lakes. It is a popular four season cottage and tourist destination because of the natural beauty.

Average high temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and the average low is -15 degrees Celsius, but sometimes it can get as cold as -40 degrees Celsius with the wind chill!

We are just learning about STEM and have many excellent ideas about how our monster could use it to make our community a better place. Some of these included using STEM to create mass amounts of food that could be delivered to the needy to combat hunger, the creation of a Green Means Go Car that ran on solar power and the food waste from our food production. In addition, we thought it would be good for the monster to have a computer chip in its brain that helped it make good choices when socializing, in this way the monster could teach others to treat people with kindness.

Our class website is
Our Twitter account is @wattps and our classroom account is @playwithastick


Tongue - Shannon Lee, Pierson School, Manitoba, Canada





We are an energetic and collaborative group of 5th and 6th graders at Wilmore-Davis Elementary which is located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Our teachers are Ms. Superty, Mr. Pullen, Ms. Charles and Mrs. Rotman.  You may have heard of our neighbor, Denver, CO the Mile High City. Its known as the Mile High City because its elevation is 5,280 feet above sea level, which equals one mile.  The population of Wheat Ridge is about 31,000. Its latitude is 105.0961W and its longitude is 39.7714N. To the east our city looks over the Great Plains, and our western view is dominated by the majestic Rocky Mountains. When you sing the line, for purple mountains majesty in America the Beautiful, you are singing about the view we are lucky enough to see every day. We have four major professional sports teams, the Avalanche in hockey, the Nuggets in basketball, the Rockies in baseball and the Broncos in football. Last but not least, Colorado is part of the Four Corners Region, which is the area where Colorado meets Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Wheat Ridge Colorado is a great place to live.  You should come and visit some time! Until then, we look forward to interacting with you online!  Happy Monster making! --




Lisa Newton Ed.S. - Gifted Program Teacher - Harbins Elementary School - Dacula, Georgia

We are a group of 4th grade gifted students and are focused on building our creative and critical thinking skills. There are 34 of us divided into two classes. Our school is in a rural community of north Georgia near the University of Georgia and we have over 1000 students from kindergarten to 5th grade. Our school uses technology each day as a learning tool and integrates STEM throughout our day.

Our monster would use STEM to make the world a better place by.Visit our
to hear our ideas! 




Click Here for Our Funny Photo

Hello !  Our 6th grade class at Challis elementary would like to participate in the Global Monster Project. Challis Elementary only has one 6th grade class  (ours) and about 175 students K-6. There are 24 students in our class. Challis, Idaho is located at 45.5 N Latitude and 114.2 W Longitude. Our surrounding area is high desert & sagebrush steppe.  We have tall mountains around us, but they are mostly treeless.

We are a very rural town, 150 miles from any large town.  Our population is about 900 people.  Most folks work as ranchers, outfitters, or work for the Forest Service or BLM.

For fun, we like to fish, hunt, hike, go whitewater rafting and participate in many sports.  We are about 50 miles from the largest wilderness areas in the lower 48 states.

We decided that our monster will be able to help the community by reminding the patrons of our small school library to return their books/DVDs and CDs on time so that they will be available for others.

We are thinking of trying to find a way to incorporate STEM ideas into our library monster in the following ways (these are just brainstormed ideas at present):

  • Use a motion sensor to activate lights to flash when a book gets turned in,

  •  Create something that is a foot pedal.that when stepped on makes the mouth open up for the book to be placed inside,




We are in third grade in Mrs. Schoenherrs class. We have been with our same teacher since second grade. Everyone in our class has iPads. There are more boys than girls in our class. We are a unique team. We love to tell jokes and riddles. We have a wild imagination but we also work hard! We always find a way to have fun, no matter what!

