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Note: This class from Turkey is joining late without a part to design, but they will build a Monster.

 Our Teachers:  Megan Blackford 3A/3B/3C;  Melis Erhan 3A/3B; and Simge Gürkan 3C -- We’re three third grade classes (60 students) from TED Istanbul College in Turkey. We have 320 students in the primary school. Our school is situated on the hills of Beykoz, a healthy and safe environment far away from the noise, congested traffic and polluted air of Istanbul 28.000 square meters of indoor area consisting of the kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, dormitory, and sports-culture-art facilities built on an area of 10 acres. The Latitude is 41.109231 and the longitude is 29.1179798. During the summer months, air temperature can go up to 30 degrees Celsius and in winter the temperature is around 10 degrees. 

Skype: megan_blackford and gurkansmg
Grade 3 website : 



Media page video: A Walk Home from School through the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro

School: Project Favela -- Located in  Favela da Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil -- Our Class Name: Chamego em Ação (Change in Action) -- Class:  Geography, Science, and English , and our ages are 8-12 years.

Latitude: 22.9° S, Longitude: 43.2° W - Find us on the map!
Teacher: Ellen Sinclair Director: Angela Crawford

Chamego em Ação is a class taking place at Project Favela, in Rocinha--it is the largest favela in the Southern Hemisphere.  The children enrolled in Chamego em Ação attend to provide more than their limited public education services currently available.  It is an interdisciplinary class, focusing on geography, science, and English.  

STEM Statement:  The mission of Project Favela's STEM initiative is to foster children's innate curiosity, joy of discovery, and create a society of problem-solvers who can drive social change in their community by applying their STEM skills to the unique problems related to improving life in the favela. The favela is a very large and very poor part of our large city of Rio de Janeiro (6 million). Our Monster will be curious and help us all discover solutions to the problems of the community.  

"The monster is strong so he could help build better houses for everybody and capture dengue mosquitos and throw them away over the mountain."



Sara Doeffler's 6A and 6B: We have two 6th grade Language Arts classes participating this year with 41 students.  
Yangon International School
, Yangon, Myanmar - Latitude/Longitude – 16 degrees north, 96 degrees east

Yangon International School is located in Yangon, Myanmar, a country near India, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam in Southeast Asia. YIS is a pre-school through 12th grade College Preparatory School dedicated to an American curriculum to prepare Myanmar students to attend college or university in the Western World.

Our climate is humid and hot with monsoon rains from April-October.  During late October through March, the weather is much cooler getting down into the 80s with a bright sun shining down everyday keeping the heat.  It is located in what used to be a rain forest, but it is now an urban jungle.  

STEM: The 6th grade students will incorporate STEM into their Global Monster Project by drawing on previous Science experiment knowledge on how to make lights and electricity to give lighting to the skateboard they have designed.  They are excited to work together to build a monster from reusable trash to conserve their environment and prevent further pollution.  
VIDEOS: Our kids are currently working on two videos to send to everyone to help you visualize the world we live in here in Myanmar!



Teacher: Shannon Bomben  -- School: A21 Academy, Windsor Ontario Canada

Class Bio/ STEM : We are a small grade 4/5 class who partake in Project Based Learning! We are also a 1:1 iPad school and love to try new things involving STEM and STEAM! We love sports and allow our students to practice a sport of their choice in the mornings before school (many are on the ice improving their hockey skills!) 
Note: Shannon is a National Geographic Grovesnor Fellow - which means she has had amazing adventures!

Mrs.Lee in Manitoba,Canada - Pierson School --Hello, My name is Shannon Lee and I am teaching the grade 5/6 class in Pierson MB. This is our second year doing the monster project and we are addicted. Pierson is a small town of 250 people located in the southwest corner of MB. Our school has 82 students from Kindergarten to grade 12. We are a farming community that has also had a few good years in the oil industry.

  Our Latitude is 49.1800° N, 101.2625° W The warmest we get in the summer is about 30 Celsius 

STEM Statement. Our Monster will have a variety of skills ... The students realized a need for Recycling, safety and need in our area as we suffer through a doctor shortage. Our monster will use STEM to create a skill set to create the following things.

* Hospitals that can run without doctors, using nurses and virtual doctors.
* Making timers for all houses to reduce the use of electricity.
* More Tech in schools to reduce paper waste
* He/She will be able to take farm animal poop and recycle it into things that are used everyday and disposed.


Mrs. K. Godman, Mrs. L. Kerr and Ms. Lakhanpal - Grade 3/4 team from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Queen Elizabeth School. We are three grade 3/4 classes consisting of 73 kids in total. We are very excited for this project and can’t wait to build our monsters. Here are a few details about our school/city:

-Our school is named after Queen Elizabeth.
-Our school has a deaf and hard of hearing program.
-Our city had a big flood in 2013.
-Calgary is home to the Calgary Stampede
-We hosted winter Olympics in 1988.
-We are located an hour away from the Canadian Rocky Mountains
-We are fortunate to have Chinook Wind during our cold weather.
-Season varies often -high could be anywhere from 35 C and lowest -40.

School web: -- Latitude 51° N -- Longitude 114° W

If our monster used STEM, he/she should would make our world a better place by:
-change everything to run on solar power
-discover a cure for cancer
-design a machine (e.g. Robots) that cleans up all garbage/use less electricity
-make cars that don’t pollute/create solar panel cars
-invent something that will take the pollution out of the air
-create something to make people stop smoking
-make sure no animals are hurt or mistreated
-build houses for the homeless out of unearthly materials from his planet
-create super fast eco-friendly rockets to visit space and anyone could travel.
-create a machine that filters water so everyone has good water to drink.


We are grade 4 students from Kansk, Russia. We study at our school called Lyceum 1

Our teacher is Ms Golubeva (людмила голубева).

It is cold here in winter – sometimes about -40C and a lot of snow. 
In summer the temperature is + 25 - + 28C. 

Latitude -56°12'27''N -- Longitude - 95°42'12'' E (Find us on the map!)

We think STEM education creates critical thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators. Our Monster would solve the most pressing challenges facing our world, both today and tomorrow.  
For example.....
Global climate change is the most pressing challenge happens because of air pollution, cutting the trees.

If they will be great students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, they find new sources of energy and save forests and animals.



Natalia Kazakova (наталья казакова)-  grades 6/7 - Siberian Russian Aban School 3.

We are a team of sixth and seventh graders from Siberian Russian Aban School 3. Our school offers many clubs that kids may join. We love reading, sports, working on the computer, listening to music, and of course hanging out with friends.  Our students have participated in many different projects such as the Monster Project, Landmark Games, Design and Draw, and  Doves for Peace

'If our Monsters could use science to make the world better, what might the Monster do?"
Our Monsters can do a lot for us: they can explore space or help elderly or disabled people with everyday life. They can also monitor our health. Our Monsters can scan and sort our recycling. They could be used for sorting household waste.

We hope to find many friends around the world through this project. Good luck to every team!



Mr. Humble on a visit 
to the USA

Mr Humble’s group from St Oswald’s School in Burneside England. 

Hello from Class 5. There are 16 kids in my class. Our school has 80 pupils (four classes from reception to year 6).   We are 9, 10 and 11 year olds who are very keen to get going in this year’s Monster Project. This will be the eighth monster from Mr Humble’s Class. We also like to play internet chess and if anyone would like a chess match against some keen English students, please get in touch:   

Burneside can be found at Latitude - 54.3556 N, Longitude -2.7628 W  - Google Map Street View in England

You can find out more about us on our wiki (http://humbleclass.wikispaces. com or our new school website at


Miss Allder’s class from St.Oswald’s Primary School, Burneside (England)

Hoping to join the monster project again! Here are our class details..

Hi, we are class 2! We are a very small class of 14 children aged 6-7 and we are looking forward to some monster making this year.

School website:






Teachers: Lin-lin Tan, Li-Chi Hsu at Sih-Wei Elementary School in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Latitude: north of the equator: 22-25, Longitude: east of the equator: 120-122

School Homepage -- Class Blog of Lin-lin





Hello participants of the global Monster project! Our teacher, Mrs. Wand, and us are very excited to participate in this year's Monster Project! We go to the Miriam School.  Our school is very special because it's a school where kids who have learning disabilities can get special help. 

Our classroom is creative, silly and smart.  Since Miriam is a private school we only have 10 students and our class includes 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Our class monster will be made by our school community.  We ask each class to help us make a monster part, then our job is to put it all together.

We live in Saint Louis, Missouri in the Midwest of the USA.  The longitude is 90.3544° west and latitude 38.5878° north. The weather in our area is always changing, but the average low temperature is 21 degrees F and the average high is 89 degrees F.   We are a big baseball town, our team, the Cardinals, have won the World Series 11 times.

Our monster would be a mascot for a larger organization that would use STEM to make the world a better place. This organization would promote STEM education for all students and help encourage people to use science to help people. Our monster would help all children learn about science, technology, engineering, and math in hopes that they could have a better life.   twitter: Miriam   Mrs. Wand --  Instagram: Mrs.WandsWonders  --



Hello Monster Makers!! We are the fourth grade class from Eugene Field Elementary School in Hannibal, MO USA.  Our teacher is Ms. Huseman.  She has been part of the monster project for about 12 years or so.  Too many to count is what she said!!

Our class is interested to see how this works because none of us has ever done anything like this before.  We will be drawing parts out of a hat and making a “blue print” on blue paper of what we think our monster part should look like.  This is just like being an architect that draws building plans before the building is actually built.  Then we have to collaborate with the other parts connected to ours to see how everything will fit.

Forgot to tell you that we have 17 in our class.  We are a talkative group and Ms. Huseman says she hopes we can put that energy into this project.  Please email us at if you would like to find out more about our school and lives. 

  Message from Ms. Huseman : I will be videoing our work this year and sending it for all to watch so that you can see how we go about solving our problems.  This group is very chatty!!!  So getting them to focus on one job is going to be a challenge.  We have already had lessons on measurement as this is an area of struggle for us, but one that the Monster Project can help with. Enjoy!




New Hampshire

Mr. Ferguson, Grade 4 (ages 9 -11), Lafayette Regional School (K-6) Franconia, NH USA 03580

Average Temp  Winter:  13 F   Summer 70 F

Our school is a small rural school nestled north of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The White Mountains serve as our students' playground in the summer and winter.  The winter is for skiing and the summer is for rock climbing, camping and hiking. We have 21 students this year which is a big class for our school. Students come from three towns Franconia, Sugar Hill and Easton, NH.  The combined population of the three towns is less than 1,500 with about 110 squares miles of space.  

Email: gferguson@lafayetteregional. org | skype: lafayette41


New Jersey

Howdy! We are the 3H Crew and we live in a small historic town of Haddonfield in New Jersey, USA. Our teacher is Ms. Halbert and we are in 3rd grade. Our school is J. Fithian Tatem Elementary. Our longitude & latitude is 39.8954 degrees N, 75.0343 degrees W The average high temperature is 86 degrees F and the average low temperature is 30 degrees F. We live near Philadelphia and many of our classmates are fans of the Eagles, the Phillies, Flyers, the Union, the Soul, and the 76ers. For fun we like to do projects, ride bikes, go to town and get ice cream, ski, sled, dance, gymnastics, kickball, snowboard, play sports like football, soccer, baseball, swimming, field hockey, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, golf, flag football, track/cross country, softball, and rugby.

Our monster would use STEM to make our world a better place to live by:
·  disposing trash by incinerating it and breathing in all of the smoke
·  converting simple items like dirt into useful items like engines
·  planting trees that don’t need much water to survive
·  locating and collecting plastic  trash in the ocean and then turn it into toys or playground equipment

Class Blog: our new class blog is under construction (I will send the link asap!)
Skype id: HMHS08033 -- Twitter: @suehalbert

J. Fithian Tatem web page:


Ms. Kelly Davis - Grade Level - 2 - Collingswood, New Jersey, United States

We have 17 students in our class and we are so excited to do this project. We all love to read and we are starting to read chapter books. We like to play sports outside of school like soccer, football, karate and dance. Ms. Davis is a new teacher at our school and its fun cool that she is having us do this project. 


If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by inventing new things to help make the world a better place and to help people have a better life. He would create an app for the iPad to have children talk together around the world to help each other with homework. The monster will build a house that he can grow food all year round to help feed the homeless. Our monster will plant trees for everyone. The trees will give people shade and more oxygen. The monster will help clean up the streets. He will pick up trash that people dropped or left outside. He will be funny and make people laugh and smile.



Sharon Elementary School - Robbinsville, New Jersey  
Lat: 40° 12' 48" -- Long: -74° 34' 36"Teachers: Mrs. Ayala (not pictured), Miss Belets, Miss Denko, Miss Dolan, Mrs. Evanowski, Mr. Fleischhacker (not pictured), Mrs. Goodstein, Miss Librizzi, Miss Matticks, Mrs. Zahn 

The temperature ranges from 20 degrees F in winter to 85 degrees F in summer.

Our school is huge!  We have about 1,000 K-4 students and 125 people who work here.  The third graders are lucky because we each get Chrome books.  We're a very
"green" school.  All of the lights are on motion sensors, the bathrooms have sensors for the water and hand-dryers, we have water fountains to fill our water bottles, and we have solar panels!!

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) it would make our world a better place to live by:
 * Vacuuming up all the air pollution
* Converting all garbage into something useful
* Using STEM to spread love, happiness, and joy
* Encouraging kids to learn STEM so that they can make the world a better place

Project Coordinator:Ellen Malissa



See Our Video and 
More Writing on the 
Media Page

2nd Grade: Mrs. Monceaux (student teacher Kalley Thompson) and Mrs. Peters (student teacher Carissa Meaker) Christiansburg Primary  School, Christiansburg, Virginia, United States.
Latitude: 37-07'57'' N/ Longitude: 080-24'56'' W,
High of 99 degrees Fahrenheit/ Low of -18 degrees Fahrenheit .
Website: and Skype: cjmonceaux

What makes our class unique? Student responses included:

Naomi: We help other people up when they fall down and when they are hurt. We tell and when people are bullied we tell an adult that is near. 
We are all different in many ways. I like Pokemon and soccer. 
likes dancing. Jaylen likes gymnastics. I think everyone has something good that they do. 
likes math in every way. I love everybody’s specialties.
I want the monster to help people when they are hurt and injured. He would help people who would drop things and he will pick it up for them.

Maverick: If I had a monster, it could scare away robbers. It could build houses. It could protect us from people.
That is how my monster could change Christiansburg.

We gave all of our students the Monster STEM prompt. Some examples have been included as videos - 

Go to the Media Page to See our Video and more writing.



2nd Grade: Mrs. Childress (Kelsey Gibbs student teacher) and Mrs. Shelton (Jenna Beatty student teacher), Christiansburg Primary School, Christiansburg, Virginia (United States) - Latitude: 37-07’57’’ N / Longitude: 080-24’56’’ W - High of 99 degrees Fahrenheit/Low of -18 degrees Fahrenheit -- Website:  

What makes our class unique? Student responses included:

Jasmyn: They are nice to people who fall down. They are the best class who are my friends. I love them as a friend. I will never forget them.

Klaire: We all have a special talent. Everyone has a special thing about themselves.

Autumn: People say we are the best class. We do great work. We are the first class to do the pledges. We have great teachers.

STEM: Our Monster can make Christiansburg a better place by putting phones on buildings. He could put TV on the ground. He could make robots by using technology and science. He could make 200 dollars a day by building robots. See Student writing at this LINK.


Teachers: Jeff Stuart and Kaitlyn Hall - 5th grade - Christiansburg Elementary School - Christiansburg, VA - USA

Latitude/Longitude: 37.1345737/-80.416717 -- High/low temperatures: 81/60 on 9/7/2015

Other details about our class: Our 5th grade class in Christiansburg, Virginia is a hard working class. We are also a very humorous class with unique individuals. If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our world a better place to live by building cars that drive perfectly to prevent car crashes. If our monster built perfect cars, then no one would ever get hurt in car crashes.



Christiansburg Elementary School Christiansburg, VA, United States 
4th Grade: Mrs. Cabler and Ms. Martin  - Email: 

Coordinates : 37.1411 degrees  N &  80.4078 degrees W

Climate: Virginia has four mild seasons --> Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter. High/Low temperatures on 10/07/2015: 75 degrees Fahrenheit/ 48 degrees Fahrenheit

Problem in our community?Violence/Safety
Solution: Our monster will travel at significantly fast speeds in order to catch the villain before he commits a crime. The monster will sense when the crime is about to happen, so that he can stop it before it happens. Another characteristic of our monster, is that he will be able to see the future and see those people who are bad. 

If our monster helps stop all violence, it will make Christiansburg a better place to live in. 



Greetings from tiny Esmont, Virginia USA! We are intermediate students (grades three, four, and five) at BF Yancey Elementary School in Mrs. Obrecht's enrichment class.  Our school is located near the James River and the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Our location is 37.4917 N and –78.3543 W. We have warm and humid summers, and most winters we see enough snow to keep us at home for a few days. Average high: 67 F, average low 46 F.

If our monster used STEM principles, he would help the entire world by stopping polluters, farming enough food to feed the hungry, curing diseases, and keeping the oceans clean.

http://bfyanceylibrary.wix. com/bfyanceylmc
On Twitter:@bfyancey and @kristieobrecht




Click HERE for our Silly Photo

We are a classroom of 22 fourth grade students at Jaworek Elementary School in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The boys outnumber the girls by two. Our teachers are Mrs. Gibbons and Mrs. Federico. We speak Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English and Cantonese, and a bit of German. We like to discover all of the different monsters in our literature. We want to find out as much as we can about the rest of the world.

Marlborough’s latitude is 42.3458 degrees N and our longitude is 71.5528 degrees W. It takes about 45 minutes to drive a car to Boston on the East Coast. Our summer temperatures can reach the high 90s and we can go a few degrees below 0 in the winter. Based on our City of Marlborough 2014 census, our population is 39,414. Marlborough covers 22.2 square miles. (Find them on a map!)

If our monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), he or she would make Marlborough and the whole world a better place by teaching people how to use a renewable energy such as wind power. Our monster could find innovative ways to run affordable wind turbine machines. 
Monsters around the globe could find the best wind locations and help each other build and manage wind farms.

Email address:   -- Skype: 5855



Lisa Newton Ed.S. - Gifted Program Teacher - Harbins Elementary School - Dacula, Georgia
We are a group of 4th grade gifted students and are focused on building our creative and critical thinking skills. There are 44 of us divided into three classes. Our school is in a rural community of north Georgia near the University of Georgia and we have over 1000 students from kindergarten to 5th grade. Our school uses technology each day as a learning tool and integrates STEM throughout our day.
This is our first monster!

If our monster used STEM to make the world a better place he/she would:
   o    Help build shelters prepared for any weather
   o    Make survival outfits to explore new places
   o    Reserve land to keep animals safe
   o    Improve technology to explore the sea
   o    Create mathematical formulas to measure things in the sky
   o    Saving endangered animals by creating a time machine
   o    Eliminate pollution
   o    Create a device that enabled people to collaborate effectively to lead to world peace
   o    Create a website where people could safely research
   o    Sharing our knowledge and attitudes with others around the world
   o    Create medicines to cure all disease
   o    Create a way to teleport to solve our transportation issues

Latitude 33.9875 degrees -- N and 83.8919 degrees W
School website: html




Ms. Pennington

Ms. Pennington's 5th grade - La Harpe, Illinois
Our class is an energetic, artistic and excited group of 19, 5th graders!! We all live in west central Illinois, USA! We go to La Harpe Elementary School in rural La Harpe, IL, our town has 1,400 people living in it. Being from a small town, we don’t even have a stop light! 

Our Monster comes to the school to educate and problem solve on bullying issues. He uses Science (psychology) to study why people bully or are mean so we can solve problems together. Helps talk to bullies and victims of bullying to help them resolve their issues. Our Monster has an app that is on all computers in the community and it will help detect cyber bullying. When cyber bullying is detected, it can send a video to the bully to remind them that bullying of any kind is not okay and help them problem solve to stop. Our Monster uses engineering to help the students of LaHarpe Elementary work together to build an anti bullying machine. The Anti-Bullying machine key is his cane! It is also a remote control so he can control the machine even when he is not at the school. Finally, he uses a precise math equation to solve any kind of bullying problem.

            The equation is: 2/6 of respect+ 1/6 kindness+ 3/6 of love= Anti-Bullying Power!

We are very excited to be a part of the Global Monster Project this year and have already started planning how to communicate with all of you! Happy building! 


 Cathedral of St. Raymond, Joliet, IL USA 
Mrs. Jacoby & Mrs. Riordan – 4th grades with our Art teacher Ms. Latz.
Student’s Collaborative Writing – Monster Project. the Cathedral of St. Raymond is a small Catholic school with grades Pre-K through 8th grade

Latitude and Longitude :  41.5°N, 84.14°W
-- Hi/Lo temperatures: Low 16°, High 85°

  St. Raymond School 4th grade is has 22 students in each class.  We understand that it is our responsibility to take care of the environment by recycling and cutting back pollution.  We use our talents in and out of school to help those in need.  We take part in many service projects throughout the year to help those in need.

  If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by reducing the amount of pollution and littering.  Our Monster could help reduce the amount of energy that is wasted by helping to turn lights off.  He or she could use advanced technology to help alert citizens of natural disasters and be able to locate those in natural disasters faster.

  School Website:  


Miss Chavez, Mrs. Tracy, and Mrs. Garcia's  Dual Language 3rd grades (Spanish and English), Gard Elementary School - Beardstown, IL USA, 40.0122° N, 90.4286° W, 86 H to 17 L.  

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our town (or world) a better place to live by planting trees, growing potatoes and recycling, Our monster would also create cars that are powered by singing (like in Spongebob) and use recycled materials to make diapers.
Skype: isamar.chavez9



Serious Skypers! Contact them!!!

We are the 4th graders from Gale Elementary in Galesburg, Illinois, U.S.A. (41 degrees North, 19 degrees West). We live in a farming community where we farm mostly corn and soybeans. Something cool about Galesburg is that the Lincoln Douglas Debate was held here at Knox College. The high temperatures in the summer average 90°F and the low temperatures in the winter average 32°F. Our teachers are: Mrs. Bevenour, Mrs. Green, and Mrs. Rush. 
This will be our third monster. 

Our monster will help make the world a better place by patrolling neighborhoods, looking for people who are wasting water and electricity.  He will design a computer program/app that will allow him to use his iPad, iPod, iWatch, etc., to turn off the devices in people's homes that are wasting resources.  By helping to save resources, he will be helping to save the world!

Mrs. Bevenour, Email: jbevenour@galesburg205. org  -- Skype: mrs.bevenour
Mrs. Green, Email:  --Skype: Mrs.Green2016
Mrs. Rush, Email:   -- Skype: ellen.rush111
Looking forward to another fun year of monster making. :)


Mrs. Smith’s Class Bio- We are a group of 4th grade gifted students from Glenbrook Elementary School in Streamwood, IL (USA).  This will be our first time participating in the Global Monster Project and we can’t wait to get started.  We hope to connect with other classes across the globe through Skype, Twitter and/or Edmodo.

      We enjoy participating in STEM activities daily across the curriculum. We are 1:1 with technology (laptops) and have several iPads so we can easily connect and collaborate on projects and hope to become as paperless as possible this year. A favorite app at this time is Aurasma because of the ability to link videos to our hard copy projects.  We also use our laptops to practice computer programming, using and participated in the Hour of Code for the first time last year and plan to participate again this year.  We know when we grow up we will need to be skilled in the use of a wide variety of technology, some of which doesn’t even exist yet.

 Our Monster’s use of Technology
Our Global Monster Project will actually be a STEAM project because of all the creativity which will be involved. Lastly, our monster will learn to code so he can use Tinkercad and a 3-D printer to create new body parts if needed. In order to code, he will need to use his math skills which he will practice daily in class with the students.  He will also use Skype and Twitter to communicate with the other monsters who are created.

Our class twitter is: @4EGLU46    Skype: @notoelli




Lyons, Illinois at Robinson School, 2nd grade! -- Our two second grade classes would like to sign up for the nose if it is available! The teachers in the class are myself, Meagan Mojica, and Jennifer Kut. We are unable to provide a class photo at this time seeing that not all of our students have returned their permission forms to be photographed for the project yet. Our STEM statement is as follows:

Science: Throughout this monster project we plan to incorporate Science by teaching an entire germ unit to our students known as, What Makes Me Sick. This is why our class was eager to build the nose to be able to discuss why we sneeze, how germs are spread, and what really happens to our noses when we get sick.

Technology: Most of our students do not have the technology available to them at home that has become part of our everyday lives. We plan to use Skype to be able to learn about different cultures and people who live in other places around the world. We are incorporating an entire culture unit and will also be completing a research project into the Global Monster Project. This will be the first time some of our students have used the computers for actual research.

Engineering: With the approval from out higher staff, we want our monster to shine! We will also be talking about electricity (from our Science unit) and hope to give some light to our monster.

Math: We plan to incorporate math into this project by using shapes and measurement as a key focus when building the monster.

  We are looking forward to all the possibilities wrapped around this project!  Skype address??



New York 

Shannon Stringer, Chairperson of Instructional Technology and Integration: The Churchill School, New York City, NY.

We are fourth graders at The Churchill School. Which is located in Manhattan, New York City, New York State, United States of America, on North America. NY, 40.74 N, -73.97 E.  -- Average High 83 degrees Fahrenheit, average Low 23 degrees Fahrenheit.  We have small classes so our three 4th grades are going to work together to build our Monster. 

If our Monster used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) he or she would make our city a better place to live by inventing robots to help the NYPD and the NYFD to do dangerous things, by having more people use public transportation, by making more things recyclable, by engineering ways to cause less pollution from factories and use solar, wind and water energy, by designing a disaster warning system for earthquakes and tsunamis,  by finding ways to save endangered animals, by helping more people get medical care, by discovering a way to make more paper with fewer trees, and by developing a way to plant more trees in our city.   

North Carolina

See Our Monster Project Video on the Media page!

Hello! We are Mrs. Baker's 3rd grade class at Valdese Elementary School in Valdese, North Carolina, United States.  Our latitude and longitude are: 35.7406N, 81.5633W.  The high temperatures around here are usually in the 90's but because of humidity, it feels much hotter!  The low temperatures around here are usually in the teens and twenties.  But it has been colder than that before.  We have 19 students in our class.   Our school has over 400 students. We are really excited to participate in this project and getting to know more about our other monster makers!

Our monster will use STEM to improve the community by engineering his own hydroponic growing system to grow some of his own food.  This will impact our community and planet by reducing his foot print. 

Our Class Website:
Mrs. Baker's Skype address: christina.baker177 -- Class Twitter @Thrivingin3rdB



Queens Creek Elementary in Swansboro, NC -- assistant principal Cathy Dalimonte is helping  Miss Jennifer Tkacz's multi-grades (K, 1,2,3,5).  We are so excited.

Our monster, whom we named Optimist Carter, would used his STEM skills to keep the world clean by picking up trash and cleaning any polluted water and air. He will also feed the homeless and kids by growing fruits and vegetables. Lastly, collaboration is important in any STEM activity, so our monster will be someone who will listen to and talk nicely to everyone, as well as teach others how to play American football!

Anyone wishing to connect to us via webconference is welcomed. I have access to AdobeConnect tool and can use that as well as having Skype - cathy.dalimonte2 is my username.





Hi we are Ms. Baden’s PreK/Kindergarten class from Lake Asbury Elementary School located in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Our school mascot is Rams. We are a small class of 5 students, 1 teacher (Ms. Baden), and 2 assistants (Mrs. Stravato and Ms. Craven). We are very active and love to do hands on activities. We are really EXCITED about building our monster and having him in our classroom.

We are located at 30.052914 degrees latitude and -81.81629 degrees longitude. The temperature here can get into the high 90’s and sometimes can go into the 20’s (though that doesn’t happen very often).



Click to See Our Silly Class Photo

We are the students in Ms. Auerback’s 4th grade class.  We go to South School.  The school is located on top of a creek where we can see deer and ducks.  Our class has 22 students, and there are approximately 265 students in the entire school.  Our town is Hillsborough, CA.  California is located in the United States of America.  The latitude for our school is 37.562164.  The longitude is -122.337193.  In September, the average low temperature is 55 F ( 12.8  C) and the highest average temperature is 73 F (22.8  C)

We are doing this project as part of our Innovation Lab class.  In this class we collaborate and problem solve while completing building challenges.  We have a wonderful teacher named Ms. Bautista.  The link to our website is

We are excited to work on this project because we can collaborate with other people from around the world.  We also want to learn new building and note-taking strategies by working with other people.  We love that monsters are crazy, fun, scary, spooky and, for this project, helpful. 

If our monster used STEM, it would help the world by eating trash from the ocean and landfills and turning the trash into energy.  The energy that it makes will be used to power the power plants around the world.  The monster also can drink dirty, polluted water and spit out clean water.


Click to See Our Silly Class Photo

Our class has 21 students and our teacher is Mr. D’Ambrosio in 4th Grade at South Hillsborough Elementary School.  We live in Hillsborough, California, U.S.A., North America, Earth, Milky Way, Universe. The latitude is 37.56190 North and the longitude is 122.337175 West.  The average low temperature in September is 56°F the average high temperature is 73°F.  
We are in a horrible drought. 

We are doing the Global Monster Project in Innovation Lab.  This class is taught by our wonderful teacher, Ms. Bautista, who is great working with a team.  In Innovation Lab we get to solve problems with our group.  We build with pulleys, inclined planes, wheels and axles and levers to solve our design problems.  The link to our website is

We are very excited to make this monster because we have to collaborate with our class, the other 4th grade class at South, our table group and people all over the world.  We believe that when we do that, we will make a monster that we will be proud of.  We are also excited because we will have to be problem solvers.  For example, when we make the monster, some parts might not turn out like planned and we will have to be flexible.

If our monster used STEM to make the world a better place, it would use chemical reactions to turn the trash island in the ocean into clean water.  The monster would be able to stretch from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to California.  It would eat up the trash, convert it to water, then hop up into the clouds and sprinkle the water down on our state.  That is how it would be able to help California’s drought.

What we love about monsters is that they are scary, weird, funny and huge. 


Stevens Creek Elementary School is home to more than 500 students. Both our classes are maxed out at 24 students each.  We are nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley. The city's claim to fame is that it is the birth place of Apple computers. Our longitude and latitude lines are 37.3175° N, 122.0419° W.

Our monster would help our state and community by:

-Help the policy by protecting people
-Help with California's drought by making rain clouds
-Cure diseases
-Work with  senior citizens

-Jeanifer Tsukamoto (3rd grade) and Laurel Jung (1st grade), Stevens Creek Elementary, Cupertino, Ca



Mrs. Tina Fink's, 5th grades  at  Our Lady Queen of Heaven School in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

We’re three fifth grade classes (61 students)  from Our Lady Queen of Heaven School.  We have approximately 650 students Pre-k to 8th grade.  We’re located in Lake Charles, Louisiana  at 30.2147 N Lat and 93.2086 W. Longitude.  Our climate is warm, hot and humid in the summer months, and mild to cold in winter months.  
School website:   Mrs. Fink’s class email is

Our monster would use STEM to make our community a better place to live by:
- eating up all the trash and garbage in neighborhoods.
- using inexhaustible resources  like geothermal energy to heat up homes so we can conserve fossil fuels.
- putting love and compassion in the hearts of everyone (especially bullies).

Our skype id: tfink.olqhs




Mrs. Wisneski and Mr. Sackett 6th Grade Classes

There are two 6th grade classes in Catalyst Charter Middle School totaling 43 students.  Catalyst is a 6-8 PBL school with an emphasis on STEM/Global Collaboration located in Ripon, Wisconsin, USA.

Lat: 43° 51' 7.254" -- Long: -88° 50' 57.0546"
Skype: Stampcat2 -- School Blog: 
School Website:

Thanks again for organizing. We will be breaking into groups to do a variety of monsters since this is a showcase project for our grade


Mrs. Hoff, grade 6, Innovations STEM Academy (ISA), Sparta, Wisconsin. Lat/Lon: 43.9° N, 90.8° W - 
High/Low temperatures: High 56.4 Low 34.8 F.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Our classrooms aren’t your typical classroom.  We have a campfire room that has a couch and the back of the couch has 3 little counters with these awesome stools called surf chairs! The Think Lab is one of our other classrooms.  The walls are lined with computers which we use for our projects, researching and math class. In the center of the classroom our “desks” are mobile and swivel.  They are called Node chairs.

Innovations STEM Academy is more projects and challenged based learning. We have Chromebooks for learning and research. We often are out in the community for learning purposes. STEM students will be participating in a lot of statewide competitions. ISA prepares students to be global thinkers and prepares kids for future life.

If our monster used STEM to improve the community, it would be to improve the water quality in Sparta.  The STEM monster would try to eliminate pollution which would help make all water cleaner and help the trout and other fish survive.

Mrs. Hoff -- Innovations STEM Academy Teacher - Google Certified Educator 
Twitter: @InnovationsSTEMacademy -- Facebook:



Justin Lloyd - Riverview Middle School is a 5th-8th grade school in Plymouth, Wisconsin. 

Find us on the map at 43 °45'21.2"N, 87 °58'44.5"W. 

We will have our 5th and 6th grade students working on the Monster Project as an introduction to the design process.

More info coming on STEM and the Monster....

Skype: riverviewstem
School Website: Schools/RV/index.html




 Mrs. Jones’ Daily STEAM First-Third Grade Classes. Our class would like to be part of the Global Monster Project. We are 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade STEAM Enrichment students at Pioneer Elementary in Quincy, WA.  We use STEAM for everything we do.  This year, we are also learning how to use 21st century skills like collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication in our projects. These are some ideas of what our monster could do:

· Our monster would help the world by using STEAM to paint a picture of being safe at our school.  He could also paint a picture of a plan for helping poor people to get food.

· Another way our monster could help would be to build a big building to make the internet faster.  He could also help us learn how to do new things.

· The monster could also build a machine to help clean up garbage around our town. 



Alisa Rudd's Gifted Specialist-PACE.  We are 2nd grade G/T students, Saigling Elementary, Plano, Texas
Latitude: 33.0348114. Longitude: -96.762331. Highest temp 103° in August and Low temp- 33° in January.

Howdy! We are a super duper creative and original bunch of 2nd grade G/T kids from the great state of Texas! We have a small school in the middle of the large city of Plano, TX- right outside of Dallas. We LOVE learning and have the most fun when we get to interact together and be creative. We are currently learning so much about cultures and want to know all about all of yours!

If our monster used STEM, he would make our world a better place to live by ultimately helping to bring peace. He has a computer brain that is hooked up to the internet and has the ability to find and know information on all cultures. He has recognition abilities and can recognize what cultures people are part of when he sees them and hears them speak. His goal is to help people appreciate each other’s differences, so he brings cultures together through engineering projects that he comes up with. The people have to work together and through that he gradually starts blending cultures and makes people aware of cultures other than their own.

Twitter: classroom @saiglingpace and Teacher - @alisarudd --  



Mrs. Aspen Bischoff’s 2nd grade, Gifted and Talented class, Huffman Elementary School, Plano, Texas (USA)

We are a very small class of gifted and talented 2nd graders.  We are located in Plano, Texas at 33.0197 N latitude and 96.6992 W longitude. We are a suburb of Dallas, Texas known for our love of sports, especially the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers!  Our climate is mostly sunny and warm.  We reach triple digit temperatures often in the summer and almost always have sunshine.

This is our first time participating in the Monster Project!  We are excited to learn about new places and the different cultures found around the world. Our monster will use STEM to help people learn about, understand and appreciate everyone’s different cultures from around the world.  It will use STEM to help us all appreciate our cultural differences and find ways to blend our cultures so that we will all get along. He will have a built in computer system that identifies different cultures based on people’s clothing, language, and food.  He will use be able to teach us different languages and things that are important in different cultures. It will be able to combine cultures to create new languages, clothes, food, and customs so that we all understand why each of our cultures are important.

School Website:   
-- Twitter: @aspenbischoff





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