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Monster Videos from Mr. Smith's Class
As an optional assignment, kids chose interested partners and worked on movie scripts to celebrate the spirit of the Monster Project. They used their powers of vision to "see" the main parts of their stories as though they were watching a movie in their minds already finished.  

(1) Miss Peters the Mind Reader, (2) The Joke Stealer, (3) Old Red Clown, and (4) The King of the Dead.  

Click the Red Clown to see our videos.

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Monster Writing

Mr. Humble's Class Stories -- St. Oswald's Primary - Burneside, England

It was a Friday afternoon; the time was 3:50 pm. I had left my reading book at school, so I thought I would go back and get it.
It took me five minutes to get there. At school I noticed that the lights had been turned off, but I thought I could see a person in the corner of my classroom. I banged on the window and the figure stared at me. It started to come over to where I was standing. As it came closer, my heart began pounding harder and I started to shake. The person in the room was not human ... it was a monster !!!
His head was a black hexagon, with bright sparkling purple and green dots. The right eye had popped out of its socket and the left was yellow and bloodshot. It had h-orr-ible ears with lots of bugs tumbling out of the tumbleweed spheres in colours of red, green and black. The monster started grinning and while it did this I examined his teeth; ten rectangular on top, twenty in two rows on the bottom (triangular, with more triangles poking out from the side ... how hard would that be to brush your teeth in the morning ?). But by the look of them, it didn't seem this monster brushed them at all ! Above all these ugly fowl teeth there were two revolting lips! They were pink and green checkererd in the shape of a frog ...
... Molly doesn't tell us any more about the monster she encountered (in fact we haven't seen Molly since a friend handed in this account !!!).


All About Moosetackweirdo

 By the 2 1/2 - 5 year old children of the Bergen Community College Child Development Center.


The name of our monster is Moosetackweirdo.He was born on October 19, the day we made him. The monster is a boy.  He lives in a cave made of round rocks in an African forest.Outside of his house he has a rectangle monster sign that says “A Monster Lives Here!!!!” 

Moosetackweirdo likes to eat carrots, vegetables, grass, dirt, raw- meat, broccoli, apples chicken, pigs, bugs, peas and cookies.  He likes to cook pancakes trees, leaves, cockroaches, throw up, barf ,spit up and jelly fish. In the dark night the monster, Moosetackweirdo eats eye ball soup. He sleeps for a lot of time, maybe 40 hundred years.
When he wakes up he exercises and plays ping pong, checkers and chess. Moosetackweirdo also likes to paint.  He has monster friends named Thomas, Junior and Lobster,.They like to play sports and tag.  They also play hide and seek.  He’s 40 hundred years old.  He has 13 brothers and 13 sisters they all live together in the cave.


      The Story of Monster Lisa: by the children in Duygu's Class in Malatya Turkey

 Monster Lisa and her husband live under the apricot trees in Malatya. One day  bad villagers come and cut the trees. The house of Monster Lisa and her husband  is destroyed and the husband dies. Monster Lisa is very upset and she cries for a long time. Then she decides to take revenge from the villagers. She starts to eat all the apricot trees. Then she comes across the children in the village. She likes them and she plays with them. The children also like her and give her an Mp3 player as a present. Since she likes the children she stops giving harm to the village. She builds another house and lives happily. At nights she comes and scares people who cut trees.

Mrs. Grissom's Class Stories -- Kansas City, Kansas

Angelique-- Once there was a monster named gladiator  he was a spooky ghost. The ghost hid in the motel room 1408. One day a man named jack  Cola  had rented 1408 room. The owner of the motel begged  him to not what ever you do not to rent that room. The man did nothing but stare at the man with no fear thinking the man was kidding. The man told him to come into his office .The man walked in and sat down in the seat the owner showed him photos of people that did not even make it through 20 min inside that room. The man walked up into the room opened the door and checked things out he saw that nothing was the matter so he slumped down in the bed and fell asleep. DAY 2.

Alan - Once There Was a Guy Named Grim Reper. And he likes to eat souls and he likes to drink brain juice. And he likes his job.


Jose -- One day Eve was going to the Bus Stop when she saw a person wearing a black suit and a black pant with a suit case. She turned around to look at her house and turned back around and she saw that the man was gone. She was a little scared because a minute ago the man was in front of her and the other minute the man was gone.

 5 minutes later some other kids came to the Bus Stop. Then a while later the Bus came to pick you the kids. When Eve entered the Bus she saw the man that she saw when she was waiting at the Bus Stop again. Now she was really scared. For a moment she thought is the man following her?

