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Ms. Farheen Elahi’s 5th Grade
Discovery Centre Smart School Karachi , Pakistan  

What I know about Monsters!
Monsters are mostly big!
They don't like to dig,
As they are lazy,
And some are also crazy,
Monsters are weird,
I wonder why don't they have a beard?
Monsters are scary,
They also have names like Larry,
There is just two more things to tell,
Some monsters also have a shell and
They hate lobsters,
Thats all I know about Monsters!...
(By: Hamd Majeed Paracha-Grade V)
The Four Monsters I hate!
There are four monsters I need to tell you about
If I could, I would kick them out!
First monster, his name is Cays,
He likes the chips lays,
Second monster, his name is Meese,
He likes cheese,
Third monster, his name is Beat,
His favourite food is meat,
Fourth Monster, his name is Chief,
He likes a lot of beef,
I hate them because they eat all of it from my fridge,
I just want to throw them off the bridge!
(By: Hamd Majeed Paracha-Grade V)



  There was once an age, age when all the people were scared...
Sleeping in a dark room, no one dared!
Behind the old big oak, Wearing a creepy black cloak,
Under the broken bed, Streaming streaks of red,

The MONSTERS were always creepy,
Sinister, frightening and eerie.
Ah..!. But the days have gone by...
Kids are braver far more wise, No more goosebumps or any hair-rise.

We now live in a safer world, We have got monsters here and there,
And even kids say every where...

My favorite movie’ The Monster's Inc''
My favorite ball game,’ The Monster’s Trade''
My favorite PS game,’ The Monster's Truck''
My favorite book,’ The Monster's Island ''
My house even uses, “Monsters Cables”
And nevertheless
When I am angry, I become a MONSTER!

                     By: Sheikh Irtiza Nasar - Grade-5




Miss Hope's Class -- Parumus, New Jersey
Here is her story as dictated to me by the children (ages 2-5):

The Story of Goggle Zoggle

“We made her. Her name is Goggle Zoggle.
She played basketball and softball.
She was defeating all of the people and eating them up.
She ate her boots and turned them into sausages.
Then the angry hordes unleashed their shields.
And then she went inside her home in the kitchen.
She cooked a chicken and she ate it.
Then the people smiled.
They called her Nosey Nose.
And the people spun in a circle and went Huh-Huh-Huh.”

Monster Videos from Mr. Smith's Class
Kids worked in teams to write movie scripts to celebrate the spirit of the Monster Project. Hannibal Star Wars, Scary School, The Monster Brothers, and Monster Magicians. Click on the movie reels.


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Mr.Bono's Class -- Fuchinobe Elementary
Sagamihara City, Japan

"Can't Run Away"

Midnight after the kids have gone to sleep that monster creeps.  No one imagines such a haunted night would come.  Well, it's about time we hear the kids scream.  Ha, ha, ha, can't you hear them?  Fuu.  The monster's long hair is blown by the warm wind.  He eats the kids using his big eyes, big mouth, long fingers and sharp teeth.  His name is Jonny Thebes.  The kids run around in their pajamas, but how long can they run?  One by one, kids disappear.  That monster is always hungry.  And he would keep on catching the kids.  He might come right beside you tonight.  So "Be Careful!!"

Mr. Shibata's Class -- Fuchinobe Elementary
Sagamihara City, Japan
540 years ago there was an eruption at Mt. Fuji which made a special monster with lava.  Her name is "Fujigon".  This monster has fire in her body everywhere.  If you touch it, see her eyes or try to fight with her the monster will get angry blowing fire from her body and fight back.  All living people and things who fought with the monster burned and died.  Very mean and scary monster.  One day a monk at a temple put a spell on the monster.  Today, 540 years later the monster was released from the spell and came back to Mt. Fuji.  But if the monster fights again, the monk will put a spell on her so the monster decided to sleep in the deep forest of Mt. Fuji quietly.


Mrs. Marquardt’s 4th Grade -- Roosevelt Elementary
Fargo, North Dakota

Paper, the Monster
By Heather

Fifty years ago, Roosevelt Elementary was a young school. There was one stormy day that we will look at in this story. Mrs. Bigelow’s third-grade class had just made a paper monster. When they finished, they set it by a window that was closed, but thin. Mrs. Bigelow clapped her hands. Clap, clap clap clap clap. The class clapped back. Clap clap. “Time for music!” said Mrs. Bigelow. They left the room. Now I could tell what they did all through music, but that would delay the story. Twenty minutes later, when they came back, the monster was gone!

They ran around the school, searching for the monster in every classroom. Then, they saw a girl go running straight through the cafeteria doors. She was screaming. They opened the door, and they found their own monster terrorizing the people in the cafeteria!

The principal screamed, “GET THIS THING OUT OF HERE!!!!!” Everyone was running around. The monster was running around, overturning a table here and throwing a child aside there.

“How could our monster have come alive?” said Mrs. Bigelow, as if she were looking at a skydiving monkey with no parachute holding the Eiffel Tower . She was shocked, basically.

One girl named Kristi had a sudden flashback that they set it by a window that was closed, but thin, while a lightning storm was raging.

A boy named Duncan raised his hand. “The monster is made of paper, and glue sticks paper to things, right?”

Everyone knew where he was going. The whole class went upstairs to get their glue bottles. They ran back down and fired at the monster. Glue spritzed everywhere. It splattered on the monster’s back. He sort of roared and growled at the same time. It sounded something like this: Ro-oooow! He tried to rub the glue off on the wall. Fortunately, the glue was fast drying, and as soon as the glue touched the wall, it dried, and the monster stuck. He tried to struggle free for a bit, and then he let out another roar, but it seemed to get fainter and fainter. Then, just before becoming completely still, his mouth changed to a smile.

Everyone sighed with relief. The monster was no more. All the boys high-fived Duncan , and everything returned to normal at Roosevelt Elementary.

That monster has been there for the past fifty years, and he is still there today. And we never put a paper monster by a window in a lightning storm again.

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Mrs. Glenn's 3rd grade -- Eugene Field Elementary
Hannibal, Missouri

Click on Soskay to see our PowerPoint


Mr. Ferguson’s 4th Grade -- Franconia, New Hampshire


 Mr. Ferguson's Kids take us through the dramatic process of building the one and only....

Kombo Kreature

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