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See VIDEOS: Ms. Melnikova & Bondareva (Russia)Ms. Smith (NC), and Mrs. Allen (IL)

New Zealand

Kia ora from the Livewires. 
We are a Year 4 and 5 class from the North Island in New Zealand. Our school is in a dairy farming district and there are 6 classes at our school. We are excited about creating a monster
and sharing a project with people all around the world.     

Miss Knight  (In 2016, Miss Knight became a librarian in New Zealand.)


African Stories Link

Mrs. Namata's Classes in Kampala - Hi there,
Mr Smith, We would like to work on the leg if that is  O.K. We are a third grade class and we would like to participate in the project again. I will send the pic as soon as I have enough money to do that as it is not that easy to do depending on my situation of using the Internet cafe to communicate to you.
Bye for now.
Mrs. Namata      Our Wiki Page




Our names are Natalia Melnikova and Tatyana Bondareva. Our school is located in Krasnoyarsk, Novaya Zarya street 23. It's a pity but we haven't got web, blog, or twitter address my Skype address is natmelya or you may find me in the Skype with the help of my email

We send you the foto with us and children that will take part in the project. I'm with red hair and Tatyana is with blond hair. Our students are 9 or 10 years old. Our students like doing lots of things. They are young and they try everything to find the hobby of their life. They like reading, doing something with their hands, sport and games. Almost all of them like English and are keen on learning something new about other countries. Our city is very beautiful. One of my students and she is also my daughter made a film about our city last year. You may watch it and see how beautiful our city in the video above. 

The description of our part of the monster is nails of the toes.
Best wishes, Natalia


Mrs. Tarasevich's Class -Abanskaya Secondary School 3 - Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia.

The team is members of the club "At the fireplace" This is the10 years old 4th class, and the 6th graders will help them a little.

Greeting words to all members - We are funny clever girls. We like English very much. We enjoy projects learning. Our blog is http://welcometoaban.blogspot. com
 We are happy to meet all the teams and a special greeting to our neighbours Siberians from Krasnoyarsk.



G'day! We are the year 2 children from Saint John Vianney's Catholic Primary School in Brisbane, Australia. We are from 3 different classes - 2R, 2M and 2BP. Our teacher's names are Mrs Randall, Mrs Marrinan, Mrs Pledger and Mrs Bednall. There are 62 of us in year 2 and approximately 360 children from Prep to year 7 in our school. Our school is in the suburb of Manly in Brisbane. Manly is known as a Bayside suburb because it is right on Moreton Bay. From our classrooms we can see Moreton Bay. We can also see Saint Helena Island which was a penal colony, Moreton Island which is a sand island and Stradbroke Island. We are really looking forward to taking part in the Monster Project.

Wendy Randall, Year 2 Teacher
Saint John Vianney's Primary School, Manly, Australia
class blog:
skype: wendyrandall72
twitter: wendy_randall



Ms. Westergaard-Nimocks, Grade 5, American Community School / ES, Beirut, Lebanon


South Africa

We are a Grade 5 class at Fish Hoek Primary School, Cape Town South Africa. We love taking part in collaborative projects. Our class teacher Mrs Gail Beagley is great fun, very creative and full of ideas. Our computer teacher, Mrs Fiona Beal loves to involve us in global projects.  Our blog addresses are http://grade5fishhoekprimary. and We will be doing the earrings! We are excited!!!

Bye for now.




Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Guten Tag, Zdravstvuyte, Kon-nichiwa, Shalom, Namaste and NuqneH. We are the children in Mr Humble's Class at St. Oswald's Primary School in Burneside near Kendal in the Lake District of England. 

We look forward to getting to know you all and we can't wait to get started on our monster. If you'd like to find our more about us, e-mail jhumble@st-oswalds.cumbria., or visit our websites at or http://humbleclass.wikispaces. com



Rachel Verdicchio's class - Rowsley Primary, Derbyshire, England


We are the exciting grade 5&6 class of Haultain Community School. We love to be active learners and explore the world around us. Our favourite part of school is being part of collaborative projects and working with other classes. We have fish, worms and lots of plants in our classroom. We sit at tables so we can work on projects and help each other learn. We're very lucky to have MacBooks and a SmartBoard in our classroom to help us learn about and connect with the world. Thanks for organizing this project,

Kimberly Brown, Teacher
Haultain Community School, Saskatchewan, Canada
http://www.classblogmeister. com/blog.php?blogger_id=73127 (Classblogmeister stopped service.)



