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A few stories from the last 2 years...
April 4, 2008 (Last online issue)


Technology Day By Kaitlynn and Kimmiesha
We looked up the word technology and it means an invention, something technical, or a way to communicate. Kaleigh brought in her Wii! Mr. Smith played the Wii and he played a little bit of all of the games. Mr. Smith sent home the letters last week telling our parents that we could bring things for Technology Day. We had it on Wednesday the 18th. Some of the kids brought cell phones, Wii, Xbox, DS’s and a lot of stuff like that. Lloyd brought his Xbox and Kaleigh brought in her Wii. We know that an old time bell could be technology and it does not have to be a computer it just has to be an invention. I think the kids liked bringing in their stuff from home and showing it to the class. I would like to bring in a calculater pen. 

Mary's Voicethread by Jacob and Lloyd
While Mr. Smith's wife, Ms. Eby was in the hospital, he started a voice thread and ever since then it has sort of "grown". The voice thread was all about how Ms. Eby donated her kidney to her freind Amy. The voice thread was posted at there were about nineteen comments on the voice thread. They were from Mr. Greenburg's class, Ms. Huseman's class, Mr. Landrum's class, and more. Some things she told us about on the voice thread were, how it felt overwelming to give a kidney to her friend, and how she felt each day. If a really good friend of mine needed a kidney I'd give it to them too. More on our blog - www.smithbloggers/org.

A Wii in Class by Kaleigh and Norberto
Can you belive that we hd a Wii in our classrom yesterday.Mr.Smith was asking me if I had brought the Wii in for technology day..I said no we just got it not too long ago and my mom does not want anything to happen to it. Mr.Smith said that he would watch it all day and let nothing happen to it."Do you want to call your mom and see if she will bring it in and tell her what I said". So I called my mom and she said that she'd bring it in around 10:00 clock (in the morning).I am really proud that she brought it in after "she said she wouldn't. The parts of a Wii are the Wii console, the senser bar, the remotes and the main part is the TV.The whole thing is canected by wires. There are no games that are loaded on the Wii you have to buy a disc to play. The Wii comes with the disc Wii sports the game. The biggest rule about the Wii is that you have to stay at least three feet away. So that you don't hit the tv and so that the senser bar picks up your movements. Lloyd said he likes it because he wins in boxing and it is good exerces. Cara likes it because you move your body. Mr.Smith likes it because you use your brains and you get exerces. Brianna likes it because your not just sitting down and using your fingers you get exeerces. Kaleigh and Norberto like the Wii better than the xbox 360 because you exerces a lot with it. It is like going to a electronic gym and getting a workout.

Nintendo DS Lite by Alicia and Cara 
Nintendo DS are so cool! Mr. Smith's class got to bring in Nintendos because we had Technology day. Seven kids brought in their nintendos and it was Cara, Kimmiesha, Kaleigh, Lexie, Brianna, Cameron, and Alicia. The Nintendo's were not all alike because they where different colors and different looks. All the kids could connect on one Pictochat or on DS wireless communication. To chat on Pictochat you have to turn on you nintendo and click on Pictochat then you can chat. I went down the hall to the doors and I could still chat with them. Kaleigh and Kimmiesha went to second floor and Kaleigh stood by the Library and Kimmiesha stood by the Music room but when Kaleigh tried to send the message from the Library it didn't work so she walked down by Mr. Sousa's room and it worked and now we know how far we can be from each other before it cuts us off from each other. Some of the network experiment did work and some of it didn't work.

February 12, 2009

Kidney Transplant By Kaleigh and Brianna
We are going to tell you about Mrs. Eby donating a kidney and her best friend getting one. On Friday morning January 23 in New Orleans Mrs. Eby gave a kidney to her best friend Amy.It took them three hours to do the surgery on Mrs. Eby and even longer on Amy. 
Mrs. Eby gave the kidney to Amy because she needed a new a kidney and her old ones were about to stop working and she could have died that is why Mrs. Eby wanted give a kidney. A kidneys job is to clean bad fluids from your body. Most people have two kidneys but you can live with one. When you have a kidney put in you do not have any taken out. This is a cuple days after the transplant. Mrs. Eby is walking around the block now and she started driving again. Amy is feeling better now . She is not hurting as bad. But she has to take pills every morning the pills are called anti-rejection medicine for the rest of her life. “ Mrs. Eby is not doing much around the house these days” said Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith put a picture of Mrs. Eby with her award for being a kidney doner and a picture of Mrs. Eby at the airplane that she was taking home. More on our blog -

