Monster Photos -- 2009 Project
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Lots more Monsters to are the latest arrivals:

Spikey Mikey
Mrs. Cassidy/Mr. Silversides grade1

Westmount Elementary
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

Ms. Tarasevich's Class

Abanskaya Secondary School 3
Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia

Mr. Frank Blobster
Mrs. Verdicchio's class

Rowsley Primary 

Mr. Hairy
Ms. Peterson's 2nd grade

Arctic Light Elem  
Fairbanks, Alaska

Mrs. Duygu's 5th Grade

Ozbag Orcun Primary 
Kirsehir, Turkey
Monster Project in Turkey

Mr. PsychoManiac
Mr. Smith's 4th Grade

Eugene Field School
Hannibal, MO
Monster Mp3s

Mr. Humble's 5th Grade

St. Oswald's Primary
Burneside, England
Chuckie II
Mrs. Shelby's 4th Grade

Mt. Erie, Elementary
Mt. Erie, Illinois

Loosey Zooney 
Friendly Alan
Miss Hope's  Pre K

Paramus, New Jersey
Rose Gardon/Ms Jurnack's 1st

Elmwood Franklin School
Buffalo, New York
Zimmerman/Szarka/Swisher - 2nd

Eugene Field School
Hannibal. Missouri

Ms. Sheraden's 4th Grade

Geff Grade School
Geff, Illinois

Wee Nit Wit
Mr. Ferguson's 4th

Lafayette Regional School  
Franconia, NH

Notorious B. I. Giant
Ms. Smith's 5th grade

Voyager Academy
Durham, NC
Mr. Dirty Danzilla
Mrs. Magdos' 1st Grade

P.H. Greene Elementary
Webster, Texas

Mrs. Ragar's 4th Grade

Veterans Elementary
Hannibal, MO

Bloody Mary
Mr. Greenberg's 2nd Grade

Bridgeport, CT

Ms. Shih/Ms. Weiss

Stevens Creek Elementary
Cupertino, CA

Miss Knight's grades 3 & 4

Puahue School
New Zealand

Scooting Crazy Face
Mrs. Lowe's 4th grade

Oberthur Primary, 
Bull Creek, Australia
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Sketter Frankentard
Mrs. Baker's /Ms. Ray's 1st

Icard Elementary
Icard, NC
Mr. Watermelonfunkentitus
Melissa Superty's 4th grade

Wilmore Davis Elem. 
Wheat Ridge, CO
Creeper Meeper
Mr. Simonsen's 4th grade

Ford Elementary, 
Indian Wells, CA
Dark Zilla
Mr. Higgs

Battle Primary School
Reading, England
The Monster
Shara Cherniak's Class

Academia Internacional de Cabrera,
Dominican Republic

Miss Huseman's 4th

Eugene Field School
Hannibal, MO

Sarah Jordan's 4th grade

Wilmore Davis Elem. 
Wheat Ridge, CO

Ugly Junior
Mr. Lee's Classes

Harvest Hills Elementary, Oklahoma City, OK
Ms. Gallo's 4th grade class 1

Roosevelt Children's Academy Roosevelt NY
Ms. Gallo's 4th grade class 2

Roosevelt Children's Academy - Roosevelt NY
Mrs. Ghouleksy
Mrs. Oleksy's 4th

 Eugene Field School
Hannibal, MO 
Crazy Freak
Mrs. Herrin's Class 

 Eugene Field School
Hannibal, MO 
Mr. Boogie Woogie
Mr. Landrum's 3rd

 Eugene Field School
Hannibal, MO 
Freaky Chaos
Lammers/McGuire 5th Grade

Eugene Field School
Hannibal, MO 
 Tookie Puffier
Mrs. Namata's Class

 Sancta Maria School
Kampala, Uganda
Ms. Stank
Mrs. Hinton's 3rd grade

Eugene Field School
Hannibal, MO 
Beast of the Northwest
Mrs. Black's 4th grade

Naches, Washington
Dr. Dude
Ms.  Kinniery's art class

South Elementary School
Stoughton, MA

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