Monster Photos -- 2008 Project
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 Do you dare to compare! 11/16/08
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Mr. Humble's 4th

St. Oswald's Primary
Burneside, England

Mr. Kazilla
Mr. Smith's 4th

Eugene Field Elementary
Hannibal, MO - blog

Monster Lisa
Ms. Duygu's Class


Hope, Sally, Jack, Shylah, Carol, Faith & Humeyra

Bergen Comm. College 
Child Development Center

Paramus, New Jersey

Spooky Skipito Scary Face
Brandy Magdos' 1st Grader

P.H. Green Elementary
Webster, Texas

Ms. Swamp
Mrs. Peterson's 2nd Grade

Arctic Light Elementary

Zeemore Seemore
Mr. Ferguson's 4th Grade

Lafayette Regional School
Franconia, New Hampshire
Mr. Slobberface
Mrs. Cassidy's 1st Grade

SK, Canada
Mr. Lee's Classes

Harvest Hills Elementary
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Bloody Dangling Cyclops
Mrs. Oleksy's 4th grade

Eugene Field Elementary
Hannibal, MO - blog
Mrs. Dead Eyes
Mr. Landrum's 3rd Grade

Eugene Field Elementary

Hannibal, MO

Mrs. Lowe's 4th Grade

Oberarthur Primary
Bull Creek, Australia

Mrs. Hinton's 3rd Grade

Eugene Field Elementary
Hannibal, MO 

Mrs. Nosey
Miss Huseman's 4th Grade

Eugene Field Elementary
Hannibal, MO - blog

Spika Wika
Mrs. Knight's Grade 3 & 4

Puehue School, 
New Zealand - blog

Mrs. Oompaloompalingmooncake
Mrs. Grissom's Tech Class:
Mrs. Broich and Miss Hawkins

Kansas City, Kansas

Mr. Greenberg's 3rd grade

Columbus School
Bridgeport, CT - blog

Mrs. Baker's 3rd Grade

Icard Elementary
Icard, NC - blog

Ugly Buger Ghost
Mr. Simonsen's 4th Grade

Ford Elementary
Indian Wells, CA

Akhyun Kha Maaran
Mrs. Faraz's 5th Grade

Discovery Centre Smart School
Karachi, Pakistan

Midnight Chickadee
Miss Jenny's 4th Grade

Kang Chaio Bilingual
Taipei, Taiwan
Mrs. Doo
Mrs. Black's 4th Grade

Naches Valley Intermediate
Naches, Washington - web
Eye-mazing Eye-gore
Mrs. Wickam's 5th Grade

Laingsburg Elementary
Laingsburg, Michigan
Mrs. Shih's 1st Grade

Stevens Creek Elementary
Cupertino, California - blog
Crazy Dude
Mrs. Gardon/Ms. Jurnack's 1st Grade

Elmwood Franklin School
Buffalo, New York

Ms. Smith's Grade 5

Voyager Academy
Durham, North Carolina

Mrs. Schoonover's 3rd Grade

Eugene Field School
Hannibal, MO - web

Old 80-Toes of the 21st Century
Mrs. Marquardt Class 1

Roosevelt Elementary
Fargo, North Dakota 
Mr. Maina's Class
(Technical Difficulties)
Value Added Academy
Kikuyu, Kenya 
Invincible Tootie
Mrs. Marquardt Class 2

Roosevelt Elementary
Fargo, North Dakota 

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