Mr. Silversides' Class Here is our class description:

We are the Cyberkidz from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  

We’re 22 in all plus our teacher, Mr. S.  We love to learn about other people and places.  We can’t wait to build the monster!!!


Keith Silversides
Grade 1/2
Westmount School



New Hampshire

Welcome Friends From Around the Globe
Our fourth grade class is nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Students, all 100 of them, come from three local towns, Franconia, Sugar Hill, and Easton. We are the only fourth grade class at Lafayette Regional School. Inside the classroom students are busy building, creating and contributing to the global world. This year we are enjoying a new playground that was built by our community. Our 21 students are eager to start many different projects such as the Monster Project, Global Newspaper and the Landmark Challenge. In the winter our entire school goes skiing, snowboarding, winter fun and cross country. To help complete our assignments, each student is provided with a laptop and the teacher will have a new smartboard. Outside of school the children spend time in the woods exploring the wilderness. Many of our students play sports after school. We hope to develop many friendships around the world and promote peace.


Ms. Sheraden's 4th Grade!
Hi everyone!  We are from Geff, Illinois.  We live in a small rural town.  We are from the Midwest region of the United States, which has a mild climate, plains, and plenty of crops.  Right now the farmers around our community are harvesting corn and soy beans.  We have a small school.  We have 82 students in our kindergarten through eighth grade building, and only 8 students in our 4th grade class.  Our class is in charge of recycling for the whole school.  We save the money we make from collecting cans to buy new things for our classroom or take a field trip.  This year we are donating half of what earn to Hope Ministries-a local outreach program that provides food to those in need in our community.  We like to play with silly band bracelets in our spare time.  We each have classroom jobs that we are in charge of.  We are looking forward to meeting the other classes and creating our monster!  Good luck everyone!


Joliet, Illinois

Monster Video 

We are two 4th grade classes from Joliet, IL.  We're located about 45 minutes south of Chicago.  The students are 9 and 10 years old.  There are 4 teachers collaborating on this project:  Mrs. Allen - technology teacher, Ms. Kinsella - art teacher, Mrs. Gambino and Mrs. Molskness - homeroom teachers.  This is our first collaborative project and we're very excited to be a part of it!  Our school website is  Mrs. Allen's skype id is tdallen5 and email is  We're so fortunate to be a part of this project!

Mrs. Theresa M. Allen, Technology Coordinator and Teacher

Cathedral of St. Raymond School -- Joliet, IL  60435


Ms. Truty's & Mrs. Olson's 3rd and 4th grades, Nettle Creek School, Morris, IL.
Nettle Creek School is a small country school surrounded by farmland. We are in N. Illinois about an hour SW of Chicago. Our town, Morris, is on the Illinois River and on the I&M (Illinois & Michigan) Canal. The I&M Canal was built in the 1840s to join Lake Michigan to the Illinois River, which flows into the Mississippi River. The farmers here grow mostly corn and soybeans. Today we went across the road from school to take our picture in the cornfield. The farmers are harvesting now, and the corn and soybeans will soon be gone. 

Nettle Creek has one class for each grade, Kindergarten – 8th. The third grade has 8 students, and the 4th grade has 9 students. We like our small classes because we get a lot of help from our teachers, and we’re like a family. We’re excited to work with other classes all over the United States and the world on the Monster Project. 



Hi! We are the fourth grade class from Mt. Erie Elementary.  We have 15 students in our class. Our teacher is Mrs. Shelby and she is very fun. Our classmates are very funny. We love to play with Silly Bands. We have class jobs that we have to apply for each month. We like field trips. There are many farms and fields where we live. Farmers around our town are now harvesting their crops and it is very dusty! It is fall here. It has been much cooler lately.  We are very glad to participate in the Monster Project. We hope that it goes well for everyone!

Mrs. Shelby's 4th grade - Mt. Erie Elementary, Mt. Erie, IL



Mr. Simonsen's 4th Grade, Indian Wells, California




Mr. Greenberg's Class We are the Brainwaves! Meet the Brainwaves, twenty second graders from Bridgeport, CT. The Brainwaves come from Mexico, Honduras, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cape Verde and the USA.   Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut. P.T. Barnum, founder of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Baily Circus, was once the Mayor of Bridgeport. Columbus School is located on the campus of the University of Bridgeport. This is the third year the Brainwaves have participated in the Monster Project. Their teacher, Mr. Greenberg spent 15 years as a fulltime professional magician and has plenty of experience with monsters and magic. We want to thank Mr. Smith, once again, for all he does to make the Monster Project so much fun and successful.


