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Ms. Witt's Grade 3: We are a grade 3 class from Brisbane, Queensland Australia. We would like to describe the lips if possible.  We will not be able to start constructing the Monster until the Monday 3rd of October as our third school term finishes in two weeks time and is followed with two weeks holidays.  We would like to use the construction of the Monster as a stimulus for the fourth term unit of work. We are currently at the beginning of SPRING. Attached is a photo of our very large (30 students), noisy and enthusiastic class. In the picture we are dressed as our favourite book characters for Book Week celebrations.

A community to us means belonging.  This is interesting for learning because we can share our ideas and learn from others. Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also something that helps us share and collaborate with our family and friends.

The latitude and longitude for Manly, Brisbane, QLD, Australia: South: 27.45765 by East: 153.184527. The maximum temperature, at the moment, is 23 degrees celsuis and the minimum temperature is 12 degrees celsuis

Kind Regards,
Ms. Witt

St John Vianney's Primary School - Manly  QLD  4179 | Australia |


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We are the 2M Gems, a class of 21 Year 2's from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Our school is situated high on a hill in the suburb of Manly overlooking the beautiful Moreton Bay (Latitude -27.45156° Longitude 153.18025°). We have just entered the season of Spring, with our average maximum temperature for this time of the year 27C/80F and our minimum 12C/53F.
We love connecting with and learning from other classes around the world and use all sorts of tools (especially ipads) to blog and reflect on our learning. This term, we have engaged in an inquiry where we have investigated how monsters are portrayed in multimodal texts. We can't wait to make a monster of our own!

I've attached a picture of the kids taken when they were getting ready to perform a Buddy Holly number at our school dance concert. The kids want to create a video to explain what community and teamwork mean to them. I'll have that to you by Friday.

Amanda Marrinan - QSITE Secretary - St John Vianney's School
Manly, Brisbane - Queensland, Australia  4179- - class email: - class twitter: 2mgems


Hi! We are a Year 3 class at St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School, Holland Park which is a suburb in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Holland Park is an inner city suburb approximately 10km from the city. Mrs Sheridan and Mrs Jacks are our teachers. In Brisbane, Spring has just begun and the temperature gets up to 21-25 degrees Celsius during the day and down to 8-10 degrees Celsius at night.

 A community to us means caring friends working together co-operatively as one team. This makes learning interesting because we can share our knowledge, other people have good ideas to share and it’s easier to work as a team to get the job done quickly. When we have problems to solve we can work together to solve them.  Team work is not just for kids at school because when you grow up and have a job, adults need to work together to complete projects as well. It's a valuable skill to have.

St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


We are a year 3 class of 30 children and Saint John Vianney's Primary School in Brisbane Australia.  Brisbane's latitude and longitude is 27° 30' 0" S / 153° 1' 0" E.  Our average daytime winter temperature is between 18-20 degrees Celsius and our average summer temperature is 27-34 degrees Celsius.

We took part in the Monster Project last year and we made Fozzie Ozzie Mozzie Shing Shang Dong with Mrs Randall.  Our classroom is right beside 3S who are also taking part in the project again.  We are very excited about taking part in the project again this year.

A community to us means working collaboratively with others in our classroom, school, city, country and around the world.  It is interesting for learning because we can share our ideas with lots of different people and learn new things by talking to others about our learning.  Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also a life long skill we will use in the future.

Wendy Randall,Year 3 Teacher,Saint John Vianney's Primary School
Manly, Australia
| class blog:


We would like to do the NOSE, if that is all right!  

Our location: (50.495247, -104.605081)
Our weather stats: High 17 Celsius, Low 2 Celsius

We are a busy class of 23 students this year.  We are excited to be taking part in the Monster Project for the first time! 

A community to us means a group of people who are 'bucket fillers', and who belong together like puzzle pieces.  This is interesting for learning because we know we can only 'see the whole picture' if all of our puzzle pieces work together.  Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it also helps parents, teachers, firefighters, farmers, athletes, and everyone in the community to feel happy, to learn, and to do their best. We can't wait to create and witness your creations!

