Where Are They Now?

These kids can be found in grade 5...

I am so happy I could spit.

Choose: me or the computer!

Don't move or I'll put my head in the box.

One more word and I fall asleep...

I love the Jonas Boys!

Seriously - I'm supposed to be in the movies.

Hmmm. Where did that hand come from?

Wonder why they call me The Rock? Don't Ask.

Now I understand everything

That's right - I'm way cool, dude.

I really love sardines. Yum.

Is that a spider on the wall?

I admit it. I am a great looking guy.

Can I move now? Please?

Lapiz y papel, por favor. 

Hmm. One wrong move and I'm toast.



...and now these past Smith-Bloggers are all 6th graders....

Grade 4 is way too hard.

Choose: me or the turtle!

Don't move or I'll squirt myself.

Some people say I'm a dreamer...

Meet Sammy the talking Stapler.

Seriously - I've already won this game.

Hmmm. What can it mean?

You won't believe the size of this key.

Now I understand the Internet.

That's right - I'm seven feet tall, dude.

Something is crawling down the wall...

I invented a new chess move.

I admit it. I am all about me.

Do I keep the money?

I think this is from Japan...

Which is the king? Which is the Knight?

This coyote appears to have a problem.

I'm not your typical 4th grader, but I try hard.

I forgot what I was supposed to say!

Some people say it's a small world. 

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