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Science Math - STEM 

Dr. Smith's Education Resources for Pre-service Elementary Teachers

Science Math  STEM Social Studies Literacy Global Education

Assistive Technology

Next Generation Science Standards Dimensions

Science & STEM Activities and Resources

STEM Overview for Student Teachers.pdf   |   Matrix of Science-Engineering Practices.pdf

National Science Teachers Association

 Children's Engineering

NSTA Science & Children Downloads Get Caught Engineering
NSTA Science & Children Facebook Virginia Children's Engineering Council (VCEC) - Free journal
NSTA Facebook Page Teach Engineering K-12
NSTA Learning Center Dyson Engineering Challenges for Kids 
STEM - Math by Design | Math with Cakes/Architecture International Technology & Engineering Educators
Engineering Activities - NC State - Public Google Drive Design Squad -Forces and Energy | Structures
Gear Template Generator Science Demonstrations for Young Learners (videos)

National Geographic/Citizen Science 

STEM on TV  |  STEM Kids Try Science 
iNaturalist Community | What is Citizen Science? K-12 STEM Curriculum List (Arizona STEM Network)
National Geographic Educators - Facebook Hot Wheels Speedometry - STEM
o National Geographic Mapmaker Interactive Make Your Own Robot | PBS Design Squad
National Geographic Interactive Globe Maryland STEM Information (extensive)
National Geographic FieldScope Virginia Tech Engineering Outreach
  Geo-Educators blog Virginia Tech STEM Activities (VT-STEM)
NatGeo Human Footprint Interactive Virginia Education Career View downloadables
NatGeo Lessons | Biodiversity Exploring STEM Careers for Kids
. o Montgomery County PS STEM links

National Aeronautic & Space Administration (NASA)

o MCPS Science Curriculum Guides
NASA STEM/Space Resources Curious Crew and Gravity with Rob Stephenson - video
Spot the Space Station - NASA o Green Teacher - Environmental Awareness
NASA Smart Phone Apps o STEM/Environmental Educator ToolKits
NASA Kids Club .
NASA Rocket Launch Schedule

GIS/Mapping Tools

. .
What is Biodiversity? ArcGIS-Story Mapping Science
NWF Biodiversity Resources-Links ESRI- Mapping Our World with GIS
Good Thinking - Teaching Science videos Story Maps Gallery
The Carbon Cycle .
BBC Bitesize Science .
Forces in Action .
Water Cycle Hands On

Monarchs & Other Insects

 Living vs Nonliving  |  Dying Plant Interactive Journey North Monarch Migration - Facebook Monarch Program
Smithsonian Qrius Science Activities Monarch Links | University of MN Monarch Labs
Smithsonian Qrius Science Stories Monarch Watch - supplies for raising     
Activities for Making Observations Monarch Projects in 4th Grade
Study Jams Science | Wonderland Science Missing Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder
Weathering & Climate Animation .
Science Notebooks -with database across grade levels .
 In2Books Science Unit Energy Quest  | NASA Space Place for Kids
Electricity: Simple Circuits Virtual Caves | Volcano World
Interactive Measurement with Ruler .
Animal Photo Gallery - Smithsonian Annenberg Earth & Space Science
Create a Graph Online  Annenberg Case Studies in Science Education
AAAS Science Assessments .

Science Standards 

o NGSS Standards by Grade Level on NSTA Virginia Science Standards of Learning

Next Generation Science Standards

Virginia Cross Curricular Science Unit

NGSS Pathfinder - Connecting the Dimensions





Math & Problem Solving

Lure of the Labyrinth (math thinking)

 Pre-Algebra Games (difficult)

Univ of Chicago Math Library of Virtual Math Materials
Investigations  - Numbers, Data, Space NCTM Math Lessons
Math Live -Animated lessons Perimeter Problems
Math, Architecture and Computers Name That Number
Cubes Volume Shape, Space, and Measuring
Billy Bug Coordinates Range, Mean, Median, and Mode

Multiplication Grid | Multiples with Alien Spacecraft

Virtual Coin Toss | Pattern Blocks | Tangrams

PBSKids Games Money Honey  Change Maker
Math Dictionary | Math Quizzes Order the Numbers
4Kids.Org - Math & Language Games Virtual Dice
Stock Market- Click on Wally Discovery: Planet Earth | Windows to the Universe
Create a Graph Online The Great Plant Escape
Multiplication Games Harcourt Science: Grade 4  |  Interactive General Science K-3
BBC Bitesize Math | BBC Bitesize HARDER Math Game Show Math 
Box Puzzle Gamequarium



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