Ms. Morgan Bayda and The Grade One Class
Ruth Pawson School, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
-- Web: mcintosh  

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Ms. Nairn is our teacher.  Our grade is grade 2 and Harold Hatcher Elementary School is our school.  We live in Winnipeg, Canada.  Our latitude and longitude of Winnipeg is 49° 53' 0" N / 97° 10' 0" W.  Our average temperature in the summer 25C.  Our average temperature in the winter is -21. 

A community to us means we take care of everything , we help each other, we care about people, we like friends, we respect all living things and it is interesting for learning because it help us work together. Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also important all the time.  We use teamwork at home, in playing games, when were helping people out, and when we are working together to create things like helping make a sandcastle.

Our blog website: --  Harold Hatcher Elementary, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:



Mrs. Tarasevich's Class -Abanskaya Secondary School 3 - Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia.

 Hi Terry! Here is our introduction of the team. We are students of the 5th grade. We are going to make a monster for the second time. This year we are making a monster boy for our last year monster girl. We are looking forward to doing the project.
Aban, Russia. Mrs.Tarasevich's class.




Hello, monster makers, my name is Ms. Sara Stoolman. I teach in Bundang, South Korea, which is a suburb of Seoul. 

Our latitude is: 37 degrees N  and our longitude: 127 degrees E

In this part of South Korea, we can have high temperatures of about 100 degrees and as low as zero degrees F. Summers are humid and very rainy during the monsoon season with highs in the upper 90s. Our winters are cold and sometimes snowy down to 0 degrees. South Korea has beautiful spring and fall weather with gorgeous Cherry Blossoms blooming in the spring to help us forget the chills of winter! 

We are an international school bringing in cultures from all over the world!  We have recently welcomed a large amount of Saudi Arabian students making us even more diverse! There are students from Korea, Japan, America, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and more here at KIS.  We have one elementary, one middle school and one high school! We have over 1,300 students at our school. We are one of five 3rd grade classrooms here at Korea International School.  My class of 20 diverse 3rd graders from around the world are ready to create a new monster skateboard for the fall 2011 project.

A community to us means sharing, respecting, cooperating, caring, helping, trusting others in a peaceful, responsibly way. Team work to us means focusing, involving and helping each other with cooperation and trust to work together to accomplish a goal.

Sara Stoolman -- Skype: Seriously13  -- email:




Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Guten Tag, Zdravstvuyte, Kon-nichiwa, Shalom, Namaste and NuqneH. We are the children in Mr Humble's Class at St. Oswald's Primary School in Burneside near Kendal in the Lake District of England. 

We look forward to getting to know you all and we can't wait to get started on our monster. If you'd like to find our more about us, e-mail jhumble@st-oswalds.cumbria., or visit our websites at or http://humbleclass.wikispaces. com

Mr. Humble's 5th grade, St. Oswald's Primary, Burneside, Cumbria, England:


We would love to describe the Monster's Cup of Tea - the children are very excited about that! We are Class 3 from St. Oswald's School in Burneside, consisting of 33 children. Burneside is near Kendal on the edge of the Lake District in the North of England.

Community is very important to us to establish belonging to both the school and the village. We try to take part in lots of activities that involve the church and wider community and have a positive impact on them. We see teamwork as an integral part of our learning as it develops good relationships and respect for each other and most of all creates a fun environment in which to learn! Attached are some class photos - including one of us being monsters!

Looking forward to the project. -- Laura Morris and Class 3


We are Rowsley Primary school. We are a small school with just over 70 people. We live in the Peak District which is in the countryside in the middle of England. In our class there are pupils aged 8-11. There are 23 pupils in are class. We are looking forward to making this monster and to see what in looks like at the END. We are hoping to make it in 3D

A community to us means lots of people getting on together. It is interesting for learning because we get to meet new people and meet new friends. Teamwork isn’t just a skill kids use for leaning in school, it is also good for other team sports activities leaning of each other.