River Trail School is located in Gurnee, IL in the United States (Latitude: N 42 2210.635 Longitude: W 87 5419.1594). The average September low temperature is 52F and the average high temperature for the month is
80F. Our community is a suburb of Chicago. Gurnee is close to one of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan. In the summertime, we enjoy visiting Lake Michigan to go swimming, boating, or playing in the sand. We are lucky because our town has a big amusement park called Six Flags and it has a huge shopping mall, Gurnee Mills. Gurnee has many parks to play in. When we are not in school, many of the kids in our class enjoy ice skating in the towns indoor rink, and playing soccer.
Our monster will help stop pollution. Our monster will fly to garbage. He will eat trash and turn it into clean energy. For every 46 lbs of garbage he eats, a bit of clean energy is created. Our monster can go in water. It sucks up garbage and dirty water. It then spits out clean water. Finally, it can send out a video to remind people to keep our Earth clean

-- Skype: Julie.Schoenherr1


Mrs. Jacoby & Mrs. Riordan 4th grade; Also helping out is Mrs. Latz (Art), Mrs. Schertz (Technology).

The Cathedral of St. Raymond is a Catholic school grades Pre-K through 8th grade in Joliet, Illinois, which is approximately 50 miles from Chicago.  

Latitude and Longitude of our school in Joliet, IL:  41.5N, 84.14W
Hi/Lo temperatures: Low 17, High 85

There are 34 students this year between the two 4th grade classes.  We recycle to make sure we do our part to help the environment.  We help others out by doing service projects.  We use our talents in and out of school to help those in need.  

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by creating a system to make sure we all have clean drinking water.  After what Flint, Michigan experienced with their contamination issues, we feel this could happen anywhere and we need to be better prepared to make sure the drinking water is healthy.  Our Monster could help create better ways to make materials that dont have harmful products in them.  He or she could use advanced technology to help break up hurricanes, tornadoes, or other natural disasters before they become dangerous and harm people.




Teachers: Miss Mojica and Ms. Kut - 2nd Grade - Robinson Elementary in Lyons, IL, USA

Latitude: 41.810389   - Longitude: -87.814326
High Temp. has reached 100 degrees F and are low can get below zero

We would like to sign up for the belly button! We are still talking with our class to come up with the parts so I will send that this week.

We are incorporating STEM into this project this year by using math for measurement, and shapes (geometry) which is part of our CC standards in second grade.  We are incorporating Engineering  by learning about how to model a project and sketch it out before building takes place. Technology will be used because we are going to make our monster glow in the dark since it will be placed in the school's annual haunted house. Last we will incorporate Science by learning about light and electricity to make our monster glow.

  Like last year our classroom is monster themed and we call ourselves MonstArs!


Stephanie Combs and 82 kindergarteners, Sacred Heart School, Chicago, IL
Website: sacred-heart-schools

Temp: https://www.currentresults. com/Weather/Illinois/Places/ chicago-temperatures-by-month- average.php

Latitude & longitude: 41.995985, -87.656015

*If our monster used STEAM, he or she would make the world a better place by helping us live by Sacred Heart Schools 5 Goals: to love god, love to learn, help those who need us, be kind to all, and make wise choices.


We are a 6th grade class at the Centralia Jr. High located in Centralia, Illinois. Latitude 3831′31″, Longitude N 897′57″W. We are located in the south-central part of southern Illinois. We are approximately 60 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri. Our school includes grades 5 thru 8 and has 519 students in attendance.

We want STEM education to create students who are, innovators, problem solvers, inventors. Students who are on their way to becoming self-reliant, and logical thinkers. We would like our monster to help to get rid to pollution that is damaging our countrys land. We also hope our monster will be able to build factories that will provide jobs for all the families in our community that need the work to support their families. 

Mike Middleton, National Geographic Certified Teacher
Email -  Skype - mrgeocjhs - GOOGLE STREET VIEW



Teacher: Ms. Gallicos class - Grade: 5th grade - Lemont, Illinois, United States of America
Latitude/ Longitude: 41.6736 N, 88.0017 W
Average Temperature: Summer 87 Degrees F

We are a fun class that likes to have fun and joke around. We are a diverse class because we come from many different cultures. We are smart because we get good grades and try hard. Our class is random because we come up with random things. We are creative because we make a lot of projects. Our class likes to raise our hands when we need help or have a question. Our class is mighty fine because we help each other out and work together. We are competitive with our groups on a good way. We are energetic because we are crazy. We like to work together in our groups.

If our monster used science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by

He would eat all of the garbage in the world so there would be no landfills and pollution. After he eats the garbage, it would be recycled and create a new product for people to use. We could teach him to be kind and helpful to other monsters. Our monster would use science and technology to make sure everyone had a place to live. He can help the U.S. army protect our country. He could help plant crops and create a source of food for everyone to eat so no one will be hungry. He could use science and technology to help scientists develop new medicines to help people be healthy.

