Monster Stories from Mr. Smith's 4th Grade 2006

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by Eriannia
Rose are red Violets are blue
Dr. Brain Hanger looks just like you.
And he'll scare the pants out of you.
Also he's scaryer than you!


Dr. BrainHanger - Told and written by Emily

When Dr. BrainHanger was a little He/She 10 years old, He/She was a Dr. but now he/she's bigger,Taller and is shappier than ever!Heshe may be uglyer than before and look nice when He/She 's trying to trick you but he/she is the meanest Monster in this whole idea of a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He/She 's Scared over 900,000,000 alive things. He/She has seen with his/her's very own eyes. If you tried to count to 900,000,000 your head would explode. Right now he/she wants to scare Bling Bling!!!!! Watch Out Bling Bling!!!!! If I were any of you I'd run and hide exspeshly you Bling Bling!!!!!!!!!! Now that it's 32 years, old He/She s grumppier and meaner than ever!!!!!!!!!!!! SO WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T GO NEAR HIM/HER OR YOU' LL NEVER NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Keep in touch if you can!!!!!!!!!!!


Monster Baby Sitter
by Kylie and Gabby

There was a baby sitter

that made the babies litter

She said Babies that is what you get

For spilling glitter

So the sitter got bitter.



My Friend Dr. Brain Hanger by Austin F, Jimmy, and Dylan K

My friend Dr. Brain Hanger loves to eat little monsters that are Bad to the Bones. He puts the little monsters in a dip called buger brain juice. He loves drinking red blood juice on Halloween. He likes to read Goosebumps books!


Newspaper Ad
by Jimmy, Austin F, and Dylan K

Come to Dr. Brain Hanger's Workshop. I sell motor parts for cars. I help people put their body parts on cars to plug the holes up and they can drive all around. I will help you fix your car. Sometimes I take your car and throw it into the garage and I will bite the gas tank with my teeth, but it will not hurt the car because it is made of steel. I like to help people with their cars but I am too big to fit in the garage! My number is 1-573-323-9881 and my web site is

Dr. Brain Hanger's Daughter by Alex

Dr. Brainhanger had 1,002 kids and he loved them all but the most he loved his daughter who's name was Peper. He loved her so much that he did everything with her. He even took her to the ice cream shop when ever she wanted to go. He loved her so much he played bastketball with her when ever she wanted him to even if his body was realy sore from his job. One day Peper said daddy can we read a book instead of playing basket ball? Daddy said sure Peper but my feet realy hurt today. Then they spent the whole day afternoon reading a book on the frunt porch. Then Peper said daddy can we stop reading and tell jokes and eat icecream and they did.


A Monster Poem By Casey and Alex

There was a monster so big and tall
he ate a teacher so fat and small
who liked to go shopping at the mall
and he said he was the greatest of them all.

The Monster With Two Minds by Kylie and Gabby

Once upon a time there was a monster named Dr. Brain Hanger. This was not any ordinary monster although one side was a girl and the other side was a boy. Their mother cared for them very much. One day when she was off of work she thought she could stay home and take care of her baby. Then she found out she had nothing for dinner so she had to call the babysitter to watch Dr. Brain Hanger while she went to the store to find something for dinner. She could not find anything in California so she had to take a plane to Taiwan to get food. It took her two weeks. While she was in Taiwan she forgot she even had a baby so she went and bought all the things she needed for a house and bought a house and lived there in Taiwan.

The babysitter fell into a deep sleep in the best dream she had ever had so she forgot the baby too! The girl side of Dr. Brain Hanger went to sleep but the boy side was too worried about money to go to sleep. So while the girl side was sleeping he walked out the door and went to rob a bank and went to jail and the girl side woke up and saw that she was in jail. She got mad so she said, "What in the world! Well I'm a baby and I can slip right through these bars so she did and went to Cheer Leader lessons. The her brother got so mad so he made it look like she was terrible at Cheer Leading! But she was really good she was the best on the squad. So her teacher made her get out and the brother made her walk out and took her back to their house. The next morning she woke up to playing football. She got so mad that she had to go to the restroom. So she ran to the girls restroom. But she ran so fast that she ripped the two of them apart. Later she was attached to her brother again and they were Happy. 




Meet the Doctor by Dylan K

HI I am Dr. Brain Hanger and I live in Taiwan. I have 999 children and one of them is named Jason and another one is named Freddy. We live in the Atlantic Ocean. We eat fish, shrimp, crabs, and sharks and other things. My wife's name is Mrs. Brain Hanger. My birthday is on October 31! I work at Casano's. My wife works at the Water Park. You can call me at 999-300.


Monster Audio Shop by Jeff

Customers Wanted at Dr. Brain Hanger's audio shop at Chestnut Street. We have all radios and speakers. COME NOW! We will close at 9 o'clock. And when you sign up up if you need time to prepare then we will repair your radio and fix your speakers. Go to



Monster Big and Tall by JoChris

There was a monster so big and tall he went to the pet store to buy a snake. He bought a snake so big and long it could swallow a frog. The monster went home and showed his wife. His wife got so mad she kicked him out the door with his snake. Then the monster so big and tall went to the pet store to take the snake back. He got a rabbit and brought it home and knocked on the door and he said "Can I come in?" His wife answered "Yes but make it quick." So the monster so big and tall showed her the rabbit from the pet store. When he showed her she got so proud they kissed and lived happily ever after.

All About Dr. Brain Hanger by Paul

Dr. Brainhanger lived in Asia. He had a silent house. He also had a dog called Brainhanger. He also had a brother called Bling Bling. He liked to eat fried worms! He had $10.00. He bot tickets for a movie it cost him $7.00. He bot something else and it cost $2.00. He spent $9.00. Take away $9.00 from $10.00 he had $1.00 left. So he spent it on a pack of gum.

His brother lived in Europe. He met his brother and they both went to the movies. Dr. Brainhanger gave Bling Bling a pack of gum. They both had tickets to see the movie. The movie was called Happy Feet. They had the best day of their lives.


Dr. Brain Hanger by Bianca, Austin N., and Dylan W.

I'm Dr. brain Hanger. I am a scientist. My sisters name is Sister Hanger. My wife's name is Mrs. Diamond Hanger. I have two children. I have a boy and a girl. The girl's name is Lily Hanger. The boy's name is Brain Hanger Jr. Just forget about them. My favorite food is brains. I eat the brains at my secret lab.In my lab I email people to come to my lab so I can eat their brains HA HA HA HA HA HA HA then I eat their body. I live on Pluto. I've got a dog that is a poodle and he weights over 10,000 pounds and he has 3 tongues and 6 legs. One day I ate too many brains and got sick and died. My wife ate my brain and got sick and died. My children ate their mom's brain and they died. The Aliens buried them. The End.








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