Math Around Us

A Kidlink Project

Later this year, we are participating in a Kidlink project called Math Around Us. This project gives us a chance to use our observation powers to find math in our daily lives, then to use our creative powers to make something new from something we've just learned, or from something we already know. Kids have started calling this process synthesis.

If you solve any of these problems (and we dare you to try), please email your answers to us.


Here are some Math problems we invented last year in response to math problems
posted on the Internet by other Kidlink members. Kids listed below have all gone on to grade 5!!


Dear Kidlinkers,

I did your problems yesterday on a piece of paper and it was cool and fun. Here is mine.

There are 21 race cars and 4 had crashed in to the wall. Know how many race cars are left in the race?

By Ben


Dear Kidlinkers,

We solved your problems. Now here's a problem for you. There are 20 marbles 9
of them rolled away into the pond. How many are left? By Michael R.

Dear Friends,

I'm Monte and I'm in fourth grade. I am 10 years old I am from Hannabal, MO
and I have a problem for you. There are 1,000 monsters and 2,000 tigers. 20 tigers leave
then 35 more monsters come.

Next 50 more tigers come then 45 monsters leave. Next 1,500 more tigers come.
How many monsters and tigers are left altogether?

 Dear Kidlinkers,

I am a fourth grader from Hannibal, MO. My name is Santana.
I solved your problems. Now here's one for you.

I bought ten pumpkins. I gave Sam two pumpkins. I lost
two pumpkins. My brother took one pumpkin. My mom took
one pumpkin. How many pumpkins do I have left?

DEAR kidlinkers,

I am a fourth grader and I live in Hannibal, Missouri and my name is ERIC and here is
my problem. I went to the zoo and I saw 15 lizards and I saw 16 elephants.
How many lizards and elephants did I see?

Dear Math Solvers,

There were 50 marbles and three of them got lost? How many marbles were left?
Hi this is Bridgett I did this problem. I am in 4th grade.

Dear kidlink,

Hi my name is Lindsey I'm in 4th grade. I did your problems.
Now here's one for you.
If there are 12 bowls of jello and 8 children ate one bowl each, and one of
those children ate 2 bowls how many are left? Get it?

your friend, Lindsey


Dear Kidlinkers,

I'am Schalan and I'm a 4th grader from Hannibal Missouri. Here is my problem.

There are 14 gophers under groud making tunnels. 7 of them waited for a while.
The 7 gophers were done making their tunnles and the other 7 went off to make their
tunnels. How many gophers are left?

Yours sinserly Schalan


Dear Kidlinkers,

I live in Hannibal Mo 63401. I am a girl that races motorcycles.
Thats what I do for sports.

There are 30 cows in the barn. And only 14 cows ate hay. How many
cows did not eat hay?

From: Samantha

Dear Kidlinkers,
We solved your problems and they were fun. My name is Dawanna. I'm from Hannibal.
Here is a problem for you all. We have 19 marbles and 22 pumpkins
so how many things do we have in all?


Dear kidlinkers

I worked all of your problems. I am a 4th grader. My name is Jasmine and I am 10.


If 27 pigs on the farm had babies and

7 did not. How many did not have babies?


Ryan from Hannibal, Mo, 63401

Dear Kidlinkers,
There are 53 marbles in big Joe's sack and 18 got lost.
Big Joe found 8 marbles. Now how many marbles in all?

Dear Kidlinkers,
I have a problem for you.
There are 55 street bike racers. 33 ran out of gas.
How many did not run out of gas.

from Shawn

Dear kidlinkers,

My name is Jennifer. We have more problems for you because we solved your problems.
Here's a problem for you...

There are 100 sheep in a barn. All of them ran away except 55
and 33 came back to join them. How many are left?

Dear Kidlinkers,
I got your problems. I worked them in class.

Here is a problem for you. If you had 108 elephants.
And all but 8 died. Then 3 came back and joined them.
How many are left?



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