New Zealand Card  By Kaitlynn and Blake 
We know a class from New Zealand and they are called the Livewires and their teacher`s name is Mrs. Knight and their school is called Puahue school. We got a card from New Zealand! On the front of the card it said Happy New Year The island is New Zealand. There were 25 names on the card and we are going to tell you some of their names Jack, Luca, Kyla, and Cam. We went to their blog and left them a comment. We said thank you for the card.
They are not in school because they are still on their vacation. It is summer down below the equator. (Livewires Blog)


December 11, 2008

Gifts for Taiwan by Blake and Brianna 
     We made gifts to email pals in Taiwan! We made reindeer ornaments and cards for them. We used ribbon and construction paper and sticks and ribbon and little eyes. First we had to do the reindeer ornaments . You have to grab three sticks that are perfectly straight. But if you have three pen pals or two , that's the number of reindeer orniments you have to make. After you have done the orniments next you  to do cards.  We could choose any colors of paper. I used green, black and red. Blake used red and black and white for snow. We put our little photos in there too! Then we made paper ornaments for the class Christmas tree. The orniments looked like bells, holly, Christmas trees, snow flakes and ornaments. The Taiwan gifts are in a box on the way to Taiwan!

Strange Hanging Santa By Kaitlynn and Lexie

We have a strange santa face hanging on our window at school! We are going to tell you what we have on the santa: hat= red and white, eyes = black and white,nose= red, lips=red, and beard= white. But it's not a picture it's made out of string and paper. The parts are connected to string in the middle of two pieces of paper. Mr. Smith had it for 14 years from a class in Texas. It looks weird because it is not put together. It is just pieces on strings spinning around.

England Video Conference by Cara and Brianna 
We talked to England and it was awesome!!! The only bad thing was that we couldn’t see them but they could see us. We had a video confrence with Rowsley Primary school at 9:00a.m yesterday morning. The continent where England is located is Europe and the school is to. Rowsley compared to Hannibal, Rowsley is very small. Hannibal has 18,000 people. In the beginning we asked each other question about England and Hannibal. Some of the things they asked about Hannibal and us were,
What do you want to be when you grow up,? Is there anything that is famous in Hannibal? Next we asked them questions about England and about them , we asked them what do they call their potato chips and french fries they said that they call the potato chips crisp also they call french fries chips. We think we might ask them questions like have they been to other places besides England? At the end of the video confrence we had to get off of the web cam because it was almost time for them to go home. 



Obama Wins! by Lexie 
The two people that are running for the president of the United States of America are Barack Obama and John McCain. The 
youngest one out of Obama and John McCain is Obama. I think Obama is the smartest and I also think he knows more about the internet.The one that our whole school voted for was Barack Obama and I think our whole country voted for him to. I am glad that Obama won because he will lower taxies.



October 18, 2008

Cumbria Chess with College Students by Lexie and Kaleigh
We are going to tell you about the Cumbria chess team. You would find Cumbria chess team in England. We know that Mr. Colin Lavelle teaches at the University of Cumbria and his class is playing chess with us. Their education level is college . They call themselves the Swaledales, which are a kind of sheep. I think he picked this name because sheep are famous in England. We think the players look pretty serious. We have more strategies. We think it will be harder for them to play us. It will be harder for them to play us because we really think we have the brains to win. We also think that we are going to win .They might win next time if we play them again.

September 12, 2008

The Bad Accident by Cara
Do you now who died? Sierrah Yarbrough died on August 27,2008. She put hair spray on a towel and inhaled it in. Sierrah was only 12 years old. Sierrah thought no one loved her. Half of Mr. Smith's class knew her including Mr. Smith. Some kids want to get high cause they think it would be funny and other kids want to get high because they think their friends and their family don't love them . Sierrah's family is probley heartbroke because she was such a sweet girl. I would give kids at school the advice to never ever try to get high. I think life is worth living.



Miss Jenny is showing our pictures to her class in Taiwan.

Taiwan Friends by Kayleigh and Destiny 
Wow can you be live we have friends all the way in Taiwan!!!!!!!!!!!! The main reason we are writeing this story is because we want to tell you about Taiwan.
You can find Taiwan by China. it is a little island by China. The east China Sea is next to Taiwan. Taiwan is 13 hours ahead of us. So let's say it's 7 am here it is 8pm in Taiwan.   The name of their school is Kang Chaio which is Chinese for Cambridge. The name of our pals teacher is Mrs. Jenny. She has 41 kids in her class! The Taiwan kids have been reading our blogs and sending us e-mails. We are going to do a project with them on Coral Reefs. We think Hannibal 4th grade kids would love to go to Taiwan!!!!!!!!! 