Hello! We are in ESOL in first grade in Hapeville Elementary School. We are from the state of Georgia, Pakistan, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. We want to make new friends. We are excited to build a monster!

We chose the hands.

Ms. Geller's ESOL Class


Hi everyone!  
We are a class of 22 students from a small community in northeast Iowa, called Oelwein.  We are the only Oelwein in the entire world!  Our class is being introduced to all sorts of new technologies this year and our working to incorporate more technology into the school.  We love to blog, create digital stories, and use ipods to listen and create stories.  We want to create podcasts by the end of the year too.  

Our webpage is http://mrshillman.iowapages. org, our skype address is carrie.hillman - Facebook page is:  Hillman Huskies 

We would love to be a part of this project and would enjoy describing the BELT, if you don't have anyone doing this part yet. 

Carrie Hillman


North Carolina

Dear Fellow Monster Project Partners,
We are the students of Mrs. Baker’s fifth grade Reading and Social Studies class. There are 42 fifth grade students at our school. We only have 2 fifth grade classes. There are 24 boys in our class and 18 girls. Our school is located in Icard, North Carolina. We have students from Pre-Kindergarten to fifth grade. There are a little over 300 students who attend our school.

We live in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We learned that the Appalachian Mountains are over 250 million years old and are the longest mountain chain in the United States. The area of the Appalachian Mountains that we live close to are called the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are called this because of their blue color all year round. Some of the well known mountains around us are: Grandfather Mountain (because it looks like an old man lying on his back asleep) Table Rock, (because it looks like a table) Blowing Rock, Brown Mountain, (which is famous for its mysterious lights) and Jonas Ridge. We also have a man made river called Lake James in our community. There is a town under the water! The town was evacuated before the valley was flooded to make a reservoir for the power company, but we thought it was a neat fact to share. There are several waterfalls in our area. McGalliard Falls is located in a park where many of our families like to go to when the weather is nice. 

We are excited about participating in the Monster Project again! About a third of our class has participated in the Monster Project before. We were in Mrs. Baker’s third grade class that made the monster Shabalobadingdong 2 years ago. We are excited about doing the project, but we are especially excited because this year we will have the ability to communicate with other classrooms using Skype! If you are interested in talking with us using Skype, please send Mrs. Baker an email!

Mrs. Baker’s 5th grade Reading and Social Studies Classes


   Please visit our blog.(link broken)   -  School Web Site


Click the Photo to View Our video

We are Ms. Smith’s 5th grade Voyager Academy:  We are a class of 20 5th graders in Durham, NC. We have 10 girls and 10 boys. We have the tongue this year and we can't wait to make the whole monster! Please view our greeting video!




Hi, our class has a lot of different interests. Our class is very athletic. Some of our favorite sports are: football, soccer, gymnastic, basketball, baseball, and softball. Our favorite school lunch is baseball lunch, which is served once a year. Our baseball lunch is corndogs, funnel cakes, soda, and cotton candy. Our school does Race for Education which is a fundraiser. When we do the Race for Education, we get sponsors to give pledges for us to run laps out on our track. It's an all day event and it's really fun!   We also like to act (plays, readers theatre, making commercials) .5th grade is learning about states and their capitals. We are really looking forward to building a monster!

Miss Mellon's 5th grade, Bishop Walsh School, Cumberland, Maryland

New Jersey

See the youngest Monster Makers' SmileBox slideshow!

Hello friends!
 We are the children of the Bergen Community College Child Development Center in Paramus, NJ. We are the youngest monster makers ranging in age from 2 1/2 to 5. Building a monster is a very big job for us..... But we do it all together! We are posing in front of the robot we built after being inspired by "The Robot and the Bluebird" by David Lucas.

We like to describe the feet of the monster because we love to get inspiration from "The Foot Book" by Dr. Suess. To keep in touch and keep track of our progress visit us at

New York

Ms. Gardon's Class

Dear Monster Makers,
We are really happy to be describing our monster's tail. We are 37 first graders from Elmwood Franklin School in Buffalo, New York. Our school starts at Pre-K and goes through eighth grade. There are over 300 students in our school. If you visited EFS, you would like our playground, gym, library, art room, music room and science room. We have sports everyday and recess too! We like going to computers. We wonder what our monster's name will be and how it will look!
Your Friends,
The First Graders at Elmwood Franklin School
Buffalo, New York

Mrs. Jurnack's Class



We area fourth grade class at Roosevelt Children's Academy. We are a charter school located on Long Island in New York State. We live about 30 minutes outside of New York City

We do a lot of work and we many fun games. We are also very helpful around our community. This is our second year doing the monster project with our technology teacher, Ms. Gallo!


