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Writing on this web page was done by weary hikers.

Jake: We went over the Mississippi river and we tried to find the Mississippi flood plain.

Shy: We are at the other side of the bridge and a couple of miles away from Quincy. The flood plain is very flat!

Rochelle: The time was 9:04. So we got in our groups in group 4 was Jake, Brogan, J 'Anglea,and of course me.


Brad: My dad led our group. Bridgette,C.j., Shy, my dad, and me are in one group. The first thing we did was guested the temperature. I guested about 40.


Aaron: We had our clipboards to write everything down.

Shelton: We looked up on the map to see where Hannibal was and where Quincy was on the river. Then Mr. Smith;s group walked down the road.

Niki: We went in to the woods and we measured the first step. It was10 inches.

Brogan: We saw a V tree. We had to see if it was acute or obtuse. It was acute. An acute is lower than 90 degrees.

Brogan: We looked at the Quincy bridge with binoculars.

Kylie: On the Bluff We had a snack and relaxed for 15 or 20 minutes.

Kylie: Then we looked for milk weed pods. I saw 7 green ones and 7 brown ones.

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