Mrs. Krauss’ Box by Tomeisha and Nikki
Did you ever hear of Hazelnut butter or Marionberry jelly? Well Mr. Smith's class has. Last Thursday we received a box of two kinds of spreads. This box was from a women named Mrs. Krauss in Oregon. The stuff that was in the box was Marionberry jelly, Hazelnut butter, Hazelnut nuts, and a nutcracker. She helped us understand all of this stuff by sending us a voicethread. She told us about her pets Atticus, and Frisbee. She showed us about her garden. She had flowers and weeds in her garden and asked us to come an be her garden slave. Also she collects goofy post cards and she sent us one about a little guy fishing for fish and he caught a HUGE Bass. She was thanking us for doing such a good job in the video confrence by sending the surprise. The voicethread she sent is this link: Mrs. Krauss' Voicethread.

What is Vegemite? by Victoria and Jessica 
Two weeks ago we got an Australian food called vegemite. It was sent by a airplain by Mrs. Lowe's class. It was sent because people were talking about it on their blogs so Mr. Smith asked if Mrs.Lowes could send us some vegemite. Vegemite is salty and it was black. Vegemite is one of Australia's most famous spreads. We sampled it on crackers and bread. Mr. Smith made a video of us eating it. After we tasted it we had to give it a thumbs up, down, or medium. Ten people thought it was good, seven people thought it medium, and four people thought it was bad! The video is HERE.

1001 Tales Voting by Mercadees and Raven

Well hey there guys we are going to tell you about 1001 Tales voting. This is a project we are doing with Mrs. Lowes class in the western side of Australia . We voted on their stories and they voted on ours. The way we voted was that Mr. Smith had a calculator, and then we had to write all of the names down. Then we had to follow all of the steps to judge the stories and they are 1. Make sense, 2. Describing Words, 3. Improved, 4. Pictures in your mind. We had to vote what they did right. We had to pick numbers 1-5 to vote. The top 10 writers from Australia  were 1. Katie, 2. David, 3. Sumati, 4. Molly, 5. Lara, 6. Euan, 7. Davis, 8. Cagla, 9. Isobella, 10. Celine. Katie and David are top 2 writers because their stories make sense and it had a lot of describing words they improved and last but not least their story made pictures in our minds the best. We will put the top 10 writers from Australia on Smithclass wikispaces Hall of Fame. Mercadees and Raven think that this is a good project because this is one opportunity to work with kids from the other side of the world!

March 13, 2008

The XO Laptop Computer 
by Shai’anye and Emily

We had News 3-13-08. Our day got a lot better when we got to use the XO laptop. The XO was invented for every kid in the world to have one but mainly in poor countries. Mr. Smith did a get one give one free deal. But he gave one of them to someone else in the world! We got the XO on March 6, 2008. The little keyboard is green and rubber. The computer has a built in camera and video camera. The rest of the XO is green and white. It is different from the other computers in our classroom because the XO has a camera, it is small, it's rubber, and it h has a lot of games. The kids that got to use it first were Shai'anye and Emily. They used it to write a newspaper story. We learned how to do a video, how to take a picture, how to do turtle art, listen to music, and use the paint. The XO runs on Linux . We think it is better than windows.

Art This Week by Logan 
Hi, I am going to tell you what we did in art this week. We painted a abstract face with different shapes in the background. Abstract means a painting or drawling that is not symetricail. The colors that we had to chose from were red,blue, and yellow. The project was called Pablo Picasso. We did a value scale from lightest to darkest and the different colors were black and white. I say that the project was messy because we got paint all over the place. Mr. Schisler wanted us to know how to paint a Pablo Picasso painting because we do not know that much about it. 

March 6, 2008

The BIG Salad Party 
by Dee and Junior

Come on down to Mr. Smith's 4th grade for a salad party!  Before the big salad party we did other science with Pakistan we did a plant project with them and we are still growing some plants. The Pakistan kid sent us some voicethreads, one of the flowers were Roses. The Pakistan kids said the Roses are the queen of the flower. The second Pakistan kid did a venus fly trap. The Pakistan kid said if a insect gets to the middle of the venus fly trap ,it will close with the insect inside. Back to the salad. The items we needed to make the salad party happen were: almonds, peanuts, sunflower seed, dried cranberries,  carrots, lettuce, olives, radishes, and cucumbers. We think the tasty parts of this salad were the cheese ,lettuce, and carrots. We even brought big bowl, plastic forks, and small salad bowl. Creighton brought salt and pepper. Mrs. Huseman's class came to get some salad too.

