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Poems - Stories (11/14/06)


Bergen Community College Child Development Center - Paramus, NJ

1. The Monster and the Scarecrow -- By, Miss Sally and Mr. Jack’s 4 & 5 year old class. As told to Miss Hope

Once upon a time there was a Spooky and there was a Vampire and there were Skeletons and Evil Bats and out came a Scarecrow to scare the birds away.The Scarecrow opened his eyes and closed his eyes and then the Monster popped up from under the Scarecrows’ bed!The Scarecrow was so happy to see the Brother and Sister Monster that they wanted to talk all night. But the Mommy Scarecrow told them they had to whisper because the Mommy Scarecrow wanted the Baby Scarecrow to sleep. The Scarecrow told the Mommy to be quite. The Monster, he was in the room and the Scarecrow ran downstairs. The Scarecrow ran back up the stairs and the Mommy Scarecrow hold the Baby Scarecrow. The Mommy Scarecrow went upstairs and the Monster talked about it again and them ate lunch because it was the morning and they saw a lot of birds. After the Monster ate lunch in his pajamas then he went for a walk then he came back home.

2. Our Monster Story -- By, the 3 & 4 year old children in Miss Hope & Miss Faith’s class. As told to Miss Hope

(We also sent an mp3 of our story. Read by Miss Hope with sound effects by the children.) There was a little monster and she growled with her teeth because she was mad. She was mad about the bad guy because the bad guy wanted to kick her and hurt her. But her belt clicked on and grumbled and her toes horned at the bad guy! Then she was happy and stomping and jumping. Then a ghost came and saved her and her lips went “mup, mup, mup”. Click to hear the MP3 sound file.

3. Some thoughts about the Monster by, the 2 year old children in Miss Shylah and Miss Carol’s class .As told to Miss Carol

“It’s soft”
He’s scary!”
No, he’s friendly”
“I like his long toes.”
“I think I like the monster.”
“I like the fuzz. It’s soft”
“I see lots of pink and purple.”
“I see seven toes”
“I want the monster to go away!”
“No, he’s nice,”

Mrs. Coates - Eugene Field Elementary - Hannibal, MO

Freddy’s Life

Freddy the Monster has been married to his wife Raven for 2000 years. They have 1,800 kids and one of them is named Football Head. Freddy bought him and his wife a black limousine with a fish painted on the side. He works at Burger King and he brings the food to the people and helps them. His birthday is on Halloween and every year he and Raven go out to eat and then to the mall. When they get home, he takes his kids out to Trick or Treat. Freddy, Raven, and their kids love to go fishing. They jump in the Mississippi River and they catch fish with their mouth. Freddy plays basketball and football with his kids. Freddy loves to ride and pop wheelies on his racing 4-wheeler. Freddy enjoys his family and loves his life.

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 Monster Stories From the Kids in Mr. Smith's 4th Grade - Hannibal, Missouri


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Mr. Bono's Class - Fuchinobe Elementary - Japan

  FuchiRobo 4-4 Adventure -- Written by Kanako Komatsu
On October 27, Monster FuchiRobo 4-4 was finished by class 4-4. That night FuchiRobo 4-4 sneaked out of the classroom for his adventure. He came to a forest and had a meal there because he was hungry. He had an
Onigiri (rice ball) that his friends of class 4-4 made for him. He opened his mouth widely and ate the Onigiri. "Wow, it's so good. I've never had such a good Onigiri like this in my life." he said. He was very satisfied with the Onigiri.

At that time his friends of class 4-4 were panicked because they missed FuchiRobo 4-4. But they forgot about it right away and they played hand baseball, folding origami and so on eagerly. FuchiRobo 4-4 started his adventure all right but he got lost in the forest. He wandered this way and that way. In a while it was getting dark and he became lonely. "Well, I'll go to the place my friends are." he thought. He ran and ran toward Fuchinobe Elementary School. When he got to the school, he saw the classroom lit up.

FuchiRobo 4-4 said, "I came back." "Welcome back." said the sweet friends of class 4-4. They were waiting for FuchiRobo 4-4 to come back till then. From the next day FuchiRobo 4-4 played with the friends of class 4-4 every day happily ever after. The end.


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Mrs. Black's 4th Grade - Naches, Washington

Monster Story by Sam --10-24-06

It was a scary day at naches intermeidite school when we hung a monster on the wall and he was ten foot tall and he took up the whole wall and half the cellingand he was the scaryest thing ever and it would nock you off your feet and make you run home to your `mother and scream all night and make you want to ever see one agin or you would cut it in half and throw it away thats how scary it is.

The next day they come to school and he had been stolen. So then the class put a invesgition team together to find the steeler and get the monster back. A lot of kids think that mrs.Black took him and thow him in the garbarge or got took to the dump but they don't know the truth yet but in the end the kids get happy aigan.

Then he shows up in the garbege can in a week and they take him out and he lives happly ever after.

The End

More Monster stories on Mrs. Black's web site --> Go to Mrs. Black's Site

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