Elyssia -- My  monster  name   is   Willy  worm.  He  is  a  long  monster.  He  is  33  years  old. He  has  a  friend  named   sally  splat .  The  play  monster  ball.  He  lives  in  monster  Ville. The  street  he  lives  on  is  north  street.

Emma Campbel -- Winged Nose
Winged Nose got his name from himself.  He is an orphan and thought one day, Hey. I have wings and a huge nose. Why don’t I call myself Winged Nose? He lives in the forest and has many friends; he likes all the forest animals and they all like him. Except, that is, the old (wild) turkey and his henchman, the bear. 

My monsters name is bean sham. He likes to eat strawberry bugs and drink worm soda. To describe my monster, he is green with red spots all over him. He has red horns with green spots. One day bean sham went into the refrigerator to get something to eat and found he had nothing to eat, so he went without something to eat for that whole day. Mysteriously a piece of pie appeared on the table. Bean sham saw it and tried to eat it, but when he tried to eat it he bit his hand.

Maia --  Once upon a time there was a monster named Max .He is 20 years old. One night he was walking down the street and he saw another monster named Nose. Nose said” do you want to go to the park later?

Elizabeth and Sally -- One day  there was a monster named the Last day in your life. It was so ugly that if you saw this monster it was going to be the last day in your life. He had a friend name shadow. they lived in a very scary house they also lived in scary town . Last day's short name is last day so last day told shadow he was going to go and get some food. shadow said I just got some I got monster slime and dog bones and a old person.  Wait I have to  tell you something .Halloween  is here they like Halloween because they would go out of town and  get real people to eat . get some candy to but they only got like 3 . it is in a few days said last day  oh lets tell scary day at the scary store. so they went to scary it almost HALLOWEEN shouted shadow I love it it is after today they said in that town.

p.s. it will be the last day in your the la life if you see this monster…..

Mrs. Marquardt’s 3rd Grade -- Roosevelt Elementary -- Fargo, North Dakota

Little Ghoul 
by Carson

1, 2  Hi little Ghoul

3, 4  Hide in the drawer

5, 6  Do some tricks

7, 8   Roller skate on the Golden Gate

9, 10  Scare the kid again.

Little Miss Ghost  
By Lexi

Little Miss Ghost sat on her roast

Eating her bat wing pie

Along came a spider who sat down beside her

And Little Miss Ghost frightened him away.



The Witch 
by Jack

The witch had a little cat

Whose fur was red as fire

And everywhere that witch went

That cat would join the choir.


The Scary Witch
By Ryley

The scary witch had a small monster

It’s  goo was blue as water

And everywhere that witch went

The monster got a lot hotter.


Itsy Bitsy Ghost
By Jeffery

The itsy bitsy little ghost flew up the water spout

Down came the rain and washed the little ghost out

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain

The itsy bitsy little ghost floated up the spout again.

Plaque and Pill
By Noah

Plaque and Pill went up the hill

And found a scary cemetery

The ghosts rose from their grave

And left them running!!


The Ghost Broke Through
By Elyce

1-      2   The ghost broke through

3-      4   He slammed the door

5-    6   He threw picks

7-   8     He got hit by a gate

9-  10    He won’t come back again


The Witch
By the class

The witch had a huge green monster

It’s teeth were green as grass

And every time the witch left school

The monster would skip class.



Old Eighty Toes of the Twenty-First Century
By Jack

Old  Eighty Toes of the Twenty-first Century’s cell phone ( he spells it Scel Fone) is the best cell phone for a monster who has 80 toes. A web with Darth Vader and a fly hippo on his tummy , a tail and an 18 inch neck.  The phone has bat wings to deliver text messages…to send a test message you write it out and put it in the phone,  next the phone flies to the guy you want to sent the message too….sure,  sure, it bites the dudes head off,  but you’d do it too if you ate heads.   It is a cool-dude,  check out what else it has: a pop out spider screen , a camera that literally captures people on film,  it has one eye,  the monster phone is 100% monster and 0% phone.

  Old Eighty Toes of the Twenty-First Century
By Jeffery

His Cell Phone is so scary
And his wings are not so merry.
He has a spider tongue
Some people think his is just wrong
He has dots on his nose
And he has eighty toes
He has flags on his arm
I hope he doesn’t do any harm.
He sometimes goes to the park
His dog always says, arf
When he gets a stomachache,
It is because he eats a snake.

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Mrs. Lowe's Class at Oberthur Primary, Bull Creek Australia - go to their wiki.

Here's a sample!