Website:  - Twitter: @msgallico -- Skype: bgallico16



Mrs. Tina Fink , 5th grade  at  Our Lady Queen of Heaven School in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

30.22 N. Lat, 93.21 W. Long -- high and low temps: 98-70 degrees;
We consist of three 5th grade classes of 21 students each.

Email:  ; skype: tfink.olqhs -- Picture coming later today with Stem statement



Northern New England!
Latitude: 43⁰3451N -- Longitude: 70⁰423W - Average High/Low Temps. July: 28⁰C (82⁰F)/ 14.9⁰C (59⁰F)
Average High/Low Temps. January: .4⁰C (33⁰F)/ -10.7⁰C (13⁰F)

  We are one of Mrs. Knowless 6th grade Social Studies classes at Massabessic Middle School in East Waterboro, Maine. We are located in York County, the southernmost county in our state, and are about a 30 minute drive to the coast.  There are over 200 sixth graders in our building, so we are organized into 3 teams, all named for rivers -- we are part of Team Sabattus. The word Massabesic means land of many waters and there are many lakes, ponds, and rivers in the five towns that make up our school district, RSU57.  This is our first time participating in the Global Monster Project and we are very excited to join in as we will be studying Geography and World Cultures this year in Social Studies. All of the 6th grade teams in our building will also be doing STEM projects throughout the year.  We hope to have a chance to connect with other classes via Skype, Google Classrooms, or Padlet and will add our contact info ASAP. 

If our Monster could make the world a better place to live in, he would use STEM to:
-Make water safe and available throughout the world
- Build  homes
so that no one in the world is homeless and create them so that they are earth friendly. 
- Create new animal sanctuaries
for endangered animals and improve those in existence

For now, you can contact us at, or




Teachers: Betsye, Barbara, Leslie -- We are a small school of 19 students in grades K-7.  We work and learn together in a space divided into areas. We love to be creative and cant wait to create our monster.  Our school is in Salem, a small city on the Atlantic Ocean. There are 42,000 people living here. We are famous for our Witch Trials in 1692 and for our sailing ships who went across the world to trade for goods.

The Phoenix School Salem, MA - 42.5195 N (Latitude) , 70.8967 W (Longitude) - Temp: 0F - 88F - Twitter @PhoenixSchool

  Our monster will use STEM to make a difference in the world by:
-Building a robot that makes homes for the homeless
-Building a machine that can crush carbon atoms into food for homeless/poor people.
-Building a supercomputer that hacks into enemy files to stop wars
-Building a safety device that monitors animals and where they have been

the microscope


Full Circle Classrooms of Newbury, MA -- Multi-Age Grades 1-4

How our monster will use STEM to make the world a better place:
"Our monster was a modified science experiment. The scientist's original intention was to create a boring coding program for Halloween where the monster was programmed to say "Boo" and move its arms slightly. Instead, when the scientist wasn't looking, one of the students snuck a virtual reality headset into the lab and rewired the circuitry. When the scientist turned around, a monster had been created to bring virtual reality to every classroom connected to an x-box one S."

Our monster will help save the world by teleporting materials to villages in countries where there is no water and supplies so that they can build wells and schools.  Our monster's first two stops will be to teleport materials to our partner school villages in Cambodia and Liberia.  UWS Tien is in the province of Ratanakiri in Northern Cambodia.  They are building a school so kids can learn to read and write and end the cycle of poverty.  The village in Liberia needs a well to bring clean water to its village.  Our monster will teleport to the villages with the materials, and we will be able to see it all happen from our virtual reality xbox one s!  In the future, we will be able to visit our partner schools all over the world."

Lori Towle - Director of Full Circle Classrooms




Mrs. Ardingers 4th Grade - Concord Elementary School - Edina, Minnesota

Latitude/Longitude - 4453'46.1"N 9320'45.8"W -See STREET VIEW on Google maps.. Our average temperature in January is 17 degrees (although its not uncommon to reach -20). Our average temperature in July is 76 degrees but we can reach in the low 100s.