February 7, 2008


Pakistan Plant Project by Tomeisha and Mercadees
Howdy guys our story this week is about us doing a project about plants with Pakistan. Did you know that Pakistan is located middleast part of the world? In the project with Pakistan there are five steps to the plant project the first step is to pick a plant or tree and find research on it. The second step is to find a picture of your plant or tree and draw picture of it. Next you make a voicethread podcast on the information that you found on your plant. The third step is to play games on plants from cool websites. Now the fourth step is to grow plants in your classroom . Oh ya we are growing 3 types of flowres and they are Wheat grass, Scarlet runner ,and then the last one is Radish! Some of the examples of plants that the kids have chosen are Zinnia , Pin Cherry tree, Venus Fly Trap, Milk Weed plant,and a Palm Tree. 
Now the last step is to make a big huge SALAD!!!!!

January 17, 2008

Philippines Visitor  by Emily and Shayna

     This AMAZING story is about when Shayna’s Aunt Brenda came all of the way from the Philippines to America!!! Brenda wanted to teach us what we need to know if we go to the Philippines. When she came to our class it was on January 14, 2008 on a Monday. The first thing she told us is the Phillippines capital is Manila. The Philippines has 7,100 islands. After she said that she showed us a map. Emily raised her hand and asked “ What is your name?” She said “ I am so sorry. I forgot to tell you my name. It is Brenda." She taught us her favorite dance was the Running Man. It is like running in place. Next she told us how to say a lot of words!!! She said she misses the malls. She said they are HUGE!!! In the Philippines 1 American dollar is worth $44 in the Philippines money!!! She told us she mainly eats rice and meats. Next she told us how to say some Filipino words. This is how you say dog, asso. If you want to say cat this is how, pussa. She said she would like to come back sometime!!! We all hope she comes back!


December 20, 2007

Goat for Christmas by Allison and Raven
This story is about 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade buying two goats for Malawi. Malawi is a country in Africa. A family in Malawi might use a goat for getting milk and making cheese. These two goats cost $150. So far we have brought in $162.30 for the goats. The teacher who had this good idea is Miss Huseman. The way we got the money is by 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and teachers brought money. We are giving the goats to the poor because they do not have a lot of money. The goats are for making milk and cheese. We hope that the poor are happy because we gave them two goats. 



Our City Podcast by Kayla and Jordon
If you want to learn more about Hannibal listen to Our City Podcast. The name of the program we used to make our first podcast is Audacity. The main website that we put this program on is the Our City Podcast website. The city we mainly talk about is Hannibal MO. The first explorers to come by were Father Marquette and Louis Joliet. The first steamboat in town is the General Putnam. In 1830 Hannibal had a population of only 30 people. Right now we have a population of 18,000 people. We have 2 bridges, one for trains the other is for cars and trucks. A famous author that lived in Hannibal long ago was Mark Twain. The famous poet that our school is named after is Eugene Field.

Snow Play ! by Cheyenne and Tomeisha
Today we will tell you about our snow play. On Saturday December 15 it snowed and the roads were iced. We estimated that about five inches of snow fell on the ground. With all the snow on the ground it made the town look really pretty and white. At school when there is snow on the ground we watch a movie instead of going outside for recess. Cheyenne and Tomeisha think that watching a movie for recess was boring. The class agrees with us too. On Monday we went outside and played in the snow and we thought that it was very different. We did a couple of things in the snow. First we made a figure eight. Only two people said they liked the figure eight best. Second we got to hit Mr. Smith with snowballs. Only one little snowball hit him. Mr. Smith thought Tomeisha hit him with a snowball but, it was really Junior. There were nine people that liked the snowball fight the most. Last we had the race. Kayla was last. Anasia was the winner of the race. Mr.Smith took a picture of Jessica and Mercadees on the spider. Mr. Smith also made a movie of all the activities. When we came back in we sent the videoes to Pakistan, Washington, and Michigan. We can't wait to play in the snow again. 


November 8, 2007

Mr. Smith’s Accident!!! 

  by Kalin and Junior

This story is about how our teacher got in a bike accident on River Road. Mr. Smith had his terrible accident on October 25,2007. At the time of Mr. Smith's accident his wife Mrs. Smith and him were riding their bikes down a big hill by River Road. Mr. Smith was going about 15miles per hour on his bike. When he crashed he hit his head, his elbow, his knees, and his side. When Mr. Smith had his accident he broke his pelvis bone that is around the leg parts. Mr. Smith will be in a wheel chair for six weeks or less. Mr. Smith said that he wants to be walking around but he feels it will be a good lesson for him to use a wheel chair.


