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How Do Kids Find the Perimeter of the Playground?

peri = around   meter = to measure

We took our brains outside to experience perimeter.
This is an example of placing the math content in a real context.




Perimeter Mathematicians 

We measured each student's pace length.
This one was 24 inches.


                                                 We walked from corner to corner, 15 seconds apart. We paced all four sides of our huge playground, 
                                                         counting as we walked. We counted and collected data at each corner of the playground.

Adding the total paces around the playground...

We used calculators to multiply our pace lengths times the number we counted.
We divided by 12 inches to find how many feet.

Our estimates of the playground using our paces gave us a high of 1008 and a low of 699 feet.

Most numbers were from 758 to 830 feet. Next we decided to measure the actual distance using a 100 foot tape measure.

compared our pace estimate of the perimeter, with the
actual measurement of the perimeter.

And the actual length was 917 feet.


Practice finding the perimeter of other shapes:

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