Here is what you should know about our class/school:
- We have six elementary schools in our town, ours is the biggest with 
about 750 kids.
- Our school has grades Kindergarten through 5th
- Our school mascot is called Paco and he is a wildcat.
- Our food drive collects about 6,000 lbs of food each year.
- We have a book fair every fall and a carnival every spring.
- Our classroom is right next to the new construction that will happen soon.
- Our classroom has a tree inside named the Llama Tree - meaning we
 decorate it with llama themed pictures, art projects . .(last year it was the 
pickle tree and the year before it was the Narwhal tree).

Our teacher wrote a grant a few years ago, so we dont have desks in our 
room, we have moveable tables, a short floor table, a stand up table, some 
fun benches and some really cool hokki stools.  

 Kristy Ardinger

Here is a video of us excited about the monster project -  

If our monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math he would make our world a better place to live in by helping to create clean water for people to drink.  Our monster has the ability to suck dirty water into his mouth, the garbage gets sorted out and clean/filtered water will come out one of his arms.  The extra garbage goes through the incinerator so he does not create more waste. 

Class Website:
Class Photo Album:
School Website:

Class Twitter:  @ardsclass -- Teacher Twitter:  @kriardinger




Hello! We are the students of Room 8 at the Miriam School.  Our school is unique because it is an Occupational Therapy (O.T.) oriented space, that uses Project Based Learning (PBL) and is a mixed grade environment.  The students of Miriam School have lots of interests, and we are smart and creative.  Our class is small, only 10 students and a total 88 in the whole school. Some other things we get to do at school include gardening and cooking.

     Some people may call our home town of St. Louis, Missouri, the Gateway to the West. It got that name because it was one of the first successful cities along the Mississippi during the 19th century. During this time people were exploring the west and its unsettled land.  St. Louis was the last stop before their adventures.  The latitude of St. Louis is 90 degrees West and the Longitude is 38 degrees North. Average temperature gets as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit which is 32 degrees in Celsius.  The average low is 24 degrees Fahrenheit which is -4 in Celsius.  The highest temperature was 108 degrees Fahrenheit in 2014 and the lowest temperature was -19 degrees Fahrenheit.

If our monster were to use STEM to make the World a better place it would . . .

We want our monster to build a system for an efficient energy source. For example maybe our monster would be able to build a fusion reactor instead of fission reactor.  We also would want it to; stop wars by signing peace treaties, build homes for those who do not have homes, giving clothes to homeless people, and finally pick up garbage to help the environment.

Mrs. Wand, , GOOGLE MAP, Email me to set up a skype conference or to chat.


Dear Monster Makers,
Greetings from Hannibal, MO USA! I'm Michelle Huseman and I teach fourth grade at Eugene Field Elementary in the heart of Mark Twain country! My class of 18 is excited to begin the monster making process. We begin just like an architect would, with a blue print of the "part" they have chosen, drawing it out to get a feel for what it should look like. Then we put together a shopping list of items needed to make the build happen. Next comes the build itself. I try to take two entire class days to put everything together. I think this helps the kids see the project come together in a more organized manner, rather than taking several parts of several days. To me this is more of an organized chaos!

Please contact me at or if you have questions. Happy Monster Making!



New Hampshire

From Teacher Garret Ferguson:
We are the fourth grade at Lafayette Regional School in Franconia, New Hampshire.  We have 22 bright and eager learners in our classroom.  There are 3 sets of twins and 7 people that have a first name that starts with "A". Finally all our students have one or more siblings. Every student in our classroom has laptop to use. Outside our classroom window we can see Cannon Mountain which we ski on during the winter on Fridays.  In our school, there are 118 students grades K -6.   Our schools rests at the foot of the White Mountains. The students come from three small towns Easton, Franconia, and Sugar Hill. It will not be uncommon during our trip to school each morning to see a black bear, moose, wild turkey or deer.  Our hope in the monster project is to connect with as many classrooms as possible via Skype or Google hangout.  Just send us an email.

How can we use STEM to make the world a better place?