Rachel Verdicchio's Year 3, Rowsley Primary School, Derbyshire, England:



We are Class One, (Miss Smethurst’s class) at St. Oswald’s CofE Primary School in Burneside, Kendal, England. We are 4 and 5  years old and this September has been our first month in school. It has been great so far! We are very excited about joining the monster project and have already made some mini-monsters (soon to be on our school website). We are looking forward to making the big one!

To us, COMMUNITY means finding out about people in our local environment as well as becoming aware of and making links with the wider world. TEAMWORK is all about co-operating with each other and working on projects together.  Our environment provides our INTEREST FOR LEARNING and as well as playing with new things at school we have enjoyed finding out about ‘Food’, making bread, vegetable soup and jam sandwiches in class.


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Hello, monster makers, my name is Mrs. Lani Black and I teach in Naches WA, USA, at latitude 46.43 N longitude 120.42 W.  In this part of Washington State, we can have high temperatures of 105 and as low
as zero degrees F. But generally, we have nice 80 degree summers and snowy  winters in the 30's, with a beautiful spring and fall!  Naches is a small community with only one stop light and no police department. We have one elementary, one intermediate, one middle school and one high school! We are one of four 4th grade classrooms here at the Intermediate.  My class of 27 enthusiastic 4th graders are ready to create a new monster for 2011.

A community to us means working together respectfully and it is interesting because we get to learn new fun things and become more respectful every day.  Team work isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also a thing we need to use every day.  For example, sports, music, dance, building houses, saving the environment, helping poor families, making friends and having fun!

Lani Black's 4th grade web site: |  blog:  | email:


New Jersey

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We are a 3rd grade class in Haddonfield, New Jersey and would love to be a part of the Monster Project!  We love to blog, we produce weekly podcasts, and are very excited about joining the Monster Community! We think it would be very cool to connect with other classes all over the world who are also involved in making a monster.

 In our own way we are working together to make the world a better place.  We are keeping track of the kind acts we do here in the 3H classroom, in our school, in our home, and kind acts that help the whole world.  Each kind act is a link of a “recycled” paper chain.  We hope that during the year, our chains will cross the whole room.  By doing kind acts we hope that others will see us and be encouraged to join in.  This is our way of making the world a better place.

A community to us means a group of people who care about each other and work with each other like our 3H class here at J. Fithian Tatem Elementary School and it is interesting for learning because it helps us learn when we work with people who are different from us.  We can learn more when we work together and everyone shares their strengths. Teamwork isn’t just a skill used for learning in school, it is also good to use at home like when you have a big job to do you can team up with a brother, sister, mom, or dad to get it done. Teamwork is important when playing sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, or football because all of the team members need to work together in order for the team to be the best it can be.  Teamwork is important when you have a project that can help people like when we collect can food to help people in need.

Ms. Halbert - J. Fithian Tatem Elementary School , Haddonfield , New Jersey  
Latitude: 39.89 . Longitude: -75.04
High temperature: 9/14/2011   87° | Low temperature: 9/14/2011    68°
Our blog:  “The Quest”



Ms. Jenny Kopp's class, Miriam School, St. Louis, Missouri. 

Google Web page and VIDEO: miriamteachers/room-7
Our Skype name is jkopprm7 and our blog is


There are 19 students in our class~9 boys and 10 girls.  Hannibal, MO, nicknamed The Bluff City, is located at 39° 42' 29" N / 91° 21' 29" W. It is located right on the Mississippi River, which has been known to flood parts of our city!  The population is around 18,000 and the average temperatures range from about 25 degrees Fahrenheit to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  Hannibal is probably most famous for being the
boyhood home of Mark Twain.
A community to us means that people work together and help each other. It is interesting for learning because it is more fun this way and we will be able to learn from others that we do not know.  We think
teamwork is something that will help us now in everyday life, in sports and activities, and also when we are adults.