October 17, 2007

Symbolic Monarchs by Mercadees and Kayla


Do You like Symbolic Monarchs if so . . .then you’ll like this story! The word symbolic means a paper Monarch that stands for a real Monarch. All Monarchs migrate to Mexico and they all huddle on trees to stay warm during the winter. The place our paper Monarchs go in the winter are to other kids down in Mexico. The real ones go to Angangueo in Mexico. If you want to know how to make a symbolic Monarch ... you take a peice of paper shaped like a butterfly color it then cut it out then put a picture of your face then you have a symbolic monarch butterfly. On the back you put a tag about your school and email address. If you want to know if we get our butterfly’s back in May our anwser is no because we will get a different butterfly back from Mexico! 

Monster Videos by Jessica and Emily 


This year we are doing a project called the Monster Project. Let's see the movies! The videos are for the Monster Project. The first video we made was called Scary School. We made it on October 10, 2007. The kids that were in the video were Emily, Anasia, Cheyenne, and Mercadees. We learned that when you wear a Halloween mask you have to talk really loud! The main events in the story are the science project, the potion, and the melting witch. The moral of the story is that the good witch doesn't always win. The other videos we made are Hannibal Star Wars, Monster Magicians, and The Monster Brothers. If you want to see the videos go to Then you go to projects, then go to Monster on the Net: 2007, then go to videos and stories and you can see the videos! 


The Monster Project by Nikki and Emily 

This year we are doing a project called the Monster Project. The main monster website is What you do in the project is you describe a body part for the monster. Everybody sends in their descriptions then we all build a whole lot of monsters. Sixteen different schools are in the Monster Project. The youngest grade in the monster project is in pre school in New Jersey (Miss Hope). The oldest grade in it is fifth grade in Michigan (Mr. Meyer). Some of the people in the monster project live in Missouri, New Jersey, Texas, Pakistan, Japan, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Taiwan, Japan, England, Pakistan and New Hampshire. The country I have not heard anything about is Pakistan. Pakistan is a country by Iraq. We are trying to have the monsters all built by Halloween. 

September 27, 2007

Podcast to China  By Anasia and Dee
Anasia sent her podcast to China on September 6,2007. To record my voice we used a micorphone,I had to practice 5 times. I had to say hi Haozon my name is Anasia. Heres the letter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.Then I had to sing the alphabet. My purpose was to teach Hoazon how to speak English and his A,B,C's. If you want to listen to me, you go to then click on project. Then go to Class blogs and projects,then on Anasia-E click on My A,B,C's to China and you will hear my podcast. I hope Hoazon learns his A,B,C's and his English. A podcast is something you make and put anything you say on it. You can send it to anybody.

Japan E-Mail Pals
By Kayla and Tomeisha
This is a story about our class getting an email pal from Japan. Their group name is International Exchange Club. They go to Fuchinobe Elementry school and it is in Sagamihara City,Japan. Fifteen kids wrote to us. They are just trying to learn English. Their names are Sayuki, Yuka, Mei, Maiko, Maoka, Kanako, Yuuri, Ayaka, Kana, Anna, Miyu, Ayumi, Moeka, Natsuki, Suzuka. I learned that mine is ten, she is in fifth grade, she likes to jump rope, and she wants to be a nersery school teacher. And Tomeisha's email pal is ten, she's in fifth grade, she likes to dance, and she wants to be a dance teacher. Japan is in the Pacific Ocean. Japan is a group of islands. A good reason to visit Japan someday is beacause we want to see our email pals!

Marbles Math Problem 
Dee has twice as many marbles as Shayna. Junior has twice as many marbles as Dee. Shayna has 14 marbles. How many marbles do Dee and Junior have all together?



September 13, 2007

Caterpillars are Here 
by Creighton and Jordon

The caterpillars arrived in the office on Monday. The Monarch caterpillars came from the University of Kansas. The caterpillars will become Monarch butterflies.
Eleven Monarch caterpillars are alive in our class. The biggist caterpillar is 5.5 cm long. The next stage in their lives is to become a pupa. Then they will become an adult. After that they will dry their wings. Then they will fly to Mexico.