  • invent a robot to pick up trash/litter
  • have machine to recycle food waste so we can eat it again
  • machine sucks up harmful chemicals to protect the ozone layer
  • invent a teleporter so there is less pollution from cars
  • invent a machine that would quickly put out wildfires
  • self driving car that would not get into accidents
  • robot that could help countries reason with each other so there are no violent wars
  • car with zero emissions

Skype: Lafayette41



Mrs. Tremblay and Ms. Hanson - Hooksett Memorial School in Hooksett, NH has about 500 students in grades 3-5 (ages 9-11). We have great teachers and awesome lunch ladies. We have ice cream on Wednesdays and sometimes we have popcorn parties. We get to do projects outside in the gazebo, when the weather is nice.

Latitude/Longitude: 43.09 N, 71.46 W
Average High Temp: 82 F -- Average Low Temp: 12 F
School Website:

  If our monster used STEM, he or she would make our world a better place to live in by: He or she would keep our community safe and clean. The monster has a vacuum to suck up the dirt and gross stuff. It would remind people to be nice, especially bullies.




Mrs. Tremblay and Ms. Hanson with grade 6. Cawley Middle School in Hooksett, NH has about 500 students in grades 6-8 (ages 11-14). Our school motto is Make your mark, make a difference. Our school is a two-story building that includes a large gymnasium and a lot of technology. We have a variety of amazing teachers who work in teams named after famous colleges, like Yale and Princeton.  We have a lot of cool clubs like robotics, soccer, and cross-country for after school.

  If our monster used STEM, he or she would make our world a better place to live in by: using science to alter psychological and physical problems such as dementia, aggression, and anxiety. Our monster would use new technologies to develop clean renewable energy sources, reduce pollution and create safe communities.

  School Website:



Hampstead Academy's 2nd/3rd grade Monster Design Team

We are the second and third grade and Hampstead Academy located in Hampstead, NH, USA.  Our longitude and latitude are 42.8745 N, 71.1810 W.  The teachers in this project are Mrs. Suzanne Cronin (Grade 2), Ms. Susan Pitman (Grade 3) and me, Rosemary Lannazzi (Maker Space and Technology).

A quick note from our students: We just started our school year and looking for an awesome STEAM project!  There are 12 of us and were excited!  We love our Maker Space and STEAM projects and we are studying outer space now!  We also love monsters (and aliens) and want to work with other kids around the world. We were so excited when our teachers told us we got the right elbow. - written by 2nd and 3rd graders

Our ideas on our Monster could use STEM: If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town a better place to live by cleaning our environment.  He would use technology to help us make electricity from trash and not make pollution.  He would be able to use the sun for energy by helping scientists build better solar panels.  Our Monster would also use science and math to develop something that take things that cannot be recycled now so they can be recycled or reused.  Our Monster would also be able to clean our air because he would breathe in what we breathe out like trees do.  He could also use math and technology to develop new ways to plant more trees.  Most important, he would be a positive thinker always looking for more ways to help our town.


Kiley Kapp, 45h and 5th grade, Waterville Valley Elementary School - Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, USA

Latitude/Longitude: 43.9466692,-71.5027398 - High/Low Temps: 79.3 / 7.1 F

Skype: KileyKapp
Twitter Address: KileyKapp1



New York 

Our teachers are Ms. Kennedy and Mrs. Donofrio. We are in Grade 1 at Staten Island Academy. We are from Staten Island, NY. The high is 90 degrees and the low is 75 degrees. It feels hot and sticky, and we are sweating a lot. Gym is so much fun. The playground has a giant ship and we are allowed to play whatever we want when we go there. 

This school is great and fun. Our names are Victoria, Leilah, Kaila, Sarah, Naszir, Olivia, Li'Ana, Carly, Rocco, Alexander, Viola, Nicolas, Lucas, Adrianna, Morgon, Simone, and Blake. We chose to make a necklace for the monster. 

What we would want to learn from other children:
We want to learn different languages and how they speak.
We want to try their food and dessert.



Hi! We are the fourth grade class at the Churchill School in New York City, New York State, in the United States of America. Our latitude is 40.74 N, -73.97 E.  and our average high temperature is 83 degrees Fahrenheit, and our average low temperature is 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Our record high is 102 degrees F and our record low is -4 degrees F. We have three fourth grade classes of 12 each and we are all going to work together to build our monster with our technology teachers Jessica and Shannon. The Churchill School is for students with learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD. Our teachers are really nice. We have classes like art, science, reading, speech and OT, performing arts, HHR and health. Our school building is big with eight stories and our playground is on the roof!