Mrs. Magdos' Class - We are a first grade class in Webster, Texas. Our school is called PH Greene Elementary. We are the Creative Cougars. We have PreK-3 to 5th grade at our school. We have 6 first grade classes.

We have 19 students in our class. We have 10 girls and 9 boys. We are a good class. Our teacher has done this project for 12 years.

Brandy Magdos, First Grade Teacher
PH Greene Elementary- Exemplary Title 1 Campus
SMART Exemplary Educator, Camp Invention Director


Heather St. Clair's 4th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies, Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas

We are the 4th graders of Allen Academy in Bryan, Texas. We are located just miles from the gorgeous campus of Texas A&M University, home of the Texas Aggies! We have a small class of only 16 kids, but we have many big personalities within our group of 9 - 10 year olds. This is our first collaborative project of the year, and we are very excited to participate! You can check out our class happenings as we blog through the year, by looking at We look forward to meeting other classes, and developing friendships around the world. 


Rebecca Menser's  5th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies, Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas. 

The 5th grade students at Allen Academy in Bryan, Texas are so excited to get involved in a global project!  We are a fantastic bunch of 21 kids who love to be creative and learn about other kids and schools from around the world.  You can see what we do in our class by looking at blog/rebecca-menser.   We are ready to get started building our monster and can't wait to see the other monsters!!



Shannon Grant, 3rd Grade math, science, social studies, Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas:  We are a extremely creative group of 3rd graders from Allen Academy in Bryan, TX. Home of the Fighting Texas Aggies!!! Whoop!! We have never participated in a project like this and are super excited!!! Bring on the boogers. Our Blog.




 Hello, from Veterans Elementary School in Hannibal, Missouri USA!!  We are Ms. Ragar's 4th grade class.  Our favorite things to do in school are: art, math, lunch, recess, library, science projects, reading, and seeing friends.  Here are several words that would describe us: talkative, funny, strong, awesome, smart, kind, playful, and sensitive!  We can't wait to get started!!!!  

Ms. Ragar's 4th Grade Class


Miss Huseman's 4th grade- Welcome to Monster Making! 
We are Ms. Huseman’s class. We are fourth graders that attend Eugene Field Elementary in Hannibal, MO, USA. This year we have seventeen in our class. The odd thing is that there are 14 girls and 3 boys. This makes for a lot of girl disagreements during the day! So we are hoping that working together to make this monster will teach us a lot about what “Give and Take” means. 
During the two weeks before we build our monster, we read a variety of ghost stories to get us in the monster mood. Hope you enjoy this wonderful teaching and learning process!
Ms. Huseman


Notes on Ms. Huseman:  Veteran Monster Maker and free thinker. Involves the class in projects around the world. Teaches all kinds of things including photography, building eagle nests, electricity, planting trees, hatching eggs, Internet research, and Missouri History! And she has a great dog named Winston.



Mrs. Hinton's 3rd grade, Hannibal, MO - Hello! We are Mrs. Hinton's third grade class from Hannibal, Missouri. We live right next to the Mississippi River. Mark Twain made our town famous with his stories, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. This is Mrs. Hinton's third year doing the Monster Project. We have eight boys and eight girls in our classroom. So far, our class really enjoys doing Reader's Theatres and reading Poetry. Maybe we will surprise everyone with some monster poems and a monster skit to go with our Monster Project!!!! Good luck with your building and may the BEST monster WIN!! 



We are a fourth grade class of nine and ten year olds from Southeastern Wisconsin in the Middle West region of the United States. Leaves here are turning beautiful colors as we enter autumn. Soon snow will fall. We have many interests and talents: karate, piano, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, swimming, and more. We like these kind of projects because we would rather learn from exploring and creating than from sitting at desks reading books and writing on papers. Contact us if you're interested in doing other projects together (email = / blog =

Kylie Daemmrich
Fourth Grade Teacher
St Mary's Visitation Parish School
Elm Grove, Wisconsin



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