   Our First Blogs By Cheyenne and Nikki

On September 5th 2007 at 12:00AM we started our first blog. A blog is where you type what you have been doing. You go to, click on projects, then click on class blogs and podcast,t hen choose a name and read. To get on a users blog and start writing you have to know thier username and password. Our first assignment was to write four random facts about yourself. Cheyenne was the winner of the third grade spelling bee. Nikki has one older sister named Amber and a younger sister named Hayden. Kids can comment another persons blog when they read it. Mr.Smith has to approve the comment or story before it appears on the internet. 

Blogging About Taiwan By Leeann and Kayla
This is a story about us learning about Taiwan and blogging it. The program that we learned about Taiwan on is called "Learn About Taiwan" .It has a map about Taiwan and all the cities in Taiwan. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei and 2,640,000 people live there. Taipei is in the northern side of the country. The main language in Taiwan is Chinese. and here are some examples, ni hao means hello how are you, xie xie means thank you, qing means please. People in Taiwan eat bread, soup, rice, and fish. A way that Taiwan is simaler in any way is their zoo looks like our zoo and has the same animals. We wrote the blogs about Taiwan on 9/10/07. 

Raven’s Grand Slam By Raven and Junior
Our story is about Raven hitting a homerun. It was at Clemons Field.  I hit it and it felt good. The pitcher was a fast pitcher. It was pitched to me 2 times. It was a high and straight ball. It was over the kids heads when I hit the ball. We did win the game and I hit 10 homeruns this year. My picture was in the newspaper. I was on WGEM TV. I am glad about being on TV.. 


April 19, 2007

TOM SAWYER - Latest Podcasts by Eriannia and Kylie

Wow there's a lot of new podcasts! Don't you think Eriannia?Kylie did a podcast on Tom Sawyer on Thursday April 12, 2007. Kylie got to wear the cool new headset also Alex got to wear them when she did her podcast on Ramona Quimby age 8. When the kids have the headset they look silly also this headset had very good sound when the children were doing their podcasts. Kylie's podcast was 4 minutes and 31 seconds long. Alex's podcast was 3 minutes and 32 seconds long. I think that podcasts are a good way to learn because it helps you with speaking loudly and clearly. When we use a podcast the children have very long pauses and your teacher can take the pauses out so it does not effect the podcast. That's how we make podcasts.

March 15, 2007

Taiwan Radio Ad by Emily and Dylan W. 

Our story is about the radio ad we made on March 16,2007. We made a podcast to make the radio ad but before that we sent it to the radio guy, David Norman, and he put it on the radio station. It is running every hour on the hour until midnight. It is on 96.9 on KHBL in Hannibal. The words to our commercial are: Ni hao, Hannibal! Im Chris Charlton, and I’m Emily Niffen. This summer, ten students are going to Taiwan! ALL THE WAY TO TAIWAN? thats right! We’ll be staying in the homes of email pals, go to Taiwan schools and eat strange foods, and speak lots of chinese. We need your donations to help make this trip possible. Please call Eugene Field shool at 221-1050. Xie xie and Zei Jian! Thats thank you and good bye in Chinese.

Click HERE to hear the radio ad.

March 8, 2007

Taiwan Carnival by Kylie and Austin N

Wow!! This carnival was very fun! On Saturday March 10th 2007, People from my classes parents had suggested that we have a carnival to raise money for ten children to go to Taiwan. So we did and the ten children had to bake something to to serve to the people who decided to come. The carnival was at the armery in Hannibal ,Mo. There were games like the the dunking booth and balloon darts. The Taiwan kids parents had jobs at the carnival like Alex's mom worked at the ticket both,Kylie's mom worked at the decorate your cookie, and Austin's mom worked at the dunking both. Also the children had jobs like Kylie worked back in the kitchen with Bianca,and Gabby worked at the ring toss with Bianca too. There were raffle tickets and when it came time to do the raffle the Taiwan kids got on stage and said why they want to go to Taiwan. After the raffle we estimated how many jolly ranchers were in a jar and a little boy won the jolly ranchers. We made $1,859!


Dominican Republic?

by Austin N and Chris

Do you know about the Domincan Repblic? We started a project with Michiganand the Dominican Republic called 1001 tales to the king.We are reveiwing the other writers on their wikis. We write comments on the wiki page. They write comment on our wiki pages. They answer the comments. We have not started with the Dominican Republic class yet.The name of the Dominican Republic teacher is Mr. Santos. They are located east of Cuba. The weather difrence is Michican is very cold, and the Domnican Republic is hot. The region that Michigan is in is the Middle West. The name of the Dominican Republics school is Carol Morgan school. They do not have a princepal they have a head master. The wiki page adress is for the 1001 tales writing project .