  If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our city a better place to live by building homes for poor people, making good food like NY pizza for hungry people, protecting people when we have big storms, cleaning the subways up, cutting grass in Central Park and helping cats down from trees.
Shannon Stringer - Chairperson of Instructional Technology and Integration


Mr. Englert's Library classes, Bellvue Elementary, Syracuse, New York.

We are the Bellevue Bees of Syracuse City School District.  Syracuse city is a prominent city on the Erie Canal.  The city has a great university and the area is chock full of support for all of their sports teams.  The city itself has a small downtown area surrounded closely by many neighborhoods that are at or below the poverty line.  Our school has about 400 students ranging from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade.  Each class in fourth and fifth grade has three classes and all are participating in making a monster this year. 

 I am the Librarian and working as part of the personal learning curriculum by pushing into these classes with project based learning.  We are very excited to collaborate with as many schools as possible as our students are typically not exposed much to travel.  Our students love to learn and are extremely excited about the various aspects of the Monster Project!

Skype: ?



North Carolina

First Grade Teachers: Mrs. Froehlich, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Wright and Media Specialist Edie Crook.
Hawks Nest STEAM Academy, Gastonia, NC  28054, 35.2621 N, 81.1873 W, annual high 71.6F, annual low 49.3F

We are a K-5 school and this is the first year at our school for K-4th grades.  We each have a Chromebook & there are 10 iPads in our classroom. We enjoy project-based learning. We just celebrated Dot Day and are participating in the Cardboard challenge by creating games for others to play.

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by ....?: Helping others learn things that they dont know or that they want to know. Our monster could help design things (like a lemonade stand) Our monster could help people travel easier (scooter, fly with wings) Our monster could build things, transform into a boat and help people travel, and could help by coloring with his fingers.

Edie Crook 
@FroehlichMandy, @mrswrightssquad, @HNSA_Grant -- GOOGLE MAP


Hello! We are Mrs. Baker's 3rd grade class at Valdese Elementary School in Valdese, North Carolina, United States.  Our latitude and longitude are: 35.7406N, 81.5633W.  The high temperatures around here are usually in the 90's but because of humidity, it feels much hotter!  The low temperatures around here are usually in the teens and twenties.  But it has been colder than that before.  We have 24 students in our class.   Our school has over 400 students. We are really excited to participate in this project and getting to know more about our other monster makers!

If our monster used STEM in our community it would cure diseases that affect many people around the world. Our monster could also create a device that could help clean the environment and conserve natural resources. Our monster will also work together with members of the community to help people get along with each other. We envision our monster being like a transformer that can change into whatever is needed at the moment: fire truck, ambulance, home, hospital or a friend.  

Our Class Website -
Mrs. Baker's Skype address: christina.baker177

Our Twitter:  @Thrivingin3rdB




Teachers: Barb Crookes, Karla Gipson, Mike Torok (Student Teacher) - Grades 3 & 4
Franklin Elementary School, Wadsworth, Ohio, USA - Latitude:  41.0256 N -- Longitude:  81.7299 W
High/Low temperatures:  Our temperature averages in the teens in January and February and in the 80s in July and August. 

Our class is made up of 3 third-graders and 3 fourth-graders. Mrs. Crookes is our teacher, Mrs. Gipson is our Aide and Mr. Torok is a student teacher from The University of Akron. We go to Franklin Elementary School in Wadsworth, Ohio and are known as the Wadsworth Grizzlies. A few of our interests include dirt biking, playing football, cheerleading, playing video games and drawing. We are very excited to be part of the Global Monster Project!

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our school a better place to be by serving as  a personal assistant to our Principal, Mr. Havens. Mr. Havens is a very special Principal and provides tons of extra activities for our school. Some of our many events we do at Franklin are:  Movie Night Fundraisers, Pioneer Week, Pioneer Week 4th Grade Sleepover, Popcorn Awards Parties, Science Night, Language Arts Night, Math Night, Maple Syrup/French Toast Breakfast (Maple Syrup made from the trees at our school), Science Fair, STEM Assemblies and Projects, Veterans Day Program, to name a few We think our monster could be of great help to Mr. Havens and our school!