                                                                   When Franken Eye Guy Saves the Day!

By Courntey, Isobella  and David and Sarah.

It started on September 30th 2031 when three kids called Cleo, Amy and Cody where playing on their hover scooters when they heard a very strange noise coming from the kitchen. It sounded like pots and pans banging. Cody went inside to see what the noise was. All that he could see was a long, long neck. He went back outside to tell the girls to come inside I don't know what it is.So they all went into the kitchen and there it was a large monster they said "Who are you?" he said "I'm Franken eye guy"then Franken eye guy said" who are you?"
I said " he's Cody she's Amy and I'm Cleo. What are you here for?" " Well, I wana be a super hero. Can we all go for a walk together?" the kids screamed out their answer NnnnOooo!!! "Your not to be seen here ok! No really why are you here. "Well, I was banished from planet Zuko. Were I was leader there, I had done a very bad thing. they wanted me gone, so thats my life till now. So can we go on that wazlk now? Ok, but first we need to put some clothes on you. So Cody walked away while the girls went to get a extra large jacket and pants when they got the jacket on Franken eye guy. So they went out of their house and went for a walk and their saw an old lady who was getting relived by her purse. So Franken eye guy ran and saved the old lady and the kid stayed behind then the kids all said JACK!!! he was a very bad person. So back to the saving Franken got jack down and told the old lady to go home so she did then eye guy ran before anyone saw him so they all went home to talk about what happened.

Amy said" What happened back there franken eye guy. "I don't know." franken eye guy said.
"It might be super powers from when I came down to earth. Then Cleo said
"Theres only one thing to do! Lets buy you some super hero clothes!!!" but Franken Eye guy stayed and Cody stayed at home hidden. Amy and Cleowent into town to get some clothes. While Cody and Franen eye guy played on the hoverscooters an hour later the girls came home with the clothes. Then cody made a mask out of some spare materials, then Eye guy heard screams ten miles away the scream the scream belonged to Jack but eye guy didn't care he was so angry with Jack for trying to catch him that he flew off, her took Jack and put him in a cage and went to call the police. As soon as the police had gone Eye guy went to save the world again with his three sidekicks Amy, Cleo and Cody by his side.


Mrs. Knight's 3/4 Class  - The Livewires at Puehue School in New Zealand


The Spaceman and the Monster

The green monster came over the hill.  He thundered across the ground on his hairy feet and grinned at the spaceman with rotten, brown teeth.

“Help!” shouted the spaceman.  He tried to get away.  “Help! Help!”

The monster came after him.  It waved its arms.  It shouted and laughed.

“Don’t let it get me!” yelled the spaceman.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha,” went the monster.

  The spaceman tripped and fell over.  He tripped over a rock and fell flat on his face.  The spaceman didn’t realise he was being chased by a Cookie Monster.  The monster had an amazing sense of smell.  He could smell better than a dog.  He could smell a cookie from a kilometre away.  The Cookie Monster could smell a chocolate chip cookie that the spaceman had in his pocket. 

  As the spaceman fell down the cookie fell out of his pocket.  The spaceman quickly got to his feet.  His knees were bruised and grazed so he could only limp slowly away.  He thought that the monster would catch him for sure.  But as he glanced back he saw the monster stop, bend down and pick up the cookie.  Then, to the spaceman’s surprise, the heard the monster call out.

“Do you have any milk to go with this cookie?”

  By The Livewires,  Year 3 & 4, Puahue School , New Zealand .  (The first paragraph based on a story by Joy Cowley)


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Mr. Greenberg's 3rd Grade Class  - Bridgeport, Connecticut

There is a monster under my bed - by Karen         
One day I looked under my bed under my bed I found a big furry rainbow clean monster. I was shaking because there was a big furry rainbow clean monster under my bed. AAAH! I screamed because the monster scared me that is why I screamed. So I prepared a rope if the monster came again I will catch the monster with the rope. The next day the monster came again I catched the monster with the rope. I pushed the monster to my mom and dad’s room and when I opened the door I showed the monster to my mom and my dad. When I showed the monster to my mom and my dad the monster was gone the monster slipped out of the rope. so the monster was running away from me. so I chased the monster and I catched the monster. The monster said "why do you want to catch me?" I said my mom and my dad don’t believe monsters or dragons or dinosaurs either. that is why I want to catch you. I said if you want to be my friend with me and the monster said yes. The monster was so happy to be my friend. I said to the monster if she wanted to sleep with me. and the monster said "yes I do want to sleep with you." The monster was so happy to sleep on top of my bed.

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