Example Descriptions  - in case you need a jump start on Monster wording! 
Remember size, shape, color, patterns, textures, and creepy adjectives.

1. ARMS - Miss Huseman's grade 4 - Hannibal, MO: 
(Left) three feet long, squid like (Right) two feet long, throwing flames.

2. HANDS - Mrs. Marquardt's grade 4 - Fargo, North Dakota:    hairy warts, rainbow fingers, fiery tatoos, biting snake rings, yellow nails, 3 inch stitches

3. TOES - Mrs. Schoonover's grade 3 - Hannibal, MO: one black, hairy, six inch toe, four long gold triangle toenails.

4. EYES - Mr. Ferguson's grade 4 - Franconia, New Hampshire:   Cyclops, hexagon shape, white with a purple pupil, blood shot, spiked eyebrows

5. FEET - Miss Hope’s Class, Paramus, New Jersey: Green and Purple with rainbow sprinkles. 2 ft wide circles, Hairy & Slimy With 1 ft. long claw heels.

6. TAIL - Mr. Shibata’s grade 5, Sagamihara City, Japan:  Any colors including black, plural tails, length of 2 meters and under, stinging

7. HEAD –  Mrs. Magdos’ 1st grade - Webster, Texas: black circle, 20 red spots, alternating big blue & small orange spikes pattern

8. EARS - Mr. Meyers' 5th grade - Laingsburg, Michigan - crusty like stale potato chips, dripping red ooze with snakes coming out, 5lb weights for earrings, and different sizes

9. NOSE - Ms. Farheen Elahi's  grade 5,  Discovery Centre Smartschool, Karachi, Pakistan : Wide, uneven, thorny, algae-green. Top half: conical, Bottom half: bat-shaped, humungous pig-like nostrils, creepy worms

10. FINGERS - Mrs. Roorda's grade 1, Madison Elementary, Pella, Iowa:   5 on each hand, furry, long, pimples, dripping with slime, red, green, 7 inches

11. LEGS - Mr. Smith's grade 4 Eugene Field Elem. - Hannibal,  Missouri: 1 leg 36 in. long, Top half: hairy, bony, buggy, dirty yellow.  Bottom half: a blue spring

12. TEETH - Mr. Landrum's grade 3- Hannibal, MO - two 7-inch red-yellow triangle teeth (on each side), three 4-inch green triangle teeth (in the middle), 2 green fangs, maggots dripping, cavities, sharp, moldy

13. BODY - Mr. Bono’s 5th grade Sagamihara City, Japan:    2 piled trapezoids shape of hourglass; sand glass, purple, red, white, stings, blood vessels coming up to the surface, having octopus

14. LIPS - 2nd Grade Team: Ms. Lara, Ms.Cedillo, Ms. Lazano, Ms. Lutkenhaus - Park Village Elem.  - San Antonio, TX:   hairy, blisters, striped colors, bumps, hideous, chapped, scaly, drooly, dirty, enormous, spikey, cracked

15. NECK- Mrs. Wickham's 4th grade, Laingsburg, Michiganbloody, slimy, 3 inches wide, crawling maggots and cockroaches topped off with a spiked dog collar

16. HAIR - Ms. San’s 4th grade – Kang Chaio Bilingual School - Taipei, Taiwan Sharp, crazy, stinky, messy, fizzy, curly, puffy, silly, funny, long and short at the some time

17. KNEES - Ms. Boyd's Class, Saints Peter and Paul School - London, England - Obese, scrawny, unshaven, horrifically shaped:  crispy wrinkly, sweaty, green-scabbed, knobbly purple skin.

18. ELBOWS Open to your creativity

19. BELLY BUTTON - Rose Gardon and Ms Jurnack's 1st grade Elmwood Franklin School -  Buffalo, New York:   big, purple, hexagon, hairy, fanged and pierced with a ring

20. HORNS - Mrs. Blacks 4th Grade – Naches Washington:  2 green, twisting, on fire, with scabs and spikes. One broken with ooze gushing.

21. NECKLACEMrs. Glenn’s 3rd grade – Hannibal, MO- spiky, diamonds, gold, green, shiny, hairy, evil, crusty, wrinkled, fuzzy, black, wavy, 18 in circumference

22. BELT - Mrs. Limongi's 2nd grade - Gretna, Nebraska: 12 inches long, blue/red checker board with 3 black sparkly octagons

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