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Digital Monster Stories from Jenny Wand's Class - Miriam School - St. Louis, Missouri

Monster Friends
by Adam

Cosley the Bat
by Elizabeth

Izora's Story
by Ella

The Thing
by Gavin

The Living Book
by Jake

Dark King's Plan
by Kevin

Shape Shifter
by Meredith

Fish Stew
by Olivia

by Sam

Bob at the Stadium
by Sean



Mrs. Banghart and Mrs. Baker's 4th grade classes at Valdese Elementary School in Valdese North Carolina,

Class Website:
Mrs. Baker's Skype address: christina.baker177   



Cheryl Davis' 4th Grade - Forrest W. Hunt Elementary - Forest City, North Carolina, United States
Our Blog: MrsDavis4thGrade/author/ c2f4119a-72e9-4ede-b820- 9519cb4d2462/


St. Louis, Missouri, Miriam School, Gr 6-7 - Mrs. Jenny Wand 


Mrs. Cody's 6th  and Mrs. Breheny's Kindergarten - St. Paul School - Macomb, IL

Cathedral of of St. Raymond - Room 306
Website is  Mrs. Allen's school blog address:  
Twitter and Skype id is: tdallen5. -- Email 


Cathedral of St. Raymond - Room 305
Website is  Mrs. Allen's school blog address:  
Twitter and Skype id is: tdallen5. -- Email 

Ottawa, Canada. St. Isidore, Nathalie Roy's 5th grade - French Immersion Class



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Sue Halbert's 3H Crew - a Smilebox presentation of their Monster. J. Fithiam Tatem Elementary
Haddonfield, New Jersey - Blog



Happy Halloween by Lena

Help by Lauren

The Night by Max

Horror Movie by Andrew

Kerpoof Movies from Cathedral of St. Raymond School
Website is --  
Twitter and Skype id is: tdallen5. -- Email 




Ms. Lakhanpal's 3rd/4th grade - Queen Elizabeth School - Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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