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                                              Note to Pre-Service Teachers - How I structured my 4th grade class: 
The students featured on were expected to be creative, hard-working, responsible, and team players. They inhabited a classroom with 10 computers, 3 digital cameras, a Smart Board, a science area with bones and fossils, and a great view of Hannibal, Missouri from our third floor windows.  Also in this class kids worked with the Quest Atlantis multi-user virtual environment program from Indiana University, performed Book Talks, wrote a Weekly newspaper, socialized in Learning Centers four days per week, played International Chess games, interacted on a regular project basis with Taiwan, Turkey, England, and Africa, participated in Kidlink projects, had blogging buddies via Classblogmeister, conducted math and science experiments, raised Monarch butterflies, and enjoyed their favorite Internet activity - the Monster Project

All of this combined to make a very very busy year. Kids were engaged in everyday learning, whether the teacher was talking in front of the class, or the kids were in Learning Centers - the basic feel of the class was Project Learning - always doing something.  We had standardized tests each year, but we did not practice or drill for the tests (and we always did okay). Overall, the kids focused on social learning, practicing how to work together and share. See the video links below for active learning in the lives of 9 year-olds.


  Audio Tour of Hannibal, Missouri by 4th Graders      


During our trip to Taiwan, a little snack of something on a stick in Danshui.
Facts about Mr. Smith

Videos of LIFE and Learning in a 4th grade classroom

Kids Building in a Virtual World: Quest Atlantis

Looking at Our Learning Centers

Quest Atlantis & Skype: Connecting Classrooms

 Ready Set Skype: Teacher Interviews

Augmented Reality

Quest Atlantis Puzzle

Monster Project: Building the Monster 2009

Coral Reef Project with Taiwan

Skype: Classroom Video Activities

Hiking Outdoor Project

Uganda Chat with WizIQ

Responding to Squid in a Can

Networking with Nintendo DS

Book Order Search Game

Making the Monster's Mouth

Bald Eagle WebQuest

Technology Day 

Tasting Vegemite from Australia

Tinkerbell the Hamster

Visual Learning

Cameron's Poem About Testing

Announcing the Landmark 2010 Project

Strange Birds Outside Our Window

Math: Lure of the Labyrinth

Silly Introduction to Project Partners

Learning Mandarin Chinese Phrases

Japan: Fuchinobe Elementary Friends

Kid Photos from other years...

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