Teacher: Mrs. Sue Parsons, 3rd grade, Maple Glen Elementary School, Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, USA
Latitude/longitude:  40.16/-75.18
Temperature - Oct. High Avg/ Oct. Low Avg.:  64.2/46.7 degrees F

Our class is eager to join the Global Monster project and connect with other students around the world.  This is our first full week of school and our school year will end in the middle of June.  Our special classes are music, gym, art, and library.  Outside of school we play sports like soccer, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and baseball.  We also cheer, dance, play piano and do many other activities. 

  If our Monster used STEM he/she would make our world a better place to live by putting solar panels on every building so that could generate their own electricity.  The monster would be tall and strong and be able to quickly put solar panels on buildings.  This would be a safe way to make energy that would be good for the planet.  


Class website:



 We are 21 third graders from Erdenheim Elementary School, which is Springfield Township, PA. We are really close to Philadelphia, PA. We are famous for our cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. We are also home to the first zoo, The Philadelphia Zoo and the Liberty Bell.

If our monster used STEM, he or she would make our town a better place to live by helping us become a better community, by working together as a team. He will make our world better by taking care of the environment.





Shelley Sherman (aka super teacher) -- The Golden Black Koalas from Blue Mountain School

  We are a class of 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders from Floyd, Virginia USA who attend Blue Mountain School. At our school we spend a lot of time outside. We eat lunch outside everyday and go hiking in our woods. We love poetry, reading and writing.  Our latitude is 36.911244 and our longitude is -80.320050. Our average high temperature is 62 and our low is 38. We have a school cat named Luna who helped us write this introduction.

  How Our Monster Could Change the World - Our monster would:

  • Build homes for the homeless and schools for the schoolless

  • Build a pollution and littering sensor to catch litterbugs and pollution makers

  • Build an internet shield to protect our games from hackers

  • Build more hospitals and kid hospitals

  • Plant more trees and plants to help stop global warming

  • Turn all the bombs into water bombs

  • Teach people how to make better decisions to stop war

  • Create a gun zapper that would gather all the guns like a magnet and blow them up in outer space.

  • Create a gun that heals and not kills, or guns that shoot confetti, glitter and ice cream

  • Create an antivirus to stop all the disease like Zika and Lyme

School web:  -- 
Skype contact: shellyfsherman


Click Our picture to See Our FUNNY Picture

Teacher: Mrs. Dara Stewart, Grade: 4, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Strasburg, Virginia, USA.

Mrs. Stewart's class is fun, because we all get along and are friends (we do get a little loud sometimes). We speak English. We enjoy sports. We are helpful and work as a team and stick together. Our class cares about other people.  Our class accomplishes our goals (gets stuff done). We inspire each other. 

If our Monster used STEM he or she would make our town a better place to live in by inspiring others to be creative and make more things to help us have a better place to live. We would become more intelligent and then we could help others to become more intelligent. We could also bring awareness to safety through technology.

38.9887 N, 78.3586 W -- Temperature: 95*/30*



Katherine Mangums 5th grade, St. Catherines School, Richmond, VA

Hello!  This is Mrs. Mangums 5th grade homeroom advisory group.  There are 13 of us and we go to an all-girls school in Richmond, VA called St. Catherines. At our school, 5th grade is part of the Middle School.  We are the only 5th grade homeroom in the basement and our room is the science lab.  All the other 5th grade groups are on the third floor, so were constantly going up and down steps! One fun fact about our school is we get to take swimming in PE!

We have 4 seasons in Richmond. The summer months in Richmond are typically hot and humid with days in the 80s Fahrenheit (F) and many days in the 90s F. During the winter months, there are usually only four or five times when the daytime temperatures don't go above freezing, 32 F.  -- latitude and longitude - 37.5407 N, 77.4360 W

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) she would make our community a better place to live by developing a system to transport all of our books and supplies to the third floor where we have our other classes. Wed program her with a special lost and found app to help us keep track of our stuff! Shed also be smart enough to help us with our homework! -- Skype name katherinesmangum


Ruler - Kelly Aeschlimann's 5th grade, Loch Lomond ES, Manassas, Virginia



Liz Andrus' 3rd grade, Austinville, Virginia

Our class is part a small, rural, elementary school in the New River Valley in Virginia. There are about 150 students in all at Jackson Memorial. Austinville is right next to the New River in Virginia, so our students love to fish and play there. Many students at Jackson come from farming families and enjoy outdoor activities. We experience all four seasons here in Virginia and will be celebrating Halloween during the Monster Project. We are looking forward to connecting with other classes and seeing everyone's monsters this year!"