Kim Sapp,4th Grade Teacher, Veterans Elementary, Hannibal, MO 63401


Miss Lambert's Class, Veterans Elementary, Hannibal, MO USA

To us a community means we don't learn by ourselves, we learn together.  This makes learning interesting because we learn something new everyday.
Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it also helps you to be nicer and to feel good about helping others.


Hello Fellow Monster Makers!!  We are Miss Huseman's Fourth Grade class from Eugene Field Elementary School.  We have fifteen in our class this year and are ready to make a monster!!  We live in the great state of Missouri which is what we are learning about in Social Studies.  Did you know that the third Wednesday of October is Missouri Day??  Take a look at our blog site as we will have loads of information coming about Missouri Day.  You can find our Blog on Just enter our teachers' name Michelle Huseman and look at our stories.
You may also email us at We would love to have you write us.

Michelle Huseman | Fourth Grade Teacher | Eugene Field Elementary


We are Ms. Garner’s class from Hannibal, MO. There are twenty students, nine girls and twelve boys, in our fourth grade class. Hannibal is located at 39.71 degrees north and 91.39 degrees west. It sits right on the Mississippi River and is the boyhood home of Mark Twain. The population of Hannibal is about 18,000. The average temperatures for our area range from about 25 degrees Fahrenheit to about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

A community to us means working together to achieve a goal and it is interesting for learning because we can get new ideas and learn from each other. Teamwork isn’t just a skill kids use for learning in school it is also helping each other and building others up.

Hello from Veterans Elementary School in Hannibal, Missouri!! We are Ms. Ragar's 4th grade class.  In our community we help each other out, we do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  We try to be very honest and respectful.  Teamwork is also important in our community.  We do a lot of cooperative learning in class and this helps us to work together outside of school.  We are so excited that our Art teacher will be involved with this project!!  We can't wait to get started!!

North Carolina



A Community to us means working together and it is interesting for learning because we get to use our personal skills together.
Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also important for getting along in sports and with your family.

Mrs. Berkman’s Class, Voyager Academy, Durham, North Carolina


We are Mrs. Baker's 5th grade class from Icard Elementary in the foothills of North Carolina.  The latitude and longitude of our school is: 35.7302 and  81.4688.   Our high temperatures are in the high 90's during the summer and our coldest temperatures in winter are in the low 20's (farenheit).  

A Community to us means friends working together. It is interesting for learning because different ideas from others make learning fun. Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also a skill that we will use the rest of our lives.

Our school is really old.  Some students think that there is a ghost in the closet of the boys bathroom.  We have lots of bats that live in the attic of our school.  Every evening at twilight the bats fly out of the attic in a giant swarm.  Our mascot is the Colt.  We do not have any class pets.  We have one computer and a Smartboard.  We will be getting one iPad for our classroom later this year.

class web: schools/ies/cbaker/Pages/ default.aspx
Skype: christina.baker177




Mrs. Katie Schwab / 1st Grade / Patrick Henry Local Schools-Deshler Elementary / Deshler, Ohio / United States of America / 41° 13' 57" N, 83° 56' 57" W / average low 40, average high 70.

A Community to us means working together and it is interesting for learning because we get to play with our friends and have fun.

Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also awesome working with our whole class




I'm so excited that we can be a part of this project. It sounds like great fun! My class is a Kindergarten inclusion class of 17 students (both regular education & ESE). Our school is located in Middleburg, Florida. We would love to take on the "cell phone". They actually voted on which part they wanted and this won by an amazing percentage - I hope it's still available!

Ms. Baden's "Happy Campers" Kindergarten class is a class of 17 Kindergarten students in Middleburg, Florida. We are an Inclusion class, which means, we have some students that are Exceptional Education. We are the sweetest bunch of 5 year olds you'd ever want to meet. We are excited about learning and absolutely love "hands on" experiences and activities. We are very much looking forward to becoming involved with the Monster Project and can't wait to start creating our monster. You can see our class website at msbaden/. To us a community means people working and helping each other. It is interesting for learning because you can help each other learn things you may not already know. Teamwork isn't just a skill we'll use for learning in school, it's also a skill we'll use throughout our lives

Melinda Baden's Kindergarten, Swimming Pen Creek Elementary, Middleburg, Florida:





Grand Rapids hosts an event called Art Prize during which many artists from all over the country and the world display their artwork. This year there are over 1,000 pieces of art all over our city. We are standing in front of one of our favorite pieces. After visiting Art Prize  the students have 1 week to create their own St Stephen Art Prize entry for display in our school.