February 1, 2007

Taiwan Travelers by Alex and Emily

We are going to Kang Chow Bilingual ithis summer!!! The names of the 10 students that are going to Taiwan are Alex, Gabby, Bianca, Kylie, Casey, Austin Nichelson , Austin Fugate, Jeff, Chris, and Emily. We will leave on June 29th till July 15th. It will take eleven in a half hours to fly over the Pacific ocean and we will land in Japan very shortly then take off again to go to Taipei. The airplane will land in Taipei about 9:30 at night. What We will need to wear are shorts and shortsleeev shirts, and over there is summer and the tempicher will be up to 100 degrese that is why we need to wear those kinds of clothes. They are 15 or 14 hours different in time zones. It is 10:00am here, but in Taipei it is 12:00 at night . When you go to Taipei you have to be brave and not scared , like up to try new foods, and be friendly. We will do car washs, bake sales, yard sales, and we are selling pizza and soda for a fund rasers. Hope you like our funny story. bye-bye!


Pere Noel Letters to France By Casey and Austin F
Have you ever sent a letter to Pere Noel? Pere Noel is Santa Claus in France. We sent our Pere Noel letters to Grenoble, France to Mrs. Boursier's class. Europe is the continent where France is. The students speak french and some speak a little bit of english. The school that we sent the letters to is
Cite Scolaire Internationale. I think Pere Noel will write us a letter that has all of the corections on it. The french frase that Austin F likes to say is oranges-des oranges. Casey likes-des cadeaux-it means presents. Au revoir!

Vivien Chang's Class at Kang Chiao

E-Mail from Taiwan By Kylie
Have you ever Emailed a friend from Taiwan? We have in Mr.Smiths fourth grade class. We started on October 16 ,2006. Taiwan is in Asia it is an Island. The capital is Taipei. It is next to is the Pacific Ocean. Our Email pals school is Kang Chiao Bilingual school. Some talked about what subject they liked the best.And others talked about the monarch butterflies and they talked about thier famliys. Some girls had ties and white tshirts others had striped tshirts. Brian was holding a basket ball . One of chris's pen pals was holding something and his name is Oscar. Austin N's pen pal named YoYo was holding a basket ball. Alex's pen pal named Minnie is holding a book. One of Jimmys pen pals are holding a basket ball named Kevin. One of Casey's pen pals named Angela is holding a purse. One of Gabbys pen pals is holding a harmonica. And one of Eriannia's pen pals was holding a book named Sydney Yu. We will read books on the internet with these students. Some students had monarch butterflies in their picture. I went and looked at the pictures and read the names of the people who had butterflies. I saw Jessica and Kevin C. had butterflies with their pictures.

March 9, 2006

Reporters in Class by Patricia (editor)

Patricia sends a video mail to Taiwan showing her photo in the Quincy newspaper.

Wow Reporters! My story is about Quincy newspaper reporters who came to our class room. Mrs. Pierceall and Ms. Coombes came to our class room to write about the video conference we had with Mr. Pittman. The kids that were in the room when the rerporters came were Travis, ShelbyT., and Patricia. We came up here because Patricia asked if she could come up and then Mr. Smith told ShelbyT. and Travis to come up and practice their book talks for Mr. Pittman’s class. At first Mr. Pittman didn’t answer on video. The second time he answered .That was Before the reporters had to leave to go back to work. We showed the reporters how we did a video e-mail. Travis and Kylee ran to get the reporters when they left. The reason why they ran to get them was because Mr. Pittman came on after the reporters left. They were out side when Kylee and Travis got a hold of them. Mrs. Pierceall Came back and talked to Zanasha on the internet. She talked really loud and that showed us how loud we should be when talk to Mr. Pittman. We had a connection with the reporters because we do the newspaper every Thursday.

Videomail to Taiwan by Chantyra and Carlos
Have you done a video email? We are making a story about video email. The people that did not do one are Mecedeez, Paul, Andrew, Tiara, Alex, Chantyra, and Shelby. P . The people who did one are Carlos, Autumn, Patricia, Shelby .T, Robert, AajaLee, Learnie, Kylee, Kody. Carlos sent one to Sabina but he also has to make one to Ting. Here's an example of how to video email a person : First you have to go click Sight speed then wait for a while. Then it will show your face on the screen. Then you type in a message and their name because they will not know who's it to. Then you click on Taiwan so it will go there. Then after that press record . then when your done press preveiw and if you like it send it. Patricia's message said Hi Tommy how are you doing this is Patricia. Why don't you like school? I love school because it's better than home.