Our monster will use STEM to make the world a better place by...
-using it's computer voicebox to translate languages for kids who want to speak with one another
-helping to create new medicines
-using it's computer to connect kids who are orphans and help them make new friends
-using kid friendly language to help teach kids about computers






Hi, from Pioneer Elementary School in Quincy, WA, USA.  Our teacher is Mrs. Jones.  Our first through third grade Daily STEAMAM class would like to join the Monster Project again this year!  We like science, technology, engineering, art and math!  We have fun and learn in STEAM.  We ask lots of questions.  We never say I can't and we never give up! Instead, we ask for help and we make plans with our group and use teamwork to help each other.   

Our Monster would use STEAM to help our town by:

  • Carrying kids to school. His hands would have breakfast pop out of them so they could eat on the way!
  • He would inspire all kids to go to school and learn because they would see how creative he is by using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math!
  • He would make us have brighter electricity so we had more stuff to see.

Latitude: 47.2343 N - Longitude: 119.8526 W

High temperature: July and August average 86.5 degrees Fahrenheit 
Low temperature: December and January average 35 degrees Fahrenheit 

We're so excited to build our monster again this year! The Pioneer Panther Kids
Camille Jones -


Teachers: Eileen Hynes,  Quynh Cao, Morgan Padgett, Andy Gregory and Maudie Johnson.

The Lake and Park School is an independent elementary school with 65 students in pre-k -5th grade, located in the Mt. Baker neighborhood of South Seattle, Washington. Seattles latitude and longitude are 47.6062 N, 122.3321 W. January is the coldest month in Seattle with an average high of 45 F and low of 36 F and August is the warmest month with an average high temperature of 73 F and low of 55 F. We have a weather station at our school.

At Lake and Park School we study different interesting things and a lot of science, some favorites have been bees, the ocean, the earth, and world religions. We go outside every day to nearby parks, and often do work in our school garden and travel about Seattle on other field trips. We raise salmon every year. Lake and Park is a very welcoming school. Our mascot is a dragonfly.

To complete the Global Monster Project at Lake and Park we will have 42 students, ages 6-11, with the assistance of 5 teachers working together. This project reminds students at Lake and Park of other global work we do together like Trick-or-treat for UNICEF.

STEM: Our monster would contribute to making the world a better place for everyone by addressing major social issues- providing food for the hungry and homes for the homeless. This monster would also do things that are good for the environment like picking up garbage, stopping pollution, cleaning the ocean and fixing climate change. Wouldnt it be cool if it could also cure diseases? 

School web:




Click Here for Our SILLY Picture!

We are twenty 6th grader students who attend Innovations STEM Academy in Sparta, Wisconsin and our teacher is Mrs. Hoff. The latitude and longitude of Sparta, WI is 43.9441 N, 90.8129 W and the average temperature in the summer is a high of 83F and low of 60F and in the winter a low of 7F and high of 26F.

Innovations STEM academy is a project-based Charter School and we run a very different/ flexible schedule.  Each class consists of students in multiple grades where the students are involved in different activities, we have more freedom, and use a lot of technology.  Overall, our school is super fun and we can be involved in multiple clubs.  

Our STEM monster will create scientific breakthroughs to eliminate some illnesses.   Our monster will also help to get rid of pollutants in our atmosphere which will help prevent other diseases too.  

Mrs. Hoff, Innovations STEM Academy Teacher, Google Certified Educator 
Twitter: @innovationsSTEM -- Website:



Mrs. Wisneski & Mr. Sackett have two 6th grade classes in Catalyst Charter Middle School totaling 51 students.  Catalyst is a 6-8 PBL school with an emphasis on STEM/Global Collaboration located in Ripon, Wisconsin, USA.

Lat: 43 51' 7.254"
-- Long: 88 50' 57.0546"
Skype: Stampcat2 

School Blog: 
School Website:
Looking forward to a great project and integration of STEM.  Looking to connect with other classrooms using Skype or Google Hangout




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