Our class really enjoyed completing the sentences as a class and we look so forward to contacting other classes as well as constructing our own fearsome creature. In our opinion, "a Community to us means a bunch of people who join together as a big family and help each other, It is interesting for learning because everybody comes up with different ideas; some are creative, some are colorful, some are sparkly, some are unusual, but we put all our ideas together to make one big effort.
Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also used for sports, games and it  can also help you become a better person by having fun with others instead of being in your own little bubble."

The fourth grade students study about the states and regions. As a part of this we travel to our capitol, Lansing, each fall. All of the students enjoy using technology in our school and enjoy skyping with other classes around the world. If you would like to Skype, let us know!
We would like to be included in the global monster project this year! We are currently working on our class website but our school web address is

Latitude - 42 degrees North -- Longitude- 85 degrees West
Average maximum high temp is 80 degrees F
-- Average Minimum temp is 15 degrees F
Mrs.  Thomson, grade 4, St. Stephen Catholic School, Grand Rapids, Michigan




Mrs. Green's 5th grade, Maize, Kansas.

In the video, students tells us their latitude/longitude (37N, 97W), and high/low temps (-10, +110F). They explain their interpretations of Community and Teamwork, and even do a group hug! Great Job!


Mr. Dreher’s 5th grade class in Maize, Kansas, USA! 
Latitude/Longitude: 37.773547, -97.470821
Temperatures: 0-105 degrees F

 A Community to us means everything.  We believe we can’t be our best without the support of others.  It is interesting for learning because we see things ways we never may have.  Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also a tool to becoming a good national and global citizen. 

 The above was created as a group / class collaborative project.  It actually ties in VERY close to our class philosophy.  I will attach a picture of a bulletin board in our room called “classroom revolution”.  The two key words are love and community.  We discuss a lot in our class about how to be a learning community and how to be good citizens.  They are all very excited to see and hear what others around the world have to say!


New Hampshire


Our fourth grade class is tucked in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We live in a place which the temperature ranges from single digits to high seventies in the summer. We are the only fourth grade at Lafayette Regional School. Our school is made up of three towns; Franconia, Sugar Hill, and Easton. Inside, we are busy building and creating all sort of interesting projects and contributing to the large world around us. All year round we are preparing and getting ready to go on field trips, do projects and work our brains to learn. We play soccer in Autumn, ski or snowboard in the winter, and play baseball in the spring. We hope to develop friendships around the world and promote peace throughout the year. You can join our journey too. Email ( or skype (lafayette41)  us to tell us about your world and the learning journeys you are going to go on this year.  

Our community to us means a place where we can count each other to be respectful, responsible, be safe, be here, be honest, set goals and be able to let go of problems and move on. Our community is centered on peace and spreading the word of peace around the globe.

Lafayette Regional School, Franconia, New Hampshire
email: | skype: lafayette41  Twitter: garretferguson - Web



Mario (Preservice Teacher) and Mrs. Grzanich
Canton is a vibrant, thriving city rich in history and full of traditions. Located in West Central Illinois, the legacies of the Spoon and Illinois Rivers run deep here, immortalized by poet Edgar Lee Masters in the
Spoon River Anthology and preserved through Canton's designation as a Gateway Community for the Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway.
Surrounded by natural beauty, Canton also hosts hunters, anglers and boaters, as well as nature-lovers who enjoy hiking, biking and watching the abundant wildlife who call Canton's lakes and parklands home. Home to Spoon River College, Graham Hospital, beautiful parklands and an excellent school system, Canton offers so many wonderful amenities not usually found in smaller communities. In fact, in Canton, we believe that whatever you are looking for in an exceptional community....we do that here! Population of Canton, Illinois is 14,498.  We are a rural area surrounded by farm land in the Midwest of the United States.