Math Question: Mr. Smith rolled a bowling ball 20 feet. Alex rolled another bowling ball 2 and 1/2 times further. How many feet did Alex’s ball roll? Tiara rolled a ball 1 and 1/2 times further than Alex. How many feet did her ball roll?


Mississippi River Video Conference!  by Shelby T and Autumn

 Did you know that the Mississippi River’s nick-name is Father of Waters? Our story is about the Father of Waters (Mississippi River). We did a video conference with Mrs. Black ‘s class. Our class did the video conference on Tuesday February 14 , 2006. The reason that we did a video conference on the Mississippi River is because Mrs. Black wanted to know something special about Hannibal. So we told Mrs. Black and her class about the Mississippi River. Mr.Smith set up the conference by first getting the students in the class that could speak loud and clear. Mr.Smith chose those people because Mrs. Black’s class could understand them better. Everybody in the class took part of the Mississippi River presentation. Some of the signs were The Mississippi River is 2,350 miles, 50 cities use the Mississippi River for drinking water , and the river drains about 41% of the U.S.A. We ended the presentation by singing Steamboat Bill, our class sang Steamboat Bill because Steamboat Bill was a Steamboat on the Mississippi River.


February 9, 2006

Live Video with Mrs. Black by Tiara and Candace
Cool!! we get to talk to people all the across the country! On February 7, 2006 we got to talk to our email pals in Naches, Washington. The class we did the confrence with was Mrs.Black 's class. The computer we used was a laptop. We also used a camera. The camera we used looks like an eyeball. The stuff we talked about was math, we also did math riddles. The people that are going to tell a riddle are Shelby T., Aajalee, Kylee, Robert, Shelby P., Candace, Danay, Leranie, Tiara, Mercedeez, and Chantyra. There were only a few people that got to say there riddle.Tiara got to say her riddle. Her riddle is "How is the moon like a dollar?" The answer is "They both have four quarts." Aajalee wanted to see Mrs. Black's face. So she got on camera. They asked her what her favorite subject is. Tiara and Candace want to would like to do something like that again. The next time we get to talk to them Tiara thinks we should sing them a song, or teach them a game that they have never learned before!! Candace thinks we should talk to each of our pen-pals face-to-face.
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January 5, 2006

From Japan: Videos and Take-Tombo by Leranie and Kylee
Do you know what a Take-Tombo is? A Take-Tombo is a propeller on a stick. Our email pals sent us all a Take Tombo. The teachers name from Japan is Mr.Bono. There is a lady that speaks really good English. Her name is Mrs. Etsuko Kawamoto, she helps out Mr.Bono. The Japan students showed us how to say Japanese words such as cat, dog, bird, flower,goodbye, car, school, and hello. This is how you spell the words they would say like cat. Cat -Neko, Bird -Tori, Dog -Inu , Flower -Hana, Car- Kuruma, School- Gakko, Goodbye- Sayonara, Hello- Konichiwa. Our Japan e-mail pals were singing a song on the computer for us.They also played their flutes for us. They showed us a bean game using chopsticks. They also taught us how to use the Take-tombos. The funny part on the video we watched was when this boy had pulled up his pants and kind of jumped like a rabbit. Kylee thinks having Japan pals is a fun thing to learn different languages. Leranie thinks that it is great to have Japanese penpals.

Archive Story: Taiwan --- April 7, 2005

Here are the Hannibal kids in a Taiwan computer lab.
They are writing email home about the typhoon.

Taiwan Travelers by Michelle and Brad
Our story is about Mr. Smith’s 10 children that went to Taiwan and back . The students who came to our class were Karly , Lashelle, Eli, Dillan, Jeremy, Dakota, JaWan, Jessica, Dianna, and Daija.  They went to Taiwan over the summer! Mr. Smith was refreshing the fifth graders’ memories with Chinese words and photographs that were taken in Taiwan. We saw movies of them writing in their Journals, we saw movies of them swimming at the water park in Taiwan, and we saw movies of them swimming in the Pacific Ocean. we saw all of that on the smartboard. The Taiwan travelers said that liked going to the water park because it was very hot in Taiwan, they also liked staying with their email pals, and the also liked playing basketball on the roof of their Cambridge Bilingual school roof. We arranged the 5th graders into groups so they could show some of their Taiwan souvenirs. The one main thing that most everyone brought was a little dragon. Another thing that was brought were frizbies and photos. The 5th graders were in the room for about a hour and a half . It was really fun. We had a great time. The thing that the kids have to keep forever is their memories. Thanks for reading these reporters’ report!



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