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Miss Hope's Class - Paramus, New Jersey

Scary Hairy
By: The CDC children as told to Miss Hope:
Scary Hairy isn't very scary. He lives near our kitchen and cooks shrimp for dinner. He needs huge shrimp and huge plates. He plays with toys and plays with playdough. He cuts, cuts,cuts it. Sometimes he eats it. Then he takes a shower and goes to sleep. He sleeps with a night light in the bathroom. When we leave school he tries to eat bugs. After he eats them his belly gets full and his tummy hurts cuz his belly is so full and he has a tummy ache and he gets sick. He has to go to the hospital. When we get to the hospital there is a monster nurse and a monster doctor.They give him shots and a flu shot cuz he caught a cold at school. He takes a nap cuz they have a cot his size. We bring him back when he feels better. He's back near the kitchen. When he wakes up he makes pancakes for breakfast. And they were this big!


Mrs. Felty's Kindergarten - San Antonio, Texas

The Nightmare in My Classroom
November 2, 2005

Once there was a nightmare in our classroom. She decided to go to centers. First, she went to the ABC Center. She designed pictures of monsters on the whiteboards, then she wrote monster words. Next, she went to the Reading Center. Her favorite book in the reading center was There's Something in My Attic by Mercer Mayer. After that, she stole all of the books from the reading center and took them home to look at them. We called her on the cell phone. She said she was just borrowing them, because she didn't have any books at her house. We asked her if she would bring them back and she said, "Si" which is yes in Spanish.

She put them in a white bucket and returned them to the shelves where they belonged. We told her shecould check out some books from the library from Mrs. Peterson. The nightmare and the kinders were so glad that they lived happily ever after!


Four Scary Stories from England
Ms. Boyd's Class
St. Peter and Paul Primary


By Teresa -- Mrs. Dudding's 5th Grade
Hannibal, Missouri

I did the body. The people who described it are Mr. Bono's 3rd grade in Kanagawa City, Japan. The body is black and green with three horn, four eyes, and long multi-colored body hair. I did it like black on one side and green on the other. The four eyes are 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. The log multi-colored body hair is on the sides and everywhere. The three horns are in the middle of the body. I helped Karissa with the arms and they were 10 feet long and had to be multi-colored. Then I helped Michelle with the horns. They are red with flowers on them. The spiders I used were made out of spider rings. Our monster is called Halloween the Queen. Our monster is really cool like the Eugene Field School.

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Mr. Smith's 4th Grade
Hannibal, Missouri
Things You Hope You Never See in the Newspaper



Mrs. Light's Class - Hannibal, Missouri
THIS STORY WAS WRITTEN IN THE STYLE OF A WRITE-AROUND. Each student added to the story until it was complete. Hope you enjoyed!!


Bobbing along the deserted path at Six Flags of America Theme Park, BOB (Big Ornery Blob) found himself destined to find a catastrophe. Wherever he went, it seemed that he could find something to trip himself up - and he always looked behind to see Whodunit!

So, Bob started walking towards Mr. Freeze where everybody was stuck upside-down. The person operating the roller coaster was telling the Six Flags owner that he left to get a drink and when he came back, someone had messed up the operating system.

Since the roller coaster operator couldn’t do anything, BOB said, “I’ll get them down!” and as he climbed up the coaster.

Whodunit showed up and Bob fell! When BOB tried again, Whodunit appeared not to be watching, but BOB fell again! Now BOB was getting’ angry, and he yelled at Whodunit.

“Stop trippin’ me or I’ll ugh….. I’ll ugh!” He couldn’t figure out what to say.

Then Whodunit started to run and BOB ran after him. Whodunit could run faster then BOB could.

While BOB was chasing Whodunit, BOB tripped on an empty bottle and fell right on his head. He fell so hard that he nearly knocked himself senseless.

BOB was furious, and he knew that if he didn’t catch Whodunit soon, he or someone else was going to get hurt very badly. BOB decided he was going to have to take action.

BOB thought out loud, “Why would I run if I could ride?”

Whodunit was running near the roller coaster. BOB got on the coaster and he caught up with Whodunit. BOB jumps out of the car and lands right on top of him.

BOB screamed “Owwww!” BOB had jumped on Whodunit’s horns. Bob was now sitting on Whodunit’s head and had blinded Whodunit’s eyes with his hair.

BOB jumped off his head and ran for the new Scooby- Doo ride. Instead of riding in the boat, he swam instead.

When he got to the Scooby-doo ride Whodunit was right behind him and, Whodunit caught BOB. He started to use his gas gun so BOB was slowly going unconscious and then he started trying to run away.

BOB ran and ran and ended up in the Mystery Machine! Whodunit thought he was in back and jumped in. This time, it was lucky, BOB was a horrible driver. He backed into the river and Whodunit drowned!

So BOB swam away and walked to the Batman ride. He tripped and I wonder. Whodunit?


Mr. Bono's 3rd grade Class - Japan

All About My Class by Maoko

I am proud of Mr. Bono's class. Here are the reasons as follows.

1. We are full of energy.

2. The boys and the girls play dodge ball together.

3. We can answer how we are in English every morning.

4. We only learn English on Tuesday.

5. Mr. Bono makes us rice balls when we eat rice at school lunch.

6. Mr. Bono reads stories before the first lesson.


Monster Story

"Taro 32"

It was Mr. Bono's class room of Fuchinobe elementary school where Taro 32 was born on Thursday, October 27.

He thrived on leftovers of the school lunch. What he didn't like were stir-fried vegetables. It was happened that he was stuck in his throat by the vegetables when he was little. That incident got him hate vegetables.

His good point is to be gentle with everyone. Taro 32 manages to play around a lot with Mr. Bono's classmates every day. Above all, what they like best is to play dodge ball with him. They like him very much. He helps them clean their room. He works harder than others.

His bad point is to mess up their room every once in a while. However, they love Taro 32.

by Kana & Nanako


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