Lincoln School is located in Canton, Illinois, on North Main Street (Rt. 78). It houses grades K- 4 plus four Special Education classes. Our student population stays around 240.  Lincoln is the smallest and oldest school in the district, but we don't let our size and age get in the way of our technology. We have a computer lab in our Library with 27 eMacs. Each classroom has at least three Macs. Our computers are wireless networked and have internet access. -you can actually see me in the Canton Commercial

Our class chose the Tail. We chose it because we felt it would be the most interesting part to use our adjectives with!  Our Latitude/Longitude - 40* 33’ 29’’N/90* 2’ 6’’ W. Our temperatures: Average High Temp. 86 F -- Average Low Temp. 16 F.
Mrs. Anne Grzanich, Fourth Grade -- Lincoln Elementary School -- Canton, IL


Mrs. Gambino's Class

The 4th grades at the Cathedral of St. Raymond School are looking forward to participating!  There are 55 students in two classes participating.  Mrs. Gambino and Mrs. Molskness are 4th grade teachers, Mrs. Latz is the Art teacher, and Theresa Allen, the technology teacher is participating as well. The Cathedral of St. Raymond School is in Joliet, IL. We are fortunate to see all four seasons.  Temps can get up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the Summer and -30 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.  
Mrs. Allen has a class blog at:  http://csrncomputers. and a professional blog at:  The 4th graders use Edmodo to communicate with other students around the world.  If you are interested in communicating through Edmodo, a group can be created for the Monster project!  

A community to the 4th graders means a group of people working together, and it is interesting for learning because other people in a community can teach you.  Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also something we use in our daily lives.

Mrs. Allen can be found on Twitter and Skype at: tdallen5.  

Mrs. Molskness' Class



We live in Macomb, IL in the United States. Our Latitude and Longitude is 40° 27' 33" N / 90° 40' 18" W

A community to us means people joining together, getting along, and helping each other.  It is interesting for learning because you get to interact with others to create new ideas and grow together. Teamwork isn’t just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also used for projects and for building friendships and trust.

St. Paul is Loving, Caring, Catholic, Nonjudgmental, Enthusiastic, Welcoming, Awesome, Fun, and Smaller.  At St. Paul we Get along, Work across grade levels, Have fun, Have great teachers, and Use Sportsmanship. Our Monster body part is the body. The body of our monster is oval, holey, fat, purple and neon green, hairy, tough, moley, spiky, slimy, sparkly, and scaly.

Ms. Cody's 6th grade with Liz, pre-service teacher, St. Paul School, Macomb, Illinois


We are Mrs. Witten’s third grade class.  We have 22 students, 11 girls and 11 boys.  We go to Lincoln School in Macomb, Illinois.  We live in the mid-western part of the United States of America.  Our latitude/longitude is 40 degrees N by 90 degrees W.   A hot summer day in July can climb to 100F and during a freezing blizzard in January it can get as cold as -60F with the wind chill.  So you can see that our climate has a huge range.

Community to us means where people live together and meet each other.  The people can work together or play together and it is interesting to us because everyone is different.

Teamwork isn’t just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also a way of helping each other.

Our class loves to use hand gestures to help us learn.  We make big hand gestures and mirror our teacher.  We work in partners a lot and teach each other.  Our focus in class is reading to learn as much as we can and respond to what we have read.  We try to make connections with what we read to our own experiences.

Mrs. Witten's 3rd grade, Lincoln Elementary, Macomb, Illinois.


We are from Mt. Erie, Illinois. We have a small class.  We have 15 students (8 boys and 7 girls).  Our school only has 79 students in Kindergarten through 4th grade.  We are a smart class who works hard every day to make good grades.  We are usually well behaved. We are from a farming community. We grow many crops including: corn, beans and wheat.

