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Julia Karaban's 6th grade - Khakasia, Russia. 


Mrs. Tarsevich's class - Older students helping younger classes - Aban, Russia


Mr Ferguson's 4th 
Franconia, NH

Peggy Zealand's  1st grade, New Market, Ontario, Canada. 

Diane Sloan's grade 2, Rowsley CE Primary School - Derbyshire, England

Miss Cawthon's 4th, Quincy, Illinois


Ms Golubeva's grade 4 --  Kansk, Russia. 


Jessica Charvat's grade 4 - Yangoon International School, Myanmar


Lauren Owen's Year 2 class, London, England, Langbourne Primary School 


Maureen Gibbons’ 4th Grade - Marlborough, Massachusetts, Jaworek Elementary


Cheryl Davis, 4th grade - Forest City, North Carolina, Forrest W. Hunt Elementary 


Jeremy Dziedzic's 1st grade - Kang Chaio Bilingual School - Taipei, Taiwan


Mrs. Pritchard/Miss Pennington 4th - Westview Elementary - Canton, Illinois


Mrs. Medina/Miss Mojica - Westview Elementary - Canton, Illinois


Mrs. O'Brien/Miss Chavez - Westview Elementary - Canton, Illinois


Mrs. Sigurdson, Ms. Lakhanpal, and Mrs. Pfob in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Queen Elizabeth School. Grade 3/4 team.






Valomba Galamba

Mrs. Wisneski and Mr. Sackett 6th Grade  - Catalyst Charter Middle School - Ripon, Wisconsin


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