  Our town has an ice cream shop, a post office, an auction house, and a bank. Everyone knows just about everyone and when someone drives by we wave at each other. We have a very clean town.  We are in the season of fall right now and the temperature is usually in the 60’s or 70’s.

We live in a rural area and are surrounded by nature and gravel roads. Our parents and teachers encourage us to do our best and make good grades.  We are told that success comes in cans not in can’ts. 

We are excited to be in this project.  Thank you for letting us describe the nose ring!

Mrs. Shelby's 4th grade, Mt. Erie, Illinois



Average Temperatures- It is in the 90s during the summer and gets down to 0 and below in the winter. We have very humid summers.  Our school district is in a rural area and is a consolidated district.  Our students are looking forward to their first year participating in this exciting opportunity. Miss Hechler's class would like the iPod.  Mrs. O'Neal's class would like the earrings.

Miss Hechler's class: A Community to us means a bunch of people living and working together and it is interesting for learning because we learn more together than separately. Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also a skill we use in sports and real life.

Mrs. O'Neal's class: A Community to us means the people who live and work around us and it is interesting for learning because we can learn more from each other! Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also a way to get more done than we can do on our own.

Western CUSD #12  -- Barry, Illinois school web:  -- Skype- anna.hechler and katie.albsmeyer



We are the Brainwaves, second graders from Columbus School in Bridgeport, CT. Our teacher, Mr. Greenberg, is a professional magician. This is our fourth time participating in the Monster Project. We love projects, blogging, making videos, (including stop motion animation and green screen) and we especially love to Skype. This year we have already Skyped with Canton, IL, Argentina, Guatemala, Canada and Indonesia! Call us. (bobg007)

Mr. Greenberg's Brainwaves -



  A Community to us means caring, sharing, helping, and learning and it is interesting for learning because it is fun to learn new things.  Teamwork isn’t just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also a skill we will use our entire lives.


Here is a link to a Glogster poster we made about our school and our town:


Latitude: 37° 16’ 31” N  Longitude: 107° 52’ 45” W

High Temperature: 85°

Low Temperature: 10°

Our Skype address is riverview9r

Mr. Honold & Ms. Kirkpatrick (librarian), grade 2, Riverview Elementary, Durango, Colorado

Kylie Daemmrich’s 4th grade, St Mary’s Visitation School, Elm Grove, Wisconsin. 

We’re at 43° 2’ 35” N / 88° 4’ 44” W  OR Latitude 43.0430679 and Longitude -88.078978
Our high and low temps for this time of year are 65°F and 46°F 

To us, a community is everyone who is included in the group working, learning, and growing together.  Community is interesting for learning because we get to share what we know and where we go.  Teamwork is an attitude we foster that lets us know that together we can accomplish anything.  This year we are participating in many collaborative projects to expand our learning outside our classroom walls.  These projects cross all areas of our curriculum and involve students in 21st Century Skills

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Hello World of Learners
We are a regular school in the desert. Our town is about an hour driving from Los Angeles and from the Mexican Border. The desert here is a low desert; part is even below sea level. We have lizards, rattle snakes, roadrunners, mountain goats, joshua trees, tumbleweeds, cactus, black widow spiders, coyotes and other desert wildlife.

Peace, John

Latitude/Longitude:  33.83*North 116.50* West

High/low temperatures:
Highest this year – 123*F or 50.5* C
Lowest this year – 13*F or -10.6* C
Average high temp – 89*F or 31.7* C
Average low temp – 60*F or 15.6*

A Community to us means our city, our school and stuff like that. It is interesting for learning because we get to do stuff in Scouts we don't learn at school. Teamwork isn't just a skill kids use for learning in school, it is also good when earthquakes or floods happen, and at home.

Mr. Simonsen's 4th Grade - Gerald Ford Elementary - Indian Wells, CA


Ms Chiang's 1st grade, Stevens Creek Elementary